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Olympics & Martian Resurrection
Babylon Baby, Grail Bloodline
& Genesis Total Recall

by Goro (goroadachi.com & supertorchritual.com) 
  August 03, 2012 (Updated Aug 14)



It was pretty good stuff we saw at the London Olympics Opening Ceremony on July 27. Perhaps not the most elegant opening ceremony we've seen as far as artistry and drama (that honor goes to Athens 2004), but more than adequate in terms of "whispering secrets" Enki-Prometheus style. Around here we weren't just watching, we were more actively engaged, anticipating pattern fulfillment. And boy did we ever get one!

Our multicontextual pattern assessment - most recently (re-)done in
Aurora Code 2012 (July 21) - had indicated the following set of powerful themes to be in play during this period:
  1. Royal & Martian pregnancy/baby, Arthurian/Grail bloodline
    • Intertwined issues of Mars (missions, life, panspermia, resurrection) & baby of Prince William & Kate Middleton
  2. Babylon/Tower of Babel
  3. Venus/Morning Star/Lucifer
  4. Sun (solar cycle, solar wind/flares/CMEs, aurora)
  5. And more...

If you watched the opening ceremony, you know how they turned out. Or maybe not. While some of the confirmations were fairly obvious, in your face even, like the "Tower of Babel" and the "Babylon Baby," there were other parts probably too cryptic for the average observer to discern. Especially the "Martian panspermia" segment. I am writing this article to elucidate what "really" happened at the Olympics opening ceremony, what was whispered by "Enki" from behind the wall, so everyone can get on the same page with regard to the true level of pattern fulfillment witnessed there, and what it could mean for the future. [Update: A new section discussing the closing ceremony has been added at the end of this article on August 14.]

The situation is that we have hidden patterns converging, uniting past, present and future... for a Total Recall of Martian Genesis.

Let the Games Begin.

*    *    *

London Olympics -
opening ceremony (July 27, 2012)

Tower of Babel

  • Setting the tone right at the start of the show was the orchestral composition "Nimrod" - a dead giveaway already as Nimrod is the name of a Biblical figure who supposedly led the building of the Tower of Babel.
  • Spatially anchoring the whole ceremony was a ziggurat-like hill bearing an uncanny resemblance to the Tower of Babel (officially a model of Glastonbury Tor), uniting all nations as described in the Book of Genesis.

You see it, and you know it.

*    *    *

London Olympics -
opening ceremony (July 27, 2012)

Baby Born

  • Roughly halfway into the show, a mysterious giant baby took center stage. So big, no one could possibly miss it. Talk about in your face...

  • As above, so below: The same day (July 27) an unmanned Japanese spacecraft "Kounotori" arrived at the space station ISS/Isis. "Kounotori" means "White Stork" and according to tradition storks supposedly bring babies to new parents. Storks are a harbinger of childbirth. Perfect.

Jul 27 Japanese Spacecraft "Kounotori" Arrives at ISS

This of course brings to mind SpaceX Dragon's historic berthing/birthing at the ISS late May, symbolically expressing the "Birth of Horus", a subset of a larger "Transit Ritual" permeating this special year of the Mayan Apocalypse. Horus is an ancient Egyptian god identified with the rising sun, magically reflected in Japan being the "Land of the Rising Sun", i.e. "Land of Horus."

*    *    *

London Olympics -
opening ceremony (July 27, 2012)

Who's Your Daddy?

The shocking (not really) answer was encoded in this scene...

People coming out the "Gate of God" (= Babylon/Babel), out the Underworld... symbolic of a baby coming out of the mother's womb. Bingo...

...traditionally associated with Avalon & King Arthur.

Avalon is where King Arthur - Once and Future King - is said to be resting in hibernation, awaiting "resurrection."

"Rebirth of King Arthur", then, was the subtext of the enigmatic "Gate of God" scene. In other words, the
giant baby was suggested to be of the Grail Bloodline, semi-historically linked to the British Royal Family... more so on the Diana/Jacobite succession side, the side of Prince William, Kate and their presumably upcoming baby. So the Giant Baby, at least on the terrestrial level, directly or indirectly had to do with William & Kate, i.e. their baby. This matches what we've been projecting for 2012-2013.

