Rosetta Code
Alexandrian Comet & Tomb

, Amphipolis Tomb, Mars/Cydonia
& Coming Deep Impact

By Goro

November 10, 2014

The Rosetta Stone is a granodiorite stele inscribed with a decree issued at Memphis in 196 BC on behalf of King Ptolemy V. The decree appears in three scripts: the upper text is Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, the middle portion Demotic script, and the lowest Ancient Greek. Because it presents essentially the same text in all three scripts (with some minor differences among them), it provided the key to the modern understanding of Egyptian hieroglyphs.
After more than a thousand years of patiently waiting in silence, ancient Egypt regained its voice through ancient Greek inscribed on the Rosetta Stone discovered in 1799. In 2014, Rosetta and ancient Greece are once again working in tandem to reveal something profound. Comet above, tomb below... whispering "Deep Impact".

The trigger event will be on November 12th when the European Space Agency's "staggeringly ambitious" Rosetta mission, after spending whopping 10 years in space flying back and forth inside the inner solar system, will attempt landing on Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko... Something that's never been done in history. (Asteroids, yes, but no comets.)

  • The lander's name" Philae" comes from an island where an obelisk was found inscribed with both Egyptian and ancient Greek texts very much like the Rosetta Stone
  • The landing site was named "Agilkia" on November 4th, in reference to an island on the Nile River where a temple complex ("Temple of Isis") and artifacts originally found on Philae Island were relocated at the time of the Aswan Dam construction
Perhaps most telling, on November 4th the ESA announced Alexandre Brouste of France as the official winner of the lander naming contest (who along many others suggested the name "Agilkia"), which makes the Nov 12 landing an "Alexandrian event".

Not coincidentally, the Alexander - i.e. Alexander the Great - is someone who almost single-handedly forced the merger of ancient Egypt and ancient Greece and ushered in the Hellenistic era of ancient Egypt ruled by Ptolemaic dynasty (Greek kings). The Rosetta Stone was inscribed with ancient Egyptian and ancient Greek scripts as a direct consequence of this cultural fusion in post-Alexander ancient Egypt.

After conquering Egypt, Alexander founded the city Alexandria which became the new capital of Egypt. Not surprisingly Alexandria and Rosetta are close neighbors as shown below (hat tip to reader Bastian).

The connection is underscored by the timing of the spacecraft entering orbit around the comet which was back in August 2014...

Aug 06, 2014 Rosetta probe goes into orbit around comet

...coinciding with significant world events, including the unearthing of a huge ancient tomb in Greece from the era of and closely associated with... Alexander the Great! (Some even speculated the tomb belongs to Alexander himself.)


Aug 12, 2014 Greek tomb at Amphipolis is "extremely important find"

Sep 22 Greeks captivated by Alexander-era tomb at Amphipolis

Early reports focused on the discovery of twin sphinxes guarding the entrance to the tomb or "underworld" or "hell gate" which of course caught my attention...

Aug 26 Alexander the Great-Era Tomb Will Soon Reveal Its Secrets

["The Lion of Amphipolis" originally standing on top of the tomb] it resonated so heavily with the whole "Dark Horse"/Sphinx/lion/underworld theme we've been tracking all year. Many of my previous articles including Horus of the Horizon (Aug 19) & October Deep Impact - Martian Dark Horse (Oct 1/9) kept stressing the significance of the Dark Horse motif in connection with Katy Perry's "Dark Horse" music video prominently featuring a sphinx... which Katy spends most of her time in front of the sphinx's chest, where the star Regulus ("heart star") would be in Leo. Regulus annually unites with the Sun around August 21-23...

...coinciding with the Great Sphinx causeway's alignment with the sunset.

And this was exactly when the "Lion Tomb" began making headlines. How coherent is that?

In this context it should be easy to infer (as I did back in August) that the "Lion Tomb" in Greece is of great importance, something akin to "opening of the underworld/hell gate", something we must focus on for further developments and deeper insights.

This was obvious to me from the onset, as I wrote back on August 21st (in STRUG/members-only area):
We may see a huge archaeological discovery soon as Greece's "Lion Tomb" is planned to be opened next month, which could reveal the identify of tomb owner who is almost guaranteed to be someone very important, possibly Alexander the Great himself, given the unprecedented size of the burial site (the largest ever discovered in Greece).

Our interest greatly increased by the fact that the tomb is already closely associated with lions and just this month two sphinxes were unearthed as discussed earlier today, perfectly in line with what we've discerned for the August window (Great Sphinx/Leo/Regulus, opening the Gates of Hell/Underworld, etc.).

Frankly, this could be analogous to opening the proverbial (Atlantean) "chamber under the Great Sphinx" (think Edgar Cayce etc.)!

