The Message of Cycle 23

Decoding the Mayan 'Double-Sun' Timecode

By Goro Adachi
May 24, 2002


Final Countdown

According to the incredibly sophisticated and accurate calendar of the Maya from Central America, one of the most mysterious ancient civilizations rivaling ancient Egypt, we are currently living in the 'fifth age of the sun' which began on August 12, 3114 BC -- a date designated the 'Birth of Venus'. According to Mayan tradition, the previous four ages ended in great cataclysms, leaving only a small number of survivors, not unlike the biblical tale of Noah. This arcane view certainly makes us curious and somewhat nervous about the projected ending date of the current, the fifth, age of the sun. When one finds out when this termination point actually is, the nervousness shoots up into the realm of worry. The Mayan calendar is now even beginning to enter the public consciousness at large, as this very subject was, for example, a key theme incorporated into the final episode of the popular 'paranormal' TV show The X-Files aired May 19, 2002. As we get closer to the ending date of the calendar, we are sure to hear a lot more about it from various sources.

On '9-11', the world -- and especially the US, the New World -- has realized just how a seemingly stable and proud system or world view can be made so fragile and overwhelmed in one day. The possibility of the world crumbling into total chaos is no longer a farfetched movie scenario but a uncomfortably realistic prospect. And just in time for this paradigm shift, the world is to be made aware that 'the end of the world' as foreseen by the Maya is rapidly approaching us. On December 22, 2012, about ten years from now, the timeline of the 'fifth age of the sun' will terminate. The redden sun has reached the western horizon and is about to go under.

What does this mean? Are we talking about a literal annihilation of human civilization or could it be more metaphorical? No one really knows. It is my view, however, and it is sensible, that the more insights we have into the situation/pattern, the more metaphorical the manifestation of the projected pattern will be. Or in simpler terms -- more preparation, less damage.

I am not writing this article out of fear or survivalist mentality, however. (I am not one of those who animalistically think survival is/should be our highest priority.) Instead, I was prompted to write this piece because I detected a significant pattern that coherently links the underlying esoteric themes of today's events discussed in my previous articles and the Mayan calendar. While I had originally been viewing the projected ending date as something conceptually akin to the equinoxes/solstices -- in that they astronomically yield specific dates but only approximately mark the change of seasons -- the new findings have pushed me to reconsider my position and theorize that the calendar is counting down to a specific event of profound importance.

The '9-11' event, it now appears, was only a part of the sequence of events leading up to a culmination in/around 2012.

Two Suns, Two Years

It was prophetic Quatrains X-72 and II-41 of Nostradamus, curiously enough, that helped me 'see the light'.

As explained in depth before in my previous articles (The Labour of the Sun and Rex Deux), X-72's infamous line, '1999 seven months', could actually denote '2001 September' for certain calendrical reasons, and the whole quatrain, when decoded, would directly relate to the '9-11' attacks. (See Labour for detail.)

Century X-72
L'an mil neuf cens nonante neuf sept mois,
Du ciel viendra vn grand Roy d'effrayeur:
Resusciter le grand Roy d'Angolmois,
Auant apres Mars regner par bon-heur.
The year 1999 seven months,
From the sky will come a great King of terror:
To bring back to life the great King of Angolmois,
Before after Mars to reign by good luck

The curious 2-year offset between 1999 and 2001 observed here was found to be nicely reflected by various other aspects. For instance, we had the huge 'II' shape (i.e. '2') of the WTC twin towers, and the twin nature of Hercules, the mythological character associated with the antediluvian/'Atlantean' pillars which in turn were discerned to be analogous to the WTC towers. Hercules in particular was found to be of great metaphoric significance for 9-11 -- because just as '11' was a key number encoded in the whole event (i.e. an airplane Flight 11 crashing into a 110-story towers visually forming '11' on the 11th day of the month, etc.), it was during Hercules' '11th labor' that he directly interacted with Atlas (the first king of Atlantis) in Greek mythology -- thus reinforcing the view that the 'Pillars of Hercules' (= 'Atlantean' pillars) represent the archetypal WTC towers. Hercules being a personification of the sun, moreover, resonates well with the fact that the Egyptian death-god Osiris was both associated with the black sun and described as the 'Lord of Terror' as in the 'King of terror' of X-72. The correlation becomes stronger when added that there was a major total solar eclipse (i.e. a 'black sun') in August of 1999 (= '1999'+'7 months', as per X-72). Also, similarly, the Great Sphinx represented both the embodiment of the sun and the 'Father of Terror'.