  • Avalon means "apple," implying "pentagram," signifying a gateway to the Underworld, the realm of the "underground stream" (Grail bloodline).
  • The king of the dead in the Underworld is Osiris, who becomes his son Horus through resurrection via the Duat's pentagrammic interdimensional portal.

  • A group called "Underworld" was in charge of music for the opening ceremony.
  • Opening ceremony (July 27) was pinpointed by one of the apexes of a pentagram inscribed inside the Earth's orbit.

  • The orbital pentagram has been the temporal geometry underlying the William-Kate union, adding more weight to the Giant Baby being theirs.

  • Immediately preceding the Giant Baby segment was a rather curious celebration of the nation's public health care system, NHS...

The Pythagoreans called pentagrams "Hygieie" meaning "health."
  • Opening ceremony concluded with Paul McCartney performing "Hey Jude"...

...the first single released by the Beatles' own Apple Records...

...a division of Apple Corps, which is a pun pronounced "apple core," exactly where we find a pentagram.

  • The Beatles drummer Ringo Starr's name implies "Apple Star"...(his latest album is "Ringo 2012"):
Apple is Avalon, the resting place of King Arthur...
  • Paul McCartney's own name implies "Son of King Arthur"...

...i.e. descendant of King Arthur, Grail bloodline... Diana, William-Kate... baby.
  • The instantly recognizable coda of "Hey Jude" at the conclusion of the opening ceremony...
Na na na, na-na na na
Na-na na na, hey Jude
Na na na, na-na na na
Na-na na na, hey Jude

...invoked "Nanna" the Mesopotamian god of the moon (also known as "Sin"), resonating with the Roman moon goddess Diana, the namesake of Princess Diana, mother of Prince William/Harry.

"Nana" means "grandmother," which Princess Diana would be to the baby of William & Kate.

"Nana" can also mean "nanny," a child care provider, who used to be called "nurse." The Giant Baby scene was filled with nurses. A baby surrounded by "Diana."

The pieces fit.

*    *    *

London Olympics -
opening ceremony (July 27, 2012)

Martian Descent

Not quite perceptible to the untrained eye were the communications pertaining to Martian panspermia (cosmic seeding). Harder to see, but it was there...

It happened during one of the most memorable moments of the opening ceremony when "Queen Elizabeth II" (a double) jumped out of a helicopter and parachuted into the stadium accompanied by "James Bond"...

Let's start with this:
  • A new 007/James Bond movie coming out in October, titled Skyfall. "Skyfall" is also the name of some of the "Autobots" in the Transformers universes...

  • The first Transformers movie (current series) was released in the United Kingdom exactly 5 years before the opening ceremony (July 27, 2007).
  • In the movie mankind makes First Contact with alien robots on Mars via the "Beagle 2" rover (see trailer):

  • Beagle 2 in real life was a British Mars mission (not NASA's as erroneously claimed in the movie), landing on Mars using a parachute on Christmas, or birthday of Jesus, a major figure in the Grail bloodline.

  • The Queen's two dogs were prominently shown during the opening ceremony's 007 video segment, hinting at "Beagle 2."

  • In real life and in real time we have NASA's MSL/Curiosity set to land on Mars right around the midpoint of the London Olympics on August 5/6, also using a parachute.

  • Beagle 2's primary objective was to look for signs of life on Mars. (Curiosity's is similar.) It was about extraterrestrial life and evolution, hence the mission's name "Beagle" in reference to Charles Darwin's ship HMS Beagle.
Martian life and evolution... Precisely.

The fact is, it's almost time... for a Total Recall... Martian Descent... Genesis.

"Martian panspermia" was a key message, skillfully telegraphed through the Queen's dramatic entrance, falling from the sky...

...which unbeknownst to most was a stylized simulation of Martian panspermia or Martian rock(s) seeding Earth... Because:

  • The British Royal Family is theoretically, more or less, part of the Grail bloodline, which makes the Queen's "skyfall" (sky diving) analogous to the Grail stone/meteorite falling from the sky. (The Grail has long been identified with a "stone fallen from heaven".)
  • The Queen jumped out of a helicopter...

