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From July 24, 2010~
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Jul 23: What appears to be a Katrina echo......whispering 'Atlantis'. Stay tuned. (There's an 'Atlantean gate' around July 30, then toward mid August...)


Jul 25: Caribbean Atlantis keeps whispering...

Most recently through the tropical storm 'Bonnie' originating in the Bahamas...

Where they have the Atlantis Paradise Island (reflecting popular theories identifying the Caribbean islands as remnants of Atlantis)...

And where the 'Barefoot Bandit' was captured on July 11...


...coinciding (same day) with the total solar eclipse and the 'Atlas'/World Cup final featuring the Netherlands the 'Orange' and Spain the 'Atlantean pillar'.

World Cup trophy = Atlas = king of Atlantis
(Plato: Atlas was first king of Atlantis)

[World Cup trophy left; Atlas right]

Spain (winner) = 'Pillar of Hercules' = Strait of Gibraltar
(Plato: Atlantis situated beyond the Pillars of Hercules)

As discussed before the color orange here alludes to King William III of the House of Orange -Nassau in whose honor Orangemen's Day is annually celebrated on July 12th. The Bahamas' capital Nassau was named after this king.

Immediately to the southeast of the Bahamas is the second largest Caribbean island called Hispaniola meaning 'Spanish'. Along with Cuba (the biggest one) it signifies the principle island of Atlantis at least in this part of the globe. The devastating earthquake in Haiti (one of the two nations of Hispaniola) back in January was in this way a 'reenactment' of the legendary cataclysm of Atlantis described in Plato's writings.

You may have also noticed around July 11 Haiti and Cuba's Fidel Castro popping up in the headlines, which should have been an easily recognizable signal announcing the 'resurrection of (the King of) Atlantis' in perfect sync with the Atlas/World Cup and the Gulf oil leak disaster...

The BP oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico - the southeastern border of which is Cuba - is most definitely, multicontextually speaking, related to the fall/rise of Atlantis, which is essentially 'Lucifer Falling/Rising'. I've been saying this for months now based on such wide-ranging clues as Armageddon, 2012, space shuttle Atlantis, Titanic, BP's 'Atlantis' oil platform in the Gulf, World Cup, etc. plus certain other stuff I've yet to publicly mention aboveground.

Just as Haiti (along with the Chilean 'Big One') was spatiotemporally driven by the pentagram (= Venus = Lucifer), so were the events of mid July including the unexpected successful capping of the Gulf oil well on July 15th for the first time since the start of the disaster... perfectly timed to orbitally mirror Haiti's Atlantean cataclysm!

Thanks to a certain (much more elaborate) time code I had unearthed some months ago which I have yet to bring it out of the Underground (STRUG), I was probably one of the few on the planet who actually anticipated - starting as early as May - the oil leak winding down in July, a full month earlier than what everyone thought was the earliest possible date for such eventuality.

The same time code has a major 'contact point' around August 14. It coincides with a rather intense and sizable August window involving a quick succession of key dates... which may be triggered soon within days in late July, when we'll have a grand planetary alignment where, as seen from Earth, numerous members of the solar system will be seen to gather tightly around the two equinoctial points (vernal & autumnal) or where the Sun is positioned on the equinoxes (the intersection of the ecliptic and the celestial equator). Here's how it will look to us around July 30:

Though already well known to astrologers (and they interpreted it as a very ominous sign), I have a rather unique take on the alignment as I view it as something of an 'Atlantean Alignment', coming directly and pentagonally from May 14-15 (2010) when space shuttle Atlantis STS-132 launched likely for the last time with a main payload (a Russian ISS module) called 'Dawn' (= Venus/Lucifer = pentagram) and a piece of Newton's apple tree (apple core = 5-pointed star = pentagram). Sure enough it was orbitally pinpointed by one of the apexes of a circumscribed inverted pentagram (see below). On top of that, and even more enigmatically, Michael Jackson doing his 'Atlas pose' (raised arms holding up the globe) posthumously gave a nod to the date, whispering, 'this is it'. His other hand prophetically pointed to the next pentagrammic apex contact point coinciding with Earth's orbital position around July 30.


