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Thoughts On Treasongate



Numerous excerpts from my past writings below show Etemenanki consistently emphasizing the significance of the Treasongate/Plamegate leak scandal, and projecting the fall of Cheney/Bush and the neoconservative cabal (Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Feith, Libby, Perle, etc.). At this time - in early June '04 - the anticipated scenario does appear to be unfolding.

From September 3, 2003:

[...] And there are two new developments that have - together with various other misconducts - the potential to bring down the Bush administration. One involves Ambassador Joseph Wilson, who is largely responsible for creating the scandal of the 'sixteen words' uttered by Bush in the State of Union speech (regarding Iraq obtaining nuclear material from Africa). This was the first time that the White House was in panic mode. And they were pissed that someone had the audacity to expose the administration's lies. So what do they do? They whispered to journalist Robert Novak that Wilson' s wife was a CIA agent (implying that this was somehow what motivated Wilson to attack the White House).

It was an intimidation tactic. Only this time they went too far. This time what they did was illegal and treason. As John Dean writes:

On July 17, Time magazine published the same story, attributing it to "government officials." And on July 22, Newsday's Washington Bureau confirmed "that Valerie Plame ... works at the agency [CIA] on weapons of mass destruction issues in an undercover capacity." More specifically, according to a "senior intelligence official," Newsday reported, she worked in the "Directorate of Operations [as an] undercover officer."

In other words, Wilson is/was a spy involved in the clandestine collection of foreign intelligence, covert operations and espionage... Now she has herself been placed at great - and needless - risk. [...] No doubt the CIA, and Mrs. Wilson, have many years, and much effort, invested in her career and skills. Her future, if not her safety, are now in jeopardy.

After reading Novak's column, The Nation's Washington Editor, David Corn, asked, "Did senior Bush officials blow the cover of a US intelligence officer working covertly in a field of vital importance to national security--and break the law--in order to strike at a Bush administration critic and intimidate others?"

The answer is plainly yes. Now the question is, will they get away with it?

Fortunately, Joseph Wilson could not be intimidated. He is going after the White House and recently revealed that the treasonous official who leaked the sensitive information was none other than Bush's top political adviser Karl Rove, the Nazi-like propaganda specialist who has been described as Bush's brain. Increasingly, this is being viewed as a very serious matter (the mainstream US news networks have not touched the story yet):

This is the hottest and most explosive story behind the scenes in Washington in terms of how it could affect the Bush administration. [...]

This is very explosive and what makes it so explosive is that this Intelligence Identity Act, if it can be proved, and Rove can be successfully prosecuted and if Rove reveals that the president George Bush told him to institute this leak, then the President's automatic shield of immunity is removed and the president himself can be prosecuted for murder if any deaths of any US intelligence agents or assets resulted from the leak. This is the only legal statute that has this provision. [...]

The way the Bush Regime is trying to quash it is to slow it way down by exerting so much pressure against Pro-Bush Media... If there is no public attention, there will be no steam behind it. Some of the congressmen are trying to push this into higher quarters. Theye trying to get Howard Dean to talk about it since hegetting so much press coverage... [This] story, which should be more widely known, certainly one of the most egregious abuses of power yet perpetrated by the Bush administration.

Honestly, it would be so great to see this parasite Rove (and the rest of the fascist gang) taken out of the White House in handcuffs.

From The West Wing Cipher (September 29, 2003):

  • "Yes, the emphasis is clearly on Mars. And the coded message here seems to be that the Vice President, i.e. Cheney, will be brought down during or in connection with the Mars-marked period of summer/fall 2003."
  • "Hoynes (VP) being the source of the leaks in the episode, however, brings to mind the illegal White House leak that took place in July - a move designed to discredit and intimidate former ambassador Joseph Wilson...

    "Novak stated in his column that the leak came from 'two senior Administration officials', and one of them has been identified by Wilson already - Karl Rove, Bush's top political adviser. We can't help but wonder if the other official was Dick Cheney. Or perhaps Cheney just orchestrated the leak... Either way, what they did is serious enough to get them some jail time.

