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Transit Ritual 2012
Venus, Enterprise & the Dragon Gate

by Goro
(goroadachi.com & supertorchritual.com)
May 25, 2012

On June 4-6, 2012, we are likely going to see the oldest member of the space shuttle fleet, Enterprise, gets towed up the Hudson River to its final resting place, the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum, on the West Side of Manhattan. [Update: Dates shifted to June 3-6.] Most are totally unaware of this, but it will be a terrestrial reflection of the Transit of Venus simultaneously taking place in the sky on June 5-6. All carefully arranged to produce an exquisite instance of "as above, so below"...

When it happens, Enterprise will enter the Hudson River through its mouth at the southern tip of Manhattan where we can visualize a "gate" flanked by the Statue of Liberty and the World Trade Center where the Twin Towers once stood. The arrangement neatly reflects the celestial gate around the Galactic Anticenter flanked by the constellations Orion and Gemini. The Milky Way is a (celestial) river like the Hudson; Orion is a "torch bearer" (summer solstice Sun = Orion torch) like the Statue of Liberty; and Gemini is the "Twins" like the Twin Towers.

The Sun above, Enterprise below. Through a Galactic gate above, through a Hudson gate below. It's a mirror uniting heaven and earth.

To go back in time a little, the "ritual" started back on April 27 when Enterprise flew into the Big Apple mounted atop a Boeing 747 precisely when Venus achieved its "greatest brilliancy" as the Evening Star. The coincidence implied underlying awareness of the upcoming Transit of Venus which will be the time of least brilliancy when Venus becomes a black dot on the face of the Sun (June 5-6) with no sunlight reflected toward Earth.

As the graph shows, Venus is currently growing increasingly dimmer which will continue until early June. Then after the transit, Venus will be "reborn" as the Morning Star - or "Lucifer" - appearing on the other side of the Sun at dawn, growing brighter and higher everyday until it peaks around mid July.

UPDATE May 27: The peak on the other side mid July will roughly coincide with Enterprise debuting at the Intrepid museum as an official exhibit, completing its correlation with the Venus timeline:

----- end update -----

As regular readers should know, when we talk about Venus and particularly the Morning Star, we are also automatically talking about Prince William and/or the trinity of William-Kate-baby. The two go hand in hand, heavily entangled as explained many times before. And so it should come as no surprise that the latest timeline of Venus lines up well with that of the British Royal Family: April 29 (Venus greatest brilliancy) was the first anniversary of the Royal Wedding; June 3-7 (Venus/Enterprise Transit) is the Queen's Official Birthday (Jun 4) and Diamond Jubilee celebrations (Jun 4-7 3-5); the summer solstice (Orion torch) coincides with Prince William's birthday; and in late July (under a very bright Morning Star/light-bearer) the Olympic Torch arrives in London for the 2012 Olympics.


In terms of Earth's orbit around the Sun, April 27 (Enterprise arriving in the Big Apple) was a pentagram (apple core) apex window...


The pentagram is a geometric signature of Venus, making perfect sense in the current context.

And the apple has the additional effect of pointing back to the British Royal Family via King Arthur whose Holy Grail (San Greal) or "Royal Blood" (Sang Real) is of critical importance to the whole matter of kingship in Britain. The Jacobite bloodline of Prince William and his upcoming baby has much to do with the underlying theme of this period we are in, i.e. the "Return/Rebirth of King Arthur" interchangeable with "Lucifer/Phoenix Resurrection" and such. (See my article "Lucifer's Destiny" for more on the topic.) If King Arthur is to "return", it would be from Avalon where the Once and Future King is thought resting in hibernation. The name "Avalon", it turns out, means "apple".

Also worth noting, King Arthur's court was called Camelot which became a popular nickname of John F. Kennedy's administration. On April 27, Enterprise touched down at JFK International Airport... in the Big Apple.

Another telling "clue" is how Arthur (and his father Uther) as the king of the Britons bore the title "Pendragon", meaning "head dragon". The significance here is a temporal one, as 2012 happens to be the Chinese Year of the Water Dragon.

*    *    *


In (producer) J. J. Abrams' 2008 film Cloverfield, a "water dragon" (sea monster) mauls the island of Manhattan (Big Apple) and in the process decapitates the Statue of Liberty as shown in the poster which is deliberately evocative of 9/11 (Twin Towers destruction) and shows a perfect view of the "Hudson gate" (Statue-WTC) where Enterprise will be sailing through early June.

This is no coincidence especially if you consider the fact that during Cloverfield's peaceful beginning and ending scenes, we can clearly see a time stamp on the video footage displaying the date "April 27" - the exact date of Enterprise arriving in NYC.

