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Stargate Cipher 2012
Part II

Athens Olympics, Contact, Life On Mars,
Holy Grail, Ultra Technology
& Mayan Calendar

By Goro Adachi
November 24, 2004

Goro Adachi


...continued from Page 2:

Cosmogenesis Alignment

The deeper we look into the Mayan Calendar, the more we realize that it is central to the 'alien contact message'. All the preceding themes of Contact, stargate, Mars, America, Nazis, Sun Stone, Genesis, eugenics, weather control, mind control, Schwarzenegger, Mary-Venus-Isis, 9/11, and such share a convergence point on the Mayan 'end of time' 2012 (as well as 2010).

For instance, the Mayan calendar (specifically its key 260-day cycle called 'Tzolkin') encodes within in its scheme not only Venus but also phi (Golden Ratio/Proportion). As explained by Maya expert John Major Jenkins:

The word tzolkin refers to the sacred cycle of 260 days which is the centerpiece of a sophisticated calendar system developed almost 3000 years ago by the indigenous people of Mesoamerica. The Classic Maya civilization (200 A.D. to 900 A.D.) brought this system to its highest and most profound expression. They utilized the tzolkin cycle and the solar year cycle to predict eclipses, planetary motion, and to schedule agricultural activities. [...]

The "key" to the Venus Calendar of the Maya is the 260-day tzolkin cycle. The framework of days created by the tzolkin cycle allowed the ancient Maya to predict exactly when Venus would rise as morningstar. The full "Venus Round" period created by the combination of tzolkin, Venus cycle and solar year, amounts to just under 104 years. Evidence concerning the details of this system are contained in the Dresden Codex, one of the few remaining Mayan books. [...]

My work proposes that the Maya discovered and incorporated universal principles into their calendric philosophy. Perhaps I should be a little less cryptic and explain exactly what I mean. The Golden Proportion is a unique ratio responsible for the generation of self-same similarity in nature. "Self-same similarity" refers to an organism or process which replicates itself based upon its previous form. For example, seashells or pine cones tend to grow by replicating the same pattern over and over; these forms are typically spiral shaped. But self-same similarity is not limited to spirals. Tree branching, human reproduction and cell mitosis are processes ruled by self-same similarity. The specific mathematical growth pattern followed in these processes is governed by the Golden Proportion (symbolized by the Greek letter f; PHI). The Pythagorean school of thought believed that the celestial order was determined by the Golden Proportion. It is also one of the foundation principles of ancient Egyptian Sacred Science. [...]

I argue in my book Tzolkin that the Golden Proportion is at the core of the tzolkin's mathematical and philosophical dynamics which connect human unfolding with the planets (the subject-object interface). [...] In this way the Golden Proportion, like the tzolkin, provides a connection between organic spirals in nature (including the "spiral-unfolding" of gestation), and planetary cycles such as the 5:8 Sun/Venus ratio. For readers unfamiliar with this amazing fact, this is just to say that Venus passes through exactly 5 morningstar risings every 8 years. 5:8, like 13:20, is a PHI ratio. [...]

So the Golden Proportion is one of the "universal principles" which the Maya seem to have intuited and incorporated into the structure of the tzolkin calendar. This is the central insight opening the way to a more detailed discussion of the "core principles" of Mayan Time Philosophy. That these "core principles" are universal is, in itself, a breakthrough in our understanding of the Mayan calendar.

So we are back to the phi/Fibonacci spiral, highlighted during the closing ceremony in Athens! And of course, Athens' spiral was literally a crop circle - one associated with a torch, Venus, and the Sun Stone just like the Aztec/Maya crop circle. They were clearly alter egos - conceptually interchangeable and designed to corroborate and enhance each other's encoded 'message'!

Aug 29, '04

Aug 03, '04

The Mayan 'end date' even ends up interacting with the Milky Way in a surprisingly direct way - specifically with the Galactic Equator and Center, just like the Athens spiral/circle.

Earlier I wrote:

...the Milky Way is indeed a starry spiral.