Whatever the case, this is certainly going to be a huge "opening of the Underworld" event/signal, and the countdown has started.
It was also during this same window that we had a big earthquake in San Francisco (Aug 24)...

...supplementing the "Lion Tomb" code. The key here is in the fact that the quake's epicenter was the Napa Valley area a little north of San Francisco...

...a place known for its wine.

It just so happens that Alexander the Great may have been killed by toxic wine... a theory that made headlines earlier this year!

Jan 14, 2014 Toxic Wine Might Have Killed Alexander the Great
Jan 14, 2014 Was Alexander The Great Poisoned By Toxic Wine?

It is also known that Olympias, the mother of Alexander the Great, was a devoted follower of Dionysus, the god of wine. Olympias is one of the primary candidates experts see as the likely owner of the Lion Tomb, and it is my guess as well.

San Francisco is also significant for its connection to Pope Francis who took his name from Saint Francis or "San Francisco". In this way the "San Francisco earthquake" was a "Pope Francis earthquake". And that's exactly what happened in mid October 2014:

This was of course right during our major "October window" anchored by Mars/comet as well as a "Golden Apple Alignment" (Merc-Sun-Venus). And it was predictable/predicted, as I noted beforehand in my article:
Orange/Golden Apple Alignments are typically (but not always) time markers for major "earth changes" events such as earthquakes, as well as papal events, etc. And it's been my observation after nearly a decade of closely tracking these alignments that when Earth joins an Orange Alignment, the energy is amplified. That's what we'll have with the upcoming Orange/Golden Apple Alignment (mid Oct 2014).

The fact that the "papal earthquake" in October had to do with gays underscores the San Francisco connection, a city historically known for its gay culture.


There is also a surprisingly direct connection between the SF/Napa quake and the Golden Apple as Napa/epicenter became known for its wine by winning the "Judgment of Paris" contest in 1976. In Greek mythology the "Judgment of Paris" refers to Paris awarding the Golden Apple to Aphrodite which led to the Trojan War!

Now... Mars.

The "papal earthquake" immediately preceded the biggest celestial event of the year, a Deep Impact near-collision between Mars and Comet Siding Spring (Oct 19). This fits perfectly into the pattern...

Oct 19 Comet Buzzes Mars in Once-in-a-Lifetime Flyby

First of all, the "cometary contact" or "Deep Impact" concept heavily resonates with the Rosetta mission (comet landing).

Back in 2005, NASA's "Deep Impact" mission was all about making contact with a comet as well. And the space impact was echoed 3 days later here on earth in the form of the 7/7 London terror bombings (July 7, 2005). As above, so below...

[Deep Impact comet contact - July 4, 2005]

Second of all, the Mars/comet near collision took place in the Dark Horse Nebula as seen from Earth (see October Deep Impact)...

...thus heavily interacting with Katy Perry's Dark Horse...

...and through which Sphinxes/Regulus and ancient Egypt.

All very coherent, especially because the Great Sphinx is a Martian monument.

  • The Egyptian capital Cairo, situated adjacent to Giza, derives its name from Al Qahira denoting Mars (more literally it means "the victorious")
  • The ancient Egyptians called Mars "Horus of the Horizon" (Horakhti), the same name given to the Great Sphinx
  • Mars was also called "Horus the Red" (Hor Dshr), and for a long time the Sphinx was painted red
  • Just as the Great Sphinx is the hybrid of man and a lion, in ancient Hindu myths Mars is Nr-Simha, the "Man-Lion"
  • The term "pyramid" derives from the Greek term pyr meaning 'fire', as in Mars the "fire planet" (Mars is often referred to as pyroeis in Greek)
The Great Sphinx is also an equinox marker, aligning with the sunrise on those days every year. Tellingly the equinoxes were very Martian in 2014:

[Autumnal equinox - Sep 22-23, 2014]

Sep 22, 2014 NASA's MAVEN Mars probe safely brakes into orbit
Sep 24 India's First Mars Probe Makes Historic Red Planet Arrival

[Spring equinox - Mar 20, 2014]

Mar 20, 2014 Asteroid eclipses Regulus in rare celestial event

Regulus the heart of the lion was highlighted on the vernal equinox, and its "shadow" went right through the Big Apple (NYC/NJ) region...

...where Bruno Mars had just done his Super Bowl halftime show (NYC/NJ MetLife Stadium) in February 2014... with a heart (on his drum set). The next Super Bowl halftime entertainer in 2015 will be... Katy Perry (who may well do "Dark Horse").

Sphinx/lion, Mars, Big Apple, Golden Apple... All these collectively allude to the Lion Tomb (Amphipolis)...

