"Occult Forms" Seen

An Addendum to
"When Venus Will Be Covered by the Sun"
(Orlando Massacre, Muhammad Ali, Hillary Clinton & Gotthard Base Tunnel)

By Goro Adachi

June 21, 2016

On June 12th, 2016, the deadliest mass shooting in US history took place at the "Pulse" gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, where one crazed gunman killed 49 and injured many more in cold blood before getting fatally shot in a gunfight with a SWAT team. "As above, so below" was in full effect as this came only a few days after the Venus superior conjunction or "when Venus was covered by the Sun" discussed in my May 28 article "When Venus Will Be Covered by the Sun" in which I pinpointed late May-early June as a key window with a Nostradamian theme of "hidden/occult form" multicontextually represented by this image:

Century IV Quatrain 28
Lors que Venus du Sol sera couuert,
Soubs l'esplendeur sera forme occulte:
Mercure au feu les aura descouuert,
Par bruit bellique sera mis l'insulte.

When Venus will be covered by the Sun,
Under the splendor will be a hidden form:
Mercury will have exposed them to the fire,
Through warlike noise it will be insulted.
- Nostradamus

Though I did not explicitly state this, the image also expresses the idea of the "Birth of the Evening Star" (Venus) which happens to resonate strongly with the Orlando massacre. There are many aspect to the dark event, heavily interconnected with a few other major world events around the same time...

The death/funeral of Muhammad Ali, June 3-10, was certainly another major "occult form" event, and this one is simpler to explain:

The name "Ali" means "elevated" as in "elevator"...

...underscored by Prince's death making big headlines the day before Ali's death. (Remember, Prince died in an elevator which he equated with the Devil.)

His first name is particularly telling as Muhammad happens to be a widely accepted meaning of "Baphomet". From Wikipedia:
Modern scholars such as Peter Partner and Malcolm Barber agree that the name of Baphomet was an Old French corruption of the name Muhammad, with the interpretation being that some of the Templars, through their long military occupation of the Outremer, had begun incorporating Islamic ideas into their belief system, and that this was seen and documented by the Inquisitors as heresy. [...]
Baphomet naturally screams "occult". Per my original article, the pentagrammic Sigil of Baphomet shown below is a very obvious and powerful "hidden/occult form".

Baphomet is also the "Sabbatic Goat"... just as Muhammad (Baphomet) Ali was a "GOAT" ("Greatest Of All Time)!

The timing of his death (June 3) was also undeniably pentagrammic in terms of Earth orbital geometry as you can see below, even connected to the earlier "Black-star death" of David Bowie. (Ali was obviously one of the world's biggest "black stars".)

The pattern was foreseen as evidenced by the fact that over on STRUG I explicitly stated a major "black-star death"-type event might come "within 24 hours" the day before Ali's passing:

Jun 02 Death time (black pentagram star)

[...] So there is actually good reason to suspect we may see something impactful within 24 hours, if not already... like Prince making big headlines again today (June 2), resonating with Bowie's "black-star" death... Monitoring...

Ali was a heavyweight champion, which is symbolically significant for an existing pattern we've been following as "heavy" and "weight" together imply gravity. This echoes David Bowie's death which had "gravity" written all over it, foreshadowing the gravitational wave discovery announcement a month later. (See my article "Blackstar Shockwave".)

The detection of a second set of gravitational waves was revealed on June 15th, just days after Ali's funeral.

All combined, Muhammad Ali's death was an unmistakable "occult form" event that came right on time.

*    *    *

Now back to the Orlando mass shooting (June 12)...

As noted earlier, this one came from a slightly different angle, with emphasis on the "Evening Star" and through which "orange"/"golden apple". To quickly summarize:

  • The slightly "late" timing of the event (June 12) relative to the Venus superior conjunction ("covered by the sun") reflects the fact that it is after the conjunction that Venus becomes the "Evening Star" (it was the Morning Star prior to the conjunction)
  • The event marked the anniversary of the O.J. Simpson murders (Nicole Brown & Ronald Goldman), highlighted this year by ESPN/ABC's well-received 5-part series O.J.: Made in America debuting on June 11
    • "OJ" implies "orange juice" (OJ's nickname was "The Juice") which resonates with the following...
Golden apple (orange):
  • In many languages "orange" = "golden apple"
  • The Greeks called the Evening Star "Hesperus" whose daughters, the "Hesperides", tend the blissful garden where golden apples grew near the Atlas mountains (Greek mythology)
  • The Orlando massacre happened on Orange Avenue in Orange County
    • "Orlando" can mean "gold land" (or = "gold" in French); this also has relevance to California/LA which happens to be an important theme (we may get into that some other time)
  • The Orlando massacre marked the anniversary of the O. J. Simpson murders (OJ = orange juice) in Los Angeles (sometimes called "The Big Orange")


