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Stargate Cipher 2012

Athens Olympics, Contact, Life On Mars,
Holy Grail, Ultra Technology
& Mayan Calendar

By Goro Adachi
Oct 23, 2004

Goro Adachi

...continued from Page 2:

Eye In the Sky

The notion of 'stargate' technology coming from the Nazis, as implied in Contact and the 'super torch ritual', is probably closer to reality than the 'alien' scenario. This would at least partially explain the cartoonish appearance of the alien crop glyph. The 'ET' is in effect a puppet covering for someone else... someone foreign and mysterious but more earthly. The 'aliens' from the Third Reich.

As explained in Endgame II (Oct 16, '02), the sudden appearance of the glyph coincided with the US release of 'The Hunt for Zero Point' by Nick Cook, aviation editor of Jane's Defence Weekly in Britain. I wrote:

...the alien crop formation was reportedly created on/around August 14, 2002 in England (the land of Nick Cook, the author of the book). Due to geography, U.S. time is as much as 8 hours behind Britain. So, the August 14 of Britain was necessarily overlapping the August 13 of the U.S.

In other words, for all intents and purposes, the 'alien warning' and The Hunt for Zero Point appeared simultaneously!

The book is all about the rumored existence of 'stargate'/antigravity technology which Cook traces back to Nazi Germany. Here is from the book's inside flap:

The atomic bomb was not the only project to occupy government scientists during the 1940s. Antigravity technology, originally spearheaded by scientists in Nazi Germany, was another high priority, on that still may be in effect today. Now, for the first time, an acclaimed journalist with unprecedented access to key sources in the intelligence and military communities reveals suppressed evidence that tells the story of a quest for a discovery that could prove as powerful as the atomic bomb. [...]

The ideal shape for a gravity-defying vehicle happens to be a perfect disk, making antigravity tests a possible explanation for numerous UFO sightings during the past fifty years.

Chronicling the origins of antigravity research in the world's most advanced research facility, which was operated by the Third Reich during World War II, The Hunt for Zero Point traces American involvement in the project, beginning with the recruitment of former Nazi scientists after the war, and reveals the United States' suppression of Germany's attempts to harness hitherto unacknowledged forms of propulsion, which would have devastated the world's petroleum industry overnight.

Has it been proven that the Nazis mastered antigravity? Not quite. But Cook does plausibly argue that there was a machine kept extremely secret by the Nazis which may well have been the Holy Grail technology - not just an antigravity machine, but possibly a time machine... a bona fide 'stargate'. The project went by two codenames: Chronos and Laternentrager ('lantern holder'). The machine itself was called Die Glocke or 'the Bell'. I postulated this might be relevant to the Crabwood formation's 'bell' reference...

Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES. Much PAIN but still time. EELRIJUE. There is GOOD out there. We OPpose DECEPTION. Conduit CLOSING (BELL)

In the original ASCII computer code (in which this message was encoded), 'Bell' is actually '007', which brings to mind the 007 (James Bond) movies. The 1995 installment, 'GoldenEye', is particularly interesting in that it features the Arecibo telescope. We learn:

The telescope was used in the filming of two notable movies: as the villain's antenna in the James Bond movie GoldenEye and as the real antenna in the movie Contact.

Perhaps the alien's creepy, distinct eye - unusual for a 'grey'-type alien - was a hint. Together with an allusion to phi - or the Golden Ratio - the GoldenEye connection actually becomes quite plausible. The phi link here is this: the glyph's appearance on/around August 14 marked the phi point - i.e. 1.618:1 ratio - of the year 2002 as did the opening day of the Athens Games (2004 is a leap year).

Eye + Golden Ratio + '007' = 'GoldenEye'

There is even a potential connection with Tesla because 'GoldenEye' in the movie refers to a secret satellite-based electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weapon system capable of destroying any electronic device. This sounds like Tesla's 'Death Ray' weapon but in a more 'Star Wars'-type context. Incidentally the American Star Wars/SDI program was initiated by Ronald Reagan whose last name evokes 'ray gun'. His death in June was one of the year's biggest US events and his funeral (June 11) was a big part of the 'super torch ritual' commemorating the passing of the 'kingship' to Schwarzenegger. We covered all that...

Another possibility here is the GoldenEye link being a hint as to how the crop glyph was created. Assuming that 'stargate' technology does exist somewhere today, we can easily envision those few with access to it, probably in the dark world of the military-industrial complex, having some 'fun' creating elegant crop circles with a special satellite. It's not that fetched an idea at this point.