... The [Athens] spiral's causeway [aligned with the Olympic flame tower] can signify a celestial line such as the Galactic Equator/Meridian or the due-east column highlighted by Venus.

Well, indeed, it turns out that the Mayan 'end time', Dec 21, 2012, is understood by John Major Jenkins - explained in his books Maya Cosmogenesis 2012 and Galactic Alignment - to have been designed to pinpoint the solstice Sun's rare (13,000-year cycle) alignment with the Galactic Equator/Center!



Dramatically echoing the cosmic design is this familiar scene from Athens' opening ceremony featuring the giant Face and a red centaur...

As we recall, the 'Martian' face emerged after the centaur threw a spear into the lake. The centaur, while already compared to the Great Sphinx, inevitably reminds us of the constellation Sagittarius known as 'the Archer' and traditionally perceived as a centaur with a bow and arrow.

The following passage from Star Names: Their Lore and Meaning (Richard Allen, p.354) all but confirms the connection:

An inscription, on a fragment of a planisphere, transcribed by Sayce as Utucagaba, the Light of the White Face, and by Pinches as Udgudua, the Flowing (?) Day, or the Smiting Sun Face, is supposed to be an allusion to this constellation (Sagittarius). [emphasis added]

So the Athenean Face was the 'White Face' or 'Smiting Sun Face' and the centaur the Sagittarius constellation. The significance being that the Galactic Center is located in Sagittarius. Not only that, in its traditional depiction Sagittarius aims its arrow closely at the Galactic Center!

That Sagittarius, Mars/Cydonia, the sphinx, and the Face are closely interconnected is made more evident in the book Cydonia: The Secret Chronicles of Mars (2002) by David Flynn from the 'Watcher' website which is of course already inseparable from the 2002 Crabwood alien crop glyph.

Here are relevant passages:

Sagittarius is important in reckoning the cataclysmic Aion cycle of time, pointing out as he does the place where the Ouroboros serpent [the Milky Way] is "connected"... Sagittarius resides on one of the two places the Milky Way intersects the ecliptic... [p.14]

The skill of hunting and invention of archery was credited to the Kabiroi or Kouretes, the origin of the name of the island of Crete. The Semitic word for hunter is tzidon, the root of "Sidonia" and "Cydonia". [p.74]

Euphratean Cuneiform inscriptions associated the constellation Sagittarius with Nergal, the god of Mars... The Mesopotamian archer-god Nergal was associated with war, fire and the planet Mars, and was the double of the constellation Sagittarius, the arrow-man who pointed the sign of the suntelia in the mouth of the Ouroboros. [p.82]

According to the records of the Assyrians and Babylonians, Nergal was considered the deity represented by the sign Sagittarius... Unlike the depiction of Sagittarius in modern zodiacs as a half human half horse, Nergal was often depicted in Babylonian art as a distinctly Cydonian, lion with a human head... The Egyptians depicted Sagittarius with the same sphinx-like lion/human features which they had attributed to their god Horus... The Egyptian Denderah... Zodiac depicts Sagittarius as an archer with a face in two halves, a face of a lion on one side and the face of a human on the other. [pp.209-210]

It all fits beautifully.

At this point we can safely conclude that the causeway pinpointing the center of Athens' spiral, symbolic of the Galactic Center (or anti-center), did indeed represent the Galactic Equator (a line that always passes through the Galactic Center). Naturally the Olympic flame would signify the solstice Sun in this model - supported by the opening ceremony depicting the heavenly flame as a form of 'Sun Stone' fallen from heaven.

And isn't it just perfect that Jenkins' 1998 book, the first to reveal the galactic nature of the Mayan end-date, is titled 'Maya Cosmogenesis 2012'? The term 'cosmogenesis' together with the Sun's galactic alignment flawlessly describes the crash of the Genesis capsule after returning from the Sun, taking place 10 days after the appearance of Athens' spiral, Sept 8, when there was a Venus-Saturn-Moon-Galactic Center-due-east alignment at Giza at which stands the Great Pyramid missing its Benben/Sun Stone symbolized by the Genesis capsule.