Now in a heliocentric perspective, we realize here that the ~July 30 mega planetary alignment will be perfectly horizontal and parallel to the equinoctial axis. Meaning, it unites the two pentagrammic apexes going from ~May 14 to ~July 30!

And so (though this is just the tip of the iceberg) you can see that Atlas/Atlantis is whispering (if not screaming) in this 'year we make contact', hinting that 'Contact' comes from below: Atlantis/Lucifer rising out of the Underworld. And August will be a particularly radioactive month for this which will be, from the looks of it, 'triggered' around July 30 via the 'This Is It' Atlantean planetary alignment.

Stay tuned...


Aug 10: Something extraordinary happened late July/early August...

'Atlantean' Great Flood

As above, so below. 'Tsunami' above, 'great flood' below...

Aug 02 NASA scientists braced for 'solar tsunami' to hit earth
Aug 03 Aurora Show Heading for Earth Following 4 Solar Eruptions
Aug 04 Solar storm hitting Earth causes spectacular aurora displays

This was probably the moment, the signal, that the Solar Minimum was over and (Mayan) Solar Cycle 24 was undeniably underway. (Solar Max projected around 2012-2013.) In other words, after hitting the snooze button many times over the past few years the Sun finally decided to come out of its deep slumber and rise and shine like the phoenix.

Timing says 'Atlantis rising'. Anticipation and fulfillment... From my previous post (July 25):

...a rather intense and sizable August window [...] which may be triggered... in late July, when we'll have a grand planetary alignment  [which] I view it as something of an 'Atlantean Alignment', coming directly and pentagonally from May 14-15 (2010) when space shuttle Atlantis STS-132 launched likely for the last time with a main payload... called 'Dawn' [...] Michael Jackson doing his 'Atlas pose' (raised arms holding up the globe) posthumously gave a nod to the date, whispering, 'this is it'.  [...]


Atlantis/Lucifer rising out of the Underworld. And August will be a particularly radioactive month for this which will be, from the looks of it, 'triggered' around July 30 via the 'This Is It' Atlantean planetary alignment.

'Atlantis' implies 'Great Flood' and vice versa. The floods in Pakistan and the solar 'tsunami' were 'great floods' and they began precisely during our pentagrammic 'Atlantean' window. So it's clear what it was. (As for the location of Pakistan, we'll go into that issue in a more official article soon. Something extraordinary there.)

It was...

Solar Flood, Solar Atlantis

Basically a continuation of a pattern stemming from the 'other side' of the Atlantean window, ~ May 14, which requires some explanation.

NASA launched space shuttle Atlantis probably for the last time on May 14 with Russian ISS module 'Dawn'. Six days later (May 20) Japan launched 'Akatsuki' (meaning 'Dawn' in Japanese) to Venus (= pentagram, Lucifer = 'son of dawn'). The very same day (May 20), the 'Dawn' module newly installed at the ISS (space station) opened its door for the first time.

How you are fallen from heaven,
O [Day Star/
Lucifer/Venus], son of Dawn!
- Isaiah 14:12

NASA space shuttle
Atlantis STS-132
Japan's Venus mission
Akatsuki (& Ikaros)
Launch May 14, 2010 Launch May 20, 2010
Primary payload Russian research module called 'Dawn' - room opened May 20 (same day Newton apple tree ritual) Spacecraft 'Akatsuki' - meaning 'Dawn' - launched May 20
Return early morning Launch early morning
Launch at pentagram apex day with Newton's apple tree (apple core = pentagram) Akatsuki going to Venus (= pentagram, 'Lucifer')
Newton's apple tree = apple falling (gravity), and... Ikaros => Icarus = (in mythology) falls to earth after flying too close to sun

Akatsuki/Dawn was launched with another Venus/solar mission called 'IKAROS' or 'Interplanetary Kite-craft Accelerated by Radiation Of the Sun', an experimental spacecraft designed to use sunlight pressure to travel/accelerate like a sailboat. Ikaros is the world's first 'solar sailing' spacecraft...

So that's Atlantis (shuttle/ISS/Dawn) and the Sun (Ikaros) together whispering 'Solar Atlantis' again on May 20.

