Endgame VI

Dawn of Darkness

By Goro Adachi
April 26, 2004

© 2004 Goro Adachi


This article is the sixth installment of the Endgame series.
The previous articles are:

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Going Through 'Stargate Window'

This installment of the Endgame series is for those who weren't here to follow the real-time Etemenanki coverage of the 'stargate window' during the summer/fall of 2003. The keep up with the quick pace I had opted to post a long series of comments in the front-page column section rather than to wait weeks or months to write a full-length Endgame article. This was a convenient and reasonable way of dealing with the situation. Now that we are well into the year 2004, I decided it was time to put all the comments into one coherent story - thus came Endgame VI. It is basically a compilation of my posts from the 'stargate window' period but edited slightly to make it more readable. (Editing is indicated by ellipses and square brackets.)

The 'stargate window', if not very flashy, gave us a remarkable preview of what is about to unfold in the world. It was indeed a 'window' through which we entered a new - and probably more or less the final - segment of 'history'. The 'seeds' of tomorrow' were sown in 2003 and we're now witnessing them growing rapidly into the inevitable before our eyes. You only need to look around the world today to get the general idea. This is the story of the end... and beginning.

In terms of symbology, the prominent feature of the 'stargate window' was the idea of the 'Osirian Resurrection' - the death of Osiris and the birth of Horus. The most striking was the manifestation of the latter through the rise of Arnold Schwarzenegger. He was quickly interpreted here as an 'Antichristic' figure - someone tapped to play the role of 'Antichrist' in this time of momentous change that involves Mars, energy crisis, the end of the United States, and such.

The story is only beginning... What follows below is the 'first chapter'.

The 'Stargate Window'
By projecting forward the 2-year cycle pattern first discussed in The Message of Cycle 23 (May '02), followed by the Endgame series preceding this particular installment (I, II, III, IV, V), we have determined that summer/fall of 2003 is to be considered an 'echo window' of 9/11 ('01).

The same 'window' has also been dubbed the 'stargate window' (described as such here since Feb. 18, '03). In the Endgame series (especially Endgame IV and V), we have detected various themes attached to the window. The major ones are: 'stargate', virus, 'false gift', Osirian/Messianic resurrection, nuclear event, Mars/Cydonia, Sun, Nazis, 'New World Order', the 2002 'alien disk' crop glyph, 'Babylon leader falling' (e.g. Bush, Blair, Sharon, Pope, etc.), and such.


Back to the Stargate

You're now taken back to August 2003, the beginning of the 'stargate window' when the 'ignition event' has just taken place...

August 6, '03   Total Recall
So August 6 turned out to be a very busy news day in the US, and I'm not surprised. [...]. 'August 6' is, after all, the day of the great star Sirius' heliacal rising (as seen from Giza/Cairo), an astronomical event that signified for the ancient Egyptians the beginning of a new year, accompanied by the annual, life-giving flooding of the Nile. This event was considered symbolic of the revitalization/resurrection of Osiris, the god of the dead. (Aug. 6 is also the date of the unnecessary 'shock & awe' nuking of Hiroshima by the US.) [August 6 can even correspond to September 11 through certain calendrical reasons as discussed elsewhere.]

[T]he Osirian resurrection is the key theme attached to the projected 'stargate window' (summer/fall, '03) which we're now entering as we speak. The climax - at least in terms of astronomical configurations - is late August, [which is marked] by the earth's historic close encounter with the Red Planet.

It's almost as if Mars is saying 'hello' to us in anticipation of mankind's migration to that planet - the biggest event coming in the 21st century. And Hollywood has been steadily preparing us for the big interplanetary adventure for many years now. We can recall, for instance, the big [Si-Fi film] about Mars, Total Recall (1990) featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Incidentally... another Schwarzenegger film, Terminator 3, [is currently shown] in theaters. The popular series is about... robots of the future coming back in time through what might be called a 'stargate' machine. A very fitting theme to overlap the 'stargate window' this summer/fall.

But to further intensify the symbolic pattern, Schwarzenegger, who also appeared in The Running Man (1987), announced today that he had decided to run for California governor in the coming 'recall' election (Oct. 7), an attempt to replace current California Gov. Gray Davis.

So... an Hollywood actor inseparable from Mars and 'stargates'... [made his big political announcement] on the Sirius heliacal day [associated with the Osirian resurrection theme, and it's all about the] (Total) Recall election!

Whew... the thick symbolism is making me dizzy. :) But I have to add one more thing. As those who have read my recent articles know, the 'stargate window' now being activated is an 'echo window' stemming from 9/11 two years ago. The very first article I wrote after 9/11 was Mystery, Babylon the Great (Oct. 25, '01). [Here is] what I wrote at the very end of the piece:

Mars is Osiris. And Osiris is being resurrected like a rising Morning Star [= Sirius/Venus]. It is time for a Total Recall.

Poetically prophetic, isn't it? I mean, I could have written this very 'poem' today to describe what was in the news. But it was written almost exactly 2 years ago.

The Terminator theme that inevitably comes along with Arnold Schwarzenegger is also a useful tool in terms of symbology. From the basic scenario of the trilogy, the implication we'd get is that a dark future awaits us, and that the present time is the critical stage where two opposing camps fight for the future. Well, actually it's more specifically about the future of the United States.

As I've been saying for some time, the US is now in the process of 'ending', literally and/or symbolically. And this is by design; evidence strongly suggests that this was the plan all along. In that sense, the 'game' - the Endgame - is not really about the threat of the termination of America, but it's more about how it will end. Even a 'happy ending' is a possibility (though increasingly unlikely).

It is quite clear that the growing neo-conservative shadow in American politics today is a major part of this Endgame. Needless to say, they represent the 'machine' camp in the battle. [T]he same greedy 'soul-less' Synarchist banker-types who gave rise to the terror regime of Hitler are now apparently behind the neo-con policy makers in and around the Bush administration. (Incidentally, Schwarzenegger's father was a Nazi.) So the situation is more serious than most Americans realize. The present leadership installed by the right-wing supreme court is not really waging wars to protect the United States; it's more about bringing about the destruction of the US as it exists today.

'9/11' was the real 'Shock and Awe'. It was when the 'Titanic', pushed by arrogant and greedy financiers, hit the iceberg. (The typical 'Lucifer' scenario.) How the rest of the story unfolds is vividly depicted in the movie Titanic by James Cameron, the original director of Terminator (1 & 2).

This is the 'gate' that we have to go through to get to the Osirian age of Mars. The 'Flood' is coming, and Mars is the Ark. [...]

August 16, '03   Blackout: Who Dunnit?

[T]he 'trigger event' [of the stargate window] appears to have been - [amusingly enough] - Arnold Schwarzenegger entering the California recall election. The symbolism involved was quite striking, but it is also true that the 'Total Recall' seemed too minor to be part of the projected 'stargate' event.

[Then came] the historic power blackout [striking] the northeastern part of the United States (and part of Canada). I was immediately intrigued because back in May or June, I did a quick 'psi session' (solo & frontloaded) using [the target cue]  'the biggest event associated with the stargate window'..., and the predictive data I got was none other than 'power outage'. [...]

So that was my first thought. Of course this doesn't mean much here since I didn't disclose the data [beforehand].

In any case I subsequently wondered about the severity and significance of what was taking place. As expected, its impact proved to be historic; the power outage is reported to be the biggest one in US history. [...] For many people, especially the New Yorkers, [it] was initially reminiscent of 9/11. This was in line with our '9-11 echo' theme.

Still, I was a little puzzled as to the symbolic meaning... It was a major inconvenience for millions of people; but was that all there was to it? There had to be more depth.

