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Stargate Cipher 2012

Athens Olympics, Contact, Life On Mars,
Holy Grail, Ultra Technology
& Mayan Calendar

By Goro Adachi
Oct 23, 2004

© Goro Adachi

...continued from Page 1:

Riddle of the Sphinx

Fittingly enough, the most famous sphinx legend comes from Greece. In Apollodorus 3.5.8 it is told that there was a sphinx monster at Thebes who devoured all those who could not solve its riddle, which meant pretty much anyone who was unfortunate enough to have encountered the monster. The riddle was: 'What walks on four feet in the morning, on two at noon, and on three in the evening?' After many were killed, Oedipus finally solved it by answering 'Man crawls on all fours as a baby, walks upright in the prime of life, and uses a staff in old age'. The correct answer destroyed the sphinx.

A little cryptic, but I found the legend reenacted in Mission To Mars - in effect acknowledging the connection between the Face/Mars and the Sphinx. The sphinx's wrath in the film comes in the form of a twister emerging from the Martian Face.

The circular nature of the whirlwind relates to the fact that the Athenean Face was ostensibly a sculpture from the ancient Cycladic civilization, the name 'Cyclades' coming from the Greek term 'cyclos' meaning 'circle' (as in 'cyclone'). This will prove important later on.

In any case the twister in the movie appears to be in a murderous rage and terrifies the human explores. But they later discover a coded signal transmitted by the Face/twister containing DNA information, which is almost but not quite human. Why? This is the 'riddle of the sphinx'. The humans eventually figure out that it's a test and that the solution is to make the DNA perfectly human and transmit it back to the Face. In other words, the 'answer' turns out to be 'man', just as is the case in the Greek sphinx legend.

Satisfied with the 'answer', the Martian Face/Sphinx opens up and lets the humans enter the structure. And once inside they are shown the history of Mars and Earth, i.e. the interplanetary seeding process of Panspermia.

This is a pattern closely mimicked by the Athens Face breaking up into pieces being followed by a theatric simulation of the entire history of human civilization, ending with the messianic' DNA projection of 'MM'.

Notice that the DNA double-helix is also a genetic 'twister'. In Greek mythology, furthermore, a 'whirlwind' is personified by a giant monster called Typhon, from which comes the term 'typhoon'. Typhon was the father of the sphinx and just as Typhon was a serpentine monster the name 'sphinx' meant 'strangler'/'throttle' evoking a serpentine wrath. The implication being that the wrath of the twister/typhoon/Typhon in M2M does signify that of the legendary sphinx.

And then there was Hurricane Charley...

A real 'twister' arrived in Florida on Aug 13 to almost overshadow the opening of the Olympics. Perhaps just coincidence, but consider the following: 1) Florida is the 'Sunshine State' and relatable to sun-god Horus embodied by the Sphinx/Mars/Face, 2) the Cycladic islands, from which had come the sculpture represented by the Athenean Face, were believe by the ancients to circle the sacred island of Delos, the birthplace of Apollo, the Greek sun-god, and 3) the name 'Charley' means 'man', i.e. the very answer to the sphinx riddle!

In addition, the general path taken by Charley to get to Florida (and by the subsequent hurricanes) was from the direction of Cuba (or the West Indies). This brings to mind one particular scene from Athens, coming near the beginning of the show (see picture right).

Remember the Elian Gonzales saga from '99-'00? Here is what 'garfield' astutely

pointed out in the Etemenanki forum:

Friday, August 13th was the 78th BIRTHDAY of Fidel Castro, Cuba's enduring leader. It was also the day a super hurricane thrashed Cuba on its way to Florida. Hurricane Charlie [sic] and tropical storm Bonnie were the names of these twin storms that menaced the south.

Bonnie and Charley have allusions to the legendary Scottish prince, Bonnie Prince Charles Edward and his escape on a boat to the Isle of Skye, immortalized in the Skye Boat Song...

This is the same Florida-Cuban regional waters where a few years back, the Cuban boy Elian Gonzales fled with his mother on a boat to Florida but ended up shipwrecked. All these occurred before the 2000 election controversy. [link]

The same Elian which Goro had associated with Moses, the baby 'saved from water' or 'drawn out' by the princess from the reeds. The same Moses associated with the Ark of the Covenant and its parallel Noah's Ark and the story of the Flood. Water-Ark-Argo-Mars. Standard fare for site regulars by now.

