Comet ISON's
Countdown To Grail Resurrection

By STRUG writing team (Goro, Marissa, Patrick)
January 17, 2013

Comet ISON (C/2012 S1) is no ordinary comet. Astronomers are expecting it will be the 'Comet of the Century'. If it doesn't fizzle, it will indeed become one of the brightest comets in history. It's going to be spectacular...

There is also a fascinating 'esoteric' side to this comet only few are aware of. The comet comes bearing a 'hidden message' for mankind, a 'riddle' that requires some multi-contextual decoding before we can even begin to understand. Comet ISON cannot be fully understood without first identifying its terrestrial 'dance partner', which happens to be the birth of a royal baby...

'Grail Rebirth'...

Officially designated C/2012 S1, Comet ISON was recently discovered on September 21, 2012 by Russian astronomers Vitaly Nevsky and Artyom Novichonok through the International Scientific Optical Network which is where the comet got its name (ISON). Just as we saw with Comet Lovejoy back in December 2011, ISON is a Sun-grazing comet, making a remarkable approach towards the Sun as it reaches 100 times closer than the Earth late November 2013. That's when ISON is going to burn across our skies, a Promethean beacon of hidden knowledge, a light display so intense it may become visible to the naked eye during daytime.

After its death-defying dance with the Sun, ISON will make its closest approach to Earth on December 26, 2013, or Boxing Day, exactly 9 years after the monstrous Sumatra 'Birthquake' (mega-quake & tsunami). An intriguing coincidence as there were exactly 8 years minus a few days between that modern 'Great Flood' event and the Mayan 'end of time' December 21, 2012, matching, almost to the day, the duration of the Venus-Earth orbital pentagram cycle.

[Venus-Earth orbital pentagram synchronization]

[Same duration between Sumatra & Mayan "end" date]

[Perfectly timed Sumatra echo via film 'The Impossible']

The Impossible
(film based on true story about Sumatra tsunami)
Released on December 21, 2012 in North America

It was also right around December 2012 that mankind began opening the door to the Antarctic Underworld, perfectly timed to coincide with Kate Middleton's pregnancy (announced in Dec 2012), reminding us that this unfolding "rebirth" is one rising out of the Underworld.

Sep 07, 2012 Quest to reach buried Antarctic lake in December
Dec 12 British Scientists search for life under Antarctic ice
Dec 17 British Antarctic Drilling effort runs into trouble
Dec 18 Part of Antarctica to be named "Queen Elizabeth Land"
Dec 27 Lake Ellsworth Antarctic drilling project called off
Jan 10, 2013 Russians take new samples from Antarctica's
sub-glacial Lake Vostok

As ISON reaches perihelion and attains peak brightness late November 2013, we will also see Venus reaching its greatest brilliancy as the Evening Star around early December. Behind the scenes this has been a major piece of the puzzle with some 'prophetic' implications. Even months before the royal pregnancy announcement, Goro was highlighting the 2013 Evening Star period as a probable royal baby birth window, an insight based on our unique pattern observations regarding the Trojan War/Golden Apple theme discussed in our previous writings.

In Greek mythology, Hesperus is the Evening Star, the planet Venus in the evening. He is the son of the dawn goddess Eos (Roman Aurora) and is the brother of Eosphorus (also called Phosphorus, and Lucifer), the son of the morning.

It was imperative that we understood Hesperus as the origin of the name 'Hesperides' who are mythological nymphs tending the garden of immortality-giving golden apples guarded by a never-sleeping dragon...

  • The Trojan War/Golden Apple was a predominant theme in 2012
  • Golden Apples are inseparable from the Hesperides
  • The Hesperides are inseparable from the Evening Star (= Hesperus)
  • Venus turns into the Evening Star in 2013 (from April)

At any rate, it was at the 2012 London Olympics and especially the Paralympics that we were given big clues...

[Phoenix scene from closing ceremony of London Olympics]

  • August 29, 2012 = Paralympics opening ceremony
  • August 29 = birthday of Hathor, goddess of flood & childbirth
  • August 29, 2012 = Hurricane Isaac landfall/flood
    • "Isaac" as in Isaac Newton
    • Hurricane Isaac widely viewed as "Katrina #2"
  • August 29 = Katrina landfall/great flood anniversary
    • Katrina = Catherine = Kate (Middleton)
    • Great flood = water breaking = birth

These were also collectively
an omen for some serious darkness that was in store for us at the end of 2012...

