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Athens Olympics, Contact, Life On Mars,
Holy Grail, Ultra Technology
& Mayan Calendar

By Goro Adachi
Oct 23, 2004

Goro Adachi

...continued from Page 3:

Terminator Code 311

Aldebaran highlighted by Venus' 'hyperdimensional turn' on July 4, also known as 'the Follower' or 'Torch-Bearer', is a 'red giant'. And it is - a big reddish star, in the Hyades cluster representing the 'head' of the celestial bull Taurus. Aldebaran is usually seen as the right eye of the Bull, whereas the left eye is star '311' (Epsilon Taurus). Perhaps not widely used but the numeric '311' designation is repeatedly mentioned in The Orion Mystery by Robert Bauval:

It is... interesting to note that the 'eyes' of the bull were Aldebaran and star 311 (Epsilon Taurus), the latter being the 'left eye'. [p.158]

I found these 'eyes' to be a key to the 'riddle' of Terminator 3, released in mid-2003 right before the 'total recall' election won by Schwarzenegger, the occult 'Torch-Bearer' and a big Hollywood star...

Terminators are machines with artificial intelligence - A.I., which can be interpreted as 'eye' or 'a(n) eye'. Terminators are also 'aliens' or 'foreigners' from the future making them comparable to Seth/Set the alien god. The Terminator's 'eye' would then be Set's eye, as are Aldebaran and star 311. (Remember, the Hyades represents Set so these stars are not only the Bull's eyes but also Set's eyes.) And 'Set eye' would be SETI - i.e. SET-I or SET-Eye... well, maybe.

The main ad graphic used for T3 encodes these associations. The Arnie-Terminator's face, taking up most of the space, emphasizes his red right eye as if to allude to Aldebaran, the red giant star representing the right eye of the Bull/Set. (It also evokes HAL the 'red eye' A.I. from 2001: A Space Odyssey.) And only one side of his face is illuminated... just like the Crabwood alien glyph, the Ultra-Tech picture, and Hoagland's 2003 Face picture!

At the Terminator's left-eye region is a reflected image of 'Terminator TX', the most advanced killing machine featured in the film. While capable of shape-shifting, TX appears mostly as a beautiful feline woman, seemingly alluding to the beastly feline/leonine left/east side of the Face on Mars... (And the lion is the most feared 'killing machine' on land.)

The 'TX' designation conjures up 'Texas', the official abbreviation of which is in fact 'TX'. Many scenes in the film are very Texas-like to underscore the connection.

It cannot be missed that Texas represents the political 'Ground Zero' in the post-9/11 period under the Bush presidency. Both Bush and Cheney are from Texas and have done shady dealings with corrupt Texas energy/oil corporations like Enron and Halliburton. Without Texas there probably would have been no Iraq invasion or even 9/11. Schwarzenegger has a shadowy Texas connection as well - a connection seemingly acknowledged in T3 as he utters 'TX corrupted me'...

The fact is, Arnie's rise in California politics has much to do with the state's disastrous energy situation (massive blackouts etc.) which in turn was driven by the corrupt practices of Texas energy companies, particularly Enron. It is known that Arnold met with Enron's CEO/Chairman Ken Lay in a private meeting convened in 2001 to discuss energy issues. As reported on August 14, '03 by IPA (confirmed by FTCR in Oct '03):

Consumer advocates with the Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights, Heller and Balber said today: "The California energy crisis was the culmination of a decade-long push to remove consumer protections and regulatory oversight of California's electric power system... Leading the charge was Ken Lay, the former CEO and Chairman of Enron, whose close ties with the Bush family were supplemented by campaign contributions both in Washington and across the country, notably including more than $100,000 to California Governor Gray Davis. It was, of course, no surprise that Governor Davis failed to meaningfully take on the power industry's manipulation of the California energy market during the crisis, opting instead to sign overpriced power contracts and force consumers and taxpayers to pay for the miserable failure of deregulation..."

