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From Nov 26, 2008~Apr 25, 2009

Nov 26:

[Above graphic was composed/posted Nov. 21 (STRUG) and was just updated with terror attack info. This is no hindsight observation, but a key part of a prediction that was already highlighting India/Indiana.]

Carnage in India, hotels attacked
Possible Geopolitical Consequences - Pakistan


Nov 30: Now the big question is, what will happen with India and Pakistan, two nuclear nations side by side not liking each other? All of the sudden it's getting pretty 'radioactive' over there. Surprised? Pakistan is a big 'Mayan' piece of the puzzle (a long-running theme on this site, most recently discussed in 'Mayan Palingenesis' posted Nov. 18) and the phoenix fuse was lit right on time. (There are also some multicontextual hints seemingly highlighting Iran.)


Dec 12: We are closely watching late December/New Year when we are 'out of time' (5 epagomenal days plus an extra second added to December 31 this year). A lot converging...

Deep Impact midpoints...

'Epagomenal days' context/widow... 

...and more.

[See 'Mayan Palingenesis' for more context]


Dec 15: Deep Impact (now on 'EPOXI' mission) earth flybys 2007-2009:


Associated 'time codes' below...


Dec 21: 'Surreal' is right...

From 'Mayan Palingenesis' (Nov 18, '08):

'I have said it many times before and I'll say it again. '6:18' is a 'magic number' that opens important doors.'

December 20-21, '08 - winter solstice 'signal':


On the winter solstice the sun traditionally 'dies', doubly so in this year of the 'Valley of the Sun'/Phoenix marking solar minimum, opposite of 2012 'Mayan solar maximum. This year's Super Bowl in Phoenix officially 'started' (at least on paper) at 6:18 pm.

6:18 pm in Denver was simultaneously 6:18 am in Pakistan.

See 'Mayan Palingenesis' if you don't understand the 'prophetically' ominous significance of that.

terminator-ca-bhutto4.gif (93090 bytes)

We are about to enter the 'days out of time' next (see below) of which the Denver signal was something of a foreshadowing...


Dec 28: Air strikes, 'out of time'... right on time.

This bears out my recent statement (from Dec 21):

We are about to enter the 'days out of time' next (see below) of which the Denver signal was something of a foreshadowing...

That was in reference to the 'air terror' event in Denver (Dec 20). Airplane = air-plane = air realm/Shu/Tower of Babel.

Another, earlier foreshadowing was the infamous Bush 'shoe attack' in Iraq on December 14. That was a 'Shu attack' i.e. 'air attack', coming 13 days before December 27. A time code via calendrical conversion: Gregorian 12/27 = Julian 12/14. (As always, these are no hindsight interpretations, including the idea of a military air strike, as those on STRUG would testify.)

[For the record, I first highlighted the Gregorian epagomenal/'out of time' window here on December 12.]

*        *        *

Now we await the 'Messianic/Babylon Birth' (water breaking), etc.


Dec 29: There it is:

Dec 29 Palin's daughter Bristol gave birth

None other than the 'Babylon Birth' I mentioned yesterday:

'Now we await the 'Messianic/Babylon Birth'...'

You see how it all fits. The political 'birth' of Sarah Palin (our 'Whore of Babylon') this summer during the Alexandrian Epagomenal/New Year's Day window, the birth of Bristol Palin's baby (Sarah's grandson) during the Gregorian Epagomenal/New Year's Day window. Coherence by design...

DEC 30 UPDATE: People magazine has revised its article to say the baby was born Saturday instead of Sunday, changing the date to December 27. If accurate, the timeline is now perfect as you can see:

[NOTE: This news of the birth came on December 29; my post was on December 28. Just in case you were wondering.]

[See 'Mayan Palingenesis' for more context]


Jan 14: Stardust flying past earth today - another 'Deep Impact' echo, another New Year's Eve/Day marker (this time using the Julian calendar):
  • Deep Impact earth flybys on New Year's Eve (December 30-31, 2007-2009, 3 times)
  • Deep Impact primary mission: Impacting Comet Tempel 1 (July 4, 2005)
  • Stardust earth flybys on Julian New Year's Day (January 14-15, 2006 & 2009)
  • Stardust second mission ('NExT'): Photographing Comet Tempel 1 (February 14, 2011)

Incidentally, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles debuted last year on January 13-14 (New Year's Eve/Day), prefiguring our more recent Terminator-driven New Year's/Epagomenal Days discussions heavily involving the other (alter ego) Sarah, who is back/still in the news with her central theme, pregnancy/birth ('Babylon Babies').