Under the flashy 'alien contact' storyline is therefore hidden the 'real' message all about super-advanced secret technology, or 'Ultra-Tech'. This is supported by the strange fact that the glyph was a close replica of a graphic found on the 'Watcher' website (first mentioned in Endgame II) on which is discussed familiar issues such as Mars/Cydonia, fallen angels (Lucifer), and the Antichrist (though with more Christian overtones overall). The graphic says 'Ultra-Tech'...

The main brain behind the Watcher website is David Flynn who recently published his own book Cydonia: The Secret Chronicles of Mars, now endorsed by Hoagland. I have communicated with him and having read each other's book we agreed that our findings (mine being The Time Rivers) are pieces of the same grand puzzle.

David Flynn left, Hoagland right

He informed me that the 'Ultra-Tech' logo design (done by his brother) alludes to the rumored story of the US military-industrial complex secretly back-engineering alien technologies recovered from the legendary Roswell UFO crash. As noted earlier, 'flying saucers' are associated with antigravity and often theorized to have been advanced vehicles developed by the Nazis. I for one cannot discount the possibility that the whole UFO/alien mythology is in fact a contextually modulated story about the hidden Nazi legacy.

So the 'Ultra-Tech' graphic brings us right back to the 'stargate' theme, further corroborated by the existence of another version of the graphic showing a rotating tetrahedron instead of a computer circuit. Recall that tetrahedral geometry is the key to 'stargate'/hyperdimensional physics as deriving from Hoagland's Cydonia investigation - most prominently expressed by the latitude pinpointed by a circumscribed tetrahedron, 19.5 degrees, or to be more accurate, 19.47 degrees.

Curiously, the Roswell crash took place in '1947' - which is even the year of Schwarzenegger's birth. In fact these two events came in the same month... July.

There is more to this hyperdimensional aspect of the glyph, as I found out when I contacted David Flynn recently via email to check if I got the story of the Ultra-Tech logo correct. I did, but after being told about my article he informed me that he had done his own investigation into the glyph and promptly sent me a collection of graphics, originally created for his presentation at Roswell July 4th this year. These were exciting discoveries very much in line with my own findings and decidedly hyperdimensional...

David noted there were 59 horizontal lines in the rectangular frame and 33 lines of spiraled ASCII codes along the bisected disc which together pointed to 1947 and 19.47 because: 59 x 33 = 1947, and 33% of 59 = 19.47!

He also found pi (= 3.14159...) deeply embedded in the puzzle. The glyph's bisected circle was a hint since pi is a mathematical constant representing the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter. Going beyond this, David discovered that the Roswell crash site itself was a pi-encoded geographical position, as shown in these illustrations:

This even correlates with Contact because Sagan's novel includes an important development involving pi:

In a kind of postscript, Ellie, acting upon a suggestion by the senders of the message, programs a supercomputer to compute the digits of π [= pi] to record lengths, and to analyze the stream of numbers for a non-random pattern. Far from the decimal point, she finds that a special pattern does exist far earlier than statistically likely. It is an unmistakably intelligent artifact, "the artist's signature," woven into the fabric of space.

It's also an important point that the Roswell UFO crash came on/around July 4, Independence Day. We have the 1996 alien movie involving Roswell titled 'Independence Day'. The holiday's most prominent symbol is the Statue of Liberty which is also a memorable symbol used in the film. The same director who did 'ID4' is behind The Day After Tomorrow released earlier this year, reiterating the Lady Liberty/torch connection - see graphics below - and the weather/hurricane connection... (after all ,the film is all about the weather going crazy).


(There is also a 1949 book called 'Sixth Column' published also under the name 'The Day After Tomorrow'. The story involves electro-gravitic 'ultra technology'!)

Lady Liberty is of course the world's most famous torch-bearer - a big part of the 'super torch ritual' anchored by the 'light-bearer' star Venus. Tellingly, this year's 'Lady Liberty day' (i.e. Independence Day) was specifically designed to interact with the Athens Games, the climax of the torch ritual, in that:

  • On July 4 (the 'torch' day), Greece's national soccer team won the European Championship in a historic upset.

  • The Tour de France (another major sporting event) began on July 4. (The Statue of Liberty was a gift from France.) As per tradition the race ended in Paris, the city of Isis-Venus ('Par-Isis'). Paris as a character in Greek mythology is analogous to a torch.

