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Relativity on the Hudson
Flight 1549, Time Travel & Templar Bigfoot

by Goro (goroadachi.com & supertorchritual.com)
September 14, 2010 *(1/12/ 2010)

A blast from the past...

Flight 1549

'Miracle on the Hudson'

Jan 15, '09 US Airways Flight 1549 Crashes In Hudson River
Jan 18, '09 Jetliner lifted out of Hudson River

...was a 'time travel' event


Planet of the Apes

...with special guest

Abraham Lincoln

    • Jan 15: Flight 1549 crash (Planet of the Apes)
    • Jan 17: Obama train ride to DC commemorating Lincoln
    • Jan 18: Obama concert & speech at Lincoln Memorial
    • Jan 20: Obama taking presidential oath on Lincoln's Bible

    5-Day Gap

    from Hudson Miracle to Obama inauguration expressing

    'Time Travel'

    via clocks shown in (original)

    Planet of the Apes

    POTA Time Information:

    • Earth Time: ~March 26, 2673 (~Mar 23-27 during scene)
    • Ship Time: July 14, 1972
    • Estimated departure time: ~Jan 14, 1972 ('6 months' ago)
      Reflected in Flight 1549 departure/crash on January 15
    • Days elapsed on ship since departure: ~182.5 days
    • Days elapsed on Earth since departure: ~256,107 days

    We're dealing with two separate time streams here due to time dilation experienced on the spaceship traveling near the speed of light, i.e. time is slowed down on the ship per Einstein's

    Special Theory of Relativity.

    (This is why the astronauts comes back to a
    future Earth ruled by 'Bigfoots'.)

    Based on the data provided we can calculate the precise time ratio:

    • 1 day on POTA ship = ~1403.326 days on earth
    • 1 day on earth = ~1.026 minutes on POTA ship

    We now apply this to Flight 1549.

    The actual flight time data:

    • Flight 1549 Departure: ~3:25:30 pm (+/- 30 sec)
    • Flight 1549 Crash: ~3:30:30 pm
    • Flight duration: ~5 minutes (+/- 30 sec)

      Flight 1549 was in the air for approximately:

      5 minutes.

      On the POTA spaceship (relative to Earth) that translates to:

      5 days.

      (NOTE: 1 minute on POTA ship = ~0.97 earth day)

      Precisely matching the 5-day gap between Flight 1549 and Obama's inauguration!

      • Jan 15: Flight 1549 crash reenacting Planet of the Apes
      • Jan 17: Obama train ride to DC mimicking Lincoln
      • Jan 18: Obama concert & speech at Lincoln Memorial
      • Jan 20: Obama taking presidential oath on Lincoln's Bible

        *    *    *

        Templar Entanglement

        'National Treasure: Book of Secrets' (2007)

        A movie all about the
        Lincoln assassination...


        ...and the Knights Templar & Holy Grail.

        An unexpected association dramatically confirmed by Flight 1549 'time travel'...

        POTA Time Information:

        • POTA spaceship departure date: ~January 14, 1972
        • POTA 'Earth Date' in opening scene: ~March 26, 2673
        • Elapsed time: ~256,107 days (701 years, 2 months, ~12 days)

          Applying the elapsed time to Flight 1549, we get a 'departure date' thus:

          Flight 1549 (Jan 15, 2009) - 256,107 days = Oct 28, 1307

          FACT: The Knights Templar were arrested in France October 1307 (directly leading to the order's dissolution in 1312)!

          • Oct 13, 1307: Large number of Templars arrested in France
          • Oct 24, 1307: Grand Master Jacques de Molay confession under torture (later retracted)

            It was between 1307 and 1312 that a mysterious Templar artifact called 'Baphomet' surfaced, now popularly associated with the 'Satanic' (inverted) pentagram...

            ...which is a 'V'...

            ...which is a
            'Holy Grail' symbol popularized by The Da Vinci Code, signifying among other things the womb of Mary.

            The Templars are traditionally seen as the 'guardians of the Holy Grail' a la the Arthurian 'Knights of the Round Table' prefiguring them in the grey zone between reality and fiction.

            *    *    *

            Templar Bigfoot

            Lincoln's assassin John Booth enters the National Treasure: Book of Secrets opening sequence via a close-up shot of his boot or... 'big foot'.

            In the same vein Flight 1549 and Obama's inauguration were followed several days later on January 25-26, 2009 by 'The Last Templar' (original TV movie premiering on NBC) which could not be more obsessed with feet/shoes. (There was a hint of time travel as Templar knights were shown roaming the streets of a modern city.)

            Last_Templar-pt1-shoes.gif (187566 bytes) Last_Templar-pt2-shoes.gif (185184 bytes)

            Accompanied by
            U2 releasing 'Get on Your Boots' two days prior...

            ...with a thinly veiled Templar red cross on the cover.


            What's the message behind the
            'Templar foot/boot'' signals?

            The answer:

            King Arthur

            ...who is at the heart of the Holy Grail continuum.

            The name 'Arthur' derives from Arcturus, the brightest star in the constellation Bo÷tes. Regardless of pronunciation ('boh-oh-teez'), that is our Templar Boot right there. Arcturus, after all, represents the left foot of Bo÷tes!

            Arthur = Arcturus = left foot of Bo÷tes ('Boots')

            King Arthur is a 'Templar Foot/Boot'

            But is he a big foot (associated with time travel via POTA)? Most definitely. Again the answer is in his name 'Arthur' which is usually interpreted to mean 'bear-man' just like 'Yeti' - another term for 'Bigfoot' - similarly meaning 'man-bear'!

            Arthur = 'bear-man' = 'man-bear' = Yeti = Bigfoot

            'Hoax' = 'hocus pocus' = 'hoc est corpus' ('this is the body') = eucharist/Holy Communion = Last Supper, Jesus saying 'this is my body' = Holy Grail/Philosopher's Stone

            So on and so forth.

            That's the hidden context. Now you know.

            The expanded multicontextual awareness helps us go deeper into the rabbit hole and unravel the mystery of the spacetime continuum that is the Holy Grail.

            *    *    *

            *Above information was originally released January 12, 2010 on STRUG (Super Torch Ritual Underground) where knowledge moves faster than the speed of light. :)

            ę 2010 goroadachi.com