Jan 13 Palin annoyed by pregnancy questions
Jan 13 Huckabee pans Palin's interview with Couric
Jan 13 Palin pregnancy controversy/pictures
Jan 14 Palin's media battle raises eyebrows


Jan 16: Whoa... this is so cool (and strange)! 'The Gospel of Goro Adachi'...

oooo Hello Goro, my name is [deleted just in case] and I am guitarist for The Boxer Rebellion. Can I just start by saying that I am a real fan of your work. I wrote the song The Gospel of Goro Adachi because I really like what you do and, in some strange way, wanted to make people aware of your work.  The song has been with us for over 3 years but only saw the light of day last Sunday when it was released on our album UNION. [...]

For your reference, the album was released this week and has
reached #6 in the USA iTunes chart and #4 in the UK.  We do not have a physical CD release yet [...]

Wow, don't know what to say - I'm flattered. I listened the songs and they're actually really good.

So readers...

- Listen to 'The Gospel of Goro Adachi' here
- What are you waiting for, get their album on iTunes! :)


Jan 18: January 19 is a very interesting day this year and the underlying pattern isn't exactly positive. Not sure why it comes just a day before Obama's inauguration. It's hard to say if the 24 hour difference is an approximation or something intended. I'm thinking the latter... (Sorry, no time to go into explanations right now.) [Posted just minutes before midnight Jan 19.]


Jan 19: Let's do some fun (and literal) dot connecting here... starting with Obama/Lincoln (~Jan 18).

[Jan 18 Obama tells rally of hope for US]

It's a special time of year around January 17 (at least for us 'Enki listeners'). It's St. Anthony day surrounded by a window of Jan 15-19, vertically 'mirroring' Phoenix's Mars landing May 25 last year. (See graphic.) That was a key temporal design...



8-15-2008-Bigfoot4.gif (72950 bytes)

Another 'St. Anthony day' (birthday of St. Anthony of Padua) is August 15. It was all about 'Bigfoot' last year. (An obvious hoax but that in itself was a major 'signal' in a different context.) August 15 also saw the release of 'Mirrors'... giving us instruction as to what to do with those key dates.


Another 'Bigfoot' event (much more subtle) was last year's biggest film The Dark Knight. One scene humorously showed the iconic 'Bigfoot' photograph right beside the picture of Abe Lincoln (both under the label 'Batman Suspects').

DarkKnight-suspects.gif (100166 bytes)


diametric-Anthony-2008-b.gif (24238 bytes)

The Dark Knight was released July 18 (N. America), diametrically 'mirroring' the St. Anthony window Jan 15-19 (see graphic), this year marking the final days of Obama transforming into president and identifying himself with Lincoln via yesterday's speech (Jan 18) right in front of the Lincoln Memorial.

Just the tip of the iceberg... 

But why the Bigfoot theme? It's too vast a complex of interlocking patterns to cover here but let me just point out that it was due to my early awareness of the intense theme that I knew there was something to December 14, AKA 'Monkey Day', when the Sun annually highlights the 'big foot' of the constellation Ophiuchus. A projection dramatically fulfilled in that typical 'as above, so below fashion' when a 'big shoe/foot' hurled toward Bush in Iraq, becoming huge international news that lingered for days...

And that miraculous jet crash in the Hudson River the other day? That was a huge signal as well, needless to say. For now, I'll just point out the timely fact (as noted by Matthew) that it happened on Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday, and today/Jan 19 is MLK Day... MLK was assassinated on 4/4, numerically resonating with Obama the 44th US president. What could that mean? We'll see...


Jan 23: Sufficient multicontextual synthesis has now been achieved. It's a story out of this world... what happened.

Stay tuned.


Jan 27: The phoenix - the philosopher's stone - turning metal into gold, destruction into order...

['Chapter 11 is a chapter of the United States Bankruptcy Code, which permits reorganization under the bankruptcy laws of the United States.']

...to be microcosmically expressed through the upcoming Super Bowl.


Jan 31: Bigfoot on parade! ...continued. (It's the biggest signal of the season.) The latest burst comes right before the Super Bowl which happens to be a big football or 'Bigfoot ball' event.