  • On July 4 the cornerstone of 'Freedom Tower' was laid at Ground Zero, the site of the WTC towers. 1) The new tower is designed to reflect the basic shape of the Statue of Liberty. 2) A 'tower' is representative of Mary Magdalene (= Isis-Venus), an alter ego of Lady Liberty, as 'Magdalene' ('Magdala') denotes 'tower'. 3) The name 'Tour de France' can mean 'Tower of France', practically synonymous with 'Freedom Tower'. 4) The Pentagon, another structure attacked on 9/11, signifies Sirius-Venus-Lady Liberty (traditionally symbolized by a pentagram). 5) 2001 was 225 years after the birth of the United States (1776), '225' being the orbital period (in earth days) of Venus around the Sun and matching the opening day of the Athens Games (225 days after 1/1/04).


Common to both Athens and Paris is the notion of the prime meridian (chief longitudinal line). Paris has the historically and Gnostically important Zero Meridian/'Rose Line', and the Mars rover Opportunity carrying the 'Athena' payload landed in Meridiani Planum ('Meridian Plane') near the Martian Meridian in January 2004. This becomes important combined with the following...

Just a month after its rare union with the Sun, Venus crossed the Galactic Meridian (i.e. longitude 0/180) on Independence Day and at the hyperdimensional latitude of -19.5!

The crossing occurred just as Venus was making a U-turn, changing its (apparent) direction from retrograde to direct. This was indeed yet another manifestation of the 'Tour/Tower de France' theme since 'tower', as well as 'tour', etymologically derives from a root word denoting 'spinning' or 'turning'! It also relates back to the twister theme.

Apparent path of Venus as it crossed Galactic Meridian
near Aldebaran (meridian not shown).

All together, Independence Day 2004 featured no less than four 'Tour de France' manifestations: 1) start of the Tour de France race, 2) Freedom Tower's cornerstone laid, 3) Statue of Liberty, a form of Venus and a gift from France, highlighted by the holiday celebrations, and 4) Venus making a 'hyperdimensional turn' at the Galactic Meridian. Another 'Tour de France' manifestation worth noting is the Eiffel Tower in Paris, where the Tour race traditionally ends (Champs Elysees). It is the 'tower' of France, if not of the entire world, standing in the Champ de Mars, or 'Field of Mars', hence underscoring the Martian Meridian association.

Another key point here is the fact that the Meridian crossing was closely marked by the position of Aldebaran, a bright star in Taurus known also as... the 'Torch-Bearer'! It's also called 'Bull's or God's Eye', conjuring up the (Golden) 'Eye' theme again.

As already noted, GoldenEye refers to a 'Star Wars'-type satellite weapon relatable to Reagan whose recent death event coincided with the Transit of Venus and concluded on June 11 with the 'passing of the torch' ritual involving Schwarzenegger. Well, it just happens that Venus was crossing the Galactic Meridian on that very day too! I wrote elsewhere:

...the recent Transit of Venus... coincided with the week-long funerary proceedings following Ronald Reagan's passing. The transit took place on June 8 at the edge of the Milky Way and very close to the Galactic Meridian (i.e. longitude 0/180).

Few days later on June 11 Venus actually crossed the Meridian, coinciding with the funeral/burying of Reagan down on earth which also simultaneously signaled the 'rise of Schwarzenegger'.

Back to the July 4 crossing, I noticed that it took place at a V-shaped region of Taurus known as the Hyades. As pointed out by Jane B. Sellers and later by Robert Bauval (The Orion Mystery, pp.147ff), it was associated with the Egyptian god Seth (or Set), the embodiment of evil/chaos and Horus' archenemy. In their epic battle, Horus lost his left eye and Seth his testicles.

In this context the left eye of the Crabwood alien was perhaps an allusion to Seth. Indeed, Seth was considered a 'foreigner' or 'alien', and the name Seth - also spelt 'Set' - brings to mind SETI, Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence...

The fact that only the right side of the face was highlighted alludes to the double-face model of the Face on Mars in which the right side represents the head of the beast (leonine). Now check out the following, written by me back on October 24, '03:

In the first Endgame article, I discussed what appeared to be a 'leak' by an 'insider' posted on the former message board of Richard Hoagland's Enterprise website. [...] The post by 'KBS' included only a series of numbers that was hyperlinked to a webpage displaying the 2002 'alien disk' crop glyph. Soon another poster there (perhaps the same 'insider')... found the following encoded message: 'HaPPy AnNiVerSaRy, HoAglAnd'.

...The key: the message was posted on August 27 ('02) . And with the mention of 'anniversary', meaning 'returning with the year at a stated time', it became clear... that it was pointing ahead to the August 27 of the following year, 2003 - the exact date of [Mars' historic close approach to Earth]! Since Hoagland is [the famous 'Mars/Cydonia guy'], there was no question that this was the intended message.