[The name] Elian has connections [via the presumed variants 'Eliane' and 'Elaine'] also with the Greeks' Helen, and the Sun Gods Helios and Apollo...

There is also the infant Greek Perseus and his mother Danae, cast into the sea in a wooden chest (ark) and saved by fishermen, as was Elian.

All these express the same theme enacted in the Olympic ceremonies where a boy sailed on a paper boat...

The name 'Cuba' is said to come from cubanacan meaning 'center place' and the paper boat scene was immediately followed by the centaur's appearance. Is there a center/centaur pun intended here? Probably so, as we will see later on.

'Alien' Technology

Was Hurricane Charley part of the 'super torch ritual'? Is that even possible? Hard to accept - because it would imply someone literally controlling the weather. It's a wild concept indeed and yet something very unusual was happening. Even the mainstream news reported on the unnatural behavior of Charley:

Charley's force took forecasters by surprise:
Charley quickly grew from a Category 2 to a Category 4 storm Friday and its course took a sharp turn to the right, which put it some 70 miles south of the originally projected bull's-eye.

With so much media focus on Tampa and St. Petersburg, many residents in and around Punta Gorda were caught unprepared. The hurricane left at least 15 people dead in its wake a wake that might not have been nearly as big if the storm had stuck to its original path and struck the big evacuated cities farther up the coast.

Hurricane Charley's sharp turn baffles scientists:

A last-minute swerve to the right by Hurricane Charley which devastated the coastal Florida town of Punta Gorda over the weekend, has baffled experts.

The 258 km/hour hurricane that flattened the US town on Friday afternoon, killing at least 20 people and injuring many others, was predicted to hit land 70 miles further north, but changed direction within minutes of the coast.

"There was a sudden intensification and a veering to the right of track, and we're all trying to work out why," said Mark Saunders, a tropical storm expert from Benfield Hazard Centre at University College London, UK.

In an unprecedented development, three more major hurricanes successively followed Charley in a short period of time, all striking Florida...

So it is legitimate to at least wonder whether some kind of weather manipulation was involved - which is theoretically not impossible with high-powered electromagnetic devices like HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project) up in Alaska.

The technological idea behind the notorious HAARP project is speculated to stem directly or indirectly from Nikola Tesla - specifically his claimed 'death ray' (teleforce) invention.

Though undeservingly less famous than Edison, Tesla was a great genius and an inventor very much ahead of his time. So much so that within 24 hours of his death in 1943 his technical papers (including his 'black notebook') were mysteriously seized by someone and the rest subsequently by the US government (the Office of Alien Property). It is a known fact that he envisioned controlling the weather.

...[H]e wrote a sensational article for Century Magazine. In this detailed, futuristic vision he described a means of tapping the sun's energy with an antenna. He suggested that it would be possible to control the weather with electrical energy. He predicted machines that would make war an impossibility. And he proposed a global system of wireless communications. To most people the ideas were almost incomprehensible, but Tesla was a man who could not be underestimated.

Understandably, Tesla has been called the 'Master of Lightening', making him almost analogous to Zeus (Jupiter), the god of thunder and the supreme Greek deity honored by the Olympic Games - increasing his relevance to our discussion.

Tesla's name was also immortalized by the 'Tesla Coil', a historically important invention used to produce arcs of electricity or 'lightening' as shown in these pictures below. (Incidentally the Tesla Coil involves 'twisters' of wires.)

As HAARP senior science advisor Dr. Dennis Papadopoulos admitted, there is at least a conceptual connection between HAARP and the Tesla Coil:

There are three things I can think about Tesla when I'm talking about this particular project [HAARP]. The first ... we should think of Tesla every time we look at a microwave oven; again the radiation frequency of the microwave oven and the concept of the microwave oven was Tesla's.

The second thing is, it is a frequency transformer. Tesla, with the Tesla coil, changes one frequency to another frequency. What we are doing up there, we're taking at 5 megahertz a frequency which radiates in the ground and we transform it into 1 hertz, 5 hertz, 10 hertz, or whatever it is. So we have really a frequency transformer similar to what Tesla was thinking. Third, and most important, once we create the waves they propagate exactly the way Tesla conceived it through the earth ionosphere waveguide.

On a more speculative level, Tesla is associated with exotic ideas linked to antigravity and scalar electromagnetics. (He's even rumored to have contributed to the 'Philadelphia Experiment', a supposed time-travel incident in 1943.) These can be collectively called 'hyperdimensional physics' (HPD) - a scientific model utilizing hyperspace, i.e. higher dimensions beyond our four space-time dimensional reality. (It is a 'stargate science', if you prefer that phrase.)

