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Lucifer Rising

Volcanic Smoke, Mayan Contact

by Goro (for supertorchritual.com & goroadachi.com)
May 13, 2010

In the 'Year We Make Contact'...

Apr 15 Volcanic ash shuts air space across Europe
Apr 16 Volcano Ash Paralyzes Northern Europe's Airways
Apr 17 Volcanic ash: Europe flights grounded for third day
Apr 17 Volcanic Ash Forces Obama to Cancel Poland Trip
Apr 18 Europe's airlines and airports question flight bans
Apr 18 Poland buries president as ash cloud threatens
Apr 19 Europe moves toward opening some air space
Apr 20 U.K. Airports See Trans-Atlantic Flights Return
Apr 21 Europe's skies returning to normal

Volcano means... Contact.

As do Olympics:


[Contact via video of Hitler giving speech
at Berlin Olympics in film Contact]

and volcano.

Hence, the Alignment.

[Video of 'Vulcan' in Turin]

The god of volcanoes and blacksmiths as well as alchemy, Vulcan is often identified with Tubal-Cain of the Genesis bloodline of Cain theoretically carrying the 'angelic' essence or genes of the Anunnaki/Nephilim/Watchers/Fallen Ones or Lucifer which morphs into the 'Grail bloodline' popularly associated with Jesus and Mary Magdalene. The stuff of The Da Vinci Code...

Leonardo da Vinci's birthday April 15 coincided with the start of the Iceland volcano chaos. He's also liked to Turin...

Was Turin Shroud faked by Leonardo da Vinci?

The Shroud of Turin went on display for the first time in a decade five days before April 15/volcano.

Apr 10 Turin Shroud goes on display

Pope Benedict XVI was there on May 2nd...

May 2 Pope Benedict views Turin shroud

...paying respects to 'Lucifer' - a name originally referring to Venus the Morning Star traditionally symbolized by the pentagram often associated with the Baphomet (inverted pentagram) or a mysterious Templar 'head' sometimes identified with the Turin Shroud.

[image source]

These are interlocking events arising from the underlying idea that...

2010 is the 'Year of Lucifer'.

'Second sun' born at end of 2010: The Year We Make Contact - dubbed 'Lucifer' by Arthur C. Clarke.

Lucifer is the pentagram which explains the torrent of pentagrams and (geometrically related) 'V's found encoded in key world events notably earthquakes (see 'Contact via Earthquakes') since last year.

All roads lead (back) to Rome/Pope. It was the deadly quake near Rome last spring (Apr 6, 2009) that set in place the pentagonal template for the 'Lucifer Birthquakes' ('Big Ones'), i.e. Haiti on January 12 (6th deadliest quake in recorded history), Chile on February 27 (7th strongest quake ever measured), etc. all of which we saw coming (see here, here & here) as part of a 2005-2010 echo pattern inherently anticipating 'repeats' of Sumatra, Pope Shift, Deep Impact, 7/7, Katrina, etc. Sure enough the Big Ones came through the pentagonal stargate, immediately followed by a major 'Pope Shit' echo starting in March 2010...

Mar 09 Pope's brother linked to new claims of child abuse
Mar 12 Pope under fire for transfer, letter on sex abuse
Mar 12 Is the Pope Toast?
Mar 13 Vatican defends Pope in German abuse scandal
Mar 15 Pope's ex-diocese suspends sex-abuse priest
Mar 16 International Probe Targets Secretive Catholic Group
Mar 17 Cardinal apologizes for child abuse 'failures'
Mar 19 Catholic Church's sex abuse scandal goes global
Mar 19 Doctor: Pope's archdiocese ignored my warnings
Mar 19 Fresh abuse claims in Pope's former Munich diocese

Mar 20 Pope Benedict apologises for Irish priests' sex abuse
Mar 25 Pope accused of failing to act on sex abuse case
Mar 25 Vatican denies hiding molestation case
Mar 25 Pope Was Told Pedophile Priest Would Get Transfer
Mar 27 For Years, Deaf Boys Tried to Tell of Priest's Abuse
Mar 27 Can a pope resign from office?
Mar 27 Vatican cardinal calls for sex abuse 'housecleaning'
Mar 27 Pope wants 'wiggle room' for 'rape and torture of children'

