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Damage Plan 2 - Part II

Belly of the Beast

June 01, 2006
by Goro

Yes, there is a lot of 'Communication' surrounding 'Beast Day' ('666') looming right ahead of us. In this article we will take a quick look inside the 'belly of the Beast' and see if we can discern the trajectory of its 'Force' moving beneath the surface of illusion we call 'reality'.

First, we need to set the proper context by examining the current status of the Damage Plan 2 'Primary Sequence' in progress...

Reviewing Alchemical Inferno

The Indonesia/Java earthquake killing thousands on May 26/27 was the first major 'Damage Event' of 2006. And it 'magically' coincided with the third 'Primary Sequence' impact point projected (not for the first time) in 'Damage Plan 2: Alchemical Inferno':

Remarkably, Mt. Merapi in Java towering close to the May 26/27 quake epicenter became active right when the 'Primary Sequence' got underway.

News links:

4/17: Indonesian island volcano threat
4/19: Java alert for rumbling volcano
4/29: Imminent eruption of three powerful volcanoes
5/04: Lava flows from Indonesia volcano; likely to erupt
5/4-5: Giant rock growing in Mount St. Helens' crater
5/11: Java volcano evacuation ordered
5/12: Big rock chunk topples from 'Fin' in Mt. St. Helens' crater
5/13: Red alert for Indonesia volcano (top story around the world)
5/16: Mt. Merapi explodes with ash, gas

Not just Mt. Merapi, but volcanoes in general - including Mt. St. Helens - were suddenly popping up in the news... Volcanoes, as I've made clear even before posting Damage Plan 2 since January, are a central theme projected for this window.

From 1/31/06: "A major 'Damage event' is likely set up to strike sometime after Imbolc, and it will probably have been more or less anticipated. [...] Generally speaking, it seems likely to involve things nuclear/radioactive along with certain volcanoes directly or indirectly."

From 2/23/06 (STRUG): "I'm looking more at April-May... that's like to be a really interesting period based on my data/decoding. (And at this point people are just not talking about that particular time frame.)"

From 3/13/06 (STRUG): "In general, I would say that 2006 appears to be a 'Year of Volcanoes'."

etc. etc...

May 13th was the first time this decade and century that a volcano became the top news story around the world. So there is certainly no misrepresentation or exaggeration involved here.

Of course, this was Mt. Merapi, a volcano in Java, Indonesia - not Mt. St. Helens or Mt. Rainier highlighted in Damage Plan 2 discussions. This is nothing unexpected. 'Damage Plan 2', after all, began with these lines:

The graphic above [not shown] is a heavily compressed view of the 'Damage Plan 2' storylines. (The timeline is obviously incomplete and should extend into the 2nd half of 2006.) 'Storyline' means it's mostly about patterns rather than literal, one-dimensional 'predictions'.

Some 'twists' are always expected. And there is this remarkable the fact that Mt. Merapi is something of an 'alter ego' of Mt. St. Helens (the same goes for Seattle and Java). See the parallels ('alchemy' and 'moon' have been major DP2 themes):

    Mt. St. Helens Mt. Merapi
1 Damage
US Pacific NW volcanoes = projected centerpiece of Damage Plan 2 In Indonesia; part of which is Sumatra, site of Damage Plan 1 Event; there is another 'Mt. Merapi' in Sumatra
2 Alchemy 1 - Seattle near St. Helens is known as 'Emerald City', in effect a 'Gold City' (it's where the Yellow Brick Road, or 'gold road' ends in The Wizard of Oz; gold is measured in 'oz')
2 - 'Helen' means 'torch' as in Olympic Torch; the Olympics being about striving for gold (medals).
Sumatra (see Row 1) was originally called 'Isle of Gold'
3 Fire
1 - 'Helen' = 'torch'
2 - Original name Louwala-Cloughthe = 'Fire Mountain'
'Merapi' = 'Fire Mountain'
4 Moon 'Helen' can mean 'moon' (in addition to 'torch') Sumatra (see Row 1) spelt backwards is 'Artamus' i.e. 'Artemis' the moon goddess
5 Coffee Near Seattle - city closely associated with coffee Mt. Merapi is on Java island; 'Java' is another term for 'coffee'

So, for now, the 'Damage sequence' is playing out in Java instead of the US west coast and Time Zero for Java/Indonesia was May 26/27 - the Damage came not directly from the volcano but from a deadly earthquake. Again, a little twist added to the pattern. (We can also continue to expect Iran to play a major role in the DP2 design.)

Belly of the Beast

In the context of the Super Torch Ritual, the Java catastrophe 'intelligently' interacted with the Stardust 'omen' discussed here before. Here is from the ending of Babylon Transit - Part 2 posted January 12, '06:

Hmm... Start the clock.

There is much to the 'panspermia' code, not the least of which is the great-circle alignment presented at the end of Babylon Transit - Part 1 (Deep Impact Revolution) (12/29/05) with the comment:

... I can quickly point to this great-circle alignment - a terrestrial 'Orange Alignment' actually - and suggest to you that this, shall we say, 'radioactive' line signifies a 'US transit' of sorts, from coast to coast. And I'll leave it at that for now.

The importance and timeliness of this line - and there is a fascinating 'Communication' scheme that led to its discovery - were quietly acknowledged by Stardust (following Genesis) landing right on that 'Transit Line' in January.

Encoded into this 'US Golden Transit Line' are at least two timelines. It's 'golden' not only because of the golden/orange gates marking the edges but also because of the line's incredible ability to express the Golden Ratio (= 1:1.618) in various ways, including this one:

Note that Madrid, Spain (Windsor Tower fire) is where we had the March 11 train bombings often considered comparable to 9/11 (indeed, there are exactly 911 days in between 9/11/01 and 3/11/04). And '311' has a Chicago association...

Madrid was in effect the origin of the 'Transit Strike' theme that was to be echoed in London (7/7/05 train/bus bombings) and NYC (12/20-22/05 transit worker strike). So you can see why the alignment - going from NYC to SF/Golden Gate and producing the Golden Ratio with Madrid - is a 'Golden Transit Line' (US-GTL) or a 'Yellow Brick Road', if you like.

The end point of the US-GTL Timeline (A), highlighting ~May 24, is what was primarily behind the third impact point of the 'Primary Sequence' (Java Damage Event).

Let me point out again that Java is part of Indonesia as is Sumatra or the 'Isle of Gold', obviously echoing the 'Golden Gate' termination point of the US-GTL Timeline A. (Timeline B ends a month later, projected to be highly significant.) Note that the 'Yellow Brick Road' in 'The Wizard of Oz' terminates at the Emerald City. Seattle in the Pacific Northwest near Mount Rainier and Mt. St. Helens is known by that nickname ('Emerald City'). The embedded storyline is therefore coherent, though being expressed in a 'transposed' form (so far).

The Yellow Brick Road, by the way, begins as a spiral...

It's a fairly clear reference to the Fibonacci spiral closely related to phi or... the Golden Ratio. