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  Aug 21, 2014 - Feb 6, 2015
X Marks February
SpaceX will once again try to land their Falcon 9 rocket on the Autonomous Spaceport Drone Ship (ASDS) on February 8 (or later) when they will launch NASA/NOAA's DSCOVR satellite. And once again, this will be an important "X marks the spot" event. I decided to not write a lengthy article for now (outside of STRUG) but this may well be something that can multicontextually trigger a dramatic and/or highly meaningful sequence of events within a span of roughly two weeks.

This year so far we've been operating under the assumption, based on ominous and quite solid multicontextual clues, that there is a countdown clock ticking down to a certain near-future context-defining "deep impact" event. (We have some ideas as to what this context is.) The terror event in Paris back on January 7th - which we did highlight beforehand - might be part of it but not the whole thing.

Sounds doomy I know but it's all about... the end and a new beginning, a la the phoenix. There is a big shift taking place...


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SpaceX (still) marks the spot. As discussed previously, SpaceX's next ISS resupply mission (CRS-5) originally scheduled for December 16th was to coincide with the Sun at the Dark Horse Nebula, where (as seen from earth) Mars was almost hit by a comet back on Oct 19. And sure enough we did see (along with other big events like a deadly hostage situation in Sydney, Taliban school massacre, US-Cuba relations) a Mars impact echo right there on Dec 16 in the form of NASA revealing evidence of potential current life on Mars:
The first hints of life on Mars have been discovered by Nasa. [...] Curiosity has previously found water bound in the fine soil of the Red Planet, believed to be crucial to life. But if the existence of living, breathing microbes is confirmed, it will be the first evidence of life outside Earth.
That's a pretty big deal, and the timing suggests the evidence will eventually be confirmed, making it official that we are not alone.

The SpaceX mission however got pushed back to January 6, 2015. Talk about X marking the spot: Based on the Julian calendar and for some churches, January 6-7 is Xmas (Christmas) or X mass, implying "SpaceX Ritual"!
X will literally be marking the spot as SpaceX will ambitiously try to land the Falcon 9 rocket (after sending the Dragon spacecraft into space) on a floating platform back on earth, marked by an "X".


Note too that Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus who is essentially a Christianized form of Horus, a falcon-headed ancient Egyptian deity! (Resonating with the Falcon 9 rocket.)


As if these weren't enough, on Julian Christmas Day, January 7, we will have Comet Lovejoy (Q2) at its closest point to Earth and likely at its brightest (potentially visible to the naked eye)!

And just a few days later on January 9th, we'll have a golden ratio point based on not one but two mega quake/tsunami catastrophes, Sumatra 2004 and Japan 2011:

So that's quite an intense cluster of time markers January 6-9, 2015...

Jan 06 Tail of missing AirAsia jetliner found in Java Sea
Jan 06 SpaceX scrubs space station supply flight at last minute,
will try again Friday (Jan 9)
Jan 07 SpaceX Postpones Cargo Launch, Daring Rocket Test
to Saturday (Jan 10)
Jan 07 NASA Approves SpaceX's Plans to Send Astronauts
to Space Station
Jan 07 Green Comet Lovejoy Now Closest to Earth,
Visible in 'Heavenly River' of Stars

Jan 07 Terror in Paris: Islamic gunmen attack on
French magazinekills 12 in Paris
Jan 09 Raids kill 3 suspects, including 2 wanted in Charlie Hebdo attack
Jan 10 3 days of terror: Key events in Paris

Jan 10 SpaceX launches cargo ship but rocket recovery
test ends in crash

The SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket did hit the "X" on the floating platform in the Atlantic Ocean, but it was more impact than landing, thus expressing "Deep Impact" and interacting with Comet Lovejoy which was at its closest point to Earth on January 7th (Julian Xmas). Along with Terror in Paris, this is the stuff of SpaceXmas...



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December Dark Horse Impact
It's Dark Horse time again. In mid December, which is a window we've been watching very closely for sometime now, the Sun will glide through the Dark Horse Nebula at the right foot of Ophiuchus...