Apr 02 U.S. Catholics urge Vatican reforms
Apr 02 Poll: Americans Losing Faith in Pope
Apr 02 Pope's priest: Abuse flak like anti-Semitism
Apr 03 Outrage at anti-Semitism comparison by Pope preacher
Apr 03 Vatican spends Easter week playing PR defense
Apr 04 Catholic Cardinal rejects sex abuse 'gossip'
Apr 04 At Easter Mass Pope Hailed as "Unfailing"
Apr 09 Pope Benedict hit by new Church child abuse allegations
Apr 10 Vatican defends Pope in paedophile letter row
Apr 12 Bishop 'blames Jews' for criticism of Catholic church
Apr 12 Vatican #2 Links Priest Pedophilia To Homosexuality
Apr 13 Priest calls for pope's resignation
Apr 14 Vatican 'clarifies' cardinal's homosexuality abuse link
Apr 14 Predator priests shuffled around globe
Apr 15 Pope Benedict says Catholic Church must 'do penance'
Apr 19 Sex Abuse Scandal Shadows Pope's 5th Anniversary
Apr 20 Priest abuse scandal grows in Latin America
Apr 21 Pope Benedict promises 'action' on abuse by priests

...immediately followed by the volcanic eruption signaling the Rise of Vulcan-Cain-Grail-Lucifer. 'Contact' now well underway...

As 'Lucifer/Grail' rises, the Church falls. Works like a seesaw.

The awesome ash cloud was symbolic of a papal conclave smoke rising in St. Peter's Square announcing the birth of a new pope as it did exactly five years ago:

April 16: Ratzinger/Benedict XVI birthday
April 18: Papal election began (2005)
April 19: Ratzinger/Benedict XVI elected pope
April 24: Benedict XVI inaugurated

Apr 15 Volcanic ash shuts air space across Europe
Apr 15 Pope says Catholic Church must 'do penance'
Apr 16 Volcano flight chaos worsens amid health fears
Apr 17 Volcanic ash: Europe flights grounded for third day
Apr 17 Volcanic Ash Forces Obama to Cancel Poland Trip
Apr 18 Pope avoids sex scandal comment on Malta visit
Apr 18 Europe's airlines and airports question flight bans
Apr 18 Pope: Scandals call for 'new evangelization'
Apr 18 Pope's 5th anniversary overshadowed by scandal
Apr 19 Europe moves toward opening some air space
Apr 20 Priest abuse scandal grows in Latin America
Apr 20 U.K. Airports See Trans-Atlantic Flights Return

'Pope Shift' this time around implies the fall/exit of the current pope, if not the entire Roman Catholic Church starting in 2010. This in my view represents a major component of the 'Mayan 2010-2012' countdown to the end of the Age (of Pisces).

Nostradamus seems to agree:

Century II - 41
The great star will burn for seven days,
The cloud will make two suns appear:
The large mastiff will howl all night
When the great pontiff changes his abode.

- Nostradamus

Smoke/cloud in line 2 and 'pope shift' in line 4... complemented by 'two suns' in line 2 alluding to 'Lucifer' the second sun in '2010'!

Papal Contact... or 'Contact with Father'. ('Pope' = 'father'.) Exactly what happens in Contact (1997) starring Jodie Foster.

He is also a 'Hitler'... The first entity to emerge from the Contact signal, the Fuehrer declares the Berlin Olympic Games open!


On Hitler's birthday (April 20), closely coinciding with the the 5th anniversary of the papacy of Ratzinger who was a member of the Hitler Youth in Germany, another huge column of smoke dramatically rose in the Gulf of Mexico signaling Contact...

April 20~, 2010

...which was immediately to the south of New Orleans or Hurricane Katrina ground zero, making it another 2005 echo in 2010 (reinforced by the volcanic 'air terror' parallel).

Shades of the Mayan calendar...

Let's connect the dots (literally):


NYC/'Big Apple' (May Day 2010 car bomb scare) and Vinci (birthplace of Leonardo da Vinci) clearly acknowledged in the extended alignment...

Connect the rest of the dots and you discover the line passing right through one of the largest active volcanoes on earth, Yellowstone!

It's the '2012' supervolcano...

Juxtaposed with British Columbia and 2010...

...together evoking the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, B.C. which commenced on February 12th, right at one of the phi/golden ratio (1:1.618) points anchored by dates involving the 2012 London Olympics and the 'end' of the Mayan calendar in 2012.

Similarly it was during another Mayan phi window early March 2010 that the movie 2012 was released on DVD/Blu-ray.

2012 is filled with 'Titanic' allusions expressing 'Great Flood' or Katrina/New Orleans...

...as a way of highlighting, yet again, April 15, for that is the date of the Titanic sinking (1912)! Reinforced by the Mona Lisa showing up to highlight Leonardo da Vinci (who painted the masterpiece) born on April 15!

These remarkable 'coincidences' were publicly highlighted many weeks before April 15 - so what you're reading here is no hindsight-driven babble. Pattern fulfillment implies reality, which is what I try to demonstrate.