Even the 10-day offset between the Athens spiral and Genesis is perfect because the 'Aztec crop circle' was created exactly 10 days before Athens' opening ceremony.

Let us now go through Jenkins' summary of Maya Cosmogenesis 2012 (source) to get a clearer understanding of his work:

Historically, [Maya Cosmogenesis 2012] is to my knowledge the first in-depth, serious, and comprehensive exploration of the Galactic Alignment; in a sense, I broke the case. Here I would like to summarize the salient points of my new reconstruction that contributes a great deal to our evolving understanding of ancient Maya cosmology. We have entered a new era of understanding.

1.   The Maya intended the 2012 end-date of the 13-baktun cycle of their Long Count calendar to target the rare alignment of the solstice sun with the Galactic Center of our Milky Way galaxy.

2.   They encoded this alignment into their basic institutions, including the Creation Myth, king accession rites, and the sacred ballgame. I term this idea-complex the Galactic Cosmology.

3.    Izapa is the origin place of the Long Count and the Maya Creation myth, which serve as the astronomical, calendric, ritual, and mythological foundation of the Galactic Cosmology.

4.   An unrecognized astronomical message in the Pyramid of Kukulcan at Chichen Itza (where the famous shadow-serpent event occurs every equinox) involves the alignment of the sun and the Pleiades in the zenith. My reconstruction here is supported by evidence in Maya iconography, calendrics, and archaeoastronomy. I termed it the Zenith Cosmology.

5.   In addition, I identified the New Fire ceremony and the Calendar Round as the systems used to track the alignment of the sun and the Pleiades in the zenith.

6.   Thus, Chichen Itza was identified as a place that recognized not only the future 2012 alignment of sun and Galactic Center, but a future convergence (in the 21st century) of solar and Pleiadian energy.

7.   Given that the Pleiades and the Galactic Center are roughly opposed in the sky, I proposed that the Maya understood the two alignments to occur in the 21st century (over Chichen Itza, at least) as an opening of the Evolutionary Axis that extends from the Galactic Center, through earth, and out towards the Galactic Anti-Center region of the Pleiades. The implications of this are profound, and embrace ideas in Vedic and Egyptian cosmology.

All of this is completely new, with no inkling of a precedent elsewhere. None of this is derived directly from the work of others; however, my findings did emerge from a comprehensive synthesis of academic perspectives and source studies. In the largest context of what seems to be implied, if not demonstrated here, the Maya were interested in two parts of the sky and two precession-caused alignment that occur in those directions. Both of those alignments are very rare and involve the entire frame of the sky rather than merely local conjunctions of planets. The alignments of our local solstice/equinox framework to the Galactic Center and to the Pleiades, incredibly, both occur in the 21st century. The Maya created an entire set of myths and deities to encode these celestial convergences. The former is the resurrection of One Hunahpu; the latter is the return of Quetzalcoatl. Astronomically speaking, we are aligning via the solstitial axis with the Galactic Center and the Galactic Anti-Center. [...]

Related links for further exploration:

What's really intriguing here is that the precise alignment of the solstice Sun and the Galactic Equator has already taken place in 1998, and Jenkins readily admits this. It is true that 14 years represents a negligible difference for an ancient calendar that covers a vast period of time, but for our recent 'rituals' emphasizing the galactic alignment, this is a big issue that cannot be brushed aside.

So let's get even more precise about this using the following information provided by Jenkins:

...an article by Daniel Giamario pointed out that European astronomer Jean Meeus calculated and published in his book Mathematical Astronomy Morsels, the date of May 1998 for the alignment. Later on in '98, I was told that the Nautical Observatory calculated - with overconfident precision in my opinion - October 27, 1998.