    "The story has legs. Just days ago on Sept. 26, the news broke on MSNBC that CIA Director Tenet has directly asked the Justice Department to investigate the matter. It has become a major news story."
  • "Are Cheney and Co. about to get 'fired'? Within a month, or perhaps around the time of the next 'Mars Day', the spring equinox of 2004? It will be interesting to watch..."
  • "...we can infer conservatively that the real White House is in for a big 'earthquake'. And the central figures involved will be the President and the Vice President. It will be interesting to see their interaction, especially now that George W. Bush is beginning to move away from the neo-con/Pax Americana war strategy championed by Cheney. It's almost as if the existing situation is that either Bush or Cheney will have to go, i.e. President vs. Vice President/neo-cons..."

From October 1, 2003:

[...] The White House will get probed like they've never been probed before... [over the outing of a CIA operative] and it's about time. I think this is it - they are pretty much done. This the White House probably won't recover from. [...]

Frankly I don't see this story going away until someone gets arrested or at least fired.

The 'game' is only beginning to unfold in the media, but it may well be that this is already the endgame being implemented. It's quite plausible to theorize that the CIA already has all the cards required to bring the matter to a certain outcome.

For too long, the intelligence community was pushed around by the Bush administration (Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rove, etc.). And this is payback time. It's well deserved too. [...]

Because of the information produced in The West Wing Cipher and the fact that it was the Vice President's office's request that led to Wilson's trip to Africa (to investigate the pre-war 'Yellowcake' claim which turned out to be bogus), Dick Cheney is also on my list of prime suspects. Perhaps he isn't technically the leaker but he may well turn out to be someone who orchestrated/encouraged the leak.

From October 6, 2003:

[...] All the indications are that Schwarzenegger is likely to be elected governor of California tomorrow (Oct. 7)... At least that should be the 'plan'.

It's interesting to note that the White House was given the deadline of Oct. 7 to turn over all documents related to the Wilson/CIA leak ('Treasongate') matter. Since the rise of Arnie and the fall of Bush/White House can be considered two sides of the same coin as discussed in the previous entry here on Oct. 1, this coincidence occurring on Oct. 7 cannot be more appropriate. And it can be inferred that Schwarzenegger's win tomorrow would signal a very serious problem coming for the Bush administration - potentially directly from those documents turned over to the White House counsel's office tomorrow. (On the other hand, if Arnie loses the election, that would be a good sign for the White House.)

From October 24, 2003:

Until mid-summer [2003], Bush was a very popular figure, at least according to the polls. The situation has dramatically changed since then. Now, the growing perception is that Bush is going to be another one-term President like his father. Nothing is working for Bush: the insane neo-con 'Pax Americana' war strategy has failed miserably as any rational person could have predicted, and there is now a new 'Watergate' underway.

The criminality of this new 'Watergate' is so clear and offensive that it's widely viewed as an unprecedented act of treason by the White House/administration. I'm of course talking about 'treasongate' involving the White House's illegal leak that blew the cover of an undercover CIA operative (a 'NOC'), seriously endangering her and her associates. Worse, the leak was done and encouraged as a revenge against former ambassador Joseph Wilson (the CIA operative's husband) who exposed the deception of the Bush administration, specifically its lie about Iraq's attempt to obtain 'yellowcake' nuclear material from Niger.

Treasongate has to do with an illegal leak, but it directly stems from the issue of the administration lying about Iraq's nuclear ambition. Treasongate is therefore also a 'nuclear event'. It is still a developing situation, but the indications are that it is so appalling a crime committed by White House/administration officials that it will probably not end without the White House being knocked out. It looks like 'the end of the road' for them indeed.

From Psi Data 001 (February 6, 2004):

Just the other day, I was doing a little free-style psi session and got an interesting impression which may be quite timely so I decided to post the data here.