'Let the Games Begin'

'Mayan Contact/Impact' is the name of the game. Maya is now part of Mexico and 'Mexico' as derived from metztli-xictli-co means 'place at the center of the moon'. Hence:

'Mayan Impact' = 'Moon Impact'

Explains the suspiciously geometrically-minded timing of NASA's much-hyped LCROSS Moon Impact October 9th last year perfectly aligned via a pentagram with the '2012' DVD release, and diametrically with the 2009 Italian quake near Rome!

Oct 9, 2009 KAPOW! NASA Smacks Moon in Search for Water
Oct 9, 2009 No big flash from NASA's moon crash

2012 being the year of the London Olympics, it's also important to realize:

'Mayan Impact' = 'Moon Impact' = 'Diana Impact'
[Diana = name of Roman moon goddess]


[Helen Mirren in both 2010 and The Queen 
(latter about aftermath of Princess Diana's death)]


Not missing a beat, we find 2012 reenacting Princess Diana's fatal car crash i.e. 'moon impact'!

The original crash happened on August 31, 1997 with the Sun positioned right at the crossing point of the analemma... the same spot occupied by the Sun every year around April 15!

Knowing (2009) is another recent Mayan-ish mega-disaster film in which Princess Diana's car crash is reenacted. (One of the main characters named 'Diana' dies in a car crash.)

Like in 2012, the Sun brings about the end of the world.

Only a chosen few are saved by the whispering aliens who transplanted them on another planet... The beginning of the 'Fifth/Sixth Sun' a la the Mayan calendar...

As it was in the time of Noah, some can hear Enki's whispers through the wall. Or in the mirror...

In Knowing the world ends on October 19, 2009. The date, reflected in the orbital mirror (earth diametric), becomes precisely... April 15!

It wasn't just the Icelandic volcano (April 15~). The oil rig disaster (April 20~) representing another 'Moon Impact' (Gulf of Mexico = 'Gulf of the Moon') was specifically 'prophesied' in Knowing:

[See video of Knowing scene showing oil rig explosion in Gulf of Mexico] 

Fingerprints of a higher intelligence? Why not. It's all multicontetxual. As far as I'm concerned this is Contact unfolding before our eyes (yet unrecognized by most). Whispers coming from outside the wall of linear time. Angels and demons battling it out as the clock counts down to zero.

Next up: Space shuttle Atlantis STS-132 - scheduled for its final launch tomorrow, May 14, a pentagonal date, with a piece of Newton's apple tree and the flag for the 2012 Olympics carried on board. It's scheduled to return on/around May 26. (Earth may shake.) The final mission...


I suggest you watch the shuttle/period very closely. It wasn't for no reason that a fictitious book titled 'Farewell Atlantis', a story involving the shuttle Atlantis getting into some serious trouble in space, was mentioned throughout the movie 2012.

It's unfolding...


*    *    *

Related Update

Jun 17: A lot has happened... a lot is happening... and a lot will happen. Time to do a quick summary (and see what they portend)...

First, a quick background... from May 30 post:

2010-Jupiter_explosion.gif (68212 bytes)Atlantis landed on May 26 to highlight the start of what I previously called the 'Monolith-Lucifer Ignition Sequence' around May 26-27 [...] to be followed in the sequence, presumably around June 7-13, by what may well be the 'ignition' event(s) expressing 2010's Jupiter turning into a star i.e. a planet going nuclear which Arthur C. Clarke dubbed 'Lucifer'. [...] It's intensely Orange there with an 'Orange Alignment' [...] It's just very intense and as I said previously, 'it has 'Lucifer Contact' written all over it'.

So that's basically:

- Time window around June 7-13
- Lucifer
, or Jupiter gone nuclear
- Contact
- Orange

It wasn't exactly clear how these motifs would be manifested in reality except that they would, in a major way. And they did. Unmistakably... starting with a Jupiter Impact:

...accompanied by a remarkable extraterrestrial 'Contact' situation coming from Saturn's moon Titan:

- Titan is orange, big time. Everywhere you look, it's orange there!

- This was another 'Titanic' signal/fulfillment interacting with the Icelandic volcano (airspace chaos starting on Titanic sinking anniversary April 15) and the Gulf oil leak (underwater 'volcano' caused by sinking of titanic 'ship', Deepwater Horizon).

- On the Underground (STRUG) side of my work, I predicted this improbable development back in February after watching the Super Bowl. (I know that sounds pretty strange when said like that without any explanation!) I was so confident about the pattern that I made this uncharacteristically assertive statement (in the context of '2010: The Year We Make Contact'):

Feb 8 'You heard it here first': "The first proof of [present] extraterrestrial life will come from Saturn's moon Titan."

This made the 'life on Titan' news particularly exciting for me as you can imagine.