Jan 27/30 Bush shoe monument at Iraqi orphanage
Jan 31 Bush shoe sculpture 'taken down'

That's a metallic big foot/shoe... you know, like the 'Steelers' playing tomorrow night against the Arizona Cardinals from Phoenix (Glendale). The underlying storyline is alchemy - base metal transmuting into gold via the philosopher's/phoenix stone. Hence the volcano also in the news:

Jan 29 Alaska volcano may erupt in days
Jan 30 Alaska volcano 'more energetic,' scientists say

Volcanoes took their name from Vulcan, the Roman god of not only volcanoes but also all things metal/alchemical. Cain is another mythological steeler ('Cain' = 'metal smith') already in the picture through McCain ('son of Cain'), the former running mate of Sarah Palin who lives right next to that rumbling volcano. Not that she's there all that much these days - she's busy flying around campaigning for her 2012 White House bid.

Jan 27 Palin's PAC First Step to 2012
Jan 29 Palin, Obama to share stage - 2012 preview?
Jan 31 Sarah Palin's Focus Questioned By Alaska Lawmakers

Everything she does makes news - even her shoes. Just two days ago her 'Naught Monkey' (worn by Palin the day she was introduced by John 'I created a monster' McCain) got auctioned off on eBay:

Jan 29 Palin's Naughty Monkey shoes in auction
Jan 29 Palin's ('giant') 'Red Naughty Monkey' shoes on eBay

The perfectly timed 'signal' again whispered 'Bigfoot' (shoe/foot + 'Monkey' = 'Bigfoot').

Simultaneously in the news was another metallic/alchemical figure, Michael Steele - the first ever black GOP leader (echoing Obama)... naturally juxtaposed with the Steelers.

Jan 30 Michael Steele wins RNC chairmanship race

He's now the RNC (Republican National Committee) chairman. The Democratic counterpart (DNC chairman) is Tim Kaine. That's 'Steel' and 'Cain' (= 'metal smith'). Perfect. (Hat tip to reader 'Chorno' for this one.)

That's enough for now.... you get the basic picture.


Feb 02: This was, as expected, base metal (Steelers) successfully transmuting into gold (Super Bowl winner) through the Philosopher's Stone (Cardinals from Phoenix, Arizona).

Feb 1 Steelers survive Cardinals' rally for record 6th Super Bowl title

There were multicontextual signals whispering 'alchemy' back in January (won't go into that here) and the phoenix is practically interchangeable with the Philosopher's Stone. The phoenix or the bennu bird in ancient Egypt was closely associated with the Benben Stone which is the archetypal capstone of the pyramid/obelisk. It's the proverbial 'stone fallen from heaven' that goes by various names such as as the Holy Grail, omphalos, and indeed Philosopher's Stone which is what enables alchemists to turn metal into gold. Oversimplified, but this is how/why the Steelers (base metal) became champions (gold) through the Cardinals/Phoenix (Philosopher's Stone). Without recognizing the alchemical context, (incompetent) symbolists most likely would have picked the phoenix/Cardinals to win based on the abundance of phoenix signals and where we are in time. Context changes everything. And this is just one basic aspect of a much larger communication.

UPDATE: A volcano (=> Vulcan => blacksmith/alchemy) in Japan erupted about 7 hours after the end of the Super Bowl; almost simultaneously a shoe was thrown at Chinese Premier in England - see Jan 31 comment for context.]


Feb 09: It wasn't for no reason that the Templars were suddenly on network television on January 25-56 ('The Last Templar') or Chinese New Year's Eve/Day just 5-6 days before the Super Bowl, emphasizing - not based on the original book - shoes/boots/feet. 'Get your boots on!', said Tess (main character)...
Last_Templar-pt1-shoes.gif (187566 bytes) Last_Templar-pt2-shoes.gif (185184 bytes)

...as did Bono of U2 at the Grammys the other day, seven days after the Super Bowl ('Get on your Boots').

The same song provided background music for NFL Network's Super Bowl commercial.

In the big football game itself, an 'alchemical climax' came 36 seconds before the end of the final quarter when the Steeler's receiver Santonio Holmes caught a game-winning touchdown pass right at the edge of the end zone.


For a couple of minutes everyone's attention was on his big feet (while the refs reviewed the tape to make sure his feet were down). That was the golden moment when the steel/iron transmuted into gold via the phoenix (the Cardinals from Phoenix) AKA the Philosopher's Stone.