It was a frontloaded session (i.e. I knew what the target was), but the data I got had the quality that I'm now familiar with - the quality of being really psi-driven.

The target was 'Dick Cheney' with emphasis on future developments. After managing to getting into the 'psi mode' (I don't always succeed), I had an imagery/impression that subsequently made me go 'whaaaa?' - which is a good sign. :) The imagery was that of 'Cheney in love'. LOL! At least that's how I initially perceived it. The impression was almost cartoonish - like his heart coming out of his chest.

Well, my post-session analysis came pretty quickly. What I got has likely to do with Cheney's heart. He's known to have a heart problem. And then there was also the potential Valentine's Day link. Perhaps the 'love' aspect was a clever symbolic time reference.

Given the shifting polical climate in Washington, I'm now seriously considering the eventuality of Cheney stepping down as Vice President (or at least from the '04 Republican presidential ticket) because of his 'heart problem'. I will have a lot to say on this issue on Etemenanki soon. [...]

Further interpretation posted on March 8, '04:

I've been meaning to post this for some time... Basically, I'm now looking at the May-June timeframe for the potential Cheney exit. Because of the 'love' impression, I initially speculated that it might have to do with Valentine's Day (Feb. 14). But it turns out there is an even more significant 'love day' this year - involving Venus, the planet/goddess of love.

Early June (6/8/04), Venus will transit the Sun, a very rare astronomical phenomenon that many people are already talking about. Now, it doesn't take an astrologer to derive the symbolic implication that the Venus-Sun conjunction intensifies the Venutian nature - i.e. love. Combined with my psi data, it could be inferred that Cheney will be making his exit around that time or in connection with it. Of course, this is still a rough speculation, however.

From February 9, 2004:

[...] Rove... needs a fall guy. And the selection here likely depends on the reaction of the public and the media to the embarrassing and appalling revelations/admissions. If the result was just a little dip in the polls, he could choose one of the little guys or none at all. However, it appears that the negative reaction was more ominous than hoped; and consequently Rove may decide to go with his 'final solution' - i.e. dump Cheney and blame everything on him. By getting Giuliani or McCain to join Bush on the '04 Republican ticket - seducing many voters - his boss could be reelected quite easily. [...]

Now, of course the prevalent view is that [to counter this] Cheney is trying to improve his public image for Bush and/or just to help himself stay on the ticket. But could it actually be that Cheney's recent world tour was more of a preparation for his imminent take over of the presidency? Could Cheney be scheming to counter the 'dump Cheney' movement by pushing Bush out of the way in some fashion and then crowning himself? While a seemingly farfetched scenario, given the insanity already amply displayed by his neocon faction so far this is a possibility worth considering. Given his personality and what's at stake not just for him but also for the increasingly desperate oil/energy corporations (the world is quickly running out of oil) behind him, it's hard to see Cheney going out quietly. He needs the power. He has to have his 'my precious'.

So, this would create two fiercely opposing factions within the Bush administration. The situation would essentially be Bush/Rove/'realists' vs. Cheney/neocons. As you may recall, this is the exact scenario I entertained in The West Wing Cipher last September. I wrote:

we can infer conservatively that the real White House is in for a big 'earthquake'. And the central figures involved will be the President and the Vice President. It will be interesting to see their interaction, especially now that George W. Bush is beginning to move away from the neo-con/Pax Americana war strategy championed by Cheney. It's almost as if the existing situation is that either Bush or Cheney will have to go, i.e. President vs. Vice President/neo-cons...

[...] And before the 'West Wing' article, I discussed a scenario in Endgame V that is now emerging as one of potential outcomes of the development: is even possible to view the administration as reenacting the story of Jesus, the 'king of the Jews'. And we know how this story ends: the Jews along with Romans crucified the rebel leader.

This then makes us wonder about the nature of Bush's relationship with the neo-cons [mostly Jewish]. Will Bush be 'sacrificed' by his own people in some way? [...] Is it possible that [the neo-con faction] will 'crucify' Bush for his potential 'betrayal'?