HPD is also the 'Holy Grail' Hoagland claims to have discovered in the geometric scheme of the Martian monuments. Mission To Mars doesn't miss a beat here either, as Hoagland commented in "Mission to Mars": The NASA/Touchstone Version of "The Monuments of Mars?" (2000):

The major Hollywood personality recruited to oversee this unprecedented film – nothing less than a NASA-supported "fictional confirmation of Cydonia!" -- was award-winning veteran, Brian DePalma.

DePalma, in addition to his credits on a score of other major films, went into this project with a (required?) "special insight" into the singular possibilities inherent in an "alien science" … discovered "on location" on the Planet Mars:

His own brother -- Dr. Bruce DePalma -- a very unorthodox (if brilliant) former MIT engineer and physicist.

For Richard Hoagland -- working quietly on the science and engineering implications of his Cydonia discoveries for almost ten years -- collaborated heavily along the way (with, among others) one "Dr. Bruce DePalma"-- Yes, the same brother … of this very picture’s esteemed Hollywood Director! [...]

When initially brought together in 1989, Hoagland and his colleagues had just published the outlines of something termed "Hyper-dimensional Physics" – decoded through the hyperdimensional geometry of the ruins specifically grouped around "the Face." When placed alongside DePalma’s previous laboratory data, the "HD Model" seemed for the first time to be able to explain several of the otherwise inexplicable and astonishing laboratory results independently documented by DePalma … going back some ten years before Cydonia was even photographed!

Those highly significant experimental results ranged from DePalma's creation of a rotating energy device (the "N-Machine"), that (like stars and planets) apparently taps into the seemingly "unlimited energy potential" of free space … to gravity-defying, rapidly spinning and precessing, massive systems. The latter is best exemplified by DePalma's disconcerting discovery in the early 70's that – in opposition to all ideas in current physics -- a rapidly spinning system (see graphic) flies higher and farther against gravity than a non-spinning system!

These extraordinary experiments in fundamental physics even included observation of exotic biological effects experienced by living organisms directly exposed to those mysterious "rotational energetic processes."

Ultimately, much of DePalma's most remarkable experimental data, after detailed comparison with the theoretical predictions (produced from the geometric decoding of "the Message of Cydonia") were found to elegantly conform to Hoagland's "Hyperdimensional Model." These impressive confirmations were not only included in later editions of Hoagland's best selling history of the Cydonia investigations ("The Monuments of Mars"), it was a highlight of his many invited addresses to NASA over the years … and even at the UN! [...]

The pieces of the puzzle are coming together beautifully to form a coherent big picture...

Tesla certainly does appear to be a key factor in the 'super torch ritual' and we are encouraged to take his inventions and future visions seriously. It's particularly interesting to note here that Tesla's 'Death Ray' has been blamed for the Tunguska explosion, normally thought to have been caused by a meteor/comet or, as recently reported in the news, a UFO crash...

At this point we begin to wonder: recall that Tesla's papers were confiscated by the Office of Alien Property - an incidental hint perhaps? Hyperdimensional physics is already a form of 'alien science' through its Cydonia connection, and we have the following data points lending some support to this line of thinking:

  • The meteorite/Tunguska connection is extraterrestrial in nature.

  • HAARP is the third US ionospheric research site; the others are located near the Arecibo Observatory, Puerto Rico and near Fairbanks, Alaska. (Another one operating in Tromso Norway.) Arecibo Observatory is famous for its association with SETI, i.e. Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, as featured in the movie 'Contact'.

  • Tesla actually claimed he regularly communicated with aliens.

More strikingly, there was a remarkable 'crop circle' created in a wheat field near Alton Barnes, Wiltshire, England, June 20 this year - less than 2 months before the Athens Olympics.

[picture from cropcircleconnector.com]

English papers reported on this otherworldly creation:

It's the most intriguing crop formation seen in the West for years...

...[A]ccording to experts, this pattern apparently represents a diagram of an electrical transistor designed 100 years ago by the world's most mysterious inventor.

Crop circle experts say it is uncannily similar to plans for one of Nikola Tesla's early pieces of equipment

Yes - Tesla! A crop circle, ostensibly a message from 'aliens', alluding to Tesla just before the Olympics... What are the odds?! (The Tesla angle in the story, which I don't know is valid, may well have been something artificially added somewhere along the process by an 'insider' involved in the 'super ritual'.)

