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Martian Heartbleed
  Apr 11, 2014
Something big happened during our ~April 7-8 window...

Apr 08 "Heartbleed" bug in Web security exposes passwords to hackers

An extremely serious internet security breach... So serious you will likely be directly dealing with it soon if not already (by having to change your passwords).
Apr 09 After 'Catastrophic' Security Bug, the Internet Needs a Password Reset
"'Catastrophic' is the right word. On the scale of 1 to 10, this is an 11," security expert Bruce Schnier, wrote on his blog today.

The bug is such problem, it may require what amounts to a massive password reset for the internet at large. [...]

Apr 10 Why Heartbleed Is the Ultimate Web Nightmare

It's easy to want to think the reaction to the Heartbleed OpenSSL vulnerability is overblown; Sadly, it's not. Heartbleed is bad. It's not hyperbole; it's a major problem.

In fact, Heartbleed has the potential to be one of the biggest, most widespread vulnerabilities in the history of the modern web. Frustratingly, however, because the problem is technical — very technical — it's difficult for regular users to understand why this vulnerability is a big deal, what services have been vulnerable in the past and what services remain vulnerable now. [...]

And it's called "Heartbleed". How perfect is that? Because...
  • The Heartbleed bug was announced on April 7th
  • Our ~April 7-8 window involved Mars opposition

Apr 08 Mars comes into alignment with Earth and sun

The same combination of a "Heart (bleed)" and Mars was witnessed during this year's Super Bowl halftime, where we saw Bruno Mars playing his drums with a big heart on it.

The temporally entangled Katy Perry/Dark Horse performance and music video also had specifically highlighted the heart. If you recall the "weighing of the heart" reference in the trailer video...

...and Katy Perry spending most of her time in the video sitting right in front of the chest of the sphinx, which celestially corresponds to the position of Regulus, representing the heart of Leo the lion.

Regulus was then occulted (eclipsed) by an asteroid on the spring equinox (March 20), which was the day the gaze of the Great Sphinx aligned with the sunrise.

["Asteroid Eclipses Bright Star Regulus in Rare Celestial Event"]

The April 7th Heartbleed revelation also happened to coincide with big headlines about possible detections of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370's "pulse" or "heartbeat"...

Apr 05 Report: Ship detects "pulse" signal in search for jet
Apr 06 Searchers race to try to trace sounds detected in ocean
Apr 06 Signals 'consistent' with those from data recorders
Apr 09 Missing Malaysia plane: Search area narrows

Then came this suspiciously timely space news directly connecting the heart and Mars:

Apr 10 Weird Volcanic 'Heart' Found on Mars

Collectively a very strong pattern and Heartbleed was definitely a major signal or "pulse" detected during our ~April 7-8 Martian window. And remember that we are dealing with a time/event sequence in April...

Next up is Mars reaching its closest point to Earth on April 14th (which does not coincide with Mars opposition only because the planetary orbits are not perfectly circular), which occurs simultaneously with a "blood Moon" total eclipse April 14-15, the first of a fairly rare four back-to-back lunar eclipses ("tetrad"). It's also the anniversary of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing. So that's quite intense there.

This year's Boston Marathon will take place on April 21, becoming a key component of an earthshakingly intense window around April 19-21 which also involves Easter/Resurrection Day (April 20). I'll delve into it more sometime later...


Flight 370 Below New Orleans
  Mar 31, 2014
When it comes to the still mysteriously missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, the first thing I did was to draw a "great circle" (straight line on a sphere) connecting the flight's origin (Kuala Lumpur) and destination (Beijing), then extend it beyond Beijing...

...which pinpointed the city of New Orleans.

Initially (weeks ago) I was unable to make much of it other than the fact that last year's Super Bowl was played in New Orleans and Hurricane Katrina devastated the city in 2005. Now things are much clearer. New Orleans' antipode - or the diametrically opposite point on a globe - pinpoints the search areas where the plane is currently speculated to have gone down!

The March 29 orange box (most recent search area) has since shifted slightly westward (left) and presumably it will get closer and closer to New Orleans' antipode. Will they finally find Flight 370 there?

Galactic Connection

The Super Bowl went from New Orleans in 2013 to NYC/NJ in 2014, two areas connected by the so-called "Satan's Axis" discussed in our article Solstice Hellgate Activation involving winter storm Gemini around the 2013 winter solstice...

...almost precisely when the Sun aligned with the Galactic Equator near the Galactic Center in the Milky Way's Dark Rift...

...which is the exact spot that was directly below New Orleans - in the "underworld" as it were - during the 2013 Super Bowl power outage (darkness).