...and Cydonia (of Mars).

Let me explain...

Bruno Mars performed at the Super Bowl in NYC/NJ at latitude ~40.8 degrees North, which happens to be the exact latitude of the "Monuments of Mars" including the famous "Face on Mars" in a region called Cydonia. And the so-called "Face" can be decoded to transform into a (reverse) "sphinx" having a lion head and a (pregnant) human body! (NYC/Cydonia's latitude ~40.8N and the Great Sphinx's latitude ~30N are trigonometrically very harmonious as well.)

    Face_on_Mars-decoding.gif (228446 bytes)

The fact that the "Face" is popularly thought to be a disembodied head also goes nicely with the headless twin sphinxes of the Lion Tomb.

The real kicker here however is the fact that the latitude of the "Lion Tomb" (Amphipolis ) is also 40.8 degrees North, exactly the same as NYC on Earth and the Face & Cydonia "monuments" on Mars!

  • Amphipolis Lion Tomb in Greece guarded by sphinxes
  • Cydonia "Face" is a sphinx when decoded
  • "Cydonia" is alternative name for Athena for whom Greek capital was named (Athens)
  • During 2004 Athens Olympics opening ceremony stylized Cydonia "Face" appeared
  • "Cydonia" also refers to "golden apple"; NYC is "Big Apple"
  • NYC (NJ) hosted 2014 Super Bowl featuring Bruno Mars
There is also the fact that Amphipolis is in Greece, the capital of which is Athens, named after the goddess Athena, who happens to be also known as... [are you ready?] "Cydonia"!

Not only that, back in 2004 - the year the Rosetta mission was launched - the Olympic opening ceremony in Athens, Greece prominently featured a stylized "Face on Mars"...

...which even broke apart, in effect "decoding" it.


("Olympics" also resonates with "Olympias", mother of Alexander the Great.)

The name "Cydonia" has another different but highly meaningful association directly related to the Golden Apple:

Meaningful because we had what I call a "Golden Apple Alignment" (+ Earth) mid October, right before the Mars-Comet close encounter.

Even if you don't accept my interpretation that Mercury-Sun-Venus = "Golden Apple", you can't deny the fact that there was a "golden apple" event precisely at that time via Apple unveiling gold iPads.

Oct 16 Apple unveils new iPads, Macs, announces Apple Pay
Oct 16 Apple Unveils 2 New iPads And You Can Get Them In GOLD

The company Apple is also headquartered in the San Francisco area with the Golden Gate Bridge, in the Golden State (California).

And just as San Francisco earlier interacted with Pope Francis on the theme of gays, here too we had the leader of Apple, Tim Cook, coming out as gay just a few weeks later on October 30th:

Oct 30 Apple CEO Tim Cook comes out: 'I'm proud to be gay'

Two day before that on October 28th there was an explosion of the Antares/Cygnus rocket bound for the ISS (space station)...

Oct 28, 2014 Orbital Sciences rocket (bound for ISS) explodes
moments after launch
Oct 28 Orbital Sciences Rocket Explodes During Launch

...which in my multicontextual view was an "so below" Mars impact event reflecting the "as above" event of the Mars-comet near collision 9 days earlier. I see it as no coincidence that the explosion happened at a spaceport called "MARS" and that "Antares" means "rival of/equal to Mars".

Then a few days later on October 31, another space disaster took place, this time Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo crashing in the Mojave Desert, California:

Oct 31 Virgin Galactic spaceship crashes in Calif.; 1 reported dead
Oct 31 One dead in Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo test crash

Here the underlying message/omen/whisper was related more directly to our Horus of the Horizon discussion back in August which essentially predicted the Aug 24 San Francisco earthquake. The key pieces of the puzzle there included: NASA's New Horizons, Neptune, lion/Leo/sphinx/Regulus, underworld/hell, earthquakes...

"On August 24th, NASA's New Horizons will cross the orbit of Neptune en route to its destination Pluto (arrival in July 2015). Neptune is the god of horses (and Atlantis) resonating with 2014 the Chinese Year of the Horse, and Pluto is the god of the Underworld, another major theme we've been tracking all year, i.e. opening of the Gates of Hell."
The SF quake was exactly on that day (Aug 24) when New Horizons crossed the orbit of Neptune, coinciding with the Sun-Regulus conjunction. Neptune (Roman) is also known as Poseidon (Greek) who is traditionally an "Earth-shaker". In mythology, Poseidon strikes the ground with his trident to cause earthquakes...

...very ominously reflected here in the fact that SpaceShipTwo together with its "mother ship" White Knight 2 looks like a trident...

[SpaceShipTwo in the middle carried by White Knight 2]

...which did strike the ground in California! That's a very potent omen for a big earthquake.