From these associations, it was inferred that Hercules was both a 'twin' and the 'sun'. And this brought us to the next phase of interpretation involving Quatrain II-41. First, it was determined that Hercules represented, at least in our context, a form of 'double sun'. This was supported by the sphinx, associated with Hercules, traditionally found in pairs -- thus signifying 'two suns'. And 'two sun' could be reasonably interpreted as 'two years' to corroborate the '2-year offset scheme' of X-72. After this, we were naturally led to II-41, one of the quatrains I had personally considered applicable to our own era, long before 9/11. Line 2 of the quatrain reads 'the cloud will make two suns appear'.

Century II - 41 
La grand' estoille par sept jours bruslera,
Nuee fera deux soleils apparoir:
Le gros mastin toute nuit hurlera,
Quand grand pontife changera de terroir.
The great star will burn for seven days,
The cloud will make two suns appear:
The large mastiff will howl all night
When the great pontiff changes his abode.

Lines 1 and 2 complement the correlation as these strongly evoke the 'great star' (the brightest star) Sirius. It is commonly known as the 'Dog Star' as in 'the large mastiff' (Line 3), and in ancient Egypt the star was called Sept, which in turn would denote 'seven' as in 'seven days' (Line 1). Also, as explained in Labour, Sirius' heliacal rising -- an extremely important astronomical event for the ancient Egyptians -- signified 'the 1st day of the 1st month of Thoth', which was the New Year's Day of the ancient Egyptian calendar. During the early Christian times this special day took place on the Gregorian September 11th, and this caused the Coptic/Christian-Egyptian (as well as Ethiopian) calendar to fix its New Year's Day on September 11 (Gregorian), and this is the case to this day. Sirius, alluded to by II-41, is therefore very much linked to what has now become a date of infamy, '9-11'. This consequently implies that the initial 'double sun' correlation was indeed valid.

As for Line 4 which indicates a change of the papacy, it was pointed out that the current pope, John Paul II, is given the motto 'De Labore Solis' ('From the Labor of the Sun') by St. Malachy's prophetic list of popes. (I personally tend to agree with the view that this remarkably accurate prophetic list was actually composed by Nostradamus.) Needless to say, the motto not only conforms to the underlying 'sun' theme, but it even resonates specifically with the aforementioned 'labor of Hercules' (since Hercules = sun) the 11th of which was found inseparable from the 9-11 event! Moreover, the motto has also been interpreted to denote 'Of the Eclipse of the Sun' (indeed, JPII was born during an eclipse) -- in which case, it would again congruently conform to the 'black sun' theme and the total solar eclipse of August 1999. So, it was confirmed on multiple levels that there was a strong connection between II-41, X-72, and the 9/11 terrorism.

The prophetic implication of this was that Pope JPII would be replaced by a new pope in the very near future to coincide with the aftermath of 9-11. And seemingly as a foreshadow, the Church, especially in the US, suddenly found itself in serious trouble as we entered the year 2002 (i.e. the sexual abuse scandal). At first, I was just amused to see the apparent manifestation of the projected pattern and wondered how it would culminate in the exit of JPII. Then, something got my attention and it caused a shift in my perspective. I began to see a bigger picture as well a more focused context and pattern for the on-going world events.