And directly below the feet or the "nadir" is exactly where you find the city's antipodal point on the opposite side of the globe! (Feet and globe... like "foot-ball" which the Super Bowl is all about.)

The idea was thus stressed about a year prior in New Orleans and right now we are seeing a continuation of the mysterious inter-temporal communication as the search for Flight 370 moves toward that spot.

Symbolically we may infer that Flight 370 flew into galactic Dark Rift (and/or the Galactic Center) which in Mayan tradition represented a portal to their underworld/hell Xibalba. The "Mayan" aspect is reinforced by the aforementioned galactic (equator) alignment of the December solstice sun, popularly associated with the "end" of the Mayan calendar, 12/21/2012.

Through the idea of the underworld/hell, we can connect right back to the recent key themes of the Devil and rebirth/resurrection/phoenix that will be very active in April (with one particular key date worth mentioning again, ~April 20). We'll get to all that soon...


Eclipse of the Heart
  Mar 19, 2014
A very rare celestial event will take place tomorrow on the vernal equinox (March 20). Some in New York and Canada will get to see the occultation ("eclipse") of Leo's heart star Regulus by asteroid "163 Erigone". There are powerful multicontextual indications this is a highly potent "omen"...

"Asteroid 163 Erigone Eclipses Bright Star Regulus in Rare Celestial Event":
An exceedingly rare celestial event will occur in the wee hours of Thursday (March 20), when an asteroid will briefly hide from view one of the brightest stars in the sky, as seen from Earth.

The asteroid in question is 163 Erigone, located within the "main belt" of asteroids that lie chiefly between the planets Mars and Jupiter. The asteroid will hide the star Regulus, a bluish star of the first magnitude that is the brightest star in the constellation of Leo, the Lion. Regulus is located at the bottom of a "backwards question-mark" star pattern popularly known as the "Sickle" of Leo. [...]
The equinoxes are precisely when the gaze of the Great Sphinx - an earthly reflection of Leo - aligns with the sunrise. Regulus the heart of the lion corresponds to the position of the granite slab ("Dream Stele") in between the paws of the Sphinx.

That's exactly where Katy Perry spends most of her time in her Dark Horse music video. (See previous updates & articles for Katy Perry & Dark Horse discussions.)

She actually even stands up and walks straight forward, right in the direction of the sunrise on March 20/spring equinox.

Not only that, in the Dark Horse trailer video was a very prominent "heart" theme, alluding to Regulus, a star signifying the heart of the lion...

...and a reference to an eclipse, which the occultation of Regulus is. ("Occultation" is another term for "eclipse".)

There is also a Ragnarok or "Viking apocalypse" connection we discussed before involving a February 22 planetary alignment...

...which was formed along the Earth's vernal equinox axis, in effect pre-marking the spring equinox, ~March 20, and the Regulus occultation.

The idea of the "apocalypse" goes well with the "Weighing of the Heart" evoked in the Dark Horse video, which in ancient Egyptian tradition has to do with the Judgment of the dead.

I won't go into it here, but there is a time sequence or "countdown" underway that goes to or at least related to a major window around April 20. And the whole month of April is very intense... including the anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing, and Mars opposition (Sun-Earth-Mars alignment) around April 8, pentagonally interacting with Katy Perry's "Satanic" Dark Horse performance at the Grammys back in January. (The Great Sphinx is very much a "Martian" monument and Bruno Mars did this year's Super Bowl halftime.)

[See the heart on Bruno Mars' drums at the Super Bowl?]

It's multicontextually very coherent stuff and rather ominous. Are we about to have a "perfect storm"? At least a major step toward it in the time sequence unfolding now? We'll find out soon...


Trojan War/Horse echoes from Hellgate
  Feb 19, 2014

Feb 18 Ukraine police storm main Kiev protest camp
Feb 18 Ukraine police try to clear protest camps amid fiery clashes
Feb 18 Ukraine president to make announcement
after at least 19 die in protests
Feb 19 U.S. considers taking action in response to Ukraine violence
Feb 19 Ukraine President sacks army chief amid crisis
Feb 19 Ukraine president and protest leader agree on truce,
but will it end bloodshed?

Chaos in Kiev as we enter our "Ragnarock" window around the end of the Sochi Olympics (Feb 23), which essentially implies "Trojan War". It was in Ukraine that they had their Orange Revolution back in 2004-2005...

  1. "Orange" (fruit) is interchangeable with "golden apple" in many languages
  2. The "Golden Apple of Discord" was the ultimate cause of the Trojan War
The Trojan War had the Trojan/Wooden Horse which of course resonates with the Chinese Year of the Wood Horse starting on January 31st this year. (It's not just the "Year of the Horse", it is really the Year of the Wood Horse.)

It's become such an obvious motif that I'm no longer the only one stressing the significance of things equine or Trojan (war, horse & golden apple) especially after Katy Perry's "Satanic" Dark Horse performance at the Grammys last month. Even at the Sochi Olympics you couldn't miss the horsies flying through the air during the opening ceremony...

...like Pegasus, the mythological winged horse, which "coincidentally" was making headlines on the same day, directly related to Sochi and Troy (= in Turkey).

Feb 07 Passenger claiming bomb tried to divert plane to Sochi

A few days later on Valentine's Day, Winter's Tale was released in theaters. Flying under the radar so far but an angelic horse is something heavily woven into the story which as you can see below is made much more obvious on the cover of the original novel.


The combination of love (Valentine's Day) and a horse brings us back to Katy Perry's Dark Horse... It was the day before Valentine's Day that a trailer for the song's music video was released. What we can say so far is that it has a very clear love/hear theme and a very clear ancient Egyptian theme. Note in particular the "Weighing of the Heart" allusion...

...which in ancient Egypt tradition was what the newly dead had to go through (i.e. "Judgment"), in the "Hall of Maat", to enter the Duat underworld of Osiris.

In other words, essentially... "Hellgate". And right on time the Dark Horse video will be released tomorrow, February 20. Timing is always a huge factor...

Indeed, as you may recall the "Orange/Golden Apple Alignment" (Venus-Sun-Mercury) was a major component of the "Solstice Hellgate Activation".

The signal there was basically that "Gates of Hell" opened around the 2013 December solstice and that this hell/underworld is primarily signified by the galactic Dark Rift around the Galactic Center, i.e. the portal to the Mayan "hell" Xibalba. And as we discussed in "Dark Horse at Hellgate", there is a Dark Horse right there, in the form of the Dark Horse Nebula.

This is just the tip of Devi's iceberg and there is a time sequence involved...


Devil lurks behind Sochi Olympics
  Feb 06, 2014

The dark presence of the "Devil" in the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics and the threat of terror were foreshadowed all the way back in April 2013 via the Boston Marathon bombings...

How? Three main reasons...

First, marathon is traditionally the main event of the Olympics.

Second, Boston's Boylston Street where the bombings took place annually aligns with the sunset on February 6-7. In 2014 this precisely coincides with the start of the Sochi Olympics. (First competitions begin on Feb 6, then opening ceremony on Feb 7.)

Three, and this is where the Devil said "hi", the exact address of the area around the marathon finish line where the bombs exploded is "666 Boylston Street, Boston, MA"! Even though the street number "666" is skipped and does not actually exist today, that's where it would be if it did. Enter that address in Google Maps/Earth and you'll be taken precisely to that location.

[Address "666 Boylston Street, Boston, MA" =
2013 Boston Marathon finish line / bombing area]

The entire duration of the Sochi Olympics is radioactive with a string of key dates. Here I'll highlight the window around February 22-23 coinciding with the end of the Olympics (Feb 23)... accompanied by a significant heliocentric planetary alignment involving the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars along the Earth's equinoctial angle.

Ominously it will also coincide with a proposed date of the Viking/Norse doomsday "Ragnarok".

News links:
Nov 15, 2013 Sounding of ancient trumpet in York warns of
Viking apocalypse on 22 February 2014
Jan 22, 2014 One Month Left Before Viking Apocalypse

...and more. A lot happening there.

The Super Bowl? Already decoded to a great degree (very different from the typical stuff the other "ritual decoders" are saying). I'll bring it out of the Underground eventually. For now, we can briefly talk about the death of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman on Super Bowl Day (Feb 2)... as the Devil was lurking there as well.

Feb 02 Philip Seymour Hoffman dead at age 46

Hoffman starred in a 2007 film called Before the Devil Knows You're Dead... Enough said.

Actually there's more: The film is heavily about Hoffman's character's drug problems, particularly heroin, the drug that killed the actor...

As already noted by many, "horse" is a slang for heroin. And his first name Philip means "horse loving". ("Philippines" derives from Philip, which is relevant to the Haiyan "Phoenix Storm.) This is obviously significant in the context of the Chinese Year of the Wood Horse which just began on January 31 and of the related "Dark Horse" symbolism - all discussed in my article Dark Horse at Hellgate.

Enough for now...


Dark Horse at Hellgate
  Feb 01, 2014

New article:
Dark Horse at Hellgate


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