The first trigger [that helped getting] the ball rolling was an email from an Etemenanki reader.  She said:

I can't help but associate it with the recall election. I can see a metaphor here. Think about it. We're all basically in the dark and someone/thing wants us to recall our memories. This is a very powerful message indeed.

This brought my attention to the curious symmetry produced by the two overlapping events - the 'Total Recall' election on the West Coast and the 'Total Blackout' on the East Coast. 'Recall' as in 'regaining awareness', and 'blackout' as in 'losing awareness'. California [is even where] the previous massive US power outage and energy crisis [took place].

Now I was beginning to detect more symbolic depth and coherence.

The next key piece of the puzzle was the White House, especially Cheney. Check out this information from July, for instance:

Here is the smoking gun pointing directly to Vice President Richard Cheney's secret energy company meetings held at the White House in early 2001. Some of the documents of the meetings reveal charts of "Foreign Suitors for Iraqi Oilfield Contracts" and a "map of Iraqi oilfields, pipelines, refineries and terminals" ... Congress and the press should immediately and thoroughly investigate the any linkage between the secret White House deals, the fake California energy crisis, the Enron collapse, and the US invasion and occupation of Iraq. The question to ask is: Did the White House sell US foreign policy to the highest energy company bidder? ...

It is indeed no secret that Cheney was deeply involved in the California power shortage (a hoax).

Here is more on this, as reported by IPA (Institute for Public Accuracy) [emphasis added]:

Consumer advocates with the Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights, Heller and Balber said today: "The California energy crisis was the culmination of a decade-long push to remove consumer protections and regulatory oversight of California's electric power system... Leading the charge was Ken Lay, the former CEO and Chairman of Enron, whose close ties with the Bush family were supplemented by campaign contributions both in Washington and across the country, notably including more than $100,000 to California Governor Gray Davis. It was, of course, no surprise that Governor Davis failed to meaningfully take on the power industry's manipulation of the California energy market during the crisis, opting instead to sign overpriced power contracts and force consumers and taxpayers to pay for the miserable failure of deregulation..."

Gray Davis, of course, is the governor at the center of the current recall election circus involving Schwarzenegger.


"In order to counter the virtual public consensus that deregulation ought to be dumped, Ken Lay, during the spring of 2001, began a series of high-powered meetings to salvage the deteriorating argument for his energy scheme.... He met privately with Vice President Cheney in the days leading up to the administration's publication of what became an extremely Enron-friendly National Energy Plan..."

Ugly stuff, but not surprising. What comes next, however, is quite striking:

[Then] Lay hoped to regain his footing in California by forging ties with prominent Republicans in the state. In May of 2001, Lay convened a private meeting with junk bond king Michael Milken, Los Angeles' then-Mayor Richard Riordan and Arnold Schwarzenegger, at which Lay reportedly presented his vision of solving the state's energy deregulation crisis by, absurd as it sounds, expanding deregulation. The meeting, about which the public still knows very little, may become a major issue now that Schwarzenegger is no longer just a Republican movie star..."

Well, what kind of 'coincidence' is this? Here we are learning that, through Cheney/Lay (i.e. White House/Enron), Schwarzenegger is intimately linked to the major US energy crisis in California; and now we have just seen the latest major blackout coinciding with the California recall election in which the same actor is running!

There is certainly a shadowy scheme taking place here. Indeed, as noted by Buzzflash, behind Schwarzenegger's recent political move is detected the presence of the White House:

  • Bush Guru Karl Rove Met With Schwarzenegger in April.
  • Karl Rove: Possibility of a Governor Schwarzenegger "Would Be Really, Really Nice."
  • Laura Bush's Press Secretary Helped GOP Candidate Strategize for Recall Campaign.
  • Top Bush CA Adviser Playing Major Roll in Recall.
  • High Level Bush Re-Election Strategist Involved in Recall Effort. [...]

Also, isn't it curious that Bush happened to be safely in California doing what he does best, fundraising? (We recall that he was also safely in Florida [on 9/11], a state governed by his own brother...) [...]

August 20, '03   Rise of the Antichrist

[...] I'm now finding more 'clues' that are quite ominous. [...] As I noted on the day of the event, Schwarzenegger's dramatic election announcement on Aug. 6 was probably - consciously or subconsciously - meant to coincide with the heliacal rising of the star Sirius - an event that signaled for ancient Egyptians the beginning of the annual life-giving flood of the Nile (signifying the resurrection of Osiris, i.e. one of our key themes). Notice the conceptual parallel here: Sirius announcing the coming of the flood/Osirian resurrection and Arnie announcing his intention to become the governor of California. (The name 'Schwarzenegger' being very 'black' resonates with Osiris being the god of death/blackness.) It was therefore a strong signal to us that the projected 'resurrection of Osiris' is indeed coming... soon, along with Mars. (See Endgame IV and V.)

And here [are the new ominous observations]. It turns out that Sirius, along with the eagle, was closely associated with Napoleon. As Robert Bauval writes in Secret Chamber [p.341, emphasis added]:

Napoleon had acquired two nicknames, one being 'L'Aigle' (the Eagle) and the other being 'L'Etoile' (the Star). That 'his star' was Sirius, the star of Isis, is not only made obvious by the coat-of-arms which he chose for Paris but, in a more arcane manner, it seems to have been linked to Napoleon's most famous monument, the Arc de Triomphe, also known as the the Place de L'Etoile (the Place of the Star), located on the western side of the so-called Historical Axis of Paris, better known as the Champs-Elysees, [which is oriented twenty-six degrees north of west]... The star Sirius, as seen from the latitude of Paris, rises twenty-six degrees south of east.

The same Paris 'axis' was also designed to precisely align with the sunset on August 6, i.e. Sirius' heliacal rising day.

This hints at some kind of connection between Napoleon and Schwarzenegger's present situation - especially considering that his first name, 'Arnold', means 'the eagle rules' - i.e. both Arnie and Napoleon are closely identified with Sirius and the eagle! And there is more to this parallel.

The sun is one of [our key 'stargate window' themes] and we recall that Bush is symbolically Phaëthon (the fallen son of the sun in myth; see Endgame V) as well as the 'rebel king' of ancient Egypt, Akhenaten (Moses), often called the 'sun king' because of his heretical worship of the sun-god Aten. Akhenaten was practically the ancient Egyptian 'antichrist'. [Remarkably,] the 'axis' of Paris mentioned above [happens to be] a legacy of a 'Sun King', as Bauval notes:

King Louis XIV of France was known as the le Roi Soleil i.e. the 'Sun King', and often was depicted as 'Apollo'. In 1663 his landscape architect, Andre Le Notre, defined the axis of the Champs Elysees with an orientation of 26 degrees north of west. This was purposefully done to have the sun set along the axis on two specific days:

[One is Aug. 6, as mentioned; and the other is] 8 May: The Spring Feast of St. Michael [who] was, of course, a Christian 'solar' angel of whom it was said would appear on a mound on this day to herald the Second Coming of Christ.

The messianic 'Second Coming' being analogous to the resurrection of Osiris..., we have here additional confirmation that the 'rise' of Shcwarzenegger on Aug. 6 was indeed a [prefiguration] of the coming Osirian event. But there is also a clue here hinting at the event's sinister nature. As Bauval writes in Secret Chamber:

Interestingly, St Michael, in Masonic lore, is associated with the notion of a New Order for the Ages.

Or in other words, the New World Order - yet another key theme of the 'stargate window' (see Endgame IV and V).

What seems to solidify the antichristic overtones... is Napoleon widely being considered the 'first' antichrist - especially in terms of the prophecies of Nostradamus, which are said to predict three antichrists in total.