...an annual occurrence that's been made particularly intense in 2014 - Chinese Year of the Horse - as it was right there at the exact spot (as seen from Earth) that Mars was nearly hit by Comet Siding Spring on October 19th (discussed in my article October Deep Impact - Martian Dark Horse).

Oct 19 Comet Buzzes Mars in Once-in-a-Lifetime Flyby

And there is also Katy Perry's Dark Horse song/video from earlier this year (discussed in most of my recent articles)...

...highlighting the chest/heart/Regulus position of the lion/sphinx/Leo...

...where the Sun was in conjunction with Regulus back around August 21-24...

...a key window discussed in Horus of the Horizon (Aug 19), quite accurately anticipating the August 24 San Francisco earthquake.

Aug 24 Strongest quake in 25 years strikes San Francisco

All these things (and so many we haven't discussed yet) multicontextually interact with or foreshadow the events of mid December. (It's a sub-window of a wider window around December.)

What we already know is coming is SpaceX's CRS-5 ISS resupply mission scheduled for launch on December 16th. And it will be a special one as SpaceX will attempt landing the Falcon 9 rocket back on earth, on a floating ocean platform. Symbolically this will be a "Deep Impact" simulation as "Falcon" now resonates with Japan's asteroid mission launched on December 3rd named Hayabusa (2), meaning (peregrine) "falcon".

Dec 12 SpaceX mission Now Set to Launch on Dec. 19
Dec 26 SpaceX mission now scheduled for Jan 6 or 7

Rosetta Code: Alexandrian Comet & Tomb

Rosetta Code
Alexandrian Comet & Tomb


October Deep Impact - Martian Dark Horse
New article:

October Deep Impact

Martian Dark Horse & Golden Apple

Mayan New Age via Oculus Rift
New article:

Mayan New Age

via Oculus Rift

Galactic Birth of Virtual Reality

San Fran Birthquake - prediction fulfilled

"Hellgate-opening Birthquake"

Aug 24 Strongest quake in 25 years strikes San Francisco

As anticipated by the pattern described in my article Horus of the Horizon posted August 19, 2014 (or much earlier for those on STRUG). To quote myself from that article(red emphasis added):
On August 24th, NASA's New Horizons will cross the orbit of Neptune en route to its destination Pluto [...]

...the Sun-Regulus conjunction [on Aug 21-24] can signify, especially this year, a trigger that opens the portal to the Underworld [...]

So an earthquake - hinted by Neptune-Poseidon who has traditionally been called "Earth-shaker" - on the day of a Sun-Regulus conjunction [Aug 21-24] would be considered a hellgate/womb-opening "Birthquake" [...]

What will happen this year during/around the Regulus-Sun conjunction when it (re-)opens the "Gates of Hell"?
Well, now we know. How fitting... Golden Gate as the Gate of Hell, which makes a lot of sense. (This is not the only thing happening during/around this window, however. And the pattern continues forward...)

P.S. Also from my Feb 1 (2014) article Dark Horse at Hellgate:

"California rest in peace..."
Big One/Birthquake... 2014/2015... in California?

New article: "Horus of the Horizon"

Horus of the Horizon

Opening the Gates of Hell in the Year of the Horse/Horus


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UPDATE - August 21

Ancient sphinxes unearthed in Greece's largest tomb/"underworld" ever found (linked to Alexander the Great)! Right combination (underworld/hell and sphinx) and right on time, as discussed in my article above.

Aug 21 Sphinxes Emerge From Huge Ancient Greek Tomb
Two headless sphinxes emerged from a massive burial site in northern Greece as archaeologists began removing large stones from the tomb's sealing wall.

The statues are believed to have been placed there to guard the burial, which is the largest tomb ever uncovered in Greece. [...]

What lies behind the entrance remains a mystery. [...]

At the moment, the leading theory is that a senior general of Alexander's army was buried in the imposing tomb at Amphipolis.

But what if the Lion Tomb was indeed built for Alexander? [...]

[The tomb is scheduled to be opened in September.]

[The tomb is scheduled to be opened in September.]

UPDATE - August 29

UPDATE - September 2

Sep 02 2nd American beheaded, ISIS video shows

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