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October 03 ~ December 02, 2010
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Oct 03: A little 'Atlantean' Disclosure using The Event...

The Event & Atlantean Gate
(Bermuda Triangle)

'Pillars of Hercules':
Quintessential geographical marker for Atlantis
per Plato's writings (said Atlantis lay beyond this gate)

St. Lucia:

The Event (pilot 5/20/10) - Main character and girlfriend
vacationing in
St. Lucia (Caribbean island)



Sailboat models everywhere [Pleiades = 'to sail'  (etymology)
Atlantides/daughters of Atlas (mythology)]

The Event timing also suggestive of things 'Atlantean' via parallel Equinoctial Planetary Alignments (~September 22 & ~July 30)...

autumn-equinox-2010.gif (32325 bytes) CardinalMax-alignment.gif (26807 bytes)
~Sep 22 equinoctial alignment (The Event debut on Sep 20) ~Jul 30 equinoctial alignment
Atlantean' - see below)


*    *    *

The Bermuda Triangle is also known as the 'Devil's Triangle' - like the film Devil (Sep 17) released just three days before the premiere of The Event. You can't miss the triangle...

...pointing downward to hell or the Underworld - the realm of Lucifer-Atlantis. The film is all about an elevator; 'elevator' being, unbeknownst to most, one of the suggested meanings of the term 'Atlas' (atl). (Atlas = first king of Atlantis.)

PLOT: Set in an office building, five strangers are riding in an elevator when they suddenly find themselves trapped. After several terrifying and inexplicable events occur, such as the local fire department unable to open the elevator, the people begin to turn against each other when they begin to suspect that one of them is in fact, the Devil.

The 'Hellgate' is opening right now... initiating 'Contact'.

As previously mentioned there is a significant convergence of patterns/timecodes in October (plus early November) that will trigger a sequence to open up the Underworld (including the Chilean miners trapped underground and possible US West Coast/Ring of Fire earthquake activities)... a la the Gulf oil leak. There are two windows that I talk about (around Oct 8-16 & around Halloween) but woven into both is Venus which is set to go retrograde (Oct 8) and then enter the 'Underworld' (i.e. become invisible passing in front of the Sun) for a few days (or weeks for those close to the northern polar region) centered around October 29 (inferior conjunction) and then reappear starting around Halloween as the 'Morning Star'. (Halloween traditionally associated with the occult/pentagram/Underworld/devils; the exact timing of the Venus heliacal rising depends on the observer's latitude.) The term 'Lucifer' - literally meaning 'light-bearer' - originally referred to the 'Morning Star', when Venus rises shortly before sunrise. 'Lucifer' (= Atlantis) will in effect come out of the Underworld in October-November, playing out in the heavens the main theme of the 'Year We Make Contact'. Indeed, this is the only time in 2010 that we'll have the birth of the Morning Star i.e. the Venus heliacal rising. Given the multicontextual framework, that's no trivial matter.

And of course, as they say, 'as above, so below'. This is going to happen.

Just the tip of the iceberg really and I am prepared to start 'disclosing' more substantial pieces of the Atlantis Code (which are quite surprising) when deemed appropriate and timely which may be soon.



Oct 12: Behold...

Lucifer Rising ('Phoenix')
Altantean Underworld in Chile

Sep 17: Film 'Devil' released in theaters
Aug 5-Oct 12 13:
Chilean miners trapped in Underworld


['V' marks the spot at Chile mine rescue site]

'V' => Pentagram

Pentagram traditionally signifies Underworld...