A larger set of coincidences involving "Atlas", "elevator", etc. complements the emerging pattern:

  • "Aphrodite" (Kylie's 2010 album title) is the Greek Venus
  • Venus is traditionally associated with the pentagram
  • After the June 6-7 superior conjunction, Venus is in its "Evening Star" phase
  • The Greeks called the Evening Star "Hesperus"; in Greek mythology his daughters "Hesperides" tend the blissful garden where golden apples grew near the Atlas mountains
    • Kylie is striking a "Atlas pose" on the Aphrodite cover
    • "Atlas" (atl) can mean "elevator"
      • Prince died in an elevator which he equated with the Devil
      • Venus superior conjunction happened on Venus's "ascending node" (ascending = elevating = elevator)
      • Venus superior conjunction was aligned with CERN LHC's ATLAS experiment (using decoding done in CERN's Orion Stargate)

In other words, Aphrodite/Venus, in the form of Kylie Minogue, coming out of the "Devil" elevator, whispered "birth of the Evening Star, temporally implying "after June 6-7, 2016"... matching the timing of the Orlando "orange"/"golden apple" massacre.

*    *    *

Hillary Clinton clinching the Democratic presidential nomination on June 6-7, precisely coinciding with the Venus superior conjunction, was another major event with an "occult form"...

It had the Venus pentagram written all over it:
  • The June 6-7 superior conjunction of Venus was an unusually precise one where Venus was directly behind the Sun as seen from Earth
  • The previous such precise alignment was almost exactly 8 years ago on June 8-9, 2008
  • It was right then on June 7, 2008, that Hillary Clinton endorsed Barack Obama and exited the presidential race
  • 8 years - 2 days = how long it takes for Venus (and Earth) to complete a pentagram or "hidden/occult form" via orbital geometry (see graphic below). If you plot every successive Venus superior conjunction starting from June 8-9, 2008, you end up drawing a pair of near-perfect pentagrams ending on June 6-7, 2016, like this:
(Over on STRUG we were discussing this pattern already in March, so this is no hindsight stuff either.)
  • Venus is the planet/goddess of love and the embodiment of femininity. Hillary Clinton is the first female major-party (presumptive) presidential nominee, clinching her nomination on a big Venus day.
*    *    *

For those who would like to see something more openly "occult" (oxymoron?), there was the grand opening of the world's longest tunnel in Switzerland on June 1st, just 2 days after Mars' closest approach to Earth.

Jun 01 Gotthard tunnel: World's longest and deepest rail tunnel
opens in Switzerland

This "hell gate opening" ritual turned out to be quite a sight to see (check out the video). Very creepy, very "occult", even "Satanic".

After 17 years of construction and 28.2 million tons of excavated material, the world's longest and deepest rail tunnel has opened in Switzerland. And the ceremony featuring alphorn players, topless "angels" and goats, could not have been more bizarre.

Masked acrobats and interpretive dancers dressed like miners ushered in the Gotthard Base Tunnel's opening near the town of Erstfeld Wednesday.

Leaders from six countries attended the flashy ceremony, including German chancellor Angela Merkel and French President François Hollande. [...]

Among the performances was a topless dancer wearing giant wings who soared over orange-suited dancers as they crawled on the ground below.

At another point, humans dressed like bales of hay were seen swaying on a flatbed before running around on the floor.

Some of the scarier parts of the performance reportedly captured the area's "mountain demons" — which can be the storms, unidentified shapes and sounds, and falling objects, according to the tunnel's website.

The whole spectacle left many people on Twitter both amused and confused.
"Zombies" coming out of the "underworld" was also more or less what we saw at the Chilean mine rescue back on October 13, 2010... duly accompanied by inverted pentagrams...

This "ritual" in Chile, as I pointed out in my original article, coincided with Mars returning to the NASA Deep Impact-Comet Tempel 1 contact point (July 4, 2005)...

...which Mars was also doing right around June 1, 2016, precisely at the time of the Gotthard Base Tunnel opening ritual - once again showing "zombies"/"devils" coming out of the underground" - in Switzerland!

The pattern is quite compelling. So much so, we could/did see this coming.

*    *    *
So there you have it. All in all, what we saw was the Devil's in the details of dramatic world events; a set of pattern manifestations that were both dramatic and discrete. "As above, so below" is a powerful thing; if you can read the stars/patterns well enough, you can get glimpses of the future and insights into where we are in time. (For example, you might get the impact August coming up.) The less we are stuck in time, the more fully you can be in the present, because you'd be more in control of your own destiny. With a better map, you can better navigate the treacherous river of time. And we do need a good map especially in the 21st century, when time/history will end.

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