'Coincidentally', there is a big controversy surrounding a film that has not even been released yet because of the sensitive subject matter - Jews crucifying Jesus. It's called The Passion of the Christ, and is coming to theaters later this month. Hmm...

Another quite probable outcome is that Cheney will indeed be forced to bow out, citing as reason, quote unquote, 'heart problems'. (Interestingly, my recent quick psi session seemingly suggested that this was a potential future event...)

From March 5, 2004:

Speaking of falling, I'm still closely monitoring the Cheney situation. As I stated in the Feb. 9 entry, my view is that Cheney is a goner. I know Bush recently said he will have Cheney as his running mate for the election coming up in November, and yet I'm still detecting some disconnect between the Bush/Rove camp and the Cheney/neocon camp. Bush himself may not be aware, but I'd say his powerful political adviser Karl Rove must be scheming to dump Cheney.

A big factor here is that the [Republican National] Convention this year will be held in New York [summer]. The original plan was to exploit the 9/11 sentiment, obviously. But since this decision was made a long time ago things have changed greatly. Things did not go according to the plan. No WMDs in Iraq; Iraq becoming Vietnam 2; pre-war intelligence scandal; etc. The non-discovery of Iraqi WMDs caused the neocon master plan to simply collapse. The Bush White House is no longer popular in the US - especially in places like New York!

Rove of course realizes that the NY convention is a PR disaster waiting to happen. It's not difficult to foresee a massive number of protesters in the streets; and it will be very difficult for the Rovians to hide them from Bush (as they usually do) or from the media cameras. Many in the country will finally witness perhaps for the first time just how much Bush/the White House is really despised even inside the US.

This is something Rove can't allow to take place. So it would become necessary to reduce the level of anger existing out there. Dumping Cheney would certainly be one of the effective options in this light. But in terms of preventing the Republican convention from becoming a self-defeating gathering, it would make no sense to announce this at the convention - when people will be already angrily protesting outside. And so it would be much more logical to anticipate Cheney's exit before the New York event. Put New York's own 9/11 hero Giuliani into the Vice-President slot and it will be very hard for New Yorkers to express their anger this summer. This would be a very clever move and something Rove must be thinking about a lot.

Based on various factors, I'd say Cheney is likely to be taken off the 2004 presidential ticket by early summer. But of course, things like a major 'terrorist' attack in the US or the capture of Osama bin Laden would change the situation dramatically... So, we'll see.

From March 12, 2004:

[...] Another major theme attached to the 'stargate window' was the 'fall of Osiris/Sun-king/Babylon leader'. We speculated here on Etemenanki that the pattern would likely manifest through George W. Bush whom I had long identified as one of the symbolic Osiris/Sun-king/Babylon leader figures along with the Pope, Saddam, Blair, Sharon, etc. While Bush did not 'fall' in a direct way, we see that his political fall, which is strongly manifesting at the present time, began during the mid-2003 period when it was becoming increasingly clear that Iraq had no WMDs.

In the context of 'seeds of 2003 growing in 2004', our attention is drawn to one of the very serious probings heating up in Washington at this time, namely the Plame affair, i.e. the White House's treasonous outing of a CIA operative last summer during the 'stargate window'. As I said at the time, this scandal alone can easily bring down the White House like Nixon's Watergate. [...]

From March 26, 2004:

[...] The messianic theme ('return of the king/Christ/Osiris') embedded here is also reflected by the fact that Israel, where Yassin was killed, is the biblical land of Jesus. Symbolically the death foreshadows the rise of Horus/Christ/Antichrist, i.e. 'the return of the king'.