"In order to counter the virtual public consensus that deregulation ought to be dumped, Ken Lay, during the spring of 2001, began a series of high-powered meetings to salvage the deteriorating argument for his energy scheme.... He met privately with Vice President Cheney in the days leading up to the administration's publication of what became an extremely Enron-friendly National Energy Plan. Successful on the national front as a result of his longstanding relationship with key Republicans, Lay hoped to regain his footing in California by forging ties with prominent Republicans in the state. In May of 2001, Lay convened a private meeting with junk bond king Michael Milken, Los Angeles' then-Mayor Richard Riordan and Arnold Schwarzenegger, at which Lay reportedly presented his vision of solving the state's energy deregulation crisis by, absurd as it sounds, expanding deregulation..."

Enron has since imploded of course, but Enron's backing of Schwarzenegger tells us a lot about his nature, or at least his assigned 'mission'... his destiny/fate. It is symbolically noteworthy that 'Enron' spelt backwards is 'Norne', the name of the 'three goddesses of fate' in Norse mythology.

The idea of fate/destiny would then relate to such things as the 'Spear of Destiny', i.e. the holy lance of St. Longinus said to have pierced the side of Jesus. It's essentially an alter ego of the Holy Grail and said to have been possessed or sought by various messianic or antichristic leaders throughout history like Herod the Great, Constantine, Hitler, etc. The Spear represents the power that 'Antichrist' must possess in order to succeed in his endeavors. And this association suits Arnold's role well - the false Horus (i.e. Set) or the false 'messiah'... and/or indeed the 'Antichrist'/'Beast'. As I wrote on August 20, '03:

...there is an allusion to the emergence of an antichrist in the Book of Revelation 9:11 (yes, 9-11):

And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon.

...'Abaddon' and 'Apollyon', both mean the same thing - 'Destroyer'. [...] And of course... Schwarzenegger is none other than the 'Terminator'! [Arnie was also Conan the Destroyer (1984).]

The Terminator series is all about the end of the world or 'Judgment Day' (the title of the second installment), i.e. typical stuff from the Book of Revelation.

My interpretation has been that, like the Grail 'rose line', the Spear and its original possessor St. Longinus together allude to a longitudinal line (meridian), thus dovetailing with the foregoing Meridian theme. Even the name 'Terminator' is suggestive in that astronomically it refers to the line separating the illuminated and dark sides of a celestial body such as the Moon (and the line on the Moon tends to be longitudinal...)

The Spear of Destiny now resides in the Hapsburg Treasure House Museum in Vienna, Austria - the country where Schwarzenegger was born and raised.

So, we could say Schwarzenegger is a 'Trojan Horse' sent into the US government - ultimately the White House - to play the role of the Beast/Antichrist in the coming period of intense troubles... possibly World War 3 in which the United States would be the new Nazis, the 'Fourth Reich'. (Note: I'm not saying Arnie literally is the 'Antichrirst'/'Beast'.)

This process was perhaps kick-started on 9/11, 2001 - exactly 225 years from the birth of the US (1776) and the year highlighted by 2001: A Space Odyssey, the ultimate red-eye A.I. ('HAL') movie. Closely related to this, it was the Odyssey probe that took the Face picture on Oct. 24, '02 showing its illuminated beast (eastern) half, discussed in Hoagland's paper published when Mars was making its close approach to Earth last year seemingly commemorating the 'rise of Schwarzenegger'.

I certainly find it fitting that it is in Homer's epic called The Odyssey ('the greatest tale of all time') that the story of the Trojan War is told, famous for involving the Trojan Horse tactic masterminded by one 'Odysseus'. This shows that the ultimate 'false gift' (Trojan Horse), Odyssey, and '2001' are all closely intertwined.

The Contact theme becomes more prominent in '2010: The Year We Make Contact', a sequel to '2001'. Its plot involves Jupiter transforming into a star which the original author Arthur C. Clarke (2010: Odyssey Two) calls 'Lucifer', i.e. Venus the 'light bearer'!

Venus' July 4th 'hyperdimensional turning' at -19.5 deg. Galactic Meridian near the red-eye star Aldebaran carried all these associations. In a way the 'Super Torch Day' (7/4/04) was a 'Super Eye/A.I. Day'.

Now, while Aldebaran, the red/right eye, was clearly a key component of the encoded symbolism, we find more sinister and explosive implications attached to the left eye represented by star '311'.