Pentagrammic Orbital Time-Marker
(Oct 9~: Chilean mine rescue endgame)

Underworld impact = earthquake
(Feb 27, 2010 Chile mega-quake)

*    *    *

It's 'Contact'

*    *    *

Symbolism & Timing

Excerpts from previous Etemenanki post
(red emphasis added):

From July 25, 2010: ...Atlas/Atlantis is whispering (if not screaming) in this 'year we make contact', hinting that 'Contact' comes from below: Atlantis/Lucifer rising out of the Underworld

Form Aug 30, 2010: Atlantis-Lucifer lurks in the Underworld - the abyss - whence it keeps whispering. [...] More literally, we have mines expressing the concept of the Underworld, the subterranean realm. Hence the Chilean mine accident/survival drama commencing on August 23, where 33 trapped miners were miraculously discovered alive inside the collapse mine... i.e. after the 'destruction of Atlantis'! A 'Noah' event... [...] 'New Dawn' = 'Lucifer Rising'... being 'simulated' by the Chilean miners trying to get out of the chthonic prison

From Sep 19, 2010: Looking ahead, we are coming up on another 'orbital pentagram contact point' around October 10-11. A lot of converging patterns there including an Orange Alignment (a reliable 'omen' for many years) ~October 13. The window should open around Oct. 8 with Venus turning retrograde - a date diametrically mirroring (through the Sun) April 4/Easter - and should close around Oct. 17

From Oct 03, 2010: As previously mentioned there is a significant convergence of patterns/timecodes in October (plus early November) that will trigger a sequence to open up the Underworld (including the Chilean miners trapped underground and possible US West Coast/Ring of Fire earthquake activities)... a la the Gulf oil leak. There are two windows that I talk about (around Oct 8-16 & around Halloween)... 

*    *    *

The Hell/Hal Rescue Mission - 2010

['The Phoenix' capsule rescuing Chilean miners]

Let the games end... 

*    *    *


10-13-2010-Chile_mine_rescue.jpg (208857 bytes)

Oct 13 All 33 Chilean Miners Rescued
in What Country's President Calls a 'Miracle'





Oct 20: Knock, knock.

The Pentagram has you...

Lucifer-Atlantis-Phoenix Rising

Phase 1...

[See posts from Oct 3 & Oct 12]

Phase 2...

Venus will be in inferior conjunction with the Sun (Earth-Venus-Sun alignment) on October 29 - when Venus will be invisible in the 'Underworld'. At the latitude of the Chilean mine rescue site this will begin on ~October 26, followed by Venus reappearing as the 'Morning Star' or 'Lucifer' (originally meaning 'light-bearer', referring to the Morning Star) around October 30. The moment of Lucifer Rising from the Atlantean Underworld.

As I'm sure most of you witnessed, the mine rescue in Chile was filled with pentagrams. The miners themselves all wore a T-shirt with a big, inverted pentagram slapped on the front, dramatically demonstrating the super ritual's acute awareness of the underlying temporal geometry (confirming my multicontextual decoding/projection done beforehand).

The miners were also all wearing sunglasses. Pentagram = Venus; sunglasses = Sun. Easily an allusion to the Oct 29 Sun-Venus conjunction. It's a temporal arrow underscored by the fact that they were mining copper and gold there. In alchemy/astrology, copper is identified with Venus, and gold with the Sun.

Gold/Sun symbol Copper/Venus symbol

The planetary conjunction will in fact signify another apex of a celestial Pentagram that takes 8 years to complete... in 2012. Connect six successive Venus inferior conjunctions and you've magically drawn inside the inner solar system an almost perfect pentagram, like this:

[animated - orig. source]

The pentagram is thus inherently encoded in the orbit of Venus - hence the traditional notion of Venus being a pentagrammic celestial body and goddess.

More esoterically, a circumscribed pentagram signifies a interdimensional portal between this world and the Underworld which is of course exactly what transpired in Chile with the miners coming out of the Underworld, precisely at the right (pentagrammic) time... and right (pentagrammic) place. The latter via the other major event in Chile, the Feb 27th earthquake which registered as the 7th strongest quake ever recorded, not far behind Sumatra 2004. The Chilean Big One's epicenter latitude ~36 deg S., as I've been pointing out for months, geometrically implied a pentagram turned sideways and aligned with the equator, like this:

[different perspective]

Apply the exact same configuration to the Earth orbit and you get... October 29-30 - the date of the Venus inferior conjunction!

