Dog Days Prophecy

Sirius, Regulus, Super Bowl, financial crises, earthquakes & August 2015 Lucifer time codes

By Goro

  August 02, 2015

[Great Sphinx aka "Father of Terror"]

[NOTE: Yes, the global stock market chaos of August 2015 was predicted with precision in this article (posted on Aug 2, 2015) as you'll see below or in the new article When Prediction Comes True.... If you're new here, this is not a fluke as this is what I do on my websites (Etemenanki & STRUG). You may find the approach baffling, but you can't argue with this kind of unambiguous results. Key parts of this information was originally posted all the way back in February on STRUG (members only).]

was the opening music for the year 2015, potentially foreshadowing what may transpire in August...

Our job here is to discern and decode a set of "time codes" lurking just below the surface of reality which in this case is celestially anchored by two stars: Sirius and Regulus.

Sirius is the star of Isis per ancient Egyptian tradition, and Paris ("Par-Isis") is semi-officially a city of Isis-Sirius where we find the Historical Axis (including the world-famous Champs Elysees boulevard) oriented toward the daily rising of Sirius.

The same axis happens to align with the sunset on August 6–8...


…as well as May 4–5 which this year gave us highly meaningful events already:

The Historical Axis also aligns with sunrise around February 1 (& Nov 9–11). This one coincided with the Super Bowl where Katy Perry did her halftime show in Phoenix this year.

On STRUG ("Super Torch Ritual Underground" members/underground area) I noted back in February that University of Phoenix Stadium (Super Bowl 2015) has some serious Sirius alignments... the fact that at the latitude of Phoenix (~33.45 N) the heliacal rising of Sirius takes place around August 7th, precisely coinciding with the Paris axis-sunset alignment day.


(The heliacal rising of Sirius is the "rebirth" of the star at dawn right before sunrise after a prolonged period of invisibility in the glare of the Sun; in ancient Egypt this was of great importance as it was for a period of time a signal for the life-giving annual flooding of the Nile, and also due to the general importance of the star and the goddess it represents, Isis.)

On the same day (~August 7, 2015) we'll even see a tight gathering of Jupiter, Mercury and Regulus at the "heart" of the lion (Leo)...


...bringing to mind the fact that Katy Perry spends most of her time at the heart/Regulus position between the paws of the Sphinx (lion/Leo) in her 2014 music video for Dark Horse


…something evoked during the opening scene of Katy's 2015 Super Bowl halftime show (riding a giant lion).

Regulus is one of the brightest stars in the night sky, which is not only the "heart of the lion" but also "prince" (or "little king") as well as "the King", just as Jupiter is named after the king of the gods. It is highly significant therefore that Regulus and Jupiter will be in "royal" conjunction on ~August 11.


Remarkably ~August 11, 2015 is also pinpointed by a "Mayan financial crisis" time code I started highlighting back in February (STRUG) which is based on the Golden Ratio ("phi") and at least three major dates/events: 1) Transit of Venus (2004), 2) the day the US financial system almost came crashing down (9/14/2008), and 3) the "end" of the Mayan calendar (12/21/2012):


[Transit of Venus - June 8, 2004 & June 6, 2012 -
rare phenomenon of Venus passing in front of the Sun]

Sep 14, 2008 Lehman Files for Bankruptcy; Merrill Is Sold
Sep 15, 2008 Crisis on Wall Street as Lehman Totters, Merrill Is Sold, AIG Seeks to Raise Cash
[Wikipedia - Global financial crisis in September 2008]
Inside the Meltdown" (PBS) video]

The financial crisis theme is underscored by an additional equidistant Mayan timeline coming from the May 6, 2010 "Flash Crash" (Dow Jones) pinpointing August 8, 2015, just 3 days before August 11:


[May 06, 2010 Dow freefalls almost 1,000 points, pulls back]

The point is not necessarily that we will have another such literal financial crisis in August 2015. But that we will have some notable event(s) heavily resonating with these things.

~~ UPDATE ~~

The pattern has been confirmed, as China's surprise move to devalue
its currency on August 11, 2015 destabilized global markets...


[Original article resuming...]

On to the next set of time codes, with a temporal focus more on the latter half of August...

As I've noted many times in the past, Regulus is annually illuminated by the Sun on ~August 21–23


And it just so happens that it coincides with the heliacal rising of Sirius specifically at the latitude of Paris (~August 22)! But that's not all...

This year it will also coincide with Venus's rebirth as the Morning Star around August 21. (Until mid August before its inferior conjunction Venus is in its Evening Star phase.) This of course connects right back to the Transit of Venus which is a very precise form of the Venus inferior conjunction (= Earth-Venus-Sun alignment) that always immediately precedes the birth of the Morning Star.

This is very important because "Morning Star" is the original meaning of the term/name "Lucifer". And it just so happens that in the movie Lucy released in July 2014 we see Lucy's driver's license expiring specifically on "August 24, 2015".