First, in Terminator 3 are given specific time references to the beginning of 'Judgment Day', to be marked by world-wide nuclear detonations. There is one particular scene containing the following conversation between Arnold-Terminator and John Connor (future leader of mankind):

Terminator: The first launch sequences will be initiated at 6:18 p.m.
John Connor: What, today?
Terminator: Affirmative.
Kate: John, what is he saying?
John: Judgment Day, the end of the world - it's today 3 hours from now.
Terminator: 2 hours, 53 minutes. We must continue south into Mexico to escape the primary blast zones.

The coding is quite simple: we can simply turn the numbers into days: i.e. '6:18' into 618 days and '2 hr 53 min' into 253 days. Based on the repeated references to 'today' or 'from now', we can count forward from July 2, 2003, i.e. Terminator 3's release date. This yields the following:

7/02/03 + 618 days = March 11, '05
7/02/03 + 253 days = March 11, '04

Both 'March 11', one year apart - leaving little doubt that the decoding is valid. And '3/11' is... yes, '311', as in the 'left eye' star 311!

Now, do you remember what happened on March 11, '04? This is chilling: on that very day came 'Spain's 9/11' - 10 bombs exploding on four packed morning commuter trains in Madrid killing 191 people and injuring 1,800... A huge, shocking event, the impact of which is still being felt today even in the US (politically mostly). Some people quickly sensed something ritualistic about it, pointing out hat there are exactly 911 days in between 9/11/01 and 3/11/04. Well, indeed, it was 'prophesied' in Terminator 3. It was a 'Judgment Day ritual' for Arnie! We even find that adding the encoded '253 days' to Jan 1 brings us to September 11 (Sept 10 for leap years)!

Given all these 'coincidences', the terror attacks were likely not an al-Qaeda operation per se, but an event orchestrated ultimately by... shall we say 'TX cabal'.

The 'TX ritual' even involved Lucifer. Get this: very near the Atocha train station where a total of seven bombs exploded, killing about 100 people, is a park called the 'Retiro' in which stands 'El Angel Caido', said to be the world's only sculpture solely dedicated to... Lucifer the light-bearer/Venus!

There is more: Madrid derives its name from Mayrit (referring to the River Manzanares), meaning 'source of water' or 'rich in abundance of waters'. This is important in that star 311 (as well as Aldebaran) is in the Hyades star cluster and 'Hyades' means 'the rainy ones' and it's been called 'the watery Hyades', 'a watery constellation', etc. So Madrid is the 'source of water' and the Hyades is a watery/rainy star cluster!

I've also noted that the involvement of trains may be a sick pun, since 'Hyades' can mean 'to rain'... (Get it? Train, to-rain.)

They do leave their fingerprints....

Finally, adding '311' days to the day of Arnold's California 'total recall' election (Oct 7, 2003) gives us August 13, '04 - the opening day of the Athens Olympics, the climax of the 'super torch ritual'.

True Lies

So when is the 'Judgment Day'? Is there a time code for that? The answer is a qualified 'yes'. That is the 'Lucifer Time Code'. How literal, however, is still in question and we'll go into that issue later on. Instead of looking into the future, let me here illustrate how the 'Contact ritual game' can be traced backward into the 1990s (at least).

The familiar themes of Contact, SETI/Set, Osiris/Horus, Hoagland, Trojan Horse, ultra-tech, terror, Scifi-reality crossover, etc. were already being expressed in late 1998 through a series of curious developments. This was the 'hoax' involving the supposed discovery of a SETI signal coming from the direction of EQ Pegasi.

Here is the gist of the story:

On Thursday, October 22, 1998, at 21:13 UTC (9:13 p.m. UK time), Paul Dore, an engineer with Siemens Corp., reportedly picked up a strange signal emanating from the constellation Pegasus.

In an Internet post, Dore stated that he had been doing SETI research for "a year and a half," using the company's 10-meter (30-foot) dish antenna, plus "Inmarsat LNA with about 25db gain." [...]

He... calculated the coordinates of the transmission: Right Ascension - 23 degrees, 31 minutes, 48 seconds; Declination - 19 hours, 55 minutes, 50 seconds. The signal had come from the star system EQ Pegasi about 22 light-years (132,000,000,000,000 miles) from Earth.