The 'second antichrist' is usually said to have been Hitler. And the 'third', of course, has yet to materialize... Given the parallel observed between Schwarzenegger and Napoleon, as well as Schwarzenegger's various Nazi connections (his father was a member of the [Nazi party]), it's almost as if we are to view the Hollywood star as the 'third antichrist'. Hmm... yes, this is strange. :)

That the 'stargate window' represents an 'echo window' of 9/11 also adds more weight to this rather bizarre interpretation. It turns out that there is an allusion to the emergence of an antichrist in the Book of Revelation 9:11 (yes, 9-11):

And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon.

The two names given here, 'Abaddon' and 'Apollyon', both mean the same thing - 'Destroyer'. And 'destroyer', or 'terminator', is exactly what the name 'Napoleon' has been interpreted by some to mean. And of course... Schwarzenegger is none other than the 'Terminator'! Not just a Terminator, in fact, but because of the third installment of [the series currently in theaters], he is the 'Terminator 3' - that is, 'Destroyer 3' or, indeed, the 'third antichrist'! [I was just told that Arnie also starred in a movie called Conan the Destroyer (1984).] (Note, too, that 'Apollyon' is most likely related to 'Apollo', i.e. the sun.)

Again, it is of course kind of funny to view Arnie as an antichristic figure. So we find ourselves asking just how much of this is just symbolism. How seriously should we take the interpretation?

My personal position on this at this time is that [we are seeing] a sort of 'real life' movie deliberately set up by a small group of elite versed in esoteric matters. And we are presently watching a dramatic scene labeled 'Enter Antichrist 3'. :)

Just beneath the comicalness, however, is detected a serious and dark undercurrent. For example, the recent East Coast Blackout in the US (largest in history) brought our attention to the fact that the California 'Total Recall' election... is really about controlling energy: i.e. Enron-type corporations (deregulation) vs. the people (regulation).

California's current mess largely stems from the energy crisis (blackouts) of 2000/2001 there that was engineered by the greedy and corrupt 'Enron' people who were and still are pushing for deregulation that would allow them to operate in a more irresponsible and greedy fashion. It is known that Schwarzenegger got together with Ken Lay (former Enron CEO/Chairman) in a private meaning 3-4 months before 9/11 in which Lay 'presented his vision of solving the state's energy deregulation crisis by, absurd as it sounds, expanding deregulation'.

All the indications... are that Schwarzenegger's current political move actually has to do with helping... energy corporations. The apparent White House backing of Arnie behind the scenes is also in keeping with the close relationship Bush, Cheney, etc. had with Enron.

So it is almost too synchronistic that the 'Total Recall' circus election... coincided with the historic Blackout 2003 on August 14 last week. The conceptual coherence was quite amazing.

As mentioned in the Aug. 16 update, I was quick to sense the importance of the blackout in the context of the grand 'pattern' attached to the 'stargate window'. [Now I've realized that] the 'alien disk' crop glyph found in England last year that has been largely driving... the Endgame discussion [appeared on] August 14 - the same date as the 2003 Blackout!

Let me also point out that Arnie's [Mars] movie Total Recall... involves in its storyline a powerful company ('Rekall, Inc.') cutting off the air/water (or energy) supply to the Martian colony. Well, do you see a curious parallel emerging here?

The Total Recall storyline also deals with the question of what is real and what is illusion. This [is the very same question] explored in... The Matrix - the second and third installments of which are released this year. So it is certainly intriguing that the term 'matrix' is synonymous with 'grid', as in 'power grid' that we heard so much about since last week's blackout. And could it be just coincidence that the storyline of Matrix Reloaded released early this year involves 'Trinity' having to cause a major blackout in a major city? (The first Matrix was also prophetic in that it seems to have predicted '9/11', as I mentioned soon after the terror event.) [...]

August 29, '03   Finding Echoes
[The 'stargate window' is] an 'echo window' of 9-11 in the 2-year cycle pattern we've detected. This means the ominous [Nostradamus] quatrain X-72 becomes relevant again (1999+2+2 = 2003). How relevant? Well, very relevant.

Here is what [it] says:

The year 1999 seven months,
From the sky will come a great King of terror:
To resurrect the great King of Angolmois,
Before after Mars to reign by good luck

The key here is the historic Earth-Mars close encounter taking place right now in the sky (peaked on Aug. 27). With that in mind, let me just quote what I wrote in Endgame IV:

Notice how eerily applicable these four lines are to the 'Endgame' issues we've been discussing. Besides the first line, there is: 1) an allusion to the (Osirian) resurrection theme in line 3; 2) line 4 specifically mentioning Mars; 3) the same line's 'good luck' alluding to the swastika (symbolic of peace/good luck) which in turn is now linked with Project Prometheus (associated with Mars); 4) the term 'Angolmois' in line 3 relatable to Angoulême, a name given to the NYC region in the early days of the New World (i.e. the target of the 9/11 attacks); and 5) line 4's 'before after Mars' evoking the 2-year 'Martian' cycle (Sept. 1999 + 2 yrs = Sept. 2001)...

Most intriguing, however, is the phrase 'king of terror' appearing in line 2. As discussed in my Labour of the Sun article, we can view it as an allusion to Osiris, called 'Lord of Terror' in the Egyptian 'Book of the Dead'. But there is also a clear connection to the Great Sphinx: this 'Martian'/'Osirian' monument has the Arabic name Abul-Hol, meaning 'Father of Terror'.

And since the Sphinx is an embodiment of Mars, the whole line - 'from the sky will come a great king of terror' - can be transformed into 'from the sky will come Mars', which is a perfect description of what will take place this summer [2003] during the '9/11 echo window'!

[The newly emerging 'Antichrist' theme reinforces the interpretation.] First, the Osirian Resurrection theme inseparable from Mars... is analogous to the resurrection or 'second coming' of Christ (since Jesus is clearly a Christian version of Osiris, the Egyptian god of the dead). And [the date 9/11 is] often associated with the Messianic 'second coming'.

Secondly, the Gregorian 9-11 almost always marks the New Year's Day for the Ethiopian and Coptic/Christian-Egyptian calendars. And the Egyptian New Year's Day traditionally (originally) marked the heliacal rising of Sirius. And as I quoted Bauval in The Labour of the Sun:

This special day was called 1st day of the 1st month of Thoth. But because of the ¼ day difference as well as a small variance the sidereal year and the tropical year, this after all man-made calendar slowly 'drifted' away from both the heliacal rising of Sirius and the summer solstice, such that by the early Christian times the 1st of the month of Thoth had drifted to the 11th September Gregorian, which is why the Egyptian-Coptic 'New Year' i.e. 1st of Thoth, starts on that date.

For the ancient Egyptians, the Sirius heliacal rising signaled the coming annual flood of the Nile which in turn symbolized the revitalization of Osiris, or the Osirian 'resurrection'. As I pointed out in earlier updates, this year's (real) Sirian heliacal rising day (Aug. 6) was marked by the 'Rise of Schwarzenegger' whom I identified as an 'Antichristic' figure (symbolically so anyway) who is also very 'Martian'... [...]

September 9, '03   Critical Juncture
Bush's big speech on Sunday was a sort of 'non-admission admission' that his administration - guided by the neo-conservative ideology - screwed up big time in Iraq. As David Corn of The Nation wrote:

Bush is in a fix. He's stuck in his Iraqmire. He did not prepare the country for a long drawn-out endeavor in Iraq, which keeps on claiming the lives of Americans. In fact, before the war, some Bush aides claimed that this would be a no-fuss occupation. Now Bush has little choice but to resort to the usual rah-rah about resolve. He points fingers at the international community and the Iraqis, failing, of course, to acknowledge his own miscalculations. And he's looking a tad desperate.