- The first (and only) landing on Titan was done by ESA's Huygens probe hitching a ride on NASA's Cassini spacecraft back in 2005. One of the key patterns we've been tracking this year is the 2005-2010 echo effect (projected in 2009, specifically naming mega-quakes, 'Pope Shift', Deep Impact, etc.). It unfolded in rapid succession, now continuing with Titan...

...and Joran van der Sloot - the (suspected) murderer of Natalie Holloway, missing since 2005. And again, totally orange...

  • Van der Sloot (murderer) = Dutch = orange (historically ruled by the House of Orange)
  • Victim #1 (Holloway) killed in Aruba (= Dutch island, capital = Oranjestad/'Orange City')
    • Killed/disappeared in 2005 (2005-2010 echo)

(174441 bytes)

His latest murder and subsequent arrest in South America made big headlines throughout the Orange window...

Reinforcing the 'Contact' theme was a 'UFO' event coming simultaneously with the Titan revelation - the mass sighting of a spiraling light over Australia.

(link 1, link 2, link 3, link 4, link 5)

This was another '(orange) smoking gun', for it was none other than the 'Norway Spiral' (a similar but much more dramatic spiral light sighted in Norway late last year) that I had noted was being highlighted by the Orange Alignment via an earth orbit mirror, which is now 'complete' as you can see:

The official explanation was that the anamolous light was remnants of the SpaceX Falcon-9 rocket launched from the United States. The hidden context here goes back to what I had been paying a lot of attention to since last year (contributing to my assessment of the significance of the Orange window), i.e. the return of the Japanese asteroid probe Hayabusa, meaning 'Falcon', on June 13 in Australia. The connections were obvious and telling:

  • SpaceX Falcon-9 rocket successfully launches
  • Spiral 'UFO' spotted over Australia - thought to be remnants of Falcon-9 rocket
  • Japanese asteroid probe Hayabusa (= 'Falcon') returns home (Australia) - 'contact' with earth

Hayabusa, presumably bringing back a piece of the asteroid, literally made contact with our earth. It was a 'Contact' event, reiterated by the Australian spiral light/'Falcon' incident. In this way 'Contact' morphed into an 'asteroid impact' storyline a la Armageddon (and Deep Impact) which is a film I already fingered, more or less declaring it the 'script' being followed by the Gulf oil leak disaster...

  • Space shuttle Atlantis is destroyed in opening scene
  • Major disasters caused by incoming asteroid
  • Dire threat to planet kept secret until last minute
  • Heroes who save Earth are all deep core oil drillers
  • NASA/space shuttles stay visible throughout story
  • Threat finally neutralized by nuclear detonation

Here's what I wrote about 'Atlantis' back on May 22:

Space shuttle Atlantis, regardless of how the mission ends, is playing a key role in this communication.

And it did/is....

Jun 16 Is BP's Atlantis rig the next disaster?

There is an important underlying meta-message here though that I want to briefly mention, which is that... the legend of the lost island of Atlantis is very much in play in all this in more ways than one.

On one level, what's happening with the oil disaster is a 'simulation' of the Atlantean catastrophe. The sinking of the BP 'island' Deepwater Horizon was Atlantis going down in a 'great flood' (see this in the context of all the major quakes, Haiti, Chile, etc. this year). And more disturbingly, the implication can't be easily avoided that Atlantis in a larger sense alludes to the United States (the 'New Atlantis') and that the disaster in the Gulf is signaling - if not directly causing - its 'end'. The countdown is on and the asteroid is on its way... which can be stopped only by detonating a nuke - according to the Armageddon 'script'.

As I mentioned before, that is exactly what some experts - most notably Matthew Simmons - are already suggesting, that the only solution to the oil leak is to nuke the well! It's already in the process of going mainstream and slowly gaining momentum. The longer it takes for BP and the government to stop or slow down the gushing oil/gas, the more mainstream attention the nuclear option will receive, with still remote but increasingly realistic prospects of the government actually implementing the 'final solution'... creating a subterranean 'second sun' aka 'Lucifer' (per 2010: The Year We Make Contact). That may save or, in a worst case scenario, finish off the United States/New Atlantis...

On another level, perhaps we are experiencing the 'birth pains' of Atlantis being resurrected. In what way exactly? Hard to say. But I wouldn't be surprised if the process involved perhaps as a subset of a larger pattern the actual discovery of ruins of the heretofore only theoretical Atlantean civilization... around the Caribbean, for instance. The Haiti 'Big One' back in January was a quite literal (repeat of) 'destruction of Atlantis' and I'm surprised I haven't seen anyone getting this inference. The Caribbean and Atlantis go hand in hand after all.

Moving forward, keeping Atlantis in mind should prove most useful in discerning multicontextual aspects of relevant coming world events.

Of course, Atlantis itself is a subset of a larger narrative that is... well, we'll go into that perhaps some other time.


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