After a careful check of the equipment, Dore began scanning again at approximately 21:17 UTC on Friday, October 23. "The same signal was picked up, and it was at the same right ascension and declination."

Once Dore posted his information, a lively debate ensued on the Internet. [...]

While the debate raged, Dore logged three more hits, on Monday, October 26, at 5:58 and 6:45 UTC and on Tuesday, October 27, at 7:15 UTC, all from the EQ Pegasi system. He said he had picked up the signal on frequency 1453.07512Mhz, plus or minus 400hz Doppler.

While proponents claimed that a similar anomalous signal had been detected coming from EQ Pegasi on September 17, 1998, the SETI League branded the incident a hoax. [...]

In an official statement, Dr. Paul Shuch of the SETI League said, "The non-profit, membership-supported SETI League has been analyzing this claim since Friday night (October 23). None of our 63 active stations around the world have been able to confirm it."

"The 'signal' has been discredited by a host of radio astronomers, amateur and professional, who have analyzed the GIFs posted to the Internet," Dr. Shuch said, "The person who reported the alleged signal has violated every principle of responsible science. He has not fulfilled the carefully-crafted SETI League signal detection protocols to which all of our members are signatory."

It was BBC's David Whitehouse reporting on the development, on Oct 29, that gave it some credibility and ignited a buzz on the internet.

Enter Richard Hoagland. He jumped on this, and on Nov 2 wrote :

Later in the day on the 29th, a story began to break concerning a possible "SETI hit" by a private amateur radio astronomer. Paul Dore, a veteran of the British military industrial complex, reported the signal. After an initial report of a "Halloween hoax" (later disputed by the Dore), it became obvious that something strange was going on. There were reports of confirmation from a German team, and then another amateur astronomer in the U.K. Efflesberg in Germany was quick to deny they had been searching for the signal, but did admit (after press reports their astronomers were in London) that some of their staff was "abroad."

Then the Harvard Project BETA, which had been updating its web site every ten minutes with real time data, suddenly went dark after uploading an image indicating they were looking in the direction of the purported signal. Harvard SETI officials have denied finding anything, either on their current search or when they previously examined EQ Pegasi in September. At the same time, they admitted to some "anomalies" in the data. Maybe in light of current events you should consider releasing the raw data, guys?

That same evening, TEM principal investigator Richard Hoagland went on the Art Bell Radio program to discuss the reports. He argued that the signal was most likely not coming from EQ Pegasi, but rather from a point in space nearby, perhaps as close as ten billion miles out. He predicted that the signal was in fact coming from a "probe" that would soon begin to decelerate. Only two days later a Japanese amateur astronomer reported picking up the signal and indicated that it was indeed slowing down. Based on inside "Pentagon sources", Hoagland also expected a landing in the American Southwest on or about December 7th. [...]

Oh, and at the rate the signal is "decelerating"  -- about 1 to 1.7 MHz per day -- it should reach that "motionless" state -- about the first week of December. [...]

Besides the obvious connections, SETI literally being translated as "Set's eye", there are the not so obvious connections. Project BETA had its origins at NASA, and moved into a privately funded effort led by the Planetary Society, the organization founded by Carl Sagan. [...]

As things stand of this writing, a major press conference is scheduled for Wednesday [Nov. 4] in London. Nathan Keys of the London Based newspaper Sun, reports that the conference will be held under the auspices of the International Astronomical Union and the British Astronomical Association. Hardly the type of people to be involved in a hoax. It should be an interesting week ...

Not surprisingly the press conference was canceled. Hoagland wrote in an update:

Within hours of Richard C. Hoagland's November 2-3 appearance on the Art Bell program and the posting of our SOHO/SETI article on this web site, Paul Dore, the engineer who first reported the anomalous signals from the direction of EQ Pegasi, suddenly cancelled his press conference that had been scheduled for Wednesday, the 4th of November.

He sent an e-mail outlining a story of threats and intimidation. First, two astronomer's scheduled to appear at his press conference called and cancelled with no explanation. Then three intelligence agents (one from NSA) showed up at his house while he was at work, and by their presence had terrified Dore's wife. He was subsequently told that what he had picked up was a secret "deep space" intelligence satellite, and he was coerced into signing a document that threatened him with prosecution if he spoke about it.