Seeing the Light

The more I looked into the 9-11 event, the more 'prophetic' it became -- both in the sense that it strongly interacted with 'prophecies' made in the past and the sense that the event itself was a coded 'prophecy' for the future. And as I became more aware of the latter implication, I noticed something that I felt I should have noticed long time ago. This was that by adding '11' -- the encoded key number of 9/11 -- to the year of the event, 2001, one would get '2012', which is none other than the ending date of the Mayan calendar.

Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not. But consider the following. Just as the number '11' is found to be inseparable from the sun, so is the Mayan calendar which, as ingeniously decoded by researcher Maurice Cotterell, essentially represents a time-keeping system for the sun, the sunspot activity, which is known to have an 11-year cycle! The fact that the Mayan calendar was also used to calculate and predict solar eclipses adds to the coherence as we have already noted the prophetic significance of the 1999 total eclipse.

In The Mayan Prophecies (1995), Cotterell revealed his remarkable theory that the strange rhythm of the Mayan calendar, which had perplexed all other investigators, actually corresponded with the complex cycles of the solar magnetic fields which in turn would produce 'sunspots', the dark spots on the surface of the sun.

It is scientifically known that those sunspots spew out a lot of ions (charged particles) and affect the magnetic field of the earth. More sunspots means more electrical stuff/'solar wind' (solar flares and coronal mass ejections) emitted outward to bombard the earth's magnetosphere. (The most visible effect of this would be the aurora lights). Every 11 years, the sun reaches a 'solar maximum', which is when the number of sunspots peaks, or when the sun is the most active. Presently, in fact, we are undergoing the solar maximum of 'Cycle 23' -- though the peak was 'officially' reached in mid-2000. This means that the next solar maximum will be around 2012, the Mayan 'end date'!

What made the correlation even more satisfying was the fact that the Mayan calendar was intimately linked to the planet Venus -- as evidenced by the fact that the starting date of the Calendar (Aug 13, 3114 BC) is called 'the Birth of Venus'. In esoteric tradition, Venus (along with Sirius) is symbolized by a pentagram (five-pointed star). The pentagram is obviously related geometrically to the pentagon -- and the 'Pentagon' is of course none other than the third building hit in the 9/11 attacks.

What about the 2-year/'double-sun' offset scheme that has been prophetically linked to 9/11? Remarkably, we learn that the nature of the current solar maximum perfectly echoes this strange theme. First, astronomers have noted that Cycle 23 active at the present has a rare double-peak maximum. It was initially observed that the solar intensity crested, rather prematurely, in April 2000 or so. And then, in early 2002, astronomers started to notice that the sunspots were increasing again seemingly to a equally (if not more) pronounced second peak, almost exactly 2 years after the first peak. So, not only is it a 'double sun' maximum, the twin peaks are even 'two suns' (2 years) apart! This is a strong sign that we are onto something here.

Actually, as if these weren't enough, we also find that there was a clear 'spike' in the sunspot activity in the month of '9/11' as the graph (right) shows.

The more we look, the more we realize that there is a close relationship between the 'prophetic' events of our time and the changing conditions of our sun.

What could all this mean?

It wasn't long before I began to see further patterns and specific implications. I was to be exposed to a very clear 'signal', a 'message', that could show us what would likely transpire in the immediate future.

The Equidistant Sequence 

I made a simple timeline on a sheet of paper and then drew in the two 'double-sun' schemes -- that is, the pair of X-72 (~Aug. 1999) and 9/11/01 separated by 2 years, and the Cycle 23 maximum peaks similarly separated by 2 years (Apr. 2000 and ~Apr. 2002).


This helped me visualize better the chronological mismatch between the two periods. Although I had inferred that the two 'double sun' events were connected, these overlapping periods were offset by 8 months. Why? Was this some unintended distortion in the 'design' or was this a directive misalignment leading us to the next revelation? I had to explore the latter possibility as I knew from experience that this approach would often lead to productive results. It was warranted especially in this case as there was still a sense of intelligent design in the offset -- '8 months' was exactly one third of '2 years'. And so I studied the timeline closely to see if there was a further pattern just beneath the 'surface'.

After some thinking, I recalled that there was another major event that I had already interpreted to be part of the 'double sun' theme. This was the 2000 US presidential election -- an event that produced two winners or two 'suns'. The designation of the 'sun' here was supported by the fact that, for example, the eye of the storm that was the 2000 election was Florida, the 'Sunshine State'. Also, in a previous article I identified Clinton as a version of Amenhotep III (historical Solomon) which made his successor a version of Akhenaten (the Egyptian king who followed Amenhotep III), often called the 'Sun King'. (The 'two presidents' therefore had become analogous to 'two suns'. See The Two Suns of Election MM for more details.)

Subsequently, I realized that the timing of this event was right in the middle of the combined timeframe of the other two 'double sun' events. In fact, it was placed at the dead center. To visualize it better, I marked it on the timeline -- and immediately emerged a great sense of order. Then it hit me: this third 'double sun' event (Dec. 2000) was offset ~8 months from the nearest marked events on both sides. This meant, in other words, that all of the events in the combined sequence, five in all, were equally distanced, 8-month apart!

What made this more remarkable was the fact that the rotation period of Venus, the planet intimately associated with the Mayan calendar, is 243 earth-days -- that is, almost exactly 8 months! (30x8=240.) Even Venus' orbital period around the sun turned out to be 225 earth days (7.5 months), very close to 8 months. [Update: the number '225'  reinforces the the 9-11 connection in that 2001 was the 225th year from the birth of US, 1776!] Additionally, there was the complementary fact that the 'tzolkin' cycle of 260 days was an essential element of the Mayan calendar -- actually corresponding to the cycle of the interaction between the polar and equatorial magnetic fields of the sun (as pointed out by Cotterell).

These correlations strongly suggested to me that I was on the right track, and encouraged me to proceed further.

Contextual Resonance

To find more encoded patterns, I turned my attention to the first of the 'double sun' sequence composite taking place circa Aug. 1999. This was a conceptual 'preview' of its 'second peak' 2 years later, namely the 9/11 attacks. And this was not only in terms of X-72. Recently in May 2002, it was revealed that the first of the warnings about the coming major terrorist attack, i.e. '9/11', emerged in September 1999, exactly 2 years before 9/11.

So I naturally wondered if this same concept could be applied to the twin peaks of Cycle 23.

First, I had to refresh my memory regarding the world events at the time of the first solar peak in the spring/summer of 2000. Internationally, the major news around that time was the successive collapses of the critical Israel-Palestine peace talks in Israel and later at Camp David (US) mediated by Clinton and Albright (viewed as "the last chance for peace"). Semi-internationally, dominating the news in the same timeframe was the saga of the 'Cuban boy' Elian Gonzales in US who was eventually returned to Cuba. And Cuba was also a significant place esoterically in the summer of 2000 as it was then that the enigmatic underwater 'city' off the west coast of Cuba, widely speculated to be the ruins of 'Atlantis', was first discovered (investigation still continuing). So, it appeared that the first Cycle-23 peak was very 'Cuban' in nature and related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Now it was time to see if the second sunspot peak reflected, or actualized, the 'warning' of the first. Since the second peak is taking place right now (spring/summer of 2002), we can actually just look around to see if this may be the case. Though the time 'window' is still open as of this writing, we have already witnessed a political focus suddenly placed on Cuba in May. First, there was the historic visit of ex-President Carter to Cuba, which was then closely followed by President Bush addressing the Cuban-Americans in Florida, giving a speech on US-Cuba relations. And then the March and April of 2002 saw a major crisis in Israel, which was so severe that the rest of the world was also polarized and a lot of violence ensued. And we can also add that investigators are returning to the Cuban-"Atlantean" underwater city for more data in the same timeframe, and strangely the captured Taliban/Al Qaeda members are being held at 'Camp X-Ray' in Cuba.