    • "Helicopter" implies "Heliopolis" the City of the Sun: heli = "sun", Copt = "Egyptian", er/ur = "city". It was at the ancient Egyptian temple of Heliopolis that the Benben Stone was officially venerated.
    • The Benben Stone is associated with the idea of "seeding" and is essentially interchangeable with other sacred stones such as the Grail, omphalos, Philosopher's Stone, etc. all associated with the idea of a "stone fallen from heaven". (Interchangeable with the fallen angels/sons of god/Nephilim.)
    • The Great Sphinx (epitomizing ancient Egypt) was sometimes called by the same name as Mars in ancient Egypt (and it was originally painted red). The name of the current Egyptian capital "Cairo" basically means Mars.
  • The Benben Stone represents the archetypal or ultimate capstone. The Olympic Stadium where the "Queen" made her dramatic landing is absolutely surrounded by pyramid-shaped lights with clear emphasis on the "capstone" (or "All-Seeing Eye") portion.


  • London has its iconic bell Big Ben, or "Big Benben." The Clock Tower is officially renamed the "Elizabeth Tower" this year as part of the Diamond Jubilee celebration. This equates the Queen with Big Ben and through which with the Benben Stone. (Queen falling from heaven = Benben/space rock falling from heaven.)

  • A huge bell used in the opening ceremony; the omphalos ("navel stone") - a version of the "stone fallen from heaven" -  is traditionally bell-shaped.

  • It all happened just 9 days before NASA's Curious rover landing on Mars.

One more huge data point... but that's for another article, another time.

Martian panspermia, interplanetary seeding... Basically a repeat of the 2004 Athens Olympics opening ceremony. All by design, of course, united by a pair of Venus Transits, from Athens 2004 to London 2012.

[2004 Athens Olympics opening ceremony]

And an underlying "script" of sorts can still be found in the (not so great) 2000 film, Mission To Mars...





More than just fiction. The real Face on Mars, for instance, is a pregnant, reverse sphinx as I showed many years ago...

All about pregnancy and birth... A lion king/queen awaiting resurrection in hibernation. Martian head, pregnant Earth body...

All constituting a subtext for NASA's MSL/Curiosity landing on Mars this weekend (August 5/6), initiating an interplanetary Total Recall.

Let me mention again that I'm expecting a major development or impact related to all of this
in some way around late August (anchor dates Aug 23-24 & 29).

Royal Union/Baby situation is a terrestrial reflection of all this heretofore largely hidden cosmic story, per "as above, so below." Through Mars and beyond, we are dealing with a higher intelligence ultimately beyond our comprehension. It communicates through symbols and whispers through inferences, like a mirror reflecting who we all are, not just select royal bloodlines. It's about our past , present, and future.

This is for everyone.

Update - Aug 14
Closing Ceremony (August 12, 2012)

Saving the best for last...

[London Olympic closing ceremony - Aug 12, 2012]

There it was, a dramatic scene of the phoenix rising from the Olympic flame at the end of the closing ceremony in London right around midnight on Sunday (Aug 12/13). While perplexing and somewhat menacing to most observers, this was another eye-popping pattern fulfillment moment for those of us on Etemenanki. A particularly vivid manifestation of a key theme stressed beforehand in Aurora Code 2012 (July 21) and Olympics & Martian Resurrection (Aug 3). It wasn't just conceptual, it was strikingly visual... the uncanny resemblance between the London phoenix and our phoenix...

[Our graphic used in almost every article since early 2011]

It's not like the pinkish red color is popularly associated with the phoenix, and yet here we see a perfect match. Perhaps, on some level, an allusion acknowledging or confirming our view that the resurrection motif primarily concerns the royal union (William/Kate/baby) and Mars...

[Aurora Code 2012 - posted Jul 21]

...in effect signalling the imminent birth of the "Martian" baby.

Maybe, maybe not. Uncanny for sure but still just an impression... unless there was something more. And, of course, there is more...

The article that had a singular focus on the issue of the William-Kate union was Lucifer's Destiny posted here back on April 19 2011, where our "royal phoenix" graphic made its big debut...

At the heart of the article was the twin events of the Carnival Splendor and the California "Mystery Missile" off Catalina Island. "Catalina" means "Catherine" (Kate); the island's "capital" is Avalon (which was a centerpiece of London's opening ceremony in the form of Glastonbury Tor); the constellation Phoenix was rising on the horizon...

...and the constellation Carina - meaning "Catherine" - was directly below in the "Underworld".

In London, 2012, the rise of the phoenix in the Olympic Stadium was perfectly timed to coincide with the same constellation Carina/Catherine once again situated directly below the city in the "Underworld"!

In other words, the London Phoenix came out of Carina like a baby coming out of the womb of Catherine/Kate. The rebirth of the Once and Future King...

As for the Martian side of all this...

UPDATE - Aug 15
The phoenix has a direct historical connection with the Red Planet... NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander successfully reached Mars on May 25, 2008. Literally, "Phoenix on Mars"...

--- end update ---

As I've mentioned many times before, in ancient Egypt the phoenix was called the Bennu bird, deriving its name from the same root as Benben, both conveying the idea of "seeding." The Benben Stone, the ultimate pyramid capstone, was accordingly identified with the phoenix in ancient Egypt. Making it all very coherent...

[Pyramid built during closing ceremony]

"Stone fallen from heaven" - from Mars - seeding Earth. The story of Martian panspermia. (Recall that the Giza moments and the present capital of Egypt are "Martian" in many ways.)

The icing on the cake was the (pregnant) Face on Mars, discussed most recently in Olympics & Martian Resurrection (August 3). And... Bam! There it was, a John Lennon version of the "Face on Mars" dramatically appearing during the closing ceremony in London...

Face_on_Mars-decoding.gif (228446 bytes)      

Breaking apart into pieces...

...just like the other "Face on Mars" I had highlighted from the opening ceremony of the Athens Olympics back in 2004.


Talk about "in your face"...

*    *    *

We've only scratched the surface so far but that's enough for now.

I'll just add that... so
many conspiracy theorists and prophet wannabes predicted doom, alien invasion, and more doom for the London Olympics, they claimed they understood symbolism and decoded hidden communications... and they are all gone now. I hear crickets. I hope they learned their lesson. (Probably not.) For me this was an amusing opportunity to demonstrate (though I'm far from done) the difference and effectiveness of my approach. And I think the results already speak for themselves.

Still standing, still fully cognizant of the major window coming up around late August I've been mentioning since before the Olympics. Things are still unfolding... as you'll see.

In closing... thing about symbolism and perception in general. Anyone can interpret symbols. That's the easy part. But deriving useful - which typically means inter-temporal - meaning from symbols requires proper context (which is in constant flux). The real challenge is "reverse engineering" the most meaningful context possible (of that particular moment in time). Most people can't seem to do this or even understand the concept. Context is usually something people subconsciously process, not with full awareness or control. But without delving head first into that hidden or "occult" realm of the mind-reality interface, you'd be just stuck running in circles. Trapped in the world of temporal illusions.

I'm frankly tried of seeing people just habitually applying whatever context they are most familiar or comfortable with. (New World Order! Illuminati! Evil aliens! Nibiru!) Understandable and sometimes unavoidable, but a big mistake especially if they think that's all they have to do. The fact is there are always countless interpretations from countless angles on countless levels, all depending on what context you apply. The more universal (ego-less) - encompassing multiple levels or contexts simultaneously - the closer to truth. This is "multicontextuality" or "multicontextual coherence." It's about finding that magical zone where things/viewpoints/concepts converge. Tap into this elusive underground stream of cohesiveness, maintain balance, and you'll see a magical chain reaction begins to unfold like dominoes. The past, present and future begin to merge into a sphere of intricate patterns. The future no longer a complete mystery. Enter the realm of temporal resonance and multicontextual coherence, where the future meets reality.

2012 goroadachi.com