  Cloverfield-ending.jpg (69796 bytes)     
["April 27"]

Then during the movie's main content which is nothing but the water dragon attacking Manhattan, we can see that all the chaos transpires on May 22-23. As far as synchronicity goes this is just fascinating as it was precisely on May 22 this year that a fiery Dragon roared into the sky and made big headlines around the world. This was, course, SpaceX's successful launching of the "Dragon" spacecraft!

The success of the SpaceX mission signaled a whole new phase of the space age, the advent of commercial space travel, as Dragon was the first privately owned spacecraft to attempt and successfully rendezvous with the ISS (=> Isis => Lady Liberty). This was a major sign of things to come and we should be paying a lot of attention especially to its symbology, as reality works in such a way that special occasions like this - key time markers/changers - are always heavily encoded with striking symbolism. No exception here as we find a multitude of "clues" including the fact that the rendezvous was "berthing" rather than docking as if to insinuate "birthing". It's particularly meaningful when combine with the following:
  • The ancient Egyptian goddess Isis (ISS) gives birth to falcon-headed Horus who is essentially a resurrected form of his father Osiris who in turn is identified with the "torch-bearing" constellation Orion.
  • The Dragon spacecraft was launched into space on a "Falcon 9" rocket for berthing/birthing.
You get the idea of the "Birth of (the Age of) Horus", i.e. a new world.

And so
essentially humanity is taking another small step and giant leap toward becoming a fully spacefaring species, defying gravity and venturing off planet. The floodgate is wide open and a New World is being born... as was back in the days of Columbus or Noah.

To be sure, we are still years away from commercially sending human crew to the ISS (and elsewhere in the solar system). The SpaceX Dragon is part of NASA's COTS (Commercial Orbital Transportation Services) program launched in 2006 and managed by the space agency's Commercial Crew and Cargo Program Office or "C3PO" set up "to coordinate the delivery of crew and cargo to the International Space Station by private companies". The past several years saw COTS doing a series of trials to select two companies, SpaceX and Orbital Sciences Corporation, for further funding and contracts including CRS/Commercial Resupply Services. What we are seeing right now is the first fruition of these efforts partially funded by NASA which is looking to save money, achieve more efficiency via competition, and free up time and resources to focus more on ambitious, rather than routine, space missions.

The problem is, while the first resupply mission (CRS) could come as early as later this year, a related NASA program CCDev (Commercial Crew Development) more narrowly focused on manned missions ("a multiphase space technology development program, intended to stimulate development of privately operated crew vehicles to low Earth orbit, aimed specifically at developing crew rotation services") is lagging behind due to Congress severely under-funding it with the inevitable result of long delays that are now leaving the US with no means to domestically fly crew to the ISS after the retirement of the shuttle fleet. As of now seven private companies (4 funded by NASA, 3 not) including SpaceX are developing vehicles under CCDev but the most recent time table shows transition to services projected somewhere around 2017.

Be that as it may, a new era of space travel is dawning as we speak and as part of the encoded "clues" there was a "sign in the sky" just 2 days before Dragon's launch in the form of a "ring of fire" (annular) solar eclipse traveling across the Pacific Ocean from one edge of the geologic Ring of Fire (active earthquake zone) to the other. "Ring of fire" is a term sometimes used to describe birth pain and accordingly I've been referring to big earthquakes in the Ring of Fire and elsewhere depending on context as "Birthquakes" which conveys the idea of contractions, water breaking, and all that ugly wonderful natural stuff preceding and accompanying birth.


"Ring of fire" also conjures up imagery of the Olympic Rings and the Olympic Torch together. Sure enough, right on time the Olympic Torch Relay commenced on May 19ththe day before the "ring of fire" eclipse.

UPDATE: As noted by fellow sync watcher Alan Abbadessa-Green, on May 25 two multicontextually entangled events happened at the same time:
  1. Historic berthing/birthing of SpaceX Dragon at ISS/space station
  2. Olympic Torch arriving in Wales, a country identified with dragon via flag (of Wales)

May 25 Olympic torch goes through Wales

[Flag of Wales]

----- end update -----

An important aspect of the Olympic symbolism is that its flame represents the forbidden fire that Prometheus, a titan, stole from the gods and gave to mankind which for better or for worse kick-started an enterprise called "history" or human civilization. The fire is the Apple of Eden, the forbidden knowledge or... seed/DNA. It's the Holy Grail/Royal Blood that I see heavily intertwined with Mars - astrologically a "fire" planet - i.e. Martian panspermia, Cydonia, "Face on Mars" etc. or basically the same multicontextual message continuing from the 2004 Athens Olympics which roughly coincided with the first Venus Transit of the current pair.