Who is the 'king'? Well, it is certainly interesting to note that: 1) Kerry and Bush are both Skull & Bones; 2) the site of Jesus' crucifixion was called Golgotha which means the 'Place of the Skull'; 3) I have long viewed Bush as a messianic figure (though a very manufactured one); and 3) in the current window (February-March) Bush is falling hard and Kerry has rapidly gained momentum to challenge Bush and try to become the next president of the United States. Also, we've seen the continuing 'rise of Schwarzenegger'. So... I'd watch these developments closely in the context given above.

Because of the underlying symbolic context, in fact, we are encouraged to view the biggest American news story of the 'Super Mars Day' window as a form of 'death sentence' to the current US leadership. [...]

I'm now interested to see how or if this situation will lead to the exit of Cheney - politically forced to step down (either from the '04 ticket or as Vice President). As mentioned many times before, this is a scenario I view as likely. [...]

So because of the projected timing, you can see why I'm tempted to see the current political storm surrounding the White House as something serious enough to lead to the fall/exit of Cheney or perhaps even Bush himself. There are other scenarios but... let's just hope the cornered animal won't go berserk.

From April 12, 2004:

[...] ...let me also say that since I have long applied our 'Babylon leader falling' theme to the Bush White House (since 2002), I'm not at all surprised to see the sudden sinking of the US leadership this year [2004]. And all this is indeed much more serious than Watergate. This White House has so many deplorable wrongdoings under its belt that it was really just a matter of timing. It survived this long because it had the support of the very high-level elite apparatus which wanted to see the neocons' imperial PNAC/Pax Americana plan realized - because, for instance, the dire Peak Oil situation is now arriving. But because there were no WMDs found in Iraq to the dismay of the clueless neoconservative ideologues like Wolfowitz, Perle, Libby, Feith, etc. their master plan simply collapsed. By the fall of 2003, just months after the Iraq invasion, it was clear that the neocon Pax Americana ambition had no real hope of going forward beyond Iraq (eg. Syria, Iran, etc.).

The US military forces were simply stuck in Iraq. It's such a mess over there at this time because there was no planning for this kind of situation. The neocon cabal, including Cheney and Rumsfeld, had no intention of idly sitting in Iraq after invasion - the PNAC-based plan was obviously to move on to the next 'rogue nations' like Iran and Syria. The 'preemptive' US aggression was not really about protecting America; it was much more about oil and helping Israel. This should be common knowledge by now.

And it is my view that the elite support for the Bush administration was withdrawn by last November [2003]. The strange timing of the Saddam capture last December may be linked to this shift. The White House surely would have liked to come up with the big capture much later, closer to Election Day as it would have had much more direct impact on Bush's chances of being reelected. The fact that they weren't able to delay the Saddam capture - which could have easily be done - into the election year seems to suggest the Bush administration had already lost the elite support.

And without the strong, fascism-like support system (including the media), the ship of the White House just has too many holes to keep it from sinking. This is what we are witnessing today. The way I see it, the powerful force of the 'New World Order' that had previously been helping them is now working against them - probably because the Bush administration is no longer 'useful'. Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry, another member of the Yale secret society Skull and Bones (Bush is also a Bonesman), would apparently be a more useful puppet leader to them.

Of course, there is also the chance that the dark element inside the Bush administration may, like a cornered animal, decide to do something drastic (eg. 'another 9/11', 'capturing' Osama, nuclear detonation, etc.) to stay afloat. Create a crisis, declare martial law, and cancel the election. That's certainly a quite plausible scenario, and perhaps this is something the higher NWO crowd would not mind. They may just want to see the Cheney crowd either go down or go crazy...

In any case, the fact is that the White House is now in deep trouble and their situation is likely to worsen unless interrupted via the above scenario. I mean, we're talking indictments, resignations, or even jail time here. I'm very interested to see how long people like Karl Rove, Condi, and especially Cheney will stay afloat in the White House. 9/11 negligence and Iraq intelligence manipulation are serious issues threatening Team Bush but I'd have to say keep your eye on the development of 'Treasongate', i.e. the White House outing of a CIA spy last summer. Its ongoing investigation should produce some quite serious results in the near future. [...]

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