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  May 04, 2014 - Aug 02, 2014
"Mayan Deep Impact 2014" Update #3
The final match of the World Cup between Germany and Argentina was not only papal, but also symbolic of "Hitler resurrection" in that the leader of the Third Reich is often speculated to have escaped to Argentina after the war, Germany to Argentina.

The "resurrection" part was hinted earlier by the fact that this year's Easter or Resurrection Day fell on April 20th pr Hitler's birthday.

April 20th is also cannabis day...

...something very much stressed by this year's Super Bow which: 1) had two teams (Seattle Seahawks & Denver Broncos) from the only two states in the US where recreational marijuana use is legal, and 2) featured Red Hot Chili Peppers during halftime (joining Bruno Mars) performing "Give It Away", a song known to have been inspired by Black Sabbath's "Sweet Leaf" which is all about recreational cannabis use. (If you listen to the intro riff of Sweet Leaf, then listen to the outro guitar riff of Give It Away, you'll see that they are identical.)

The World Cup as a whole was very much Atlantean in nature as discussed in the original article and this seems to have manifested just days before the final game in the form of the home team Brazil getting totally destroyed by Germany in the semi finals, 7-1.

The historic and surreal loss sent shock waves around the world and made big headlines. Without much exaggeration, for the Brazilian people this was a national disaster. It was the total destruction of Hy-Brasil, thus a form of Atlantean cataclysm.

It's important to point out that Atlantis belonged to Neptune-Poseidon who was among other things the god of horses. 2014 is the Chinese Year of the Horse...

It was right during Neptunalia (July 23-24), the feast day of Neptune, that airplanes kept dropping like flies...

Jul 23 Two Ukrainian fighter jets shot down near MH17 crash site
Jul 23 Deadly plane crash in Taiwan, killing dozens
Jul 23 MH17 plane crash: First victims arrive in Netherlands
Jul 23 U.S. extends ban on flights into Israel's Ben Gurion Airport

Jul 24 Algeria airliner feared crashed on flight from Burkina Faso

...symbolically important as "airplanes" implies "air plane" or the plane of air (atmosphere) i.e. the ream between the heaven and the earth, essentially personified by Atlas who famously holds the heaven on his shoulders, like the World Cup trophy.


Atlas was the first king of Atlantis appointed by Neptune-Poseidon.

In this way airplane crashes can be an allusion to Atlantis destruction and especially so in July 2014 given the underlying context.

In a related but slightly different context, there was another important event starting on Neptunalia/July 23, the final journey of the doomed cruise ship Costa Concordia. (Remember, Neptune-Poseidon is also the god of the sea.)

Jul 23 Costa Concordia is towed away to Genoa for scrap

My view has consistently been that the Costa Concordia is all about the "Golden Apple of Discord", as "Concordia" means harmony/peace and having capsized it means the opposite, discord. The final voyage to its grave in Genoa was symbolically the final nail in the peace coffin so to speak.

The multicontextual Force is strong with the Concordia. Its arrival in Genoa, entering its "coffin" as it were, on July 27th...

Jul 27 Costa Concordia ends final voyage

...coincided with the "Open the Gates of Hades (Hell)" day of Apple's Siri.

Jan 05, 2014 Siri 'Open Gates of Hades' July 27, 2014
iPhone Message Goes Viral: Why?

Apple of Discord indeed.

It was also late July around the 27th that the Ebola outbreak - the worst in history - started making big news headlines.

Eerie coincidences pile up as the ship-deadly virus combination here happens to echo the new TV show "The Last Ship" which debuted in June 2014, all about a global pandemic and a (US Navy) ship desperately trying find a cure. (A number of other killer virus movies/TV shows debuting this summer too.)

We must also pay attention to the fact that NYC is a Golden Apple city. It's called the "Big Apple" and Manhattan was once called New Amsterdam, named after the capital of the Netherlands, the orange nation. In many languages, the fruit orange is called "golden apple", thus interchangeable.

It's made highly relevant here by the fact that Malaysia Airlines Fight 17 ("MH17") was shot down on July 17th (2014) in Ukraine, which had the Orange Revolution back in 2004-2005...

Jul 17 Malaysia airliner crashes in east Ukraine near Russia border
Jul 17 U.S. official: Missile shot down Malaysia Airlines plane
Jul 17 As it happened: Malaysian plane crash in Ukraine

This happened on the 18th anniversary of the TWA 800 plane crash (July 17, 1996) - often theorized to have been shot down too - off NYC/Big Apple!

And we can't forget the fact that the NYC/Manhattan encodes the date ~July 12, highlighted in the original article (Manhattan's streets align with the sunset on that date).

July 12 also happens to be Orangemen's Day (or Orange Walk), this year coinciding with the Netherlands (orange nation) beating Brazil for third place in the World Cup and a powerful earthquake near Fukushima, Japan. The name "Netherlands" by the way means "Low Country", implying "Underworld" (Hades/Hell/Xibalba).