Can you believe this? It was the very days surrounding 'October 27' in 1998 that gave us the EQ Pegasi 'ET contact' fiasco! As discussed in Part 1, that 'hoax' was apparently designed to function as a precursor to the 'Contact' crop glyphs that would come into existence just few years ahead (2000, 2001, and 2002/Crabwood). See the implication here? It was apparently for this reason, i.e. the actual 'Mayan' galactic alignment, that the 'Contact' ritual series extends back to ~Oct. 1998. This in turn makes evident that 1) the 'ritual' is real, 2) our decoding so far is valid, and 3) the 'Contact' communication has much to do with the Mayan 'end of time' concept.

Titanic Fall

In the ritualistic 'countdown', the significance evidently attached to 2004 derives from the Transit of Venus (the second of which will mark 2012). Another time code here involves the film/book, '2010: The Year We Make Contact' (or 'Odyssey Two'), a sequel to '2001: A Space Odyssey'. Aside from its Contact theme, the plot involves turning Jupiter into a star dubbed 'Lucifer'. Jupiter is the god celebrated by the Olympic Games, and Lucifer is of course Venus. And it also interacts calendrically with 2004 in that the latter marks the midpoint between 1998 and 2010 - 6 years on each side. Clues like these encourage us to view '2010' as part of the grand 'ritual'/riddle.

Naturally it carries a dark connotation since 2001: A Space Odyssey was 'answered' by the 9/11 attacks in 2001. We could even infer that there is an active timetable counting down to a major event in 2010 designed to finish off the United States thereby clearing the way for the rise of the next New World, Mars. It's certainly ominous that 2001 is 9 years away from 2010 and 11 years from 2012 - i.e. 9 & 11 - seemingly acknowledging the 9/11 connection and the 2-year difference between 2010 and 2012.

The projected 'major event' in 2010 (and/or 2012) is likely to be an orchestrated 'inside job' like 9/11, carefully planned and executed by a secret cabal made up of Nazi-related bankers, corporations, and generally the military-industrial complex that has access to 'ultra technologies' stemming from the Third Reich, Tesla, and such. As increasingly evident these days, global production of oil is peaking right now or will peak very soon within years - meaning the age of (cheap) oil is about to end rather abruptly. This also means that human civilization itself is on the verge of collapse, ready to descend into a new dark age... literally. Survival becomes a key issue and this naturally gives rise to ugly selfishness and fierce fighting... on a global scale. It will be survival of the fittest at its worst.

This, of course, need not happen. It wouldn't have become a major problem to begin with had the 'ultra technologies' been shared with the rest of the world outside of the small circle of the 'Chosen Ones'. Compared to oil and gas, hyperdimensional energy is the Promised Land - the ultimate (unlimited) energy source. Almost certainly this kind of 'stargate' technology exists somewhere in the 'black' world today. So the question is: When the known energy resources dwindle to the point of not being able to support the modern civilization, will the 'cabal' finally allow their precious toys to be 'discovered' by the rest of the world?

The answer is not clear because the chances are that we're not dealing with people we would consider rational. Besides, unleashing 'stargate' technology is like giving a chained slave a key to freedom. An unlimited source of energy - or the active use of hyperspace - inevitably leads to dramatically reduced power and control for the the elite, the 'gatekeeper'. So which are they going to choose: power and chaos, or no more power and real freedom for all people? The US invasion of Iraq (land of oil) is a good indication as to which path we're on at this time... and this road will lead to dark places.

It is instructive to compare the situation to the sinking of the Titanic. The 1997 film by James Cameron (who also directed two Terminator films) vividly depicted the disturbing reality of our world - the elite easily getting their seats on the lifeboats while many of the poor folks, mistreated, were left behind to die with the doomed ship.

Like the United States being the world's only superpower, the Titanic at the time of her launch was the largest passenger steamship in existence and was considered a pinnacle of man's technological achievement. Mirroring today's American mentality, people back then commented 'Not even God himself could sink this ship'. Well, as the saying goes, 'pride goes before a fall' - i.e. the 'Lucifer' scenario. The heavy involvement of Venus (Lucifer) in the 'Contact' ritual complex currently active can easily be interpreted as a portent of the same scenario repeating, and this time the 'Titanic' is the United States, which incidentally was the destination of the Titanic.

