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From Apr 04, 2012 - Apr 18, 2012
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Apr 18: And so powerful Birthquakes - not just one but several - did strike the Ring of Fire (a phrase associated with childbirth) during our window around April 7-8. The biggest one of the bunch, mag-8.6 near Sumatra, was so powerful it was the 11th strongest earthquake since 1900 and generated a small tsunami. Thankfully none of the Birthquakes were deadly. Birth, rather than death, was perhaps the underlying idea.

What was it that it was giving birth to? As discussed in Lucifer's Destiny (& Elenin: Lucifer's Comet) it all seems to revolve around the Royal Couple (William & Kate) and their upcoming pregnancy/baby (presumably in 2012-2013). That's the terrestrial focus. As above, so below. There is necessarily an extraterrestrial dimension to this stuff that we need to be keenly aware of for insight/foresight. Venus, of course, but there is also Mars that I started highlighting last fall as major piece of the 2012 puzzle, becoming one of the three heavily intertwined motifs:

  1. Birthtquakes

  2. Royal Couple union/pregnancy/baby

  3. Life on Mars (Martian rebirth)

Two of which - Birthquakes & life on Mars - happened simultaneously via the latest pentagonal Easter window (= "Underworld Resurrection")...

Pattern Forecast

Pattern Confirmation

From April 3, 2012:

A key "Birthquake" window is coming up soon (~April 7-8)

penta_orbit-quake_angle.gif (36178 bytes)

Apr 11 Two massive quakes (8.6 & 8.2) strike off coast of Indonesia
Apr 11 Earthquake (6.5) shakes buildings in Mexico City
Apr 12 Two big earthquakes (6.9 & 6.2) shake Gulf of California

From Nov 30, 2011 (more on Dec18):

Life on Mars and Royal/Grail baby [...] Kate's pregnancy situation, i.e. seemingly imminent announcement, multicontextually intertwined with the whole "Birthquake" scenario. [...] there is a growing correlation between the Royal Couple pregnancy/birth potentiality and that of Mars, i.e. life on Mars...

Apr 12, 2012 Viking mission found life on Mars in 1976, scientists say
Apr 13 'It's 99% certain there is life on Mars' claim scientists

...signaling among other things that the third component, the Royal conception/pregnancy/baby, is also moving forward. And the timing is perfect...

The human gestation period is 38/40 weeks (9 months). A baby conceived in March-April 2012 would be born around December 2012, right around the "end" of the Mayan calendar, December 21, 2012. What a way to mark the birth of a "new age"! And right on time there were rumors going around back in March that the Royal Couple was indeed set to try to conceive a baby.

So, yes, my view continues to be that Kate will be pregnant in 2012. The birth itself, however, could come in January 2013 or thereabouts based on certain clues I've been looking into. (Still quite preliminary.)

And while all this drama will be unfolding here on earth, there's likely going to be more "life on Mars" signals/events, more Birthquakes, and other related stuff including pope/church matters, starting as early as around this weekend. These are all multicontextually entangled themes.

Just the tip of the iceberg.



Apr 03: This is just a quick note... A key "Birthquake" window is coming up soon (~April 7-8) which for the past 3 years (2009-2011) has produced major, headline-making earthquakes like clockwork.

This year's seems extra special as it will coincide with Easter aka "Resurrection Day" (Apr 8) thereby amplifying the existing symbolism attached to the window (Birthquake & pentagram => resurrection/rebirth from underworld).

P.S. More updates and changes coming soon. I've been quiet (aboveground) so far this year but that doesn't mean there hasn't been very important things to talk about.

***  UPDATE - April 11  ***
Apr 11 Two massive quakes (8.6 & 8.2) strike off coast of Indonesia
Apr 11 Earthquake (6.5) shakes buildings in Mexico City
Apr 11 Two big earthquakes (6.9 & 6.2) shake Gulf of California


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