The name 'Newton' derives from 'New town'... or 'Newtown'.

The Newtown massacre happened less than 2 weeks after Kate's pregnancy announcement...

We all tried to come to grips with that unspeakable tragedy in Newtown (Newton). And it was only months before this when Hurricane Sandy - as in 'Sandy Hook' - ravaged the US east coast, especially in NJ and NYC which is the Big Apple. It was a double whammy that shook the nation to its core.

Super/Trojan storm Sandy was preceded by Hurricane Isaac making landfall in the US Gulf coast just like Katrina (Kate) on the latter's anniversary, which was also the day of the Paralympics opening ceremony. 'Isaac' as in Isaac Newton...

Evidently there is an extraordinary amount of emphasis placed on all things 'Newton' in the trans-contextual flow of things. But why? Because of the Newton massacre? (It's been described as the saddest day in the US since 9/11.) That must surely be part of it. But was it the cause, or the effect? (Or both?) Could it be that there is a larger picture here that bears the name 'Newton'? Could it be that it has something to do with the upcoming great light show in the sky (unless it fizzles, which remains a possibility), i.e. the incoming comet ISON?

Turns out, yes, ISON is considered something of a... 'Newton's Comet'!

A comet found recently beyond the orbit of Jupiter could well become spectacular late next year and may be a sibling of one of the most celebrated comets of all time. [...]

[Comet ISON's] orbit resembles that of Kirch's Comet, the Great Comet of 1680... After becoming the first comet to be discovered telescopically, this brightened enough to be glimpsed in broad daylight. Sir Isaac Newton was also to demonstrate that the comet's parabolic orbit was perfect harmony with his law of universal gravitation, promulgated only seven year later in his famous work, the Principia. As a consequence, the comet is also known as Newton's Comet.

This is not to say that the comet of 1680 and Comet ISON are the same object since both probably take thousands of years to orbit the Sun. However, it is possible that both are fragments, albeit substantial ones, of a comet that broke apart many thousands of years ago when the heat stress at perihelion became too much. [...]

Basically, astronomers think ISON probably comes from the same 'parent' comet as Newton's. Wow.

That's not all...

It was during King Charles II's reign that Newton's Comet was last seen. Prince William is the first (male) heir to the UK throne directly descended from Charles II, a key fact underlying the whole idea of resurrecting (or unifying) the Jacobite Stuart 'Grail' bloodline discussed in our earlier article '
Lucifer's Destiny'.

In this way we are witnessing the symbolic or literal fulfillment of the 'Once and Future King' rising out of Avalon. And Comet ISON is here to mark the special occasion... reflecting the rise of an Atlantean New World from the Dark Rift.

The idea of the 'Grail bloodline' was recently popularized through The Da Vinci Code, all about apples/the Grail/Priory of Sion/ and the messianic bloodline.

Regardless of historical accuracy, the Priory of Sion are now popularly thought of as protectors of the Grail, and we discover it has a large part to play in decoding the message of ISON.

It's a simple anagram, ISON is Sion, as in Priory of Sion. Not only that, Isaac Newton is listed in the 'Priory Documents' at the heart of the whole Rennes-le-Chateau mystery as one of the grand masters of this very organization!

The Grail is returning...

Jan 01, 2012 Twin GRAIL Probes Start New Year by Entering Lunar Orbit

It was New Year's Day of 2012, when the transmission began... maybe it didn't register for most, but for us, it was loud and clear as it screamed GRAIL, quite literally, as NASA's GRAIL twin probes 'Ebb' and 'Flow' had finally reached their orbit around the Moon (Diana)... to measure its gravitational field. (Gravity => Newton.) Initially launched back on Sep. 9, 2011, the GRAIL was very blatantly telling us to watch the Diana/Grail bloodline, hinting to us 'Grail pregnancy' via Kate Middleton.