The Titanic was the second 'Olympic'-class liner constructed by the 'White Star Line' Company - subtly relating to the themes of the Olympics and the Milky Way. More interesting is the date of its sinking, April 15, 1912 - evoking 'Project 415' mentioned in Paul Dore's final statement regarding the issue of EQ Pegasi. Was it a hint that there was a project underway attempting to bring about the titanic fall of the United States? That the year was 1912 - exactly 100 years from 2012 - also gives us more reason to purse this line of thinking.

It may seem a stretch to bring the Titanic into the ritual complex, but there is at least a precedent already in existence to suggest the prophetic nature of the maritime tragedy. This is the documented fact that the Titanic story was unmistakably told 14 years before the disaster took place (the Titanic didn't even exist at the time) in Morgan Robertson's 1898 novel titled Futility.

  In Futility
Actual Event
Ship State-of-the-art British ocean liner called
the Titan
State-of-the-art British ocean liner called
the Titanic
Number of Passengers Capacity: 3000
Onboard: 3000
Capacity: 3000
Onboard: 2228
Pride Considered unsinkable Considered unsinkable


New York New York
Event Collision with iceberg
Sinking of ship
Collision with iceberg
Sinking of ship
Time of Impact April
Near midnight
April 15
11:40 pm
Lifeboats Not enough lifeboats Not enough lifeboats

James Cameron's Titanic was released in December 1997 and remained at #1 for months in 1998 - 14 years before 2012 - to become the highest-grossing film in history. In light of 1) the prophetic nature of Futility published 100 years before Titanic (1898/1998), 2) the prominence of Hollywood movies in the Contact/Mayan ritual complex, 3) James Cameron using Schwarzenegger in three of his films (The Terminator, Terminator 2, & True Lies), and 4) 1998 being the year of EQ Pegasi 'Contact' fiasco and the Mayan alignment of the Milky Way and the solstice Sun, we can't help but suspect that Titanic is indeed symbolically relevant - specifically carrying the implication echoing Futility, i.e. that Cameron's film was a preview - this time more metaphoric than Futility - of what awaits us 14 years or so ahead, around 2012...

Realm of Genesis: To Be Or Not To Be

With the apparent reelection of George W. Bush, the world seems to be marching right ahead along the path to mass deaths and destruction. It's almost a given that the 'Titanic' will go down one way or another but it doesn't have to be ugly or unnecessarily painful just as the invasion of Iraq and the ensuing chaos and deaths were easily avoidable. Indeed, Iraq is probably a chilling preview of where we are headed on a larger scale and especially for the main instigator, the United States. Martial law, a police state, civil war, World War III... Whatever it may be, it's well on its way and unless we collectively wake up to realize where we're rushing toward, an apocalyptic and carefully choreographed 'Judgment Day' scenario is likely to play out in the near future.

It's likely that, for the cabal of the self-appointed 'Chosen Ones', this would merely represent an acceptable solution for population reduction. Perhaps they'd consider it a convenient screening process needed before mankind - or their kind - moves on to the next New World, Mars. It may well be that they are already actively assisting the process in order to have it coincide with the Mayan calendar. Is this their long-planned 'Final Solution' being implemented at last? Do they dream of raising a racially advanced Fourth Reich on Mars?

Are these just paranoid thoughts? Perhaps. Unfortunately I don't think they are farfetched at all. As they say, 'power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely'. History is corruption and now is the pinnacle of corruption. Now is when absolutely corrupted absolute power can create a worldwide and practically instant calamity because they now have the 'end of the world in a box' technology to bring about 'Armageddon' if they wish to do so. And this is prophetic more in the sense of a self-fulfilling prophecy... but perhaps it makes no difference in the end.