Bush's inability to acknowledge his own failure is nothing surprising. It's something we fully expect from this self-serving administration. But at least Bush is now, probably guided by Rove, moving away from the Pax Americana (PNAC) policy of the neo-conservative chickenhawks (Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, etc.) who simply hate the UN. Bush's decision to go to the UN for international help clearly deviates from the neo-con plan of creating a global American empire via the use of perpetual war, 'shock & awe' tactics, and shameless deceptions.

Since before the Iraq war, my position has been that the whole situation will peak in some way during the 'stargate window' around September... And now it does appear that we are indeed facing a threshold, a turning point, at the present time. Now it is clear to everyone... that the US is failing miserably in Iraq...

[...] According to the latest Zogby poll, 'President George W. Bush's job performance ratings have reached the lowest point since his pre-Inauguration days... A majority (52%) said it's time for someone new in the White House, while just two in five (40%) said the president deserves to be re-elected'.

Other telling developments include: the resignation (Sept. 6) of the Palestinian Prime Minister, Mahmoud Abbas, whom the US preferred over Arafat for the 'roadmap to peace'; Israel declaring 'all-out war' on Hamas (Sept. 1); and the former British environment minister Michael Meacher becoming the first mainstream politician to endorse (in his Sept. 6 Guardian article) the view that the 'war on terrorism' is actually a PNAC/neocon-driven attempt by the Bush administration to dominate the world (Pax Americana). [...]

September 17, '03   Birth of Darkness
[...] While the 'Antichrist' was not a big subject in the Endgame series (I-V), it actually directly corresponds to the 'Osirian resurrection'... theme attached to the 'stargate window'...

First, Osiris/Horus is often compared to Jesus (a 'version' of Osiris). And as I noted [before]: "The 'Messiah' can be quite easily interpreted as the 'Antichrist', since the distinction can be quite blurry depending on the context." Because the resurrection of Osiris also traditionally entails the birth of his son Horus (considered a reincarnated Osiris), it was actually easy to infer that the 'stargate window' might have something to do with the birth of a 'messianic' figure - symbolically fulfilled by the 'rise of Schwarzenegger', the Terminator/Destroyer...

As discussed before, the big announcement of Arnie... on Aug. 6 could not be symbolically more meaningful. For one thing, Aug. 6 is the day of the Sirius heliacal rising (as seen from Giza) which for the ancient Egyptians signaled the coming Nile inundation and signified the birth of Horus.

And what made this year's celestial 'birth of Horus'... particularly special was [Aug. 2003 being] the month of Mars, as Mars came closer to the earth than any other time in recorded history. Mars, to the ancient Egyptians, was also Horus (called 'Horus the Red')!

As if this weren't enough, there was an amazing celestial alignment on Aug. 23... involving the Sun, Regulus, Jupiter, Venus, Earth, and Mars. It turns out that the Sun-Regulus conjunction - 'Regulus day' - was... considered to mark the birth of Horus. So with the grand extra planetary alignment, this year's [was a super 'Regulus day']. And it really was - as it did herald [the 'birth' of Mars/'Horus the Red' coming just days later on August 27, i.e. the historic close encounter with Earth!]

The message was clear: Horus, or a messianic figure, was born. And... it corresponds to the 'rise of Arnold Schwarzenegger'. [...]

[It is] hard not to notice the link between the name 'Total Recall', the California recall election, and the timing involving Mars. And of course, Total Recall is a movie all about... Mars!

[H]ere is something I've been meaning to mention... As many people know, in the early days Schwarzenegger was viewed as a new Sylvester Stallone (Rocky, Rambo, etc.). [And in one of Stallone's movies is found] a curious reference to Arnie. This (pretty bad) film is called Demolition Man - which is obviously a variation on the Antichristic name 'Destroyer'/'Terminator'... [But what's amazing here is that Schwarzenegger himself is mentioned in the film. The character played by Sandra Bullock tells Stallone's character that Arnold had become a US president (the story is set in the future)]:

Stallone: Hold it! The Schwarzenegger Library?
Bullock: Yes, the Schwarzenegger Presidential Library. Wasn't he an actor?
Stallone: Stop! He was President?
Bullock: Yes. Even though he was not born in this country, his popularity at the time caused the 61st Amendment…

[And of course,] the whole story of Demolition Man takes place in Los Angeles (i.e. California), which in the movie [is] a police state ruled by a fascist ruler! I don't know about you but I find this pretty worrisome - especially given Arnie's Nazi connections and the fascist elite crowd backing him in the Total Recall election now underway in California.

Arnold's emerging 'acting' role as an Antichristic figure is also [hinted] by the planetary positioning of Mars (= Horus = 'Messiah') [that produced the] close encounter in August. It was a configuration known as 'opposition', where Mars was 180 degrees away from the Sun as seen from Earth. So what we had was 'Mars opposition' - which then can be interpreted as 'Messiah opposition', or 'anti-Messiah', or... 'Antichrist'.

I'm not sure if it will succeed, but I'm quite certain that the NWO 'plan' is to get Arnie elected as governor of California, and the elite group will do its best (or worst) to make that happen. Should be interesting to watch.

[And finally, in the 'fifth revision' of the Total Recall screenplay found on the net (which I presume is geniune) is a storyline quite different from the movie's.] In this earlier version, the main theme was actually something called the 'Sphinx Project' involving a Martian Sphinx. This is clear even from the opening scene:

ANOTHER ANGLE, and, in the distance, on the horizon of the arid landscape is a huge SPHINX-LIKE STRUCTURE. (It is reminiscent of the Egyptian sphinx, but both body and face, though gargoyle-like, are different in design.) There are some large pyramids not far from the sphinx. CAMERA MOVES optically FORWARD. DISSOLVE.

CAMERA is much closer to the sphinx and is directly in front. It moves (combination of zoom and optical printer move) towards the eyes, which appear to be red gems.

As CAMERA APPROACHES one of the eyes, it appears to be stained red glass, as in a temple. Suddenly there is a terrific explosion and the glass shatters into millions of fragments which hurtle toward the camera...

And here [are some lines that reveal] what the 'Sphinx Project' is all about:

QUAIL The Sphinx... it's not some useless artifact, it's a machine built by some alien race eighteen millions years ago. The same race that built the on one Earth... for the same purpose. [...]

QUAIL The machine in the Sphinx is tapped straight down to the molten core of this planet. There are tunnels and ducts everywhere, all powered by fusion generators... [...] To combine elements in the Martian core and release them as oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen.

BENNIE That's air!

QUAIL That's right. Air and water. Terraforming will create a permanent livable environment for Mars. [...] the same as Earth.

MELINA (baffled) So why is Cohaagen shipping everyone out?

QUAIL Don't you see?! From being a pile of red dirt with minerals, Mars is going to change into a chunk of priceless real estate.

MELINA And Cohaagen's going to own it all!

It's actually pretty clear that the story was originally... about the mythical 'Hall of Records' often thought to be located under or near the Great Sphinx. Those who have read Endgame IV will recall that I talked quite a lot about the 'Hall of Records' (or 'Tomb of Osiris') in conjunction with Mars. I even suggested that the 'secret chamber' is actually under/near the 'Martian Sphinx' that is the 'Face on Mars'. Here is a direct quote from Endgame IV (May 19):

...in a transposed context, we may have already detected the first sign of the so-called 'Hall of Records'... under the Martian Sphinx!

And of course I had linked this to the 'stargate window' (summer/fall 2003), which turned out to be the time of the 'Total Recall' California election.

Let me also mention that I concluded my Mystery, Babylon the Great article posted back in 2001 (Oct. 25) with the following statement:

Mars is Osiris. And Osiris is being resurrected like a rising Morning Star. It is time for a Total Recall.

This was almost exactly two years ago, right after 9/11. And the 'stargate window' is the 'echo window' of 9/11...