So, it appeared to me that there was indeed a conceptual echo effect between the two sunspot peaks. But what about the current crisis of the Church coinciding with the second peak? It turns out that this does have important 'prophetic' implications, as we will see.

Extended Projection

Based on the empirical observations, it may be inferred that the 2000 US presidential election will have an 'echo' exactly 2 years later and this is scheduled to take place at the end of 2002.

What can this anticipated event be? Obviously, the implication is that there is to be some kind of election/voting that involves a major leader, or simply a change of leadership. One possibility is that the US will have a new president at/around the end of 2002.

[Update: In December 2002, Republican Senate majority leader Trent Lott, i.e. the leader of President Bush's political party, stepped down unexpectedly amid a big controversy that erupted after he made a seemingly racist statement in the same month. By vote, Bill Frist was quickly elected as new leader of the Republican party.]

Another possibility, which I consider more likely, is that we will see the exit of Pope John Paul II and the election of the next pope. This derives from the close parallel detected between US presidency and the papacy at this moment in history, as discussed in the Two Suns article -- after all, both are inseparable from Quatrain II-41. And especially because the last line of II-41 states: "When the great pontiff changes his abode".

[Update: Indeed, in accordance with the suspected parallel, the same period of December 2002 also saw the resignation of Cardinal Law of Boston Archdiocese (who is specifically named in this article below). It is very interesting that although the US President and the Pope survived the 'December window', the leaders just below them (Lott and Law) did make their exit concurrently. Certainly, then, we did indeed experience "a change of leadership" in the US and the Church in this December.]

It should also be pointed out that the prophetic motto assigned to Pope JPII, 'of the Labor of the Sun', directly associates him with the current solar maximum which indeed is a 'labored' state of the sun. Combined with the pronounced twin peaks of Cycle 23 (i.e. 'double sun'), it seems inevitable that JPII comes to be involved in the current cycle... probably by making his exit.

There is another reason why the papacy/Church is likely to 'fulfill' the 2-year offset 'echo' of the 2000 presidential election. For this, we need to project the sequence backwards just one step toward the past. By subtracting '8 months' from the first event, Aug. 1999 (X-72), we arrive at December 1998. Importantly, this is exactly two years away from the presidential election -- thus effectively making it a 'reverse-echo' event. So what happened in December 1998? The answer is: the historic impeachment of President Clinton. Needless to say, there is strong resonance here; after all, the impeachment was conceptually close to the presidency ending. This was the little 'preview' of the succeeding events in the 2-year cycle.

Now, what is important here is what led to Clinton's impeachment. It was, of course, the president's sexual misconduct (involving a young intern, Monica Lewinsky), the news of which broke in January of the same year (on Drudge Report). Therefore, if we are to expect an amplified 'echo' in/around December 2002 of the 'impeachment', it is reasonable to theorize that it is also to be preceded by a similar (but more serious) development, i.e. a serious sexual scandal. Could it be just coincidence that we are currently having the developing story of the sexual abuse of children by Catholic priests? The current scandal even began in January when Father Geoghan was convicted of sexually abusing a boy on January 18 (the news of Clinton's sex scandal broke on Jan. 19, '98). This strongly suggests that things are moving toward the 'impeachment' (i.e. the end) of the leadership of the Church, i.e. the Pope, near the end of 2002. (Although it is also possible to interpret the 'leader' as an American Cardinal namely Cardinal Law of Boston).

[Update: As already mentioned, Cardinal Law, named above, did step down in December 2002, in precise accordance with the projection! In retrospect, it appears that the 'echo effect' in this December window was not an 'amplified' but downgraded (by just one step) event. Did the number of people aware of the pattern reached a critical mass to slightly alter the pattern?]