This is a major gateway leading us to the next Pandora's Box...

Close Encounter of the Third Reich Kind

It was through the 6-part Endgame series that I began to notice the dark significance of the rise of Schwarzenegger (2003). It led to the detection of the 'super torch/Venus/Lucifer ritual' earlier this year, discussed in the Lucifer Time Code series, which in turn would point ahead to the Athens Olympics as a key period - the climax of the torch ritual. And here we are now - looking into the 'alien technology'/'Contact' theme found woven into the Athens event.

In a way we've come full circle. You see, the driving force behind the Endgame series was a crop circle - a decidedly alien-looking crop circle/glyph...

It mysteriously appeared on/around August 14, 2002 - 225 days from the first day of the year, calendrically the same as the opening day of the Athens Games which too came 225 days after January 1! The date got shifted to August 13 because 2004 is a leap year; it was apparently more important to keep the Venus number '225' rather than the date (Aug. 14) in the year of Venus (2004).

Found 'digitally' encoded into the 'disk' of the crop glyph was the following message (emphasis added):

Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES. Much PAIN but still time. EELRIJUE. There is GOOD out there. We OPpose DECEPTION. Conduit CLOSING (BELL SOUND)

As some have noted, the first part clearly comes from the saying 'Beware of Greeks bearing gifts' deriving from the famous mythological tale about the Trojan Horse. This year's Olympics were held in Greece!

The clues are overwhelming: the Athens Games were a big deal in the realm of the symbolic/secret communication and Contact was its main theme. And the theme, it turns out, was already well underway by 2001, if not 2000, through a series of crop glyphs. Here is from Endgame I:

Signs of Deception

One of the biggest movies [of summer 2002] was Signs which deals with the mysterious crop circle phenomenon. In real life, appearing almost concurrently with the film was a remarkable crop "circle" in Hampshire, England [at Crabwood Farm] depicting a cartoonish alien holding up a disk.

[The glyph was created] on/around August 14, which is exactly one year after another very similar formation appeared at Chilbolton Radio Observatory just few miles away (see picture below).

© Steve Alexander

These crop glyphs [attracted a lot of] attention - even Richard Hoagland discussed it extensively - as it seemed to have been [a stylized] 'response' to the interstellar SETI radio message transmitted in 1974 from the Arecibo radio telescope to a potential extraterrestrial civilization out there.


The original Arecibo message had a pictorial section where Earth was pointed out as the home planet of the race that sent out the signal; but [in the crop glyph] not just Earth but Mars (and apparently the theoretical 'exploded planets' between Mars and Jupiter, Planet K/V) was also marked - as if to say that mankind is actually an 'interplanetary' race that has a close connection to the Red Planet (and the 'exploded planets' which are now the asteroid belt). Hoagland wrote:

An alternative interpretation is that this line represents this solar system with additional, now missing members … including an unknown fourth and fifth planet, the latter orbiting where the current asteroid belt resides.  As noted earlier, the timing of this glyph is startling – and highly "suspicious."  In our recently published "Tides" paper, the original fourth and fifth planets have been destroyed.  This destruction then releases Mars (a satellite of one of these former worlds) to become a new “fourth planet” on its own.

This identical scenario eerily seems to be depicted in the Chilbolton glyph.  Why?  And … why NOW?

[...] In such a horrific scenario, these catastrophic events might have triggered a desperate attempt to survive by sending refugees to Earth (the only inhabitable planet remaining in the solar system).  So, is the glyph trying to tell us that an effort was made to implant the dying populations genetic code in terrestrial life forms here on Earth – thus accounting for the inference of "genetic engineering" higher in the glyph … ultimately resulting in ourselves?

...[The] Martian link is seemingly reinforced by the accompanying 'face' glyph which is quite evocative of the 'face on Mars'.

This is nearly identical to the Mission To Mars scenario. It's probably safe to say that the crop formations and the Olympics were designed to interact to convey a profound message - an alien message... 'Contact'.

In the 1997 film Contact featuring Jodie Foster, the first alien contact takes place through a video of Hitler making a speech in 1936... at the Berlin Olympic Games! It was at the Berlin Games that the Olympic Torch relay tradition - the centerpiece of the 'super torch ritual' - came into existence. It turns out to be a decidedly Nazi ritual. And the star of the Berlin Games was Jesse Owens from the United States, whose nickname was 'Tan Cyclone' - the familiar twister/circle theme again.