Ah, so many echoes indeed...

September 22, '03   Lucifer Alert
First, it was the Antichrist theme. And now... there is a theme of Lucifer emerging to make the 'message' clearer.

Since the 'stargate window'... is an 'echo window' of '9/11' (2001), [the story of the film/book 2001: A Space Odyssey is potentially relevant here. Indeed, we have a NASA spacecraft named Odyssey (launched in 2001) currently orbiting the planet Mars.]

The mystery that drives the story of '2001' is the black 'monolith', first discovered by man on the Moon. [Because of the reddish lighting in the scene, however], we are subtly guided to associate the site with Mars rather than the Moon. (See picture.) This interpretation is certainly encouraged by [Odyssey now] orbiting Mars. In any case the monolith discovery prompts a space mission to Jupiter (an attempt to make 'first contact'), which takes place - as clearly indicated in the film - 18 months later.

[We have a direct 'echo' here.] The start of the Iraq war came 18 months after the biggest '2001' event - 9/11. And as discussed in my Endgame articles Iraq represents the 'land of Mars' in many ways. Correspondingly, March 20 - the beginning of the war - coincided with the spring equinox, which is a 'Mars/war day'. I wrote this just before the war on March 18:

The Great Sphinx at Giza is a representation of Mars (as can be inferred from the tradition of ancient Egypt) as well as Horus who in turn personifies the rising sun. And because the Sphinx faces due east, it becomes perfectly aligned with its celestial counterpart - the rising sun - on the equinoxes, when the sun rises due east. As per the Sphinx-Mars equation, then, the equinoxes are also to be considered important Mars days. March 20, '03... is therefore... a fitting date to be incorporated into the US war on terrorism...; indeed, as Mars is traditionally the planet/god of war, March 20 is in effect a 'war day'.

As explained in Endgame IV, Iraq/Babylon can also be considered a 'stargate land' (the name 'Babylon' denotes 'gate of the god', for example). And this too echoes the movie 2001 in that its ending sequence involves 'Bowman' making contact with a 'monolith' floating near Jupiter, which, functioning as a sort of 'stargate', takes Bowman into another 'dimension' where he becomes the first 'Star Child'.

But what about the 'stargate window' active right now? We are now only a day away from the autumn equinox (Sept. 23), which is another 'Mars/war day' for obvious reasons. And the pattern tells us that it should yield some compatible '2001 echoes'.

Amazingly enough, we are indeed seeing just such 'echoes'...

First, just today or yesterday (9/21 or 9/22, depending on where you were) there was a big event involving Jupiter, the place of the... monolith-stargate. For some reason, NASA [picked this date] to deliberately crash the Galileo spacecraft into the giant gaseous planet. (Note: Sept. 11 + 11 = 9/22.)

The symbolism of this NASA 'ritual' is very thick. For one thing, it relates not only to 2001: A Space Odyssey but also to its sequel 2010: The Year We Make Contact (or 'Odyssey Two') in which Jupiter, with the help of the monolith, becomes a sun - called Lucifer. And in real life [the Galileo probe was carrying plutonium, causing some buzz about a possible nuclear reaction turning Jupiter into - yes - the second sun of the solar system.]

[The 'second sun' theme is] already attached to 9/11. (See The Message of Cycle 23.) In conjunction with Nostradamus' infamous Quatrain X-72 (i.e. the '1999'/'king of terror' prophecy), I pointed out that the 'Sirian' Quatrain II-42 [that mentions] the appearance of 'two suns' was likely pertinent to the 2-year cycle pattern which is behind all the 'echo' effects. (Two years, after all, is analogous to 'two suns', or two solar revolutions.)

Quatrain II - 41 
The great star will burn for seven days,
The cloud will make two suns appear:
The large mastiff will howl all night
When the great pontiff changes his abode.

Notice Line 4 [referring to the changing of the papacy]. This meshes well with our 'Babylon leader falling' theme attached to the 'stargate window'. As discussed before, the 'Babylon leader' [corresponds to people like Bush, Blair, Sharon, and the Pope].

And it should be noted that St. Malachy's prophetic list of popes from centuries ago calls the current pope... 'De Labore Solis' ('From the Labor of the Sun'), thus conforming to the 'sun' theme. (The Latin motto can also denote 'Of the Eclipse of the Sun', which cannot be more fitting since John Paul II was indeed born during an eclipse.)

Now, it is certainly an ominous sign for the Roman Church that the sun-related Galileo spacecraft carrying plutonium... was thrown into Jupiter (= Zeus), the chief god of the Romans. But perhaps this symbolism is more applicable to the 'American pope' (see The Two Suns), George W. Bush who was identified in Endgame V as a form of Phaëthon, the son of the sun-god Helios, who was out of control and struck down by the thunderbolt of... Jupiter/Zues. And Phaethon is even a Promethean figure comparable to Lucifer (thus also the ignited Jupiter in 2010).

The coincidences just keep on mounting. On [the latest 'Mars/stargate/2001' day i.e. the autumn equinox (Sept. 23)], Bush is scheduled to address the United Nations and ask for international help on Iraq - making official the administration's decision to shift its war policy. This will be the second geopolitical 'stargate/monolith event' - the first being the beginning of the Iraq war on the spring equinox, '18 months' after Sept. 2001. And this event will take inside the 'monolith'.

Yes - just look at the pictures below: the monolith from 2001 on the left, and the UN headquarters building (in NYC) on the right. I don't know about you, but I'd say the resemblance is uncanny...

[Bush's visit] to the UN strongly signals the end of the neoconservative war plan, championed by... people like Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Wolfowitz. Those neo-cons' dream of creating a 'Pax Americana' empire is now seemingly coming to an end.

'Pax Americana' means 'American peace'. And here is what I wrote in Endgame IV:

...the world-changing events of 9/11 were preceded by the fiery descent of the Russian space station Mir in March. 'Mir' means 'peace', as well as 'world'. The decommissioning of Mir thus symbolically signaled the 'end of world peace' - which was of course dramatically actualized later in the same year.

While Mir was 'world peace', Columbia [the space shuttle that crashed in a similar fashion in early 2003] would stand for 'American peace', after all Columbia is another name for the United States.

And further in Endgame V:

Amazingly, 'American peace' is exactly what is meant by 'Pax Americana' - the US global domination envisioned by the neo-conservatives... The invasion of Iraq was the first major step toward achieving the Pax Americana. So the symbolic implication of the space-shuttle omen would be that the Bush administration's global ambition will lead to a major disaster [just as the fall of Mir was followed months later by the disaster of 9/11]. This... is likely relevant to the coming 'stargate window'.

Indeed, we are presently witnessing the near-total collapse of the neoconservative war scheme, climaxing right now as Bush goes to the UN to more or less announce he's ditching the Pax Americana plan.

The key question now is: Will the neo-cons go out quietly or will they do whatever it takes to survive? And they are crazy enough to do just about anything... (Will they try preemptively 'dumping' Bush? Will they create another 9/11?) [...]

October 6, '03   Looming Deadline
On Aug. 16, I discussed the issue of Arnold Schwarzenegger having a hidden connection to the Enron/energy people who pushed for deregulation, created a fake energy crisis, and defrauded the people of California. [...]

It has recently been confirmed that Schwarzenegger indeed met with Ken Lay to discuss energy deregulation. According to FTCR:

Internal Enron e-mails confirm that Arnold Schwarzenegger was among a small group of executives who met with Lay at the posh Peninsula Beverly Hills hotel in May of 2001, in the midst of California's energy crisis. View the e-mails. The Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights, which obtained the e-mails, is calling on Schwarzenegger to acknowledge the meetings and disclose the information that was presented and discussed. The meeting with Enron occurred ten days after rolling blackouts darkened California for two consecutive days; Schwarzenegger has previously said that he does not remember such a meeting...