Goes to show you, reality is not so random, when viewed from the 'right' perspective.

So the Chilean Underworld, as dramatic as it was, was still something of a prelude to the Venusian Underworld coming late October and the subsequent phoenix-like Rise of Lucifer as the Morning Star.

Worth pointing out again that 'Phoenix', the capsule or 'elevator' that brought the miners back up to the surface, is also the code-name chosen for the HAL rescue mission in 2010: The Year We Make Contact (yes, 2010). What ends up happening there is the planet Jupiter exploding into a second sun, which in Arthur C. Clarke's book version is dubbed... 'Lucifer'.

2010-phoenix.gif (111620 bytes)    2010-Jupiter_explosion.gif (68212 bytes)   2001-Dawn_of_Man.jpg (36216 bytes)

2010 continues from the more famous original story 2001: A Space Odyssey which opens with a memorable if puzzling segment titled 'The Dawn of Man'. 'Dawn' being a euphemism for Lucifer, called 'son of dawn' in Isaiah 14:12.

What 'activates' the monkeys, humans, as well as Jupiter is the 'Monolith'. For modern humans, this enigmatic evolution accelerator comes out of the Moon (storyline in 2001) or 'Diana' (Roman moon goddess)... like Prince William (and Harry) who came out of the womb of Princess Diana.

I should tell you, watch Prince William... It's coming soon.

In any case, there are notable events already scheduled for the Venusian Underworld/Morning Star window that are worth keeping a close eye on, including...

  • Nov 1: Space shuttle Discovery STS-133 launch
    • Note: HAL, David Bowman, et al. fly to Jupiter on spaceship named Discovery One in 2001
  • Nov 2: US midterm elections
  • Nov 4: Deep Impact/EPOXI comet Hartley 2 flyby

*    *    *

Whatever it is, 'radioactive' in a way (and intertwined with the idea of earthquakes), it's about to come out of the Pandora's Box. It will be something to behold...




Nov 07: Partial summary of latest 'Out of the Underworld' developments...

'Lucifer Rising Out of Underworld'
Window #2: Late Oct-early Nov

Main impact event (so far):
Volcanic Eruptions
(magma & smoke out of Underworld)

[Indonesia: Earthquake, tsunami & volcanic eruptions]

Venus-Oct-Nov-2010.gif (37019 bytes)

Chile-earth-Venus-t-penta-Oct29.gif (132852 bytes)

Venus-Underworld-timing.jpg (61159 bytes)


[Rising out of the 'Underworld']

*    *    *

Direct continuation from window #1 (Chile mine):
World Series - San Francisco vs. Texas
(Oct 27-Nov 1; Devil's Triangle/The Event alignment)

[Hat tip to reader 'dd' for noting Arlington position.]

  • A direct continuation/confirmation of The Event code presented here early October shortly before the Chile mine drama...

Bermuda_Tri-alignments-3b.gif (132615 bytes)

  • Bermuda/Devil's Triangle signifies a portal through which the 'Devil'/'Lucifer' comes out of the Underworld.

  • 'Giants' = Titans/Nephilim = 'fallen angels' = dwelling in the Underworld.

  • Hurricane Tomas over St. Lucia during World Series late October: Tomas/Thomas = 'twin'; Lucia = Lucy/Lucifer. 'Twin Lucifer' = second sun in 2010: The Year We Make Contact (dubbed 'Lucifer' in book version).

2010-phoenix.gif (111620 bytes)    2010-Jupiter_explosion.gif (68212 bytes)

  • 'Chilean' teams in World Series...

[As noted by many readers...]

[Chile flag left, Texas flag right]

San Francisco:

1) Nearest town to Chile mine (Copiapo) was originally called San Francisco de la Selva de Copiapo.