It even happened on Halloween, traditionally the day of the "opening of the Gates of Hell". It amplifies the overall significance as I had explicitly associated the theme with the trident motif, stating back in August for example (here): "So what's the meaning of tridents in 2014? It's one of the visible 'arrows' pointing to a big 'Mayan' (and 'Trojan') thing that's happening, which is in essence... the 'opening of the Gates of Hell'". So what we witnessed was a major pattern fulfillment.

I would even go as far as to say that the "trident omen" was the latest signal implying a "Big One" event within a few months with December looking particularly interesting/dangerous. Keep in mind that:
  • Neptune/Poseidon = god of horses
  • 2014 = Chinese Year of the Horse
  • Chinese Year won't end until February 19, 2015 (= New Year)
There are so many more arrows pointing in the same direction which I haven't discussed yet outside of STRUG that I'm actually quite deadly serious about the near-future catastrophe possibility plausibly comparable in impact to 2004 Sumatra and/or the 2005 Pope John Paul II exit. (The year "2004" is important.)

At this point it is instructive to see what happened between the Mars-comet near collision (Oct 19) and the twin commercial space company disasters (Oct 28 & 31). What we witnessed there was the biggest sunspot in 24 years firing off whopping six X-class flares.

Oct 19 X1.1 solar flare from sunspot region 2192
Oct 20 Awesome Photo Shows Monster Sunspot Aiming Our Way
Oct 22 Beastly Sunspot Amazes, Heightens Eclipse Excitement
Oct 23 Flare Alert: Monster Sunspot Turns Toward Earth
Oct 25 Stare Into Raging Heart Of Biggest Sunspot In 24 Years
Oct 25 Major X3.1 solar flare from sunspot region 2192
Oct 25 Powerful X-Class Solar Flares Hit Earth, Cause Radio Blackouts
Oct 25 X1.0 solar flare from sunspot region 2192
Oct 26 X2.0 solar flare from sunspot region 2192
Oct 27 X2.0 solar flare from sunspot region 2192
Oct 27 Giant Sunspot Keeps Firing Off Huge Solar Flares
Nov 03 Largest Sunspot in 24 Years Wows & Mystifies Scientists

Sunspot 2192 X-class solar flares:
X1 on Oct. 19th (0503 UT)
X2 on Oct. 22nd (1059 UT)
X3 on Oct. 24th (2140 UT)
X1 on Oct 25th (1709 UT)
X2 on Oct. 26th (1056 UT)
X2 on Oct. 27th (1447 UT)

The first X-flare erupted on the day of the Mars-comet near collision (Oct 19th) and roughly directed at it (Mars/comet). Though not literally affecting Earth, a planetary catastrophe was implied through the fact that October 19 is the exact date of a mega solar flare destroying Earth in the movie Knowing!


Knowing is also about signaling and knowing what's coming in advance...

Is destiny written in (Rosetta) stone?

*    *    *

Rosetta, Lion Tomb of Amphipolis (not yet fully opened), Alexander, Sphinx, Underworld opening, the Sun... and "Deep Impact" omens. These are major pieces of the future puzzle. And "it" is about to unfold...

*    *    *

November 12

Major pattern confirmation: Rosetta/Philae successful comet landing on Nov 12th perfectly coincided with a major discovery - a skeleton - at the Amphipolis Lion Tomb which may finally identify the owner of the tomb!

Nov 12 Rosetta's Philae lander touches down on comet
Nov 12 European Spacecraft Lands on Comet in Historic Space Feat

Nov 12 Amphipolis skeleton from Alexander's time found in Greece
Nov 12 Skeleton found inside Sarcophagus in Amphipolis Tomb

*    *    *

December 19

The identity (macroscopic study) of the Amphipolis Lion Tomb skeleton will be revealed in January 2015!
Dec 19 Greek Mystery Tomb Occupant to Be Revealed Soon

The identity of the skeleton found in the mysterious, richly decorated tomb in Amphipolis in northern Greece will be revealed next month, the Greek Ministry of Culture said.

According to the statement, macroscopic study of the bones, conducted by universities in Thessaloniki and Thrace, will provide answers on the individual's sex, age and height.

Archaeologists led by Katerina Peristeri unearthed the human remains last month. The skeleton was found scattered within and outside a box-shaped limestone grave placed at about 5.3 feet beneath the floor of the the tomb's third chamber. [...]

Indeed, citing [supposedly leaked] "exclusive information," the Amfipoli News website wrote the skeleton belongs to a 54-year-old woman. This would mean that the tomb's occupant is most likely Olympias, Alexander the Great's mother.
*    *    *


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