FTCR contends that Enron policies were responsible for the severe energy crisis California faced in 2000 and 2001. The group noted that the crisis had dramatic implications on the state economy and state budget and will continue to impact consumers for years to come. FTCR has called for a repeal of the deregulation and supported SB 888 (Dunn) to re-regulate the state's electricity system. FTCR has been critical of Enron's involvement in the California energy crisis, in which the company developed schemes for manipulating the power market that forced massive price spikes in the state.

The insidious implication of this has been laid out by Greg Palast:

The biggest single threat to Ken Lay and the electricity lords is a private lawsuit filed last year under California's unique Civil Code provision 17200, the "Unfair Business Practices Act." This litigation, heading to trial now in Los Angeles, would make the power companies return the $9 billion they filched from California electricity and gas customers.

It takes real cojones to bring such a suit. Who's the plaintiff taking on the bad guys? Cruz Bustamante, Lieutenant Governor and reluctant leading candidate against Schwarzenegger.

Now follow the action. One month after Cruz brings suit, Enron's Lay calls an emergency secret meeting in L.A. of his political buck-buddies, including Arnold. Their plan, to undercut Davis (according to Enron memos) and "solve" the energy crisis -- that is, make the Bustamante legal threat go away. [...]

So the Bush commissioners cook up a terrific scheme: charge the companies with conspiracy but offer them, behind closed doors, deals in which they have to pay only two cents on each dollar they filched.

Problem: the slap-on-the-wrist refunds won't sail if the Governor of California won't play along. Solution: Re-call the Governor [and get Schwarzenegger elected]. [...]

...if Arnold is selected, it's 'hasta la vista' to the $9 billion. When the electricity emperors whistle, Arnold comes -- to the Peninsula Hotel or the Governor's mansion. The he-man turns pussycat and curls up in their lap.

There is also a 'prophetic' undercurrent here involving the theme of the 'Antichrist'. As I first noted on Aug. 20, [Arnie appears to be set up] to play the role of the 'Antichrist' or 'false messiah'. Back then this was a pretty silly thing to say but I had to mention it because [of] all the symbolic clues surrounding Schwarzenegger's emergence in politics. And now I'm seeing other people making similar observations - fueled by Arnie's 'Nazi problem' which has become a big issue even in the mainstream news media.

In 'Hitler & Schwarzenegger As Beast-Men' (Oct. 4), for example, LaRouche writes the following which closely echoes my position:

Schwarzenegger was selected because his training for film-acting had produced a type who fit the essentially Satanic, "beast-man" role played by leading fascists such as Benito Mussolini, Adolf Hitler, Francisco Franco, and so on... The role Schwarzenegger was selected to perform on the California political stage was a Hollywood "remake" of a kind of evil which modern history has met in leading figures of France's Jacobin Terror, in Napoleon Bonaparte, and in each of the whole pack of leading fascist figures from the 1922-1945 interval. [...]

Schwarzenegger, like Hitler, is set apart in a certain way from more ordinary neo-conservatives such as Wolfowitz, Lewis Libby, and so on. Those neo-conservatives are beastly in their own way, but they lack that exotic appeal implied by the term charisma. Hitler was developed as a figure of charisma. Schwarzenegger has been transformed to similar effect, by Hollywood productions. Transformed from a sleaze-ball sex-freak of the body-builder sweat parlors, into a figure of charisma of a special kind: the charisma of the beast-man.

I kind of hesitate to mention this but even Nostradamus' prophetic words appear to be supportive of the Arnie-'Antichrist' connection. Here is one of his quatrains often associated with the Antichrist, I-76:

The man will be called by a barbaric name
that three sisters will receive from destiny.
He will speak then to a great people in words and deeds,
more than any other man will have fame and renown.

[Schwarzenegger certainly holds] the 'barbaric' epithet, 'Terminator'/'Destroyer', which in the Book of Revelation 9:11 (yes, '9-11') relates to the Antichrist. So Line 1 of the quatrain fits well at least. [Update: I was informed that before he was Conan the Destroyer, Arnie was Conan the Barbarian, thus giving him indeed a 'barbaric name'.]

Lines 3 and 4 are rather generic but Line 2, 'that three sisters will receive from destiny', contains a significant 'hyperlink'. [T]he three sisters of destiny is a clear reference to the three goddesses of fate called Norne in Norse mythology. As pointed out to me by a fellow thinker, reversing the name 'Norne' will give us 'Enron' - the force behind Arnie's political adventure! [...]

So the implication would be that Schwarzenegger is a man on a big mission facilitated by Enron. And the reversal of the spelling seems to allude to the anti-christic nature of his messianic destiny. All the indications are that Schwarzenegger is likely to be elected governor of California tomorrow (Oct. 7)... At least that should be the 'plan'.

It's interesting to note that the White House was given the deadline of Oct. 7 to turn over all documents related to the Wilson/CIA leak ('Treasongate') matter. Since the rise of Arnie and the fall of Bush/White House can be considered two sides of the same coin as discussed [before], this coincidence... cannot be more appropriate. And it can be inferred that Schwarzenegger's win tomorrow would signal a very serious problem coming for the Bush administration - potentially directly from those documents turned over to the White House counsel's office tomorrow. (On the other hand, if Arnie loses the election, that would be a good sign for the White House.) [...]

October 10, '03   Seeds of the Future
So Arnold Schwarzenegger was elected Governor of California just as anticipated. No surprise there, but this was a big event for the 'stargate window'. In fact the 2-month period covering Arnie's Total Recall election, from Aug. 6 to Oct. 7, seems to have come to define the 'stargate window', with the 'rise of Machine' effectively fulfilling the projected main event for the window, i.e. the 'resurrection of Osiris'.

As discussed before, the 'Osirian resurrection' entails, as per ancient Egyptian tradition, the simultaneous occurrences of the death of the Osiris and the birth of Horus, the son of Osiris. The rise of Arnie corresponds to the birth of Horus whereas Osiris' death corresponds to the fall of the Osirian President, George W. Bush (or at least his administration/policies), via the collapse of his neocon-driven unilateral/preemptive war policies and the related 'Treasongate' matter involving the Wilson/CIA leak.

So now the seeds have been sown, and the stage is set for the 'game' to fully unfold. We have 'entered the gate', so to speak. And all the signs are that this 'game' is going to be momentous; in my view it is set up to be the 'endgame' for the United States in particular. What is at stake is the survival of the nation itself.

From the perspective of the glass being half full, what is taking place could be interpreted as a necessary cleansing before the birth of a new age... of 'Horus', as ending and beginning are always together. As one New World ends, the next New World begins. And we have just recently been introduced to the next New World - Mars, called 'Horus the Red' in ancient Egypt, which was an abnormally brilliant light in the night sky this summer/fall, i.e. during the stargate window. This was also hinted not so subtly by the 'Total Recall' election that gave birth to an earthly 'Horus', Schwarzenegger. After all, the film Total Recall featuring Arnie was all about the Red Planet.

The cosmic 'announcement' of the beginning of the Martian New World this summer was also a signal for the end of the American New World. This was the underlying theme of the 'stargate window', and we can accordingly view the earthly events that took place during the window as 'seeds' of the coming 'destruction' of America... the US. The clock is now ticking, and we have to wonder whether the infamous ending date of the Mayan calendar - 2012 - pertains to this, in essence, 'end of the world'. (Note that the Mayans inhabited Central America, part of the New World.)