2) SF flag features rising phoenix echoing Chile's 'Phoenix' capsule that brought miners out of 'Underworld':

[S.F. flag & Chile's 'Phoenix' capsule]

*    *    *

Foreshadowing - 'The Event'

Don't want to go too much into this yet but... From previous posts:

Oct 03, 2010 [Etemenanki]: As previously mentioned there is a significant convergence of patterns/timecodes in October (plus early November) that will trigger a sequence to open up the Underworld (including the Chilean miners trapped underground and possible US West Coast/Ring of Fire earthquake activities)... a la the Gulf oil leak. There are two windows that I talk about (around Oct 8-16 & around Halloween)...

Aug 24, 2010 [STRUG]: '[...] outbreak' [associated with Venus retrograde Oct-Nov] in this way potentially encodes a 'warning' about a 'Pacific Ring of Fire outbreak'... i.e. earthquakes and volcanoes intensifying in that zone. Add to this the [...] hinting at a 'Big One' along the San Andreas Fault running through California which is overdue [...]

There is a significant pattern and it's definitely continuing...

Nov 01 San Francisco Giants Win World Series in 5 Games
Nov 02 US midterm elections: GOP takes House

Oct 24 Preparing for the Next "Big One"

*    *    *

Not directly related but...

'When Venus is covered by the Sun'

Venus-Oct-Nov-2010.gif (37019 bytes)

Chile-earth-Venus-t-penta-Oct29.gif (132852 bytes)

The day of Venus inferior conjunction with the Sun,
October 29, anchoring Window #2, became
the biggest
Terror Day of 2010 in the US (so far)...

*    *    *

Etc. etc. (just the tip of the iceberg...)
The punch line - and the Event - is still to come.
Stay tuned...



Nov 16:

Nov 16 Prince William engaged to Kate Middleton

'I should tell you, watch Prince William... It's coming soon.' - Oct 20, 2010 (here on Etemenanki)

For more details on the multicontextual significance of this, see my article 'The Moonwalker Prophecy' (published 7/4/2009). A few excerpts...

Is this it? The long-awaited moment of the resurrection of the phoenix? A somewhat ironic rebirth of 'King William'? [...]

It's as if we are in for a major shift in the British Royal Family starting 2010 just in time for the 2012 London Olympics. [...]

A straightforward interpretation would be that Prince William will become King William in or around 2012. If not literal, then this should at least be a major symbolic storyline set to (if not already) drive key world events in/around 2010-2012.

[red emphasis added]



Dec 02: A new form of life announced by NASA...


The first organism able to substitute one of the six chemical elements crucial to life has been found.

The bacterium, found in a California lake, uses the usually poisonous element arsenic in place of phosphorus. [...] ... this bacterial strain has actually taken arsenic on board in its cellular machinery. [...]

*    *    *
- Arsenic-Eating Bacteria Opens New Possibilities for Alien Life
- Why the Discovery is a Huge Deal

12-02-2010-NASA_new_life.jpg (224455 bytes)

Arsenic instead of phosphorous...

'Phosphorous' means... 'Lucifer'! ('Light-bearer' or the Morning Star.)

The first form of phosphorus to be discovered (white phosphorus, in 1669) emits a faint glow upon exposure to oxygen - hence its name given from Greek mythology, Φωσφόρος meaning "light-bearer" (Latin Lucifer), referring to the "Morning Star", the planet Venus. - Wikipedia

Precisely reflecting, both in theme and timing, our pentagrammic time code!

Venus-Oct-Nov-2010.gif (37019 bytes)

Chile-earth-Venus-t-penta-Oct29.gif (132852 bytes)

Earth-penta-Chile-William-seq.jpg (77369 bytes)

Venus has been shining brighter and brighter before sunrise as the 'Morning Star' (Lucifer) since October 29 and is achieving peak brightness right now, around December 4th, hence - per the adage 'as above, so below' - the 'Luciferic' new 'alien' life form rising (via phosphorous) out of the Underworld (Mono Lake in California) into our consciousness today.

Does any one still doubt the reality of the pattern?