With their advanced technologies, the 'Chosen Ones' would have the ability to become either the savior or destroyer of the world. It's a choice between continuation and a new start. This would be a major fork in the road for mankind, and without concerted effort on the part of the 'lowly' populace to wake up to the hidden reality and truth, the 'Titanic' appears destined to sink to the bottom of the ocean like Atlantis. It's a major gate that we are going through here at the 'end of time' in the 21st century.

Being the last superpower left on this planet, the United States' role is naturally critical. The presidents who are to lead the nation in the coming years will play a major role guiding the ship to its destination for better or for worse. They will represent the eye of the hurricane, the center of the galactic stargate, and a monarch in the twister...

It then must be of utmost importance to the cabal - because many aspects of their 'Armageddon plan' would have to be implemented through the presidential 'gate'. The cabal would find it necessary to tightly monitor and control the upcoming leaders. Total control, if possible... i.e. a direct access to their minds. Surely, Project Monarch, MK-ULTRA, Manchurian candidate, and such would come in handy in situations like this if such projects are indeed actively being pursued in the black world. And we wonder: Is this where this charismatic, Hitler-admiring, Martian Terminator A.I., aka 'The Olympian', enters the scene to guide the ship through the gate to its watery grave?

Is Arnold Schwarzenegger slated to be installed in the White House in or around 2008, just in time for the 2010/2012 event(s) presumably already planned behind the scenes? Is Arnold going to be a literally mind-controlled leader? Is he at some point going to turn around and fight his controllers? As of winter 2004, this appears to be an uncomfortably probable scenario. Following his late-August Republican convention speech, the idea of an Arnold presidency is, as I had predicted, openly being pushed in Washington DC and the media (this was an idea very few people took seriously before summer/fall).

Oct  27: Sen.Orrin Hatch is pushing 'Arnold bill'
Oct  29: President Schwarzenegger?
Nov 13: Ads to back Arnold for President
Nov 19: Madelein
e Albright backs foreigners for presidency
Nov 20:
Arnold's world tour may be a presidential campaign trail
Nov 21: 'Arnold for President' is no joke

The gaining momentum for the movement is such that Alex Jones (radio host, owner of prisonplanet.com & infowars.com), who has been warning about Schwarzenegger from the very beginning, paralleling my own work/Etemenanki, has just launched in mid-November an anti-Arnold website called Arnold Exposed designed to build up a counter movement against the elite's effort to put Arnie in the White House (which requires changing the US Constitution).

Things are definitely heating up on that front. What was a joke just months ago is now suddenly a very serious issue. I had predicted for months that his appearance at the Republican Convention would be a marker event, designed to catapult Arnold onto the national stage in preparation for his eventual presidency (and/or vice presidency). In other words, it was predictable. Predictable because it's all largely scripted.

The basic setup seems to be that the American public is to be forced into a 'mind-controlled' false reality ('the Matrix') and this illusion or 'Maya' is to come crashing down around 2010-2012 when a programmed 'Terminator' would be heading the nation, in effect fulfilling the Mayan prophecy. The 'Mayan collapse' then paves the way for the rise of the next hi-tech New World, Mars, a booby-trapped A.I. Promised Land.

Tangentially related to this, perhaps, is the curious scientific discovery that the Local Sidereal Time (i.e. the position in the local sky) of the Galactic Center has a strong correlation with the amount of coherent intuitiveness humans (and presumably other animals) are able to access. In other words, the Galactic Center, the heart of the Milky Way spiral marked by a black hole, appears to to have some 'control' over our mind - actually the most 'divine' transdimensional aspect of the mind which can be called the 'soul' or psi.

Could this perhaps imply that our 'Mayan alignment' (or the geometry) involving the Galactic Center/Equator and the solstice Sun constitutes some kind of breakthrough moment for the mysterious psi-correlation phenomenon? Could it perhaps suppress and/or amplify our 'psychic' faculties to a greater degree than before?

Psi being a 'stargate within', it would be more coherent to suppose that the 'Mayan' alignment/geometry would have an amplifying effect, allowing us to open our 'inner eye' like never before in known history. Put another way, our mind would be freer, just as the disclosure of 'stargate' technology, if done properly, would bring about a much freer form of civilization.

