The Two Suns 

of Election MM

by Goro Adachi
Uploaded: December 4, 2000

As if in commemoration of the Millennium Year, intense uncertainty engulfs the world at the end of the year 2000.  In the Middle East the Peace Process has gone down the tubes and Israel is just one step short of erupting in an all-out war.  In the United States, history is being made as the nation, so equally divided, is unable to elect the next President.  As the stability of the whole world largely hinges on the condition of Israel and the United States at this time, the outcome of the current unrest is of not local but global importance.  The need for insights and foresight into the situation, then, is paramount in order to get a clearer sense of direction as to be able to sail through the rough waters and get to the new era. 

While I do not claim to have the script of the future, part of my specialty - the main thrust of the Etemenanki website - is recognizing trans-temporal aspects of 'reality' or symbolic pattern recognition; and I do see some quite intriguing 'pattern' emerging in the current events that may shed some light on their deeper meaning or 'resonance' through which 'projecting' some aspects of the future with regard to the pertinent events becomes possible.  So let me here share some of my ideas - and these will involve the quatrains of Nostradamus and their hypnotic interpretations provided in Conversations With Nostradamus (Dolores Cannon) which I have not discussed for quite a long time.  Indeed, I was forced to come back to these old subjects - because of certain predictive information provided by the CWN material in conjunction with Quatrain VII-41.


   Quatrain VII-41

For those relatively new to the website, let me quickly explain the nature of the information provided in CWN (Conversations With Nostradamus).  This material differs greatly from all other books on the prophecies of Nostradamus in that the quatrains are not interpreted intellectually but are used only as a tool for prompting information through hypnotized subjects (in deep trance).  The quatrains, in other words, are used in a way only as 'key words' to search for information in the 'web', or 'matrix', of that which is beyond individualized and localized consciousness.  How clearly the hypnotic 'interpretations' relate to the original quatrains, therefore, is of no immediate consequence.  The interaction between the original quatrain and the extracted 'interpretation', however, would, if treated carefully, yield further insights - and those insights would spawn yet more insights and so on...  and there is not really limit to it, sort of like a stream of consciousness.  It may also be likened to an initiation process. 

But how accurate are those hypnotic 'interpretations'?  Although accuracy is not a concept that should be applied directly to the information as, again, it should be treated more as initiatory 'clues' that would lead to localized 'answers', there have been some amazing direct/literal 'hits' in the past such as the appearance of the enigmatic Hale-Bopp comet in 1997 (that I've discussed in depth in the past) to warrant its predictive quality. 

And, although perhaps not as impressive as the Hale-Bopp prediction (which specifically named the year '97), it appears that the CWN material managed to predict the present state of the U.S. Presidential election which virtually no one would've considered a possibility.  This, the hypnotic subject 'Brenda' did in conjunction with Quatrain VII-41:

Century VII-41
Les oz des pieds & des main enserres,
Par bruit maison long temps inhabitee:
Seront par songes concavent deterres,
Maison salubre & sans bruit habitee.

The bones of the feet and the hands locked up,
Because of the noise the house is uninhabited for a long time:
Digging in dreams they will be unearthed,
House healthy and inhabited without noise.

Amazingly, it reads like a current news report on the election.  Although this particular prediction falls short of perfection in that it does not specify the time period for the event, the resemblance is still obviously very eerie and uncanny. 

But it can be enhanced further through other quatrains - for instance, IX-4:

Century IX-4
L'an ensuivant descouvertz par deluge,
Deux chefs esluez le premier ne tiendra
De fuir ombre a l'un d'eux le refuge,
Saccager case qui premier maintiendra.

The following year revealed by a flood,
Two leaders elected, the first will not hold on
For one of them refuge in fleeing shadows,
The victim plundered who maintained the first.

The relevance of this quatrain is first suggested by the CWN 'interpretation' that links it to the Watergate scandal (insinuated by the mention of a 'flood' in Line 1), an event associated also with the foregoing VII-41.  And reading the second line ('two leaders elected') quickly makes it apparent that it is congruently also applicable to the current U.S. presidential election - thus it functions to corroborate the VII-41 interpretation.  And from this quatrain, we seem to get additional information - that the one elected will not last long ('the first will not hold on'). 

What does this mean?  The President elected out of the great mess will create even more mess by not staying in the White House long?  It turns out this issue opens up a new dimensionout through another quatrain.