Another 'clock' is the timing of man setting foot on the Red Planet. This 'Columbus moment' will definitely signify the passing of the torch and the beginning of a whole new chapter in the history of human civilization. Likely it is somewhere between 2010 and 2020 that this will take place. So most of us will be around to witness this momentous interplanetary transition process. Of course, those of us in the United States might not see it as a positive thing as, by then, we could be facing so much mess. Indeed, it is my view that things are set up so that the US won't be allowed to directly move on to Mars. In a sense, its high-powered 'corruption' is not to go beyond this blue planet... as it has to become 'history', so to speak. To put it another way, the old system (or 'Matrix', if you like) is not welcome in the next New World, which is conceptually quite natural.

In this light, it is certainly noteworthy that China is now about to make history by launching its first human into space. And this is expected to happen next week! Now think about this. Earlier this 'year of Mars', the space shuttle Columbia disaster forced the US to halt all of its shuttle flights. The US thus has no manned space flight capability this year. Contrast this with the Chinese suddenly [becoming interested in] space near the end of the stargate/Martian window... Well, I'd say we are seeing a little preview of what is to come.

The traditional 'redness' of the nation of China also makes it [symbolically fitting for] the Martian New World. Frankly, I wouldn't be surprised if the Chinese suddenly announced that they had decided to go to the Red Planet. But I would also monitor Japan closely - it is after all the 'Land of the Rising Sun'. Since the 'rising sun' embodies Horus, and Horus is analogous to Mars, Japan can be viewed as the 'Land of Mars'. The Japanese national flag prominently featuring a red disk seems to support this interpretation as well.

Because of the inherent competitiveness embedded in the psyche of the US, it will take something drastic to keep it from trying to become a major player in the 'race' to Mars. The Columbia disaster was probably the first step. Frankly, I'm not even sure if the US will be 'allowed' to send any more Americans to space after this year.

And of course, it's not just about the space program - since we are likely looking at the 'termination' of the United States itself, the timing of which is controlled by the same 'clock' regulating man's migration to the Red Planet. So we are talking about a timeframe of 10 to 15 years for the American 'termination', at the most.

Could this perhaps have something to do with the potentiality of Schwarzenegger, the 'Terminator', becoming the President of the United States in 2008 or so? He [is] a fitting guy to do the job.... of 'terminating'. The scenario [also interacts] with the Mayan-calendar 'end date' of 2012 (i.e. 2008+4=2012). And let me remind you again that in the film Demolition Man (= 'Terminator') featuring Sylvester Stallone... [Schwarzenegger is said to have] become a US President:

Stallone: "Hold it! The Schwarzenegger Library?"
Bullock: "Yes, the Schwarzenegger Presidential Library. Wasn't he an actor?"
Stallone: "Stop! He was President?"
Bullock: "Yes. Even though he was not born in this country, his popularity at the time caused the 61st Amendment…"

[I]n real life there is already a movement in Congress pushing 'a joint resolution proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States to make eligible for the Office of President a person who has been a United States citizen for 20 years'! And Orrin Hatch, the senator who introduced the resolution in July '03, is definitely looking at Arnie, as he is reported as saying: 'If Arnold Schwarzenegger turns out to be the greatest governor of California, which I hope he will, if he turns out to be a tremendous leader and he proves to everybody in this country that he's totally dedicated to this country as an American... we would be wrong not to give him that opportunity...'

Hmm... Well, like I wrote recently, there is definitely a inexplicable fusion of Hollywood and reality taking place these days. [...]

October 16, '03   Echoes of War
The past two days or so, I've been looking into various celestial configurations lurking behind the 2-year echo scheme, the latest of which was the 'stargate window' around this September... [And I found that] the Iraq war coming several months ahead of the projected 'stargate window' [can easily be] part of the 'echo' through the use of Mars.

[Basically, Mars] has managed to mark both the stargate window and the [Iraq war] in that: 1) the Red Planet came abnormally close to Earth in late August (closest encounter in recorded history) and 2) the US invasion of Iraq began on the spring equinox (March 20) when the gaze of the 'Martian monument', the Great Sphinx, aligned with the rising sun.

The war in Iraq being a direct consequence of 9/11 from two years ago, it was undoubtedly an 'echo' from 2001. But it's also true that [this connection was rather subtle].

[As I went on to] closely examining the 'signs in the sky'... I finally discovered there was a much more concrete justification for [the association]. This was so 'in your face' that I couldn't believe I hadn't noticed it before.

Basically, it has to do with tracking the orbit of Mars, which takes roughly 2 years to go around the sun. As noted before, this is why Mars cannot be separated from the 2-year cycle pattern. But the trick here is to examine the position of the Red Planet more closely. For the planet to return to the same spot in the sky, it actually takes a few months less than two years. So... you can see where this is going.

First, I checked the position of Mars on 9/11/01. Immediately I was surprised to find it at one of the two celestial 'stargate' areas, where the path of the sun ('ecliptic') and the Milky Way intersected. These are where the sun would be positioned at the time of the summer and winter solstices.

I discovered that Mars was stationed at the winter solstice point (RA 18h 6m) between Sagittarius and Scorpius. I then checked the other 'stargate' point (summer solstice) and saw that it too was marked by a significant light in the sky, the Moon. Again, I couldn't believe I missed these before. This celestial configuration perfectly complemented my interpretation of 9/11 - that it was a Mars-related 'stargate' event.

Next, I progressed the time forward until Mars came back to the same spot. And, as you might have guessed, this took place in March 2003, i.e. the month of the beginning of the Iraq war stemming directly from 9/11! You can't have a clearer 'echo' than this.

There was still a slight discrepancy, however. The '9/11 return' of Mars occurred on March 7, which is about two weeks before the beginning of the war (March 20). Is this to be considered a negligible amount of deviation? Perhaps. But there was [a clue suggesting that March 7 was] not to be considered so approximate. [W]hen viewed from the direction of the Sun, the Earth on or very near March 7 was situated exactly where the Sun was on 9/11. So March 7 had to be a pretty solid date.

Still, March 20 remains an equally meaningful date. As already mentioned, it marked the vernal equinox - a 'Sphinx/Mars day'...

So... rather than choosing between the two dates there had to be some kind of hidden mechanism that would conceptually unite [them]. After some investigation, I... discover an elegant solution to the problem. [T]he Moon's position on March 20 near the edge of Virgo was exactly where Earth would be situated on the other date, March 7, as viewed from the Moon! (In other words, the Moon and Earth have simply switched places.)

Some readers may object that the need here for the [Moon perspective] makes my argument weak. And that may be a fair criticism. [But we have the following to deflect it.] As I wrote in the Sept. 22 update:

Since the 'stargate window' around Sept. '03 is an 'echo window' of '9/11' (2001), we have the masterpiece film/book, 2001: A Space Odyssey, as potentially being part of the echo. [...] And orbiting Mars at the present time is none other than NASA's Odyssey spacecraft (launched in 2001) named after the [same] movie.

The mystery that drives the story of '2001' is the black 'monolith', first discovered by man on the Moon... [The] discovery prompts a space mission to Jupiter (an attempt to make 'first contact'), which takes place - as clearly indicated in the film - 18 months later.

This has had a direct 'echo'. The start of the Iraq war came 18 months after the biggest '2001' event - 9/11.

In other words, the March timeframe pinpointed by Mars... is corroborated by the movie '2001' via the story's reference to '18 months'. (By the way, isn't it interesting that from 9/11/01 to 3/20/03 is exactly 555 days?) The prophetic quality of the movie is very eerie.

At any rate... the 'monolith' was discovered on the Moon [which] is a major visual element in the movie. For instance, [its dramatic opening scene] features a Sun-Earth-Moon alignment - a lunar eclipse - as viewed from the Moon. Similarly, the monolith discovery scene shows a subtle  Sun-Moon-Earth alignment taking place. In this manner, the Moon - specifically the viewpoint from the Moon - is emphasized [and thus supports] the Moon perspective I employed to bridge the March 7 and March 20 dates.