In this light it could be said that the American presidency residing at the center of the spiral as shown in the picture right, analogous to the Galactic Center, would signify a mind-controlled/controlling gatekeeper who can either prevent us from becoming truly 'free' or help us go through the 'stargate' and move into a more multidimensional state of being.

Our 'freedom' being equated with the cabal losing its power over the 'slaves', they could easily have a twisted desire to hijack the 'divine' cosmic process and send a Trojan Horse into the 'gate' in order to shut it all down (or at least 'corrupt' the process). They don't want us escaping the Matrix. They'd rather play God and do the 'Judgment' work themselves... They'd rather develop and unleash selective/ethno-specific biological weapons to bring about their apocalyptic Final Solution, wiping out the 'undesirables' while they ride out the storm underground.

These are very conspiratorial ideas to be sure, but things do appear to be moving in this direction at the present time and unless we change course we are likely to end up where we're going.

There may be a less sinister interpretation however - if that's possible. It may be that whatever it is, it's ultimately set up as a 'test', something analogous to the riddle of the sphinx in Greek legend. The sphinx asks a question and unless the right answer is given it's termination time. The correct answer in the legend - as well as in the Mission To Mars version - is 'man', which seems to be related to to the Gnostic principle of 'Know thy self', associated with the Oracle of Delphi, the traditional home of the omphalos (navel) stone, the Greek version of the Benben/Sun Stone. Fittingly enough the idea found its way into The Matrix...

Oracle: OK, now I'm supposed to say, "Hmm, that's interesting, but..." then you say...
Neo: ..."but what?"
Oracle: But... you already know what I'm going to tell you.
Neo: I'm not The One.
Oracle: Sorry, kid. You got the gift, but it looks like you're waiting for something.
Neo: What?
Oracle:   Your next life, maybe. Who knows? That's the way these things go.
Oracle: Do you know what that means? [points to a banner]
Oracle: It means know thy self. I wanna tell you a little secret, being The One is just like being in love. No one needs to tell you you are in love, you just know it, through and through.

It could easily be said that the essence of who we are is our DNA and so the ultimate expression of 'self knowledge' would be the DNA code, which was of course an idea artfully transmitted at the Athens Olympics and in Mission To Mars. And the knowledge of self opens up the gate...

This model of there being a 'stargate' signifying 'Judgment at the end of time' is agelessly embodied by the Great Sphinx - a baffling ancient monument at Giza sometimes fittingly called the 'Father of Terror' as the Sphinx's silent inquisition does terrify mankind. The 'stargate' role of the Sphinx becomes particularly evident when seen in the context of the Time River Theory (TRT) as revealed in my book The Time Rivers (2003).

In the TRT the unusually 'vertical' river, the Nile, the longest in the world and perceived as the terrestrial Milky Way, is a literal 'river of time' which has its 'beginning of time' at the equator and its 'edge of time' at Giza/Cairo (30N) where the Great Sphinx resides facing due east. Tracing its eternal gaze along the 30th parallel we arrive at the mouth of another historically important ancient river, the Tigris-Euphrates - two of the Garden of Eden's four rivers according to the Book of Genesis. These rivers flow through the 'land of Genesis' now called Iraq and its mouth, where the water drains into the Persian Gulf, happens to mark 30N and consequently align with the gaze of the Sphinx.

The TRT interprets this alignment as representing a 'timegate' where the time-stream 'jumps' from the Nile to the Tigris-Euphrates. It apparently signifies mankind returning to 'Genesis', the place of our origin, analogous to the the 'Garden of Eden' or the 'Golden Age'. The TRT argues that this 'jump' into the realm of Genesis is largely constituted by mankind moving on to Mars - the very planet interchangeable with the Great Sphinx. It is where the timeline of human civilization splits, just as does the Nile after passing Giza/Cairo. Even the name 'Cairo' is a big clue here, after all it means 'Mars'.