   Resonance: Presidency & Papacy

The quatrain, VIII-45, that I will now introduce here catches our attention initially because its first line 'With his hand in a sling and his leg bandaged' very closely resembles the first line of VII-41, 'The bones of the feet and the hands locked up':

Century VIII-45
La main escharpe & la jambe bandes,
Longs puis nay de Calais portera.
Au mot du guet la mort sera tardee
Puis dans le temple a Pasques saignera.

With his hand in a sling and his leg bandaged,
the younger brother of Calais will reach far.
At the word of the watch, the death will be delayed,
Then he will bleed at Easter in the Temple.

The quatrain also ominously mentions a death possibly in reference to the short reign of the next president.  But of greater consequence is how it is one of the many quatrains that have been indicated by the hypnotic subjects in CWN to relate to the next pope who, too, is predicted to have a short reign. 

The issue of the next two popes that are to follow John Paul II is one of the major recurrent themes in the CWN material and something that has been discussed in depth on this website in the past.  According to the information, there are only two more popes to go before the dissolution of the Church and the next one is to be quickly assassinated to make way for the succeeding and final pope.  This is also echoed by the prophecy of St. Malachy, an Irish bishop who visited Rome in 1139 and supposedly had a vision in which he saw all the popes that would sit in St. Peter's Chair.  He subsequently wrote down two-word Latin mottoes for each pope that would prove to correspond to the popes' most striking events or their coat-of-arms with surprising accuracy.  And according to this pope list, there are only two more popes left - 'De Gloria Olivae' ('of the Glory of the Olives') and 'Petrus Romanus' ('Peter the Roman'). 

Curiously, the designation of the final pope makes a reference to the first 'pope', Peter, and this would resonate with the name 'George W.' (Bush) reflecting the first president, George Washington.  And 'of the Glory of the Olives' would nicely relate to the Gore-Lieberman ticket in that the olive tree is symbolic of Judea/Israel and Lieberman is noted for being a Jew, and it may be added that Florida's largely democratic (i.e. pro-Gore) Palm Beach County that has been at the center of the recount controversy is significant for having a large number of Jewish residents.  It may perhaps be inferred from this, then, that there is a symbolic parallel between the last phase of the papacy and the on-going presidential situation.  In fact, this would nicely correlate with the statement I made on 2/2/2000 elsewhere on this website that 2000/2001 is to bring the United States one of the biggest events it has ever experienced which will be associated with the concepts of 'termination' and 'New World' (this was based on certain information that I was not, and still am not, ready to divulge). 

Moreover, in 1999: The Ark of Sirius, I projected that the turn of the millennium would be the designated time period for the drama of the final two popes - which may now be interchangeable with the next two presidents - to play out.  But not only that, using II-41 and II-48 (which CWN links together), it was also projected that it would involve a hung election!  Here is a relevant excerpt from 1999: The Ark of Sirius:


Century II - 41
La grand' estoille par sept jours bruslera,
Nuee fera deux soleils apparoir:
Le gros mastin toute nuit hurlera,
Quand grand pontife changera de terroir.

The great star will burn for seven days,
The cloud will make double sun appear:
The large mastiff will howl all night
When the great pontiff changes his abode.
Century II - 48
La grand copie qui passera les monts.
Saturne en l'Arq tournant du poisson Mars:
Venins cachez soubs testes de saumons,
Leurs chief pendu a` fil de polemars. 

The great army which will pass the mountains.
Saturn in the Arc turning from/of the fish Mars:
Poison hidden under the heads of salmon,
Their chief hung with cord of "polemars".
    Line 4:  "When the great pontiff changes his abode"
Notice that this line shifts the focus from Sirius to the issue of the Church completely, even though the foregoing interpretations made this transition very smooth.  And this line is relatively straightforward.  [...] 

Incredibly, if we go back to Line 2, it appears to describe the nature of the upheaval in more detail: 

    Line 2:  "The cloud will make two suns appear"
This now can be interpreted to be referring to the next pope election.  To see the connection, we need to first look at the process of the election. The most common way to elect a pope is by ballot. By lot, the cardinals choose from their group three who collect the ballots of the infirm, three who counts the votes and three reviewers of the results. Two votes are taken every morning and two every afternoon  until a two-thirds plus one majority is obtained. The crowd in St. Peter's Square follow the bolloting by watching the smoke that comes from the chimney on the palace roof - the smoke is from burning all the ballots. If the necessary majority is not reached, the ballots are burned in a way that creates black smoke. When the majority is reached, the ballots are burned in a manner that creates white smoke to signal the election. 