It was all beginning to sound like the usual conspiratorial hoax scenario. The aura of trickery and deception was growing and Hoagland would acknowledge as much. Still, he would perceptively sense that in the 'hoax' itself was encoded a message, not unlike the Crabwood alien glyph that had a design deliberately susceptive to skepticism. A simple but effective psychological technique.

Perhaps the most telling was Dore's final public statement on the issue, the coded nature of which Hoagland talked about in his article 'The Art of Talking in Code'.

Excerpts from the 'Dore' statement [emphasis added]:

Monday, the second of November has got to be one of the worst 24 hours I've ever experienced. Here is a brief synopsis of the events that ensued. "6:00am I arrive at work, do some rather routine things and cull overnight data. [...]

7:00pm I arrive home to find three gentlemen in my residence. My wife Helen has the look of sheer terror upon her face. [...]

It turns out that what I discovered was infact [sic] a classified intelligence satellite having to do with something known as Project 415. [...]

...the details I cannot go into but I am satisfied that what I picked up was infact [sic] a secret deep space satellite for purposes of national and international (it seems) security. [...]

I had visions of going down in history as being the first human being to detect signs of other intelligence in the universe and while I found intelligence alright, it certainly wasn't the kind of intelligence I hoped to discover. I am a bit depressed now, though that could have as much to do with the weather. My family and I have decided that I should not purse this line of research any further. Should I ever discovery anything else strange in the course of my work I will be very careful about revealing it.

The combination of First Contact, a secret satellite, and an 'eye in the sky' ('Project 415' which does exist and has to do with advanced electronic surveillance) immediately reminds us of the 'GoldenEye' satellite...

And Dore calling his wife 'Helen' may well have been a clue, in that Pegasus (as in EQ Pegasi) is one of the two famous mythological horses, the other being the Trojan Horse, the 'false gift'. It was the Trojan Horse that ended the Trojan War, a war caused by the abduction of a beautiful woman named... Helen ('Helen of Troy'). And the abductor was 'Paris'.

'Paul Dore' is an interesting name too since 'Paul' means 'small' and 'Dore' is 'door'. Together it says 'small door' or 'small gateway'. Remember the last line from the alien glyph message? 'Conduit CLOSING (BELL/007)'. A 'closing conduit' is indeed a 'small gateway'...

Now let's examine the 'Helen' sentence:

My wife Helen has the look of sheer terror upon her face.

The Great Sphinx, a form of Horus/Mars, has the epithet 'the Father of Terror'; and Mars' satellites are called Phobos, 'fear', and Deimos, 'dread' - making Mars a 'planet of terror'. The Face on Mars would then be analogous to a 'face on terror', echoing 'terror upon her face'.

Given the significance of the terror day, 9/11, in all this, we find it interesting that Hoagland mentions December 7 as a key date linked to EQ Pegasi:

[Hoagland] predicted that the signal was in fact coming from a "probe" that would soon begin to decelerate. Only two days later a Japanese amateur astronomer reported picking up the signal and indicated that it was indeed slowing down. Based on inside "Pentagon sources", Hoagland also expected a landing in the American Southwest on or about December 7th. [...]

Looking back, the insider information seems to have been part of the 'hoax' not to be taken literally. The very 'sci-fi' idea of an alien-ship 'landing' should have raised a red flag.

The key to the code is 'December 7' being the 'Pearl Harbor day'. Together with the 'terror' reference, those of us in the post-9/11 world cannot help but associate it with 9/11 which many did view as the 'second Pearl Harbor'. Well, sure enough, only few months before 9/11 on May 25 was released the film 'Pearl Harbor'...

The only other major film dealing with Pearl Harbor aside from Tora! Tora! Tora! is 'The Final Countdown' (1980) - involving time travel by a warship, very much like the Philadelphia Experiment! The 'stargate' theme again...