Personally, I find it very unlikely that Pope JPII will stay in his office beyond 2002 (spring of 2003 at the latest), because as the 'Labor of the Sun'/'Solar Max' pope, it won't be symbolically very coherent for him to make his exit when the sun has become quiet. As he came into this world during a solar eclipse (another manifestation of the expression 'labor of the sun'), it would be symmetrically sound for him to exit in a similar symbolic context. My bet, therefore, is on the current development leading directly or indirectly to the pope leaving the office later this year. And it is very possible, as explained in my previous articles, that the subsequent papal election will produce 'two suns', either by ending up with two contenders claiming to be the pope, or something else similar in concept.

'It's the End of the World as We Know It, and I Feel Fine.'

Looking back, the controlled demolition of the Russian space station Mir in spring 2001 was eerily prophetic in that the name Mir means 'peace' and thus the end of Mir symbolically denoted the 'end of peace', which indeed was to be the case just several months later on 9/11. I was actually very much aware of this doomy symbolism of the planned destruction of Mir as early as 1999. In the Two Suns article, for example, I wrote: "since the name Mir means 'peace', the end of Mir has the ominous symbolic implication of the 'end of peace'". And I had also noted that "the name Solomon, deriving from salaam, [also] means 'peace'". This is important for in the same article I conceptually equated both Clinton and Pope JPII with Solomon (or Amenhotep III). Hence the 'end of peace' predicted by Mir and realized on 9/11 was also hinting at the imminent 'end of Pope John Paul II'. And congruently, we have earlier compared the pope's end to the 'end' (i.e. impeachment) of the other 'Solomon', Clinton.

Even more ominously, the term 'Mir' can also denote 'world', which means that the destruction of Mir was also the 'end of the world'. Perhaps this implication is applicable to the next solar maximum (Cycle 24) in 2012, when the world ends according to the Mayan calendar. It may be inferred that the sequenced events of the Cycle 23 solar max represent the 'watered down'/metaphoric preview of what is take place with the next peak of the sun that will in effect end the world.

My take on the coming 'end of the world' is this. Based on the 'message' of Cycle 23, it is possible to infer that what is to end in the next solar cycle, 24, would be the United States and the Catholic Church -- the two that have come to parallel each other in a prophetic context. In line with this interpretation, the pope list of St. Malachy has only two (possibly one) more popes to go after the current one. And as for America, I have other tangible data (which I won't discuss here) that strongly suggests that the United States' time is up at the beginning of the 21st century. Basically here is how I tend to look at the situation: the United States and the Church hit the iceberg during the peak of Cycle 23 (2001 +/-2 yr) and are now taking on water; and by the time of the peak of Cycle 24 around 2012, these titanic 'ships' will have gone vertical, sinking straight down to the bottom of the abyss. I'm not saying that these systems will cease to exist completely, but I would say at least their 'essence' will not be in existence soon after the end of this decade.

There is, however, a little light of hope in all this. The function of Mir did not simply cease to exist; it was smoothly passed on to a new space station, the ISS (International Space Station) which is currently under construction and orbiting the earth. In other words, the symbolic message seems to be that this is a time when the 'old world' ends and the 'new world' begins. This is a time of transition, not the end. It is certainly fitting that the name 'ISS' is reminiscent of 'ISIS', the Egyptian goddess of rebirth and the personification of Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky. Indeed, as already mentioned, the day of the 'rebirth' (heliacal rising) of Sirius would correspond to the symbolic 'end date', 9/11. Like the phoenix, then, from the ashes of destruction is to rise the next incarnation to usher in the new age. (Here we come, Mars!)

Perhaps we are to learn from the 'message of Cycle 23' so that the 'end of the world' that the coming peak of Cycle 24 is scheduled to bring about will not necessarily have to be so literal. The more we become aware, the less physical/literal the manifestation of the pattern becomes. [Update: Was this concept demonstrated in December 2002?] Mankind, as is the sun, is in labor, and the best we can do is to properly prepare - mentally, physically, emotionally, and intellectually - for the inevitable. The pain will grow in intensity, but it won't have to be deadly. It's just that it's darkest before dawn.


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