Now, the word Nostradamus used for "cloud" was 'nuee' which actually implies a big/black cloud rather than a nice/white cloud. Therefore a more fitting translation would be: 

    "Black cloud will make double sun appear"
Next, the "sun" appearing is symbolic of the successor to Pope John Paul II, because he is the 'pope of the solar eclipse' (JPII was born during a solar eclipse May 18, 1920; and he was given the name "De labore Solis" - 'of the labor/eclipse of the sun' - by St. Malachy [...].  So, [...] the 'sun appearing' would metaphorically refer to the pope who follows the 'eclipse pope', John Paul II. 

But the line says there would be 'two' suns. When combined with the "black cloud" part (which means unsuccessful vote), it's not that difficult to derive the meaning of the whole line; it would refer to a situation of 'pope vs. antipope'  (i.e. one elected or claiming to be pope in opposition to the pope canonically chosen).  And the indications are that those two 'popes' will be the last popes.  At least there are no more popes after them in Malachy's prophetic list of popes.  Perhaps it could be viewed that the dissolution of the Church is to begin in the summer/fall of 1999 with the next election.

As it turns out, even the first line of II-41, 'The great star will burn for seven days', which I interpreted to refer to Sirius in '1999: The Ark of Sirius', is very much applicable to the US presidential election as well.  In this case, instead of Sirius, the 'star' would quite nicely relate to the ISS (International Space Station) that may, remarkably enough, be viewed as a symbolic Sirius as 'ISS' strongly evokes Isis (they are nearly identical in both spelling and pronunciation) and Isis is the very goddess represented by the star Sirius in ancient Egyptian tradition.  And the news about ISS happen to overlap the election controversy as the space station is at this time (early Dec.) joined by space shuttle Endeavor - launched from, where else?, Florida! - and receiving huge solar panels which are about to make the ISS the brightest object in the night sky after the Moon and Sirius.  In other words, the symbolic 'great star' Sirius is about to 'burn' as per II-41's first line!  As for the 'for seven days' part, it may correspond, at least approximately, to the 11-day mission of the Endeavor (the installation of the solar panels began on Sunday, Dec. 3), or it may be alluding to the 7-day festival of Saturnalia (Dec. 17-23), especially because II-48 mentions 'Saturn', during which perhaps the ISS is to light up the night sky in some way (literally or symbolically). 

Thanks to the remarkable correspondences, we now have more capacity, through the utilization of Quatrains II-41 and II-48 used above, to 'decode' the hidden meaning of the presidential election.


  Presidential Ark

The important second line of II-41, 'The cloud will make two suns appear', by transposing the context, would identify the two presidential candidates, George W. Bush and Al Gore, as the 'two suns' coming out of the 'cloud' of uncertainty produced by the indecisive election.  Is there any justification for this seemingly baseless association?  Yes.  One is that the state of Florida - the eye of the current electoral storm - is nicknamed the 'Sunshine State'.  But the other solution to the association will add yet another dimension/parallel to the matter. 

To understand this, we need to start, interestingly enough, with another space station, Mir - the aged Russian space station - the relevance of which to the events at the turn of the millennium was discussed in 1999: Final Solution.  It has recently been announced that the Russian space station will finally be brought down into the earth (though they may change their mind yet again) to end its long 15-year career in February 2001.  And since the name Mir means 'peace', the end of Mir has the ominous symbolic implication of the 'end of peace'.  But 'peace' would also relate to Jerusalem, the (ironic) 'city of peace', which happens to be at the center of the great unrest in Israel occurring concurrently with the US election controversy, as well as to Solomon, the son of King David, who built the Temple to house the Ark in Jerusalem as the name Solomon, deriving from salaam, means 'peace'.  Here, then, we are seeing a hint of the issue of the election beginning to merge with the familiar Ark-Grail theme, the theme that has become central to the discussions on this website since more than a year ago. 

Since the planned termination date of Mir (or 'Solomon') closely coincides with the end of President Clinton's presidency (early 2001), it may be hypothesized that Clinton is to be compared to Solomon.  This, actually, turns out to be supported by very coherent implications.  For example: just as Solomon is inseparable from the Ark, Clinton happens to be from Ark. (i.e. Arkansas); just as Solomon was symbolically the 'peace' of Israel, Clinton contributed much to the Peace Process of Israel; just as Solomon is associated with unusual sexual relationships with outsiders (the Queen of Sheba and a daughter of Pharaoh), Clinton is infamous for his improper 'sexual relationship' with the intern, Monica Lewinsky; just as the end of Solomon's reign marked the division of Israel (into Israel and Judah), at the end of Clinton's presidency the country is intensely divided over who should be the next president; just as the reign of Solomon was notable for its peacefulness and prosperity, the Clinton era of the United States saw quite peaceful and incredibly prosperous economy.  The last point is also echoed by Pope John Paul II - the pope corresponding to Clinton in our model - being a devoted peace maker who has traveled outside of the Vatican more than any other pope to convey his message of peace to the world. 

Now, through Solomon, Clinton may be associated also with a pharaoh in ancient Egypt, Amenhotep III of the 18th Dynasty (c. 1400 BC) because the remarkable and controversial theory of Ahmed Osman (Out of Egypt, 1998) - which I have a personal reason to consider largely valid - proposes that key biblical figures such as David, Solomon, Moses, etc. are actually modeled after certain Egyptian kings of the 18th Dynasty, and Osman identifies Solomon specifically with Amenhotep III the characteristics of whose reign very closely resemble Solomon's.  And the king succeeding Amenhotep III, Akhenaten, Osman identifies with Moses.  While the reader has to wait for my book to see my reason for valuing Osman's theory, the Akhenaten-Moses association is actually an idea shared by some other scholars such as Sigmund Freud, the father of modern psychology. 

As a result of the Amenhotep III-Clinton identification, we can then go on to infer that Clinton's successor will correspond to Akhenaten who ascended the throne after Amenhotep III.  And Akhenaten, as it happens, was no ordinary pharaoh.  He was a 'rebel' who abolished all the traditional Egyptian gods and held the Aten, represented only by the sun-disk, as the only god to be worshipped.  Akhenaten, in other words, introduced monotheism - a most alien concept to the Egyptians (and many other ancient cultures) - to suddenly deviate greatly from the by then nearly 2000-year old tradition of ancient Egypt.  And he also moved the seat of power from Thebes to a peculiar site he personally selected which he named Akhetaten, now known as Tell el-Amarna, situated about half way between Giza and Thebes on the Nile.  Due to such great changes brought about, the era of Akhenaten and the succeeding rulers related to the rebel king (Semenekhkare, Tutankhamun, and Ay) is now specifically known as the Amarna period and seen apart from other periods of the 18th Dynasty. 

The drastic policy changes implemented by Akhenaten understandably caused so much distress for the Egyptian community and the priesthood that the king apparently faced a growing antagonistic sentiment and consequently, it seems, either he was killed or had to step down as the king.  This, then, would nicely echo the short reign projected for the next pope/president who has been interpreted as a version of Akhenaten. 

But more strikingly, and here is the second justification for equating Bush and Gore with the 'two suns', Akhenaten is not only inseparable from the sun-disk god (Aten) but he is sometimes even dubbed a 'Sun-King'.  The presidential candidates - the symbolic 'Akhenatens' - would therefore also be 'Sun-Kings', i.e. the 'two suns'! 
With regard to the correspondence between Akhenaten/Moses and the next president, in addition, it may be noticed that the name Bush is rather evocative of the 'burning bush' through which 'God' spoke to Moses, and Bush's reputation for butchering words (in addition to being intellectually-challenged) correlates nicely with Moses described in the Bilble as a poor speaker.  And it is interesting, too, that the big event of Florida that preceeded the election controversy, the saga of the Cuban boy Elian Gonzales, was symbolically relatable to Moses as I discussed on 4/22/2000.  The Moses association is also fitting in that the election controversy is, as we've seen, overlaid with the aura of the Watergate scandal, and Moses is closely linked with the concept of water (the name 'Moses' denotes 'saved from water' - which he was - and his Ark, through its parallel with Noah's Ark, relates to the Flood).

    Future Projection
Based on the quatrains, patterns, and correspondences we've identified above, we can now make some projections as to how things will turn out in the near future: [Note: some out-of-date projections have now been edited out.]
  • [...]
  • Just as the next pope is predicted to have a short reign and Akhenaten's reign was (apparently) cut short, the next president may not last long.
  • Based on VIII-45's fourth line, "Then he will bleed at Easter in the Temple," the end of the next president may come as early as Easter (though it may not necessarily refer to Easter of 2001).
  • Based on the interpretation that the next two presidents parallel the final two popes that are predicted to succeed Pope John Paul II, it may be inferred that those presidents (or candidates, Bush and Gore) will in some way mark the end of presidency or the United States as it exists today.
  • [...]
  • The presidency-papacy parallel may manifest temporally as well since Pope JPII is rumored to step down soon.
  • In general, revolutionary changes seem to be coming in 2001 onward.  That 2001 is 1929 + 72 is a ominous sign especially for economy as the year 1929 saw the stock market crash marking the beginning of the Great Depression and 72 is a mythologically and astronomically important number connected to the concept of time and cycles.

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