...The alien crop glyph, to which the coded message was hyperlinked, was created on Aug. 14 (= Aug. 27 Gregorian); and the message itself was posted on Aug. 27 (= Aug. 14 Julian) and pointed ahead to the Aug. 27 of 2003. [...]

...On [or very near] the predicted 'Hoagland anniversary' day (8/27/03), Richard Hoagland [published] his new paper on his website [featuring] a new picture of the 'Face on Mars' taken by the Odyssey spacecraft...

Hoagland begins the paper by stating:

This startling new image of the well-known "Face on Mars" (above [right]) may ultimately be regarded as one of the most important photographs of the entire Space Program. For, after almost 30 years of acrid controversy and debate, a "whole new side" to this perplexing Martian mystery - and the profound social and scientific questions it continues to present - has now literally dawned...

He goes on to discuss how the lighting of the rising sun reflected on the eastern side of the 'Face' reveals a new mystery, an inexplicable amount of reflectivity. The paper is all about the brightly lit right half of the Face.

This 'beast' revelation closely coincided with the 'rise of Schwarzenegger' whose political ascension began on August 6 ('03). His designated role in the 'super torch ritual' is an 'Antichrist' or... 'Beast' which is symbolically coherent. But Arnie is also a form of Horus, contradicting his Seth/Beast connection. It would still make coherent sense, however, if - as likely - the 'rise of the Terminator' signifies the 'rise of a false Horus', i.e. Seth.

At any rate, it cannot be missed that the 'light bearer' star (Venus) illuminating the Hyades (= Seth) on the torch/light day (July 4, '04) was a reproduction of sunlight illuminating the beast side of the Face. A direct comparison (using the glyph) below reveals an intriguing resemblance.

Even the glyph's angle relative to the grooves in the field corresponds to the angle made by the Galactic (shown) and Ecliptic (not shown but basically horizontal) grid systems.

Finally, interactions between Seth and Horus (such as their great battle) can be epitomized by the pictorial theme showing them in the 'act of churning/drilling' which, combined with Seth being the god of wind and storm, brings back the twister theme.

The act of churning had another version in which the Nile twin gods do the 'drilling' instead of Seth and Horus. The interchangeability is also evident in the close link found between the Horus-Seth battle and the 'Winding Waterway', an Egyptian term for the Milky Way and its earthly counterpart the Nile. From Pyramid Texts 594-6:

Horus has cried out because of his Eye, Seth has cried out because of his testicles, and there leaps up the Eye of Horus, who had fallen on yonder side of the Winding Waterway, so that it may protect itself from Seth. Thoth saw it on yonder side of the Winding Waterway when the Eye of Horus leapt up on yonder side of the Winding Waterway and fell on Thoth's wing on yonder side of the Winding Waterway. O you gods who cross over on the wing of Thoth to yonder side of the Winding Waterway, to the eastern side of the sky, in order to dispute with Seth about this Eye of Horus: I will cross with you upon the wing of Thoth to yonder side of the Winding Waterway, to the eastern side of the sky, and I will dispute with Seth about this Eye of Horus. [emphasis added]

In my book The Time Rivers I argue that the 'Winding Waterway' is a more specific reference to the Nile's huge, anomalous bend in Sudan. The Nile being an unusually straight river flowing directly northward - the first hint that it's an intelligently designed river - the big bend, where the water suddenly turns around and flows southward, is very notable. It is the only section of the Nile that clearly 'winds' - hence a 'Winding Waterway'. And here '19.5' emerges again: the bend's northern peak precisely pinpoints the tetrahedral latitude of 19.5 (or 19.47) degrees north!

The Nile bend even pinpoints longitude 33.0 degrees east... '33' being the other important hyperdimensional, as well as ritualistic/Masonic, number. (The Nile is a 'hyperdimensional river'.) You may recall that the the alien glyph's disk contained exactly 33 lines... The frame contained 59 lines; 33% of 59 is - as David Flynn pointed out - exactly 19.47...

The Time River Theory is not yet widely known - I call it the 'Nile denial'. But it is a major piece of the grand cosmic 'puzzle'. It's an 'alien message' so big and unexpected that it had been overlooked all this time.

While this article puts emphasis more on the Nazi/ultra-tech aspect of the 'alien message', the involvement of Cydonia, the Nile, and such make it plain that we are ultimately dealing with a cosmic design that is truly 'out of this world'. These are quiet whispers of a higher intelligence...

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2004 Goro Adachi