[Further, George W. Bush declaring the 'end' of the Iraq war on May 1 has some relevance to] the movie '2001' in that this particular day witnessed a Sun-Moon-Earth alignment. [Additionally, Earth as seen from the Moon/Sun on May 1 was where there will be a total lunar eclipse on November 8 this year (i.e. a precise Sun-Earth-Moon alignment)!]

The November-8 alignment [even interacts with] the Great Sphinx, the 'Martian monument' at Giza. Even though the Sphinx itself faces due east, its causeway linking the monument to the middle one of the three great Giza pyramids is angled 14 degrees south of due east. As the southernmost sunrise position viewed from Giza is 28 degrees of east, [corresponding] to the time of the winter solstice, we can infer that the Sphinx causeway is pinpointing the midpoint between due east (equinox) and the southernmost sunrise position (winter solstice). And [chronologically speaking] the midpoint of the autumnal equinox and the winter solstice is... yes, November 8! [...]

[Next, let's take a look at October 25 - when there will be a Sun-Moon-Earth alignment. Remarkably, the resultant Sun-Moon conjunction will be seen at the exact region in Virgo where the Moon was positioned on March 20 and where Earth was positioned as seen from the Moon on March 7! In other words, the Oct. 25 alignment is an echo of the '9/11 echo' that came in March '03.

Only 14 days after Oct. 25 comes Nov. 8, i.e. one of the 'Mars days' [that will coincide with a lunar eclipse, already linked] to the celestial alignment of May 1 (the end of war). [The 14-day difference here] almost exactly matches the period from March 7 to March 20 (13 days). Could this be a further echo design? If so, [we could have the following equations]: 'March 7 = October 25' and 'March 20 = November 8'. And this implies that we are about to see an echo of the beginning of the war on/around November 8.

The seriousness of this 'war echo window' was confirmed [by] the timing of the space shuttle Columbia disaster on Feb. 1, i.e. the event immediately preceding the Iraq war. I reasoned that If there was really a parallel between the two periods, there should be a similar event preceding the 'war echo window'. Ideally, because the Columbia disaster came 34 days before March 7, its echo should have come 34 days before Oct. 25 which is September 21.

I was shocked. I quickly realized that September 21 was the exact day when NASA sent its Galileo spacecraft crashing into Jupiter, resulting in the probe breaking up in the Jovian atmosphere! If this isn't an 'echo' of NASA's Columbia breaking up in the earth atmosphere, I don't know what is! (This parallel also makes us wonder... Was Columbia intentionally destroyed like Galileo?)

[Jupiter also happens to be] the destination of the main space mission [depicted in] '2001', where a 'stargate event' takes place through a monolith found there. In the sequel, '2010', Jupiter is even transformed into a second sun... called 'Lucifer'. And of course the 'double sun' theme is something I have already associated with the next election of the Pope...

Is it just a coincidence that Pope John Paul II is in the news a lot lately... because of his deteriorating health and the rampant rumors that he is about to make his exit? [...]

Well, so it appears that all the puzzle pieces are rapidly coming together at this time... and becoming a big 'perfect storm'.

I'm not sure if the coming 'war window' will involve a real war (Iraq? Syria? Iran? NK?)... or the Pope's exit...or the fall of the Bush administration... or... Maybe it's all of the above. Maybe it's something else. Who knows.

Whatever the case, I'm actually looking at mid-December as a sort of climax window for the coming events... [...]

October 21, '03   'Mars Day' Coming
[...] My investigation has just uncovered a remarkable 'cosmic' design - 'signs in the sky' - revealing ~Oct. 25 to be a time of incredible significance. It is now my view that this is the 'Mars day' of 2003... well, at least comparable in symbolic importance to the Red Planet's closest approach to Earth on Aug. 27 this year. In term of temporal 'echo effects', however, Oct. 25 is a clear echo-date of the beginning of the Iraq war on March 20. [...]

Mars - having an approximately 2-year orbital cycle around the sun - came back to the exact position where it was on 9/11/01 in March 2003... More specifically, this planetary return occurred on March 7... which is about two weeks before the beginning of the war (March 20/spring equinox).

In my last update (Oct. 16) I showed how this slight discrepancy was [really] a coded deviation. As I wrote:

...the Moon's position on March 20 near the edge of Virgo was exactly where Earth would be situated on the other date, March 7, as viewed from the Moon! (In other words, the Moon and Earth have simply switched places.)

In a sense, the apparent 'glitch' was [designed to draw] our attention to the Moon - the very celestial object emphasized in the 'prophetic' film directly related to the year 2001, Kubirck's 2001: A Space Odyssey.

[The movie also visually stresses] the concept of celestial alignments, especially those involving the Moon, the Sun, and the Earth. Which brings us to October 25, 2003... just four days from today [when there will be just such an alignment] exactly at the spot where the Moon was positioned on March 20 and where the Earth was on March 7 in Virgo! (See image below.)

In other words, Oct. 25 is to be an 'echo' [of] the beginning of the Iraq war.

[This connection is made undeniable and much more significant by the following new discovery. It has to do with the causeway of the Great Sphinx. As I wrote previously]:

Even though the Sphinx itself faces due east, its causeway linking the monument to the middle one of the three great Giza pyramids is angled 14 degrees south of due east. As the southernmost sunrise position viewed from Giza is 28 degrees of east, which corresponds to the time of the winter solstice, we can infer that the Sphinx causeway is pinpointing the midpoint between due east (equinox) and the southernmost sunrise position (winter solstice). And it turns out that - chronologically speaking - the midpoint of the autumnal equinox and the winter solstice is... yes, November 8!

This was more or less an accurate inference... However, [technically] the causeway and sunrise will not exactly align on November 8 (not sure why... perhaps due to the elliptical orbital path of the Earth) [and the solstice angle of Giza sunrise] is actually slightly less than 28 degrees from due east (it's more like 27 degrees)...

So I fired up my astronomy program again and tried to ascertain [the exact timing of] the causeway-sunrise alignment... Based on the observation that the causeway was meant to pinpoint the midway point between the equinox sunrise and the solstice sunrise, I calculated that the sunrise angle... was 13.5 degrees from due east...

I was amazed to discover that this angle was produce on... you guessed it, October 25/26!

But that was not all. [I]n the very same time window (around Oct. 26), the rising of Mars on the Giza horizon would take place at the exact sunrise point on the horizon, i.e. 13.5 degrees south of due east! (The Mars rising comes several hours after sunrise.) Astronomically, the chance of this coincidence happening is very small.

...I felt quite satisfied that this was all by 'design' - that this was a significant 'sign'. But then came the next revelation, which put an exclamation on the whole thing.

It turns out that Mars' rising on the horizon will precisely coincide with the beginning of the [Sun-Moon] conjunction (i.e. Sun-Moon-Earth alignment) taking place in the sky...! There is only about a two-hour window for [such an] alignment, as the illustration below shows.

[So,] when Mars is on the horizon aligned with the causeway of the Martian monument (Sphinx) on Oct. 25, the Sun and the Moon just happen to be going through a conjunction at the very spot marked by the Moon on [the 'Mars day'] March 20. Well, this is almost too much...

But what does this cosmic 'sign' mean for the world below? This question is not easy to answer. A useful clue [is] the fact that the Oct. 25 celestial configuration is inseparable from March 20, 2003 - i.e. the beginning of a war. This is not to say that we'll see another war breaking out on Oct. 25. There are many possibilities... I'm not even saying that there will definitely be a big event on/around Oct. 25. But the potential is clearly there for a very meaningful event to take place at that time (Oct. 25-27). So... let's wait and see what happens.


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