Dec 17, 2012 GRAIL Twin Moon Probes Crash into Lunar Mountain

Almost a year later on December 17, 2012, these probes were purposely crashed into the Moon (womb). This was just days after the Newtown massacre as well as the news of Kate Middleton's pregnancy which was hastily announced after she was hospitalized for severe morning sickness, or 'Hyperemesis Gravidarum', which is more common during pregnancies of more than one child. Perhaps the GRAIL twin probes were alluding to more than just Grail rebirth, maybe it was hinting 'twins'. Not twin babies literally, but something else... Something in the sky.

Indeed, right around the time of the birth of the Grail baby, which is expected around mid July, we are going to 'see' (imperceptible to the naked eye) an amazing conjunction between the Sun and ISON... in Gemini, the Twins!

So it will be a 'twin' birth, even with just one baby. 'As above, so below'.

Signs are everywhere for this momentous Rebirth, not just for the Grail, the royal baby, or the bloodline, but for the entire human kind.
Remember that we are now becoming a truly space-faring species, coming out of the tomb/womb of the planet Earth (see previous articles). It's unfolding on all levels of reality, micro and macro. It's fractal. What we see out there is a reflection of what we can't see happening inside. Everything is connected. Atlantis rising...

2013 is going to be one hell of a year.

*    *    *

January 14, 2014

ISON has to do with "resurrection". Right before perihelion or the comet's closest point to the Sun, this particular esoteric aspect was foreshadowed by "The Phoenix Storm" aka super typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda early November 2013. Weeks later, ISON indeed did its thing and became the phoenix late November...


Initially declared "dead"...

Followed by some uncertainty...

Followed by... Resurrection! The media even called it the "zombie comet" or indeed the "phoenix comet"!

Nov 29 Comet ISON: IT'S ALIVE! IT'S DEAD! For Now, Both…
Nov 29 All Eyes on ISON as 'Phoenix' Comet Rises from Ashes
Nov 30 ISON Appears To Be Fading, But Astronomers Keeping Eyes Peeled

[ISON was finally declared dead around December 11]

What's more, when ISON appeared to have burned out of existence, many compared it to Icarus, a mythological figure who flew too close to the Sun, got his wings burned and fell to his death.

The combination of the phoenix and Icarus is perfect especially in the context of the Olympic Torch which as noted in our article "The Phoenix Storm" is officially a phoenix feather or wing on fire a la Icarus!

Icarus' fall is also reminiscent of fallen angels like Lucifer... And Lucifer is not only literally the "light bearer" (=> torch bearer => Olympic Torch), but also the Morning Star (original meaning) which is Venus rising in the morning before sunrise. That's exactly what's starting in mid January 2014 coinciding with the Earth (almost) passing through the recently destroyed Comet ISON's orbital path (~Jan 14-15, 2014).

[Venus becomes the Morning Star/"Lucifer" right after
inferior conjunction]

Venus/Morning Star will be a prominent object in the sky by the time of the Sochi Winter Olympics in February.

The phoenix is rising... via Mars. It's all about to unfold... It's Destiny written in stone.

There was another major event right around the time of ISON's resurrection (late Nov 2013), which really underscores our interpretation so far...

Nov 30 'Fast & Furious' star Paul Walker killed in car crash

First of all, Paul Walker's deadly car crash took place while he was hosting a charity event for typhoon Haiyan/"Phoenix Storm":
Dec 01 Paul Walker Died During Charity Event for Philippines Typhoon Victims

Paul Walker was hosting a charity event through his organization [ROWW/Reach Out Worldwide] to help raise funds for the victims of the Philippines Typhoon [Haiyan] when he decided to go on a test drive in a new Porsche with the his friend as the driver. According to reports by TMZ who broke the story and was on scene, the vehicle hit a fixed object leaving the occupants trapped inside while it became engulfed in flames. [...]

It was an event for his own charity organization ROWW (Reach out Worldwide)...

...the logo of which appears to be none other than the Phoenix.

The body of the phoenix doubles as the Atlantic Ocean, implying "Atlantis rising". And it just so happens at the time of the deadly crash Walker was filming Fast and Furious 7 in Atlanta...
Walker had returned home for the holidays from the Atlanta set of Fast and Furious 7 and was scheduled to return next week. [source]
...which has the Phoenix in its city seal!

The phoenix is also in 2010: The Year We Make Contact... which Jupiter explodes into a second sun called (in the novel version) "Lucifer"!

Is 2014 the year we make contact... with the Devil?

You know, now that the gates of hell is opening...

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