Another Hollywood connection - 'Star Trek: The Motion Picture' (1979), as Hoagland commented:

Later, a new posting on the EQ Pegasi web site, [now gone] ostensibly from an Australian hacker, showed images supposedly "lifted" from the SETI web site. It showed data from the September observations, described as "anomalous" by SETI researchers, and showed a clear signal at 1210 MHz. The posting pointed out that NASA's computers and SETI's line were directly linked, in spite of the "propaganda" to the contrary. It also revealed the site that the data had been culled from, listed as:


Now, my efforts to get through to this site have gone for naught. But there still seems to be a hint of something curious in the domain name itself. The first word, "VGER" just happens to be the name of the alien probe from "Star Trek - The Motion Picture".

You may recall that VGER, an enormous probe that headed directly for Earth at amazing speed, only to stunningly decelerate into Earth orbit, began as a mythical "Voyager 6" and then mutated into an alien form. It seems a strange name for a web site devoted to storing data from a "non-hit", don't you think?

This is fitting in that Hoagland's team/website, which must have been part of the intended audience for the EQ Pegasi 'hoax', is called 'The Enterprise Mission', an obvious reference to Star Trek's starship 'Enterprise'.

The story of the 'V'ger' probe yields more clues, starting with the fact that it travels through some kind of space-time distortion like a black hole - i.e. a stargate - and pops up elsewhere in the universe. Here is a brief summary:

V-ger, as it called itself (pronounced vee-jer) was an ancient mechanical space probe that was on a mission to explore and discover and report back its findings. The probe was "rescued" from the depths of space by a civilization of mechanical aliens and reconfigured so that it could actually accomplish this mission for the entire universe. Eventually, the probe did acquire all knowledge and, in so doing, achieved consciousness. The Star Trek crew come upon this now-sprawling monstrous collection of cosmic information at a time when the alien was searching for its original creator and the meaning of life. The stenciled letters on the side of the original probe revealed the characters "V" and "ger". Shortly thereafter, Captain Kirk discovers that the probe was Voyager 6, which had been launched by humans on Earth in the late twentieth century. Apparently, the "oya" that fits between the V and the "ger" had been badly tarnished and was unreadable.

The story involves not only the stargate theme but also artificial intelligence, a la 'Rise of the Machines', like Terminators coming through a stargate...

And by the way, the idea of  V'ger searching for its creator is expressed through the missing 'oya' portion in that 'oya' means 'parent' in Japanese. V'ger was imperfect because it was missing its parent, humans/humanity. Upon returning to Earth, it was recognized for what it really was - 'Voyager'... The 'oya' was finally back together with V'ger, making it complete.

'Voyager 6' in any case was a fictional probe, but it was loosely based on Voyager 1 & 2 launched in 1977, each carrying a 'Golden Record' disk, a SETI communication device containing information about Earth. In Endgame I interpreted this very disk as corresponding to the disk held by the Crabwood alien!:

Now, like the Arecibo signal, behind the Voyager disk project was Carl Sagan (whose novel became the movie Contact). Originally, however, it was Pioneer 10 launched in 1972 that carried the first SETI message to potential ETs out there. Sagan was involved here as well, but the real originator of this grand idea was none other than Richard Hoagland (who took the proposal to Sagan).

As you can see, this is all a big web of symbolic inferences, together transmitting a surprisingly coherent and multi-layered message. The Athens Olympics were the latest and so far the most in-your-face installment of this coded 'Contact' program covered in 'true lies'. The message is not that 'aliens are coming!' Not really. It apparently has more to do with political and social secrets and conspiracies involving 'ultra technology'.

One last thing I should mention regarding EQ Pegasi: Hoagland ended up theorizing that the 'December 7' date 'leaked' to him actually had something do with weather manipulation involving HAARP. It's deja vu all over again... Oh, and the first sentence from the Dore statement:

Monday, the second of November has got to be one of the worst 24 hours I've ever experienced.

This year's US presidential election is held on November 2, immediately preceded by the Contact/stargate event in Athens and the Florida hurricanes which were potentially 'weather manipulation' events...

From the last paragraph of the Dore statement:

I had visions of going down in history as being the first human being to detect signs of other intelligence in the universe and while I found intelligence alright, it certainly wasn't the kind of intelligence I hoped to discover. I am a bit depressed now, though that could have as much to do with the weather.

Very interesting...

Continued in Stargate Cipher 2012: Part II

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2004 Goro Adachi