Seen in this context it makes perfect sense that major Hollywood film Prometheus - all about mankind's extraterrestrial origin - is set to hit theaters early June right around the time of the Venus/Enterprise Transit and the Queen Diamond Jubilee holidays (June 1 in the UK and June 8 in North America). Not specifically "Martian" per se, but its allusion to the "Face on Mars" is made blatant enough in the monolithic, bio-mechanical humanoid head figuring quite prominently in the story.

Also important, the idea of commercial space travels permeates the overall setting as "Project Prometheus" in the story is a long-time pet project of a mega-corporation called Weyland Industries which according to its (fictional) website "launched the first privatized industrial mission to leave the planet Earth" in 2015. Shades of SpaceX and other C3PO-managed companies which are right at this moment on the cusp of revolutionizing mankind's relationship with space.

The privatized space industry is set to really take off and change the world we live in. Space is opening up to private enterprise, which is why "Enterprise" and not the other shuttles was chosen to play a central role in the "Transit Ritual". There is a coherent underlying message.

It's not just Enterprise, of course. For instance, just days before Enterprise flew into NYC and soon after shuttle Discovery was flown to Washington DC on April 17 (where it will be on permanent display at the National Air and Space Museum), a private company called Planetary Resources supported by James Cameron and other big names announced their plan to mine asteroids for commercial purposes and to "help ensure humanity's prosperity by accessing the vast resources of space".

  • April 17: Shuttle Discovery flown from KSC/Florida to DC
  • April 24: Planetary Resources announces plan to mine asteroids
  • April 27: Shuttle Enterprise flown from DC to NYC

This was mid-late April, when the Sun was right above a celestial "water dragon" called Cetus, a Sea Monster/Whale constellation.

Weyland Industries was also a company that made faster-than-light travel a reality (2032) and introduced the world's first FTL-capable space exploration vehicle (2034). FTL implies time travel, and that opens another can of worms.

*    *    *


Not to be obsessed with films, but the most iconic "time travel" movie of all time is Planet of the Apes, famous particularly for its shocking ending scene where a partially buried Statue of Liberty reveals to the main character and the audience for the first time that this terrible planet of apes is actually Earth in the future.


This connection between the Statue of Liberty and time travel brings to light a whole new set of cross-confirming associations with the inevitable implication that, for whatever reason, "time travel" is a key if not the central message encoded in the Venus/Enterprise/Dragon Transit Rituals.


We can start with the fact that the "Enterprise Transit" is all about the space shuttle sailing up to the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum located at Pier 86 at 46th Street on the West Side of Manhattan. This is precisely where the "Miracle on the Hudson" took place back on January 15, 2009 when US Airways Flight 1549 piloted by Capt. Chesley B. "Sully" Sullenberger crashed into the river inexplicably without any deaths or serious injuries. The "miracle" was captured on the Intrepid's security video camera:

Visually and symbolically striking, I had little trouble discerning an encoded allusion to time travel which you can read all about in my article "Relativity on the Hudson". The initial major clue that got the ball rolling was the amazing images of the watery crash and escape which were almost identical to the spacecraft crash scene in the opening sequence of Planet of the Apes:

  Hudson-Apes-pix.gif (166597 bytes)

That led me to think about the "time dilation" effect of Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity (the faster you go, the slower time flows relative to slower-moving observers) which is literally "time travel" and the means by which the astronauts in Planet of the Apes travel into the future. What I found by doing simple calculation was that Flight 1549's troubled final journey was implied to have originated in "October 1307" - precisely when the Knights Templar as a public, legal organization came to an abrupt end when King Philip IV of France along with Pope Clement V went "nuclear" on the Order, swiftly dismantling the warrior-bankers to whom the king owed a lot of money.

The Templars were highly skilled sailors who had their own fleet of ships (which some members probably used to evade the king's forces). As such it's been widely speculated that the Knights Templar had already visited and explored America long before Columbus (who himself had familial connections to the Order). The United States as some have argued could even be viewed as a Templar nation built on and is still driven by Templar principles - including Gnostic ideas and goddess/Isis/Sophia worship (=> Statue of Liberty) - which are largely interchangeable with Masonic principles (because the Order likely merged with a strain of Freemasonry in Scotland via the Sinclair family after the mass arrest). It's well known for instance that many of the founding members and presidents of the United States were Masons, including Harry Truman, a 33rd Degree Mason, who ordered two atomic bombs dropped on Japan during World War II. It was the terrifying culmination of the Manhattan Project initiated after prominent physicists including Albert Einstein warned President Roosevelt of the advent of nuclear fission-based weaponry.

Nuclear reaction is a dramatic manifestation of Einsteins' famous "mass-energy equivalence" equation, E = mc2, deriving from Special Relativity. (The "c" in the equation is the speed of light in a vacuum.) Matter converted into energy. It is precisely for this reason that the world's first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier on special occasions proudly flashes the equation on its deck like this year celebrating its 50th year in service (see picture below). The ship happens to be called... USS Enterprise.