So a lot happening including world events we haven't discussed much such as the Israel-Hamas conflict in Gaza, the Ebola outbreak, and certain future events that are likely coming this year (including later this month and especially October). Deep Impact...

The "Gates of Hades/Hell/Underworld" are opening, and some of the things coming out of it will surprise you...

Japan/Fukushima Birthquake 7/12

**A major pattern confirmation**

Jul 11-12, 2014 Strong quake hits Japan, triggering small tsunami
Jul 11-12 Strong earthquake hits the east of Japan

A major earthquake on July 12 (Japan local time) involving Fukushima... just as indicated beforehand in our article Mayan Deep Impact 2014...

Papal World Cup & Mayan Deep Impact

Papal World Cup Final
(Argentina vs. German - July 13 in Rio)

Francis (Argentinian) vs. Benedict XVI (German)

[July 9 CNN.com World Cup finals: Pope vs Pope]
- In Mayan Deep Impact 2014 (posted June 21) we noted this World Cup heavily resonating with the February-March 2013 Benedict-Francis "Pope Shift"

- In Mayan Deep Impact 2014 we noted the concurrent February 2013 Russian meteor Deep Impact pinpointing, via Rome/papal city, Rio (World Cup final)...

- In Mayan Deep Impact 2014 we also noted an intense Mayan (galactic) context underlying all this...

...which we associated with earthquakes.

Did you notice there was a deadly "Mayan earthquake" on July 7th? Mexico/Guatemala is where the Mayan civilization used to be.

Jul 07 Quake 'kills three' as it strikes Mexico and Guatemala

And the countdown continues...

Mayan Deep Impact 2014
  June 21, 2014

New article...
Mayan Deep Impact 2014



Message of the Golden Apple & Phoenix
  May 16, 2014

The biggest Orange/Golden Apple impact that we were anticipating came on May 13th in Turkey...

Golden Apple Alignment Impact
Turkey => Troy => Trojan War, started by a Golden Apple

May 13 Sadness, Shock as Hundreds Perish in Turkish Mine Tragedy
May 14 Desperate search at Turkish mine
May 14 Turkish strike over mine disaster
May 16 Tear gas fired at Turkey mine unrest

The two key interlocking underlying themes - highlighted beforehand on this website - are Golden Apple/Trojan War and phoenix/resurrection...


First of all, the mine disaster echoes the Chilean mine disaster & dramatic rescue back in 2010 which multicontextually and prophetically had much to do with the Royal engagement/wedding/baby, Japanese Birthquake/nuclear disaster, etc. extensively discussed in Lucifer's Destiny.

In Chile a phoenix rose in the form of a capsule/elevator called "Phoenix" bringing all the miner out of the "underworld"...

["Phoenix" capsule]

...just as a phoenix rose on May 10, 2014, via the song "Rise Like a Phoenix" sung by "Conchita Wurst" to win the Eurovision Song Contest that day...

May 10 Austrian Austrian drag act wins Eurovision Song Contest

...precisely coinciding with our Orange/Golden Apple Alignment & Saturn opposition (May 9-10) we previously discussed.

I also noted this configuration "geometrically receiv[es] its 'energy' from the previous powerful window around April 20/Resurrection Day", i.e. the day of the phoenix (= resurrection)!

Turkey, as I often note in my writings, is where Troy was located, i.e. the ancient city at the center of the Trojan War started by... the Golden Apple of Discord. As above, so below.

The Chilean connection is strengthened by the fact that the name of the Eurovision winner "Conchita" means "conception" resonating with a 8.8-magnitude mega-quake that hit Chile in 2010 near a place called Concepcion ("conception") just months before the mine disaster/rescue there.

There is also a strong interaction between Euroviosion/Conchita and the 2014 Turkey mine disaster itself. The latter took place in the Manisa providence of Turkey, known among other things for its Hittite carving of the goddess Cybele who, in Greek religion, notably had a transgender priesthood, thus powerfully resonating with the transgender (drag) nature of Conchita's Eurovision/"Phoenix" act.

The phoenix is typically thought to live for 500 years. It dies and then comes back to life... like the apparent discovery of Christopher Columbus' sunken ship Santa Maria making big headlines on May 13, the same day as the Turkey mine disaster.

May 13 Christopher Columbus's Santa Maria wreck 'found'

There is an even more important "coded message" here that involves the Virgin Mary and a key date, "October 13"...
  • On the sails of Santa Maria were red crosses, the type often associated with the Knights Templar (Columbus married into a Templar family)...


...who were forced to go underground and end their official existence after an infamous mass arrest on October 13, 1307

  • Columbus discovered the Americas - the New World - on October 12, 1492

  • The Chilean miners were successfully rescued via the "Phoenix" capsule on October 13, 2010
The Knights Templar, as with practically all groups associated with the Holy Grail, are thought to have been worshipers of the goddess, or as The Da Vinci Code put it, the sacred feminine. In Christian terms, that would be Mary - Mary Magdalene and the Virgin Mary.