And he was St. Anthony. The name 'Santionio' means 'St. Anthony'!

You remember St. Anthony, don't you? Bigfoot made headlines on St. Anthony's (of Padua) birthday last summer (Aug 15); and the other (main) St. Anthony Day, January 17, vertically mirrored across the equinoctial axis Phoenix landing on Mars (May 25 last year).

8-15-2008-Bigfoot4.gif (72950 bytes)    

St. Anthony (Day) is a Priory of Sion day (part of the Rennes-le-Chateau mystery/code). The Priory of Sion, once an obscure semi-mythical group, is well known today thanks to The Da Vince Code. From there, you should be able to easily infer how 'The Last Templar' (with emphasis on feet/boots) got to be part of the pattern shortly before the Super Bowl.

Get your boots on!

For evolution.


Feb 18: Well, more monkeys (continuing 'Bigfoot' signal)...

Feb 17-18 Chimp attack 911 call: 'He's ripping her apart'

...along with Obama getting his own 'big foot' (Shaq's sneaker), in Phoenix of course.

Feb 18 Obama Gets Autographed Shaq Sneaker

UPDATE (3:55pm EST): Like I was saying...

Feb 18 NY Post Associates Obama's stimulus with chimp

Note: A new article coming hopefully soon (as well as an extra piece called 'The Fake Jake Chronicles').


Feb 23: Lost episode Feb 18...

Lost-021809-shoes1.gif (63718 bytes)    Lost-021809-shoes2.gif (67458 bytes)    Lost-021809-shoes3.gif (108432 bytes)

The signals are becoming ridiculously obvious at this point. It's almost time...


Feb 27: Not just feet, not just ape-man/'Bigfoot'... but both. Footprints of Homo erectus found in Kenya making big headlines today! (Do you now get that this is, unquestionably, a pattern?)

Feb 27 Earliest 'human footprints' found

As far as feet/shoes/Bigfoot/apes being a major 'signal', I rest my case. As for what it means... well, we have a lot to learn. Stay tuned.


Mar 02: I'm gonna go ahead and mention that there is a pretty severe 'Deep Impact' window coming around the end of March. A convergence of temporal shockwaves from 2005...


Mar 04: A tentative shuttle launch target date (March 11/12) acknowledges a major Golden Section (phi) point involving the 2003 shuttle Columbia destruction... Not exactly a date I would choose to launch a shuttle. It might be something of a prelude to the previously mentioned 'Deep Impact window' coming around the end of March.



Mar 12: Right on time, a close call...

Red Alert on ISS: Debris near-miss

[Same time code posted back on March 4th]


Mar 15: Can you feel it coming... Orange Impact around late March...

['Orange Alignment' definition & hat tip to Nick H. for Iraq phi point]

Mar 15: Kings' (NBC) series premiere

Mar 15: Shuttle Discovery lifts off

Discovery will return on ~March 28...


Mar 31: Quick Update: The last wake-up call (song) played on the space shuttle before landing (Mar 28, Orange Alignment/Window active) was 'I Have a Dream' (by ABBA), evoking Martin Luther King, Jr. famous for his 'I Have a Dream' speech. 'Orange King' was a major signal via the shuttle's launch on the Ides of March. MLK was killed on April 4th (1968), now just days away and potentially when North Korea will launch its satellite/missile. This is not an isolated coincidence but part of a long-running pattern continuing from last year... (P.S. Orange Alignment is most precise today.)


Apr 06: Now this is definitely a projected Orange Impact.

Powerful Italian quake kills many

The 'Orange Deep Impact Window' was projected to be 'around late March' which via Discovery STS-119 etc. had come to zero in on April 4, the MLK assassination anniversary (to be explained in depth at a later time). North Korea launched its rocket on April 4/5 (a major international incident) followed by this April 5/6 earthquake near Rome... which is something I had specifically highlighted for this window. What it apparently lacks in timing precision, it more than makes up in everything else (event type and location). It wasn't just that the two events projected to be echoed via the Orange + Earth Alignment in this period were a killer quake (Sumatra) and a Pope death (in Rome) - combined, 'Italian/Rome killer earthquake' - as evidenced in this graphic made on March 3 and posted here March 15...

late-Mar-09-convergence.gif (44028 bytes)

But it was also that in our 'underground' section (STRUG) 'Rome/Italy earthquake' had been a major topic for 2-3 months leading up to the Orange Impact Window. On February 28th, for instance, I wrote:

These Orange-Earth Alignments are... in a word, ominous. [...] Major quake? Death of the Pope/Primate? (Big war?) What a combination. [...] Earthquake in Rome... [emphasis in original]

[That's just one example and certainly no deception/exaggeration. If I'm making this up, there are more than enough people who will surely speak up and call me a fraud, and all these years I have never been even accused of fibbing anything.]