[Enterprise is currently under final deployment,
to be decommissioned in March 2013]

There is another "USS Enterprise"... a beloved spaceship in Star Trek after which space shuttle Enterprise was actually named (originally to be called "Constitution"). Right on time, and in perfect sync with the underlying pattern, Star Trek and starship Enterprise somehow became a hot topic in May 2012...

May 11 Engineer Thinks Real Starship Enterprise
Possible in 20 Years

May 18 Could a 21st Century USS Enterprise Really Fly?

...including a story directly involving SpaceX Dragon which carried on-board the ashes of "Scotty" (the actor) who was Chief Engineer on Enterprise in the original Star Trek series.

May 22 Star Trek's "Scotty" finally launched into space

"Enterprise" was also the title of the last Star Trek TV series which ran from September 2001 to May 2005...

...starring Scott Bakula as captain "Johathan Archer" of starship Enterprise NX-01.

[Enterprise captain "Jonathan Archer"/Scott Bakula]

  • Actor Bakula is best known for his role as Sam Beckett (main character) in Quantum Leap (1989-1993), a television series all about time travel.
  • Star Trek: Enterprise had as its recurrent plot device the "Temporal Cold War" heavily involving time travel.

The Temporal Cold War is a fictional conflict waged throughout history in the Star Trek universe, predominantly during the 22nd century AD. First established in the pilot episode of Star Trek: Enterprise and recurring until the series' fourth season premiere, it is a struggle between those who would alter history to suit their own ends and those who would preserve the integrity of the original timeline.

Even the most recent Star Trek film, Star Trek (2009), incorporated time travel into its storyline...

Not only that, the movie was directed & produced by J. J. Abrams who also produced... Cloverfield. (Abrams' apparent obsession with time travel and alternate realities is reflected in many of his works including Fringe, Lost, Alcatraz, etc.) He is currently working on a sequel to Star Trek due out in 2013.


And finally, there is "The Enterprise Mission" of Mars/space anomaly researcher Richard C. Hoagland... who is currently focusing on, naturally, the upcoming Venus Transit (and the recent annular solar eclipse).

As detailed in his latest article published in May 2012 titled "A Most Hyperdimensional Eclipse … and Final Venus Transit", Hoagland's interest in this has specifically to do with how these celestial alignments seem to produce tangible effects of torsion or hyperdimensional physics or in other words warping of spacetime itself (via spinning mass) which is a concept inseparable from time travel.

*    *    *


We've only scratched the surface of all this in this article. Venus, eclipses, pentagrams, UK royal family & Olympics, commercial space travel, time travel, torsion physics, Prometheus, fire, Grail & Templars, Mars/Cydonia/Face... all tightly connected in many ways and on various levels. But where is the "epicenter" of all these signals? What's the ultimate, unified message? That's still difficult to say, and there is no need to jump to conclusions, but...

I'd say it's ultimately about who we are - where we came from and where we are going. It's about time: our Genesis and our Destiny. It's in the fire of Prometheus, the apple of Eve, the Holy Grail, the heavenly seed of the Anunnaki... and Mars.

All through life and history we've been sailing aimlessly through the river of time, and time is a condition that separates the present from the past and future. Limited awareness. We are here and we don't know why. Sometimes we think we can almost feel the secrets, the truth, hidden away in the "Hall of Records" be it in our DNA, Egypt, Mars... but always just out of our grasp. To "time travel" is to access the hidden side of reality, history, or destiny to find out who we really are. We aren't there yet, but from a multicontextual "big picture" perspective, escaping Earth's gravity represents or reflects a major first step. Multicontextually speaking, the closer we get to Mars and the more we learn about its history (including life), the closer we get to the edge of time, to hyperspace.

The Mayan calendar paranoia and discussions make the year 2012 an ideal temporal framework in which to microcosmically simulate or foreshadow the process of the Apocalypse, the lifting of the veil... the proverbial "ah ha!" moment... which is just around the corner. The 21st century is the designated end of the road where we have to "jump" out of time and become Prometheus ourselves.

We are all pregnant...with truth. Destiny calls. The baby is coming soon. All this heavy stuff is likely to be simulated in 2012. Part of the process of "waking up".


----- UPDATE - June 3 -----

Jun 03 Enterprise Transits NYC Skyline on a Barge
Jun 03 Shuttle Enterprise sails to Elizabeth Port, NJ
Jun 03 Diamond Jubilee: River Thames pageant honours Queen
Jun 03 Jubilee: hundreds of thousands cheer on Royal Barge
Jun 03 In pictures: Diamond Jubilee

----- UPDATE - June 5 -----

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