What's more, August 24 will be the anniversary of last year's big earthquake (8/24/2014) in the "phoenix city" San Francisco

[Aug 24, 2014 Strongest quake in 25 years strikes San Francisco]

[San Francisco flag]

...which was widely reported as the biggest one there since 1989. Perhaps not coincidentally Taylor Swift's enormously popular latest album (October 2014) is titled "1989", and its current hit single as of August 2015, Bad Blood, is about her feud with Katy Perry.


"Lucifer" is also the name given (in the novel version) to the ignited Jupiter (the second sun) in 2010… the "Year We Make Contact".



Here Katy Perry is again a key piece of the puzzle as one of the big multicontextual signals transmitted through her Super Bowl halftime show was "2010". Though unnoticed by the huge audience (except on STRUG), it was right there in the opening scene where Katy rode into the field on a metallic tiger/lion...

...alluding to the year 2010 as it happens to correspond to the Chinese Year of the Metal Tiger (= 2010).

The coincidence is supplemented by the fact that...

One: Katy (Super Bowl) was in Phoenix just as the project that leads to the Jupiter ignition, the birth of "Lucifer", is named "Phoenix" in 2010.


Two: The Super Bowl's Phoenix stadium is aligned with the 2010 Chilean mega quake (8.8 magnitude) which ranks as the sixth largest earthquake ever recorded by a seismograph.

The earthquake connection becomes even more significant/ominous with the following...

Jupiter transforming into "Lucifer" implies a Jupiter-Venus/Morning Star combination. That's exactly what we'll have during the same window right at the time of the birth of the Morning Star (~Aug 21, 2015). This will be in the form of what we've been calling the "Lucifer Alignment", i.e. a Venus-Sun-Jupiter alignment.

In my view this will complete a sequence that started with a similar Sun-Venus-Jupiter alignment back on April 25–26, 2015


…which precisely coincided with the Nepal earthquake catastrophe (April 25, 2015).

Apr 25, 2015 7.9 mag earthquake rattles Nepal 50 miles from capital
Apr 25 Strong earthquake rocks Nepal, damages Kathmandu

As I wrote back on April 11 (STRUG, but also mentioned in the May 3 public update) before the Nepal quake:

It's likely that the events around April 25–26 and August 21–23 are designed to interact to form a bigger picture and give us deeper insights as to what's happening under the surface of reality this year.

So the "Big One" is certainly in the air as well...

That's basically (there is so much more) where we are as we head into the month of August in terms of Luciferic multicontextual patterns of 2015. Though we can't be sure how visible the pattern manifestations will be, it's quite certain that we will see highly meaningful events in August that will fit and advance the pattern. Either it will be a fulfillment of the "Dog Days prophecy" or it will be a "Dog Days prophecy". Or of course, both.

There is actually a much larger picture surrounding all this that we haven't even touched on yet that's beyond doom and gloom. Inter-dimensional "awakening"...

P.S. August off to a very telling start... Lions everywhere:

Jul 28, 2015 American man wanted in killing of Cecil the lion
Aug 01 Cecil the lion's brother, Jericho, also illegally killed in Zimbabwe
Aug 02 Confirmed: Jericho the lion is alive
Aug 02 New lion poaching charge against 2nd American

*    *    *


Aug 11, 2015 China devalues yuan in shocking move
Aug 11 Dow plunges triple digits on surprise yuan devaluation
Aug 12 China's yuan currency falls for a second day
Aug 12 Global markets plunge on yuan's drop

Aug 14 China explosions: Fires still burning after Tianjin blasts
Aug 15 Death toll from Tianjin explosions climbs to over 100
Aug 15 New explosions rock site of deadly blasts in China
Aug 15 China Tianjin blasts: Evacuations as sodium cyanide found

Aug 17 Bangkok bomb: Deadly blast rocks Thailand capital
Aug 17 Large explosion rocks central Bangkok

Aug 20 North and South Korea exchange fire
Aug 20 South Korea evacuation after exchange of fire with North Korea

Aug 20 Dow plummets 358 points to close below 17,000 for first time since October on fears of China slowdown
Aug 20 Worst day for stocks in 18 months as global woes hit
Aug 20 Global economy woes hit markets

Aug 21 Global Stocks Fall Further on China Worries
Aug 21 Dow plunges 531 points, concluding its worst week since 2011
Aug 21 Stock Market Plunge: Dow Lowest Level in a Year on China Fears
Aug 21 Stocks crater: Investors cast nervous eye on global growth

Aug 24 Global shares nosedive on China economic woes
Aug 24 Stock Market Turmoil: Dow plummets more than 1,000 pts at open

Aug 24 North Korea, South Korea reach agreement

  The day August window #2 (~August 20-26) ends,
the stock market recovers...

*    *    *
For a more comprehensive review of these wildly accurate August predictions, see: When Prediction Comes True... (Aug 28)
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