Why May 20? Because that's precisely when the Sun glides past the Pleiades star cluster in Taurus every year. And Pleiades is widely thought to derive its name from a word meaning 'to sail', making the stars 'sailing ones'. Juxtaposed with the Sun on May 20... 'solar sail'!

This was also a 'Solar Atlantis' ritual. How? Simple. The Pleiades in Greek mythology were the seven daughters of Atlas ('Atlantides') or the first king of Atlantis! (The name 'Atlantis' can mean 'daughter of Atlas'.)

What? Want more? No problem...

Ikaros fully deployed its solar sail on June 11 coinciding with the start of the World Cup in South Africa. The World Cup, as discussed before, is 'Atlas Cup'. Definitely an Atlantean sporting event, underscored by Spain ultimately winning the trophy a month later during a total solar eclipse, geographically alluding to the 'Pillars of Hercules' inseparable from the legend of Atlantis per Plato.

[World Cup trophy (left) & Atlas statue (right)]

Spain (winner) = 'Pillar of Hercules' = Strait of Gibraltar
(Plato: Atlantis situated beyond the Pillars of Hercules)

It was also right around June 11 that there were big headlines about a young sailor Abby Sunderland getting lost at sea while sailing around the world! Atlantis, Atlantis, Atlantis...

Jun 10 Teenage girl sailor 'in trouble' in Indian Ocean
Jun 11 Abby Sunderland, Teen Sailor, Found Safe at Sea
Jun 12 US teenage sailor Abby Sunderland rescued

*    *    *

UPDATE 8/12: When it rains it pours. New film Charlie St. Cloud was released on July 30 (coinciding with Atlantean 'solar flood'), a story heavily involving not just sailing but also a girl dreaming of sailing around the world just like Abby Sunderland above!

*    *    *

Enough said for now.

The main point of this post: 1) I wasn't kidding when I suggested (since months ago) that Atlantis is at the heart of what's happening in 2010, and 2) Atlantis/Atlas was expressed around July 30 as projected beforehand directly echoing ~May 14. The ~July 30 window was also projected to trigger an intense sequence of overlapping windows covering pretty much the whole month of August. We are already seeing simultaneous major 'earth changes' round the world...

Jul 31 Russia mobilises 240,000 to fight deadly wildfires
Aug 02 Russia declares state of emergency over wildfires
Aug 07 Smog in Moscow Worsens as Russian Fires Burn
Aug 07 Massive ice island breaks off Greenland
Aug 08 Dozens killed in landslides in China's Gansu province
Aug 09 1,100 Missing in China Amid Sweeping Asia Floods
Aug 09 Russians worry heat wave deaths under reported
Aug 09 165 dead in India flooding
Aug 10 Russian fires might emit radioactive smoke

I'd say the latter half of August is looking more intense with an anchor (impact?) point around August 22-23. From the Underworld it cometh? (In addition to the more obvious potentialities, it's also possible that the Italy/Rome/Pope crisis storyline will come back to the forefront.) [UPDATE 8/11: The 'obvious potentialities' include a major development directly or indirectly involving the Gulf oil disaster.]

P.S. The really extraordinary aspects of what happened will be discussed in the near future.


Aug 30: Atlantis-Lucifer continues to be the overriding theme of the season. A powerful undercurrent of multicontextual patterns we've been tracking all summer long, expressed again and again through world events at key times including the latest window 'around August 22-23'. More low-key than expected perhaps, but it was still unmistakable and what we expected to see, i.e. things 'Atlantean' and 'Luciferic'...


#1: Jupiter Fireball (Aug 20-21)

This one speaks for itself...

Aug 22 New Fireball on Jupiter Spotted By Skywatchers
Aug 22 Rare flash of light seen on Jupiter in astral collision

[Ignited Jupiter dubbed 'Lucifer' in book version of 2010]

#2: Dawning of 'Operation New Dawn'
(Aug 19)

Per Isaiah 14:12, Lucifer = 'son of dawn'. (Also: Lucifer = Venus = 'morning/dawn star'.)