The 'communications' that allowed me to be that specific, which I won't go into for now, strongly suggest this is the beginning of an impact sequence that will make its way to the United States. I should also mention that the exit of the current Pope has been (and will continue to be) a major storyline but this one may be expressed via 'Angels & Demons' (film) coming in May (hard to say at this point).


Apr 06 (#2): With regard to the NK/Italy impact events, the part I feel I need to explain a little more in depth is the '4/4' (timing) signals. The projected 'Orange Deep Impact window' was 'around the end of March' (i.e. 'late March/early April') 'bookmarked' by space shuttle Discovery STS-119 returning on March 28 after having transmitted a '(Orange) King will rise' signal via launch. The landing was accompanied by 'I Have a Dream' (final wake-up call/song) evoking Martin Luther King, Jr. who is not only a 'king' but also 'orange' via the namesake Martin Luther who was the founder of Protestantism sometimes associated with the color orange (a legacy of the Orange King William III of England discussed numerous times before here on Etemenanki). So: MLK => Martin Luther => Protestantism => orange. MLK was assassinated on April 4th (1968).

That was merely the latest piece of the '4/4' puzzle. Another recent one was the double air terror (plane crashes) in Montana and Japan on March 22-23... orbitally mirroring September 25-26:

diametric-KLM-032209.gif (26523 bytes)

That's the exact date (September 26) of last year's 'air terror' incident in Germany involving a KLM plane. That's 'MLK' in reverse... like in a mirror. A mirror in which the Montana/Japan 'air terror' was reflected.

Similarly, April 4th itself (MLK anniversary) mirrors October 8th:

44_MLK-mirror-2.gif (43265 bytes)

October 7-8 was a mini 'Deep Impact' day last year. An asteroid was tracked in real time for the first time as it entered the earth's atmosphere and impacted the ground in Africa. (The impact was witnessed by a KLM airliner.) On March 25-26, just a couple of days after the Montana/Japan air terror, it was suddenly back in the news...

Mar 25 Scientists see asteroid hurtle to Earth
Mar 25 Space 'Rosetta Stone' Unlike Anything Seen Before
Mar 25 First-Ever Asteroid Tracked From Space to Earth
Mar 25 80-ton asteroid's impact recorded

...right on time as if to announce the imminent April 4 mirror point.

So on and so forth. Enough to demonstrate that by the time Discovery STS-119 whispered 'I Have a Dream', MLK/April 4 was a well established signal pointing to a temporal 'epicenter', 4/4, interacting with the Orange window.

It was in this special context that: 1) North Korea launched a rocket on April 4-5 (Apr 4 US time, Apr 5 local) against the wishes of the international community; and 2) a devastating earthquake struck central Italy not far from Rome on April 5-6 (which was foretold/seen as previously discussed.)


Apr 15: Well, yes, Italy is obviously a 'big-foot'...

...hence the recent deep impact (killer quake) there, confirming our suspicion for the Orange/MLK window.

In that strikingly boot-shaped peninsula with its famous resident the 'Monkey King' - Pope aka Primate of Rome - was a direct continuation of our 'Bigfoot' super theme (closely tracked since last summer) and you could see it coming (as we did as early as December on STRUG) based on the multicontextual framework of this period which I'll go into in my upcoming full-length article.

A little more on MLK (continuing from previous posts)...

'MLK' can linguistically denote 'Moloch', closely associated with human/child sacrifice as well as 'king' (as in Martin Luther King, 'Orange King', etc.) which is the meaning of 'Moloch', written mlk (MLK) in Hebrew. Something to keep in mind as we go into May.

The ' big picture' to be revealed soon...


Apr 25: It was Venus in the mirror. 'Amor' (son of Venus) meaning 'love' is 'Roma' (Rome) spelt backwards. Hence the planet Venus mirrored (reversed) across the Sun from one Bigfoot day to another...

The Kentucky Derby coming up should be interesting BTW, if a little cryptic.