The hidden/occult star of the current 'super torch ritual' was/is Arnold Schwarzenegger, also known as 'The Olympian', who famously has a familial Nazi background.

Let me point out again: 1) Schwarzenegger's ominous rise in politics in summer/fall 2003 (through the California recall election) coincided with the historic close encounter between Mars and Earth, 2) one of his most popular films is Total Recall, a story about Mars, 3) in Twins Arnold is a genetically engineered 'superman', 4) in the popular Terminator series Arnold is a future cyborg that enters our world through a 'stargate', etc. etc. It's all there.

'Stargate' technology is prominent in Contact which deals with a massive blueprint of an alien hyperdimensional transporter machine found encoded in the video of Hitler/Berlin Olympics. It was this same theme that was woven into the Athens Olympics, as these pictures alone can illustrate...

In hindsight the connection was also intimated when the show began with a drumbeat intended to mimic a heartbeat, just as the alien communication in Contact begins with a heartbeat-like signal picked up by the radio telescope.

It is also significant that Contact was originally a novel written by Carl Sagan - who was no stranger to the Cydonia/Mars investigation. Wrote Richard Hoagland:

...NASA's own quarter-of-a-century position on Cydonia research, as well as those of its planetary scientists, has been uniformly caustic; especially dismissive on the subject was the well-known NASA "spokesman" on the theme of extraterrestrial life, the late Carl Sagan. In his own repeated public dismissals of Cydonia, Dr. Sagan's well-known scorn ranged from once comparing the appearance of "the Face" to the random appearance of "Jesus Christ on a tortilla chip …" to more "technical" statistical denials:

"Why not one postage-stamp sized mesa – out of the 150 million square kilometers of Mars – that looks a little odd ..?"

Yet privately, Sagan had a long and highly personal relationship with Cydonia and its researchers: among other things, over the years this involved several private briefings from Hoagland himself and various members of his research team, including one where Carl personally implored Hoagland to "keep up the good work." This, while simultaneously … publicly … proclaiming a very different view …

It was Sagan, just days after the release of the original Viking "Face" image in 1976, frame 35A72, who pushed to have the Viking 2 landing site switched from Cydonia -- on the grounds that it was a "rocky Northern latitude." The Viking Team subsequently put the Lander down at an even rockier and more northerly latitude -- but well away from Cydonia itself!

Much later in this schizophrenic public/private Cydonia involvement, Sagan authored what has come to be viewed as the definitive "Cydonia hit piece." In this now infamous article, appearing in PARADE Magazine in 1985 and titled, "The Man in the Moon," Sagan not only sarcastically compared "the Face" to that infamous tortilla chip (as well as to a "Richard Nixon eggplant!"), he published artificially "colorized" versions of the object -- to bolster his contention that "in a separate spacecraft photo with different lighting, it seems to be an irregular hill …"

Sonoma State University ethicist, epistemologist, historian of science and Chairman of the Department of Philosophy, Dr. Stanley McDaniel, took Sagan sharply to task for this grossly unfair article in 1993. In an exhaustive published document titled, "The McDaniel Report: On the Failure of Executive, Congressional and Scientific Responsibility in Investigating Possible Evidence of Artificial Structures on the Surface of Mars and in Setting Mission Priorities for NASA’s Mars Exploration Program," McDaniel showed not only the clear scientific errors of all of NASA's years-long "objections" to Cydonia, but of the high-profile Sagan "hit piece" as well. In that section of his work, McDaniel methodically exposed the deliberately deceptive tactics used by Sagan to advance his cavalier "dismissals" of the Face, which included creation of deliberately misleading images, labeling these outright "propaganda methods." [...]

Then, near the end of his life, Sagan underwent his final public change on the subject of Cydonia: in a 180-degree turn from the PARADE article, he went out of his way to separate the "Cydonia investigation" from the other, "pseudo-science" targets of his last published work, "The Demon Haunted World." In this final written statement of his life, Carl Sagan deftly contradicted all his previous "official" positions on Cydonia: pointing out that the Cydonia investigation, as distinguished from most "extraordinary claims," stood apart -- by having the one essential precept of "good science" … it could actually be tested. He concluded his "about face" by arguing that, as a clear "scientific problem," Cydonia deserved to be fairly tested in the coming years … via a veritable fleet of new missions then heading back to Mars …

Which, curiously, is precisely when NASA (and Russian) missions to the Red Planet literally began to disappear …

Carl Sagan died while Contact was being filmed - his final message still echoing around the world as we speak...

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