Operation Iraqi Freedom unofficially ended on August 19 (when the last US combat brigade left the country) days ahead of the official start of the next phase of the US mission in Iraq code-named 'Operation New Dawn' scheduled for September 1st.

Aug 19 Last US combat troops leave Iraq


Dutch teen sailor embarks on around-the-world voyage
(Aug 21)

Sailing implies 'Atlantis' (see previous post). We were made aware of this implication back in June through a different teenage girl also attempting to sail around the world ( Abby Sanderland). A quick review...

  • Sunderland sent out an SOS and was rescued around the opening day of Atlas/World Cup (June 11). 

[World Cup trophy (left) & Atlas statue (right)]

  • Being a young girl and a sailor, Sunderland signified a 'daughter of Atlas' or Pleiades, the seven 'daughters of Atlas' AKA 'Atlantides', etymologically associated with sailing ('Pleiades' means 'to sail' or 'sailing ones').

  • On the same day (June 11), Japanese spacecraft Ikaros fully deployed its 'solar sail' for the first time.

    • Ikaros was launched May 20 together with Akatsuki, meaning 'Dawn' (= Lucifer).

    • On the same day (May 20) a new ISS module called 'Dawn' ( in Russian) opened its door for the first time in space; the module was the main payload on shuttle Atlantis STS-132 (launched May 14).

    • On May 20 the Sun was right next to Pleiades ('sailing ones'), together expressing 'solar sail'.

  • The Atlas/World Cup final was on July 11, Spain vs. Netherlands; Spain's southernmost point is (Strait of) Gibraltar AKA 'Pillars of Hercules', a major geographical marker/gateway beyond which, according to Plato, lay Atlantis.

It was in this context that another 'daughter of Atlas' named Laura Dekker, from the Netherlands, embarked on her own sail-around-the-world voyage on August 21 (day of Jupiter impact) from... Gibraltar/Pillars of Hercules!

[Note: She originally planned to sail from Portugal. At the last minute she chose Gibraltar instead.]

Aug 21 Teenager Dekker 'sets sail' on world record bid

Sunderland & Dekker = 'daughters of Atlas'. No doubt about it.


Atlantis-Lucifer lurks in the Underworld - the abyss - whence it keeps whispering. 'Netherlands' means just that, 'Lowlands' or 'Underworld'.

More literally, we have mines expressing the concept of the Underworld, the subterranean realm. Hence the Chilean mine accident/survival drama commencing on August 23, where 33 trapped miners were miraculously discovered alive inside the collapse mine... i.e. after the 'destruction of Atlantis'! A 'Noah' event...

Aug 23 Buried Chilean Miners May Be Trapped for Months

Why Chile? Again, it stems from the Atlas/World Cup. There was a total solar eclipse on July 11 during the final game with a plotted path terminating right in the 'Bigfoot land' (Patagonia) Chile and Argentina.

Total Solar Eclipse - July 11, 2010

Chile was also the target of one of this year's mega- earthquakes back on February 27. Draw a straight line from the Feb 27 orbital position of Earth through the Sun and you find its 'mirror date' ~September 1st. We are already cognisant of the fact that it will coincide with the start of 'Operation New Dawn' in Iraq.

'New Dawn' = 'Lucifer Rising'... being 'simulated' by the Chilean miners trying to get out of the chthonic prison.

It's Atlantis. 'Something wonderful'... A new world out of the Great Flood...

Jul-Aug2010-Pakistan_flood.jpg (236408 bytes)Not at all a coincidence that we had the entire month of August drenched by the historic flood disaster in Pakistan. (Starting around July 30 and now finally receding.) I'm already acutely aware of the fact that an amazing revelation lurks there, but that's for another time. Something 'impossible' yet undeniable...