This is important as October 13 also happens to be the date of the final and most dramatic one of the famous Fatima Marian apparitions (supposed Virgin Mary sightings) in 1917, known as the "Miracle of the Sun".

The first Fatima Marian apparition took place on... May 13, 1917 (thus May 13 and October 13 are the two widely recognized Fatima anniversary dates), i.e. the exact date of the Columbus Santa Maria ("St. Mary") discovery news and the Turkey/Trojan mine disaster in 2014!

*    *    *

And so dots are connecting like crazy. The Orange/Golden Apple Alignment indeed did its thing as chaos erupts in Turkey/Troy and phoenix is rising along with "Mary" right no time. But where is all this going? California... black box... Contact... Mars... Noah/Flood...


Hex Marks the Spot
  May 04, 2014
A major window is coming up around May 9-10, geometrically receiving its "energy" from the previous powerful window around April 20/Resurrection Day. This time we have at least two powerful celestial alignments occurring simultaneously.

Saturn opposition (May 10)...

Saturn closest, brightest, opposite the sun May 10

...and "Orange Alignment" (May 9-10):

The underlying geometry is the Hexagon.

A hexagon on Saturn...

...and a hexagonal heliocentric angle made by the Orange Alignment.

This pattern continues from the Earth's orbital angle around April 20/Resurrection Day (Easter) that happened to be hexagonal!

*    *    *

April 20 is also cannabis day, celebrated by marijuana smoking...

Part of the reason I started paying attention to ~April 20 was due to this year's Super Bowl (Feb 2) aka "Pot Bowl" 1) having two teams (Seattle Seahawks & Denver Broncos) from the only two states in the US where recreational marijuana use is legal, and 2) featuring Red Hot Chili Peppers (joining Bruno Mars) during the halftime show performing "Give It Away", a song known to have been inspired by Black Sabbath's "Sweet Leaf" which is all about recreational cannabis use. (If you listen to the intro riff of Sweet Leaf, then listen to the outro guitar riff of Give It Away, you'll see that they are identical.)

[Red Hot Chili Peppers performing "Give It Away" at Super Bowl]

No coincidence that Black Sabbath was inexplicably mentioned elsewhere during the Super Bowl as well.

Feb 03 BLACK SABBATH's 'Paranoid' Featured In Super Bowl
Commercial For BEATS MUSIC

May 10 - the day of Saturn opposition - will be Saturday/Sabbath, i.e. "Saturn's day". "Black" is also traditionally Saturn's color (color of death).

*    *    *

On May 9, a new Michael Jackson album "Xscape" will be posthumously released... with Saturn's ring, as you can see below.

Michael Jackson was a key part of the May 1st iHeart Music Awards in Los Angeles (multicontextually stressed by the ongoing "heart" theme, and the show had this weird vibe of celebrating or saying goodbye to LA/California). MJ died in Los Angeles back in 2009 and was buried near there.

Two days later on May 3rd, a horse named "California Chrome" won the Kentucky Derby, the biggest horse race in the world... in the Chinese Year of the (Wood) Horse (2014). (Those on STRUG had already been made aware of the California/LA theme before the race and knew to pay attention to California Chrome.)

May 03 California Chrome Wins The Kentucky Derby 2014

The word "chrome" comes from Greek chroma meaning "color". California's color is gold, being the "Golden State"...

In numerous languages, oranges are called "golden apples". This is why we've been calling Orange Alignments also "Golden Apple Alignments" interchangeably. And again, 2014 is the Chinese Year of the Wood Horse which is another name for the Trojan Horse famously used in the Trojan War. The war was caused ultimately by the Golden Apple of Discord thrown by the goddess Eris.

Orange/golden apple is always a major omen. Indeed, celestial Orange/Golden Apple Alignments have consistently been a major event marker for a decade now, typically coinciding with major earth changes type events, papal events, wars, etc. Basically, discord.

As long-time readers may recall we started focusing on "Orange Alignments" back in 2004-2005 via Ukraine's "Orange Revolution" and Pope John Paul II (successfully anticipating his exit).

Ukraine is currently all over the news, steadily descending into civil war; it's been the biggest geopolitical event of the year. And John Paul II was just declared a saint on April 27.

In other words, indications are strong that this upcoming Orange Alignment accompanied by Saturn opposition is very intense.

Here is how I ended my February article, Dark Horse at Hellgate:

"California rest in peace..."
Big One/Birthquake... 2014/2015... in California?

[end quote]

That's 1) Red Hot Chili Peppers, 2) "California", and 3) horse... evoking California Chrome. Ominously "California" (a girl's name) dies...

Saturn/Cronus is the god of time and death, mirroring the Hindu goddess Kali... evoking "Cali" i.e. California.

No need to jump to conclusions, but that's the emerging context. There's a lot more...


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