It cannot be missed that Iraq, representing the realm of Genesis, is indeed the historical place of the 'Garden of Eden' (Sumer) and that Iraq is the very nation the United States decided to invade in 2003, the year when Mars was at its closest point to Earth in known history. The final nail in the coffin is the fact that the Nile, as decoded by my TRT, reveals an embedded timeline (past and future) pinpointing the 21st century as the 'edge of time' marked by the Sphinx at latitude 30N - i.e. more or less right now!

The message is therefore unnervingly clear: We are rapidly approaching the 'end of time' represented by a 'stargate' guarded by the Great Sphinx, and in order for us to go through the gate into the 'realm of Genesis' we must solve the 'riddle of the Sphinx'. Solving the riddle means getting rid of all the illusions making up the false reality - i.e. you are to 'know thy self'... to know your 'Genesis'. Failing to do this would result in termination.

The United States forced itself into the 'gate', or Iraq, in 2003 without 'solving the riddle'. Instead of trying to know itself, the US f*cked itself. In my estimation, the US is already failing the 'test' miserably and is more or less doomed, probably facing termination in the near future. i.e. the 'ugly ending' scenario. Iraq can now be seen as the preview of what's to come. I'd say when we see the US aggressively going after Mars - should be within years - is when we can expect the great 'American experiment' finally resulting in a massive failure just like its disastrous adventures in Iraq. It's termination time.

This, whether we like it or not, is 'Contact'. It's more about higher intelligence than some bug-eyed extraterrestrial creatures - though the extraterrestrial aspect is there especially through the 'monuments' of Mars.

Incidentally, the fourth Star Trek movie fittingly titled 'The Voyage Home', which is a sequel to the one about Spock's resurrection on the Genesis Planet, presents a similar scenario in which an alien space probe transmits a signal to Earth, causing havoc on the planet involving storms, and unless the signal is properly answered the planet is to be destroyed. Almost expectedly, the right answer is eventually acquired through time travel...

In real life, of course, no time travel for us yet. But I hope that aggressively multi-contextual thinking process, such as one demonstrated in this article, is also effective in initiating and accelerating the process of fleshing out the hidden nature of reality and who we really are. Because the increasing obviousness of the 'rituals' such as those surrounding the Athens Olympics and Schwarzenegger probably means that the 'sphinx' is already asking us 'the question', and for the answer we'd ultimately have to look within to know ourselves, or else we would be deemed - fair or not - 'unworthy' and made to go the way of the dinosaurs. Indeed, if we refuse to evolve further as sentient beings who seek truth, what would be the point in keeping us around? If we have already reached our potential, if the current state is the best we can do and we are satisfied, then maybe it's not such a bad idea to wipe us out just about now, along with those who think they're gods.

But I'm not that pessimistic yet in that I don't think (but who am I to judge?) mankind's creativity has peaked. We still retain enough power to push the limits of reality. The key is to realize what's illusion and who we really are beyond the senses and physicality. We as human beings naturally seek these metaphysical answers but organized religions/cults are now firmly in place in most modern societies to deceptively block or derail these efforts. Religion, as it typically exists today, poses as the gate to the Beyond, the realm of Genesis, when in reality it is set up more as a trap preventing many from going through the 'stargate'. The desire and process of going through the gate is powerful - like sex - and like all things powerful it attracts corruption. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, just as sex can be both love making and rape, which are polar opposites. It's time to realize this: religion as we know it today tends to be a rapist posing as a love maker. It's time to get out of denial - which is a river in Egypt.

As indicated by the Mayan calendar, the Time River code, and such, there is apparently a 'cosmic' timetable for the process of going through the 'gate', for our 'graduation' so to speak. And that time appears to be the 21st century, i.e. now. This then puts us on a collision course with the corrupt 'gatekeepers'. It's 'Illusion vs. Truth', or in a sense, 'Machines vs. Humanity'.

Welcome to Armageddon. You're either with truth or with corruption.

Let's roll.

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'Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.'

2004 Goro Adachi