All this is no hindsight babble. And regular readers know this because what I'm saying now is essentially what I was saying before August. For instance, shortly before the 'Great Flood', I wrote (addressing the ~July 30 planetary alignment/pentagonal timecode):

Earth-penta-MJ-Atlas-Jul30_align-ud.gif (75297 bytes)I have a rather unique take on the alignment as I view it as something of an 'Atlantean Alignment', coming directly and pentagonally from May 14-15 (2010) [...] Atlas/Atlantis is whispering (if not screaming) in this 'year we make contact', hinting that 'Contact' comes from below: Atlantis/Lucifer rising out of the Underworld. And August will be a particularly radioactive month for this which will be, from the looks of it, 'triggered' around July 30 via the 'This Is It' Atlantean planetary alignment. [Quoted from my July 25 post]

And things just unfolded that way in August, starting with the flood disaster in Pakistan (~July 30-present) which served as the contextual foundation for the rest of the August events/signals. Thereafter it was a matter of filling in details and fleshing out the Atlantis blueprint. It was (as always) a combination of pattern fulfillment and new revelations. Not mundane discoveries or insights in this case but paradigm-busting revelations. Listening to 'whispers' makes this possible. That's my specialty and what I always go for. Disclosure coming...


Sep 19: Happening right now:


Jupiter's Closest Approach to Earth Until 2022

[Jupiter] approaches closer to Earth than it will at any time until 2022. [...] Jupiter will be nearest to Earth on the night of Monday, Sept. 20... Jupiter will be nearly as close and bright all month. [...]

And below...

Sep 19 BP finally seals leaking Gulf of Mexico oil well
[More events expected...]

Underlying theme Lucifer-Atlantis: 1) Jupiter is 'Lucifer' via Arthur C. Clarke's '2010' (ignited Jupiter dubbed 'Lucifer'); 2) the BP oil leak alluding to Lucifer/Atlantis coming out of the Underworld (see previous posts).

The (Jupiter-Sun) equinoctial alignment (a coincidence added on to the Jupiter close encounter) echoes the grand planetary alignment around July 30 which was similarly equinoctial...

...as well as pentagonal and Atlantean. (See previous posts for more detail.)


  • The pentagram = Venus (traditional symbol) = 'Lucifer' (original meaning).

  • On May 14 - a date (earth orbital position) aligned with the ~July 30 planetary alignment (see above) - space shuttle Atlantis launched possibly for the last time with the main payload called 'Dawn' (Lucifer called 'son of Dawn') plus a piece of Newton's apple tree (apple core = pentagram - a long running motif).

  • ~July 30 itself produced historic 'great floods' in Pakistan and a 'solar tsunami' - together alluding to the legendary 'Great Flood' cataclysm of Atlantis. (There is much more to this but that's for another time.)

Looking ahead, we are coming up on OrangeAlignment-101310.gif (37428 bytes) another 'orbital pentagram contact point' around October 10-11. A lot of converging patterns there including an Orange Alignment (a reliable 'omen' for many years) ~October 13. The window should open around Oct. 8 with Venus turning retrograde - a date diametrically mirroring (through the Sun) April 4/Easter - and should close around Oct. 17.

Hard to say what we are in for there, but I'm looking at a remarkable clustering of 'clues' pointing toward California/West Coast or more specifically the San Andreas Fault (or more generally the Pacific Ring of Fire). In other words, (possibly but not necessarily) another 'Big One'. For instance, the first Orange Alignment of the year early January closely coincided with a big California earthquake (closely followed by the Haiti 'Big One'). Same thing with Easter (April 4) - a 7.2 quake in Baja California. There are many other such 'omens' converging to signal...

Well, that's the storyline anyway. How literal or symbolic/indirect we just don't know. But whatever it is, it's going to be Atlantean in nature. Major earth changes, possibly something to do with the Pope/Church, or something different but not totally unexpected. (There is also something interesting going on with a smaller window around Halloween.) Should be really 'interesting'.

But for now, let's continue to watch the current equinox window...

*    *    *

~ UPDATES (news links) ~

Sep 21 Vatican Bank 'investigated over money-laundering'
Sep 22 Lawsuit: Atlanta pastor coerced males into sex
Sep 23 Deaf victim of sex abuse suing pope
Sep 23 Solar 'global eruption' on Sep 22
Sep 24 Sex abuse victim learns of Pope's role
Sep 24 Fourth lawsuit filed against Georgia pastor
Sep 25 Pastors ready to defy IRS on 'Pulpit Freedom Sunday'
Sep 26 Bishop Eddie Long Pledges to Fight Sex Charges

*    *    *