About the 'Stargate Window':

  1. By projecting forward the 2-year cycle pattern first discussed in The Message of Cycle 23 (May '02), followed by the Endgame series (I, II, III, IV, V), we have determined that summer/fall of 2003 is to be considered an 'echo window' of 9/11 ('01).

  2. The same 'window' has also been dubbed the 'stargate window' (described as such here since Feb. 18, '03). In the Endgame series (especially Endgame IV and V), we have detected various themes attached to the window. The major ones are: 'stargate', virus, 'false gift', Osirian/Messianic resurrection, nuclear event, Mars/Cydonia, sun, Nazis, 'New World Order', the 2002 'alien disk' crop glyph, 'Babylon leader falling' (e.g. Bush, Blair, Sharon, Pope, etc.), and such.

  3. The mysterious 'Blackout 2003' in the US/Canada and Schwarzenegger/California recall election are being considered very much part of the 'stargate'/'echo' scheme. Arnold Schwarzenegger has been quickly identified here (as early as Aug. 20) as a figure playing the role of an 'Antichrist' or 'Beast'. Also considered very relevant is the developing issue of gross intelligence manipulation by the Bush administration (including 'Treasongate', CIA/White House leak), threatening to bring down the White House (for this see Endgame V and The West Wing Cipher).

  4. The highly symbolic and multi-leveled situation was closely monitored and discussed, as presented in Endgame VI.

  5. In addition to the originally projected 'stargate window', newly detected patterns gave us various secondary windows to watch - such as Oct. 25/26, Nov. 8/9, and December. The new perception that emerged was that there is a tapestry of interwoven patterns encoded into the entire year 2003 (and even into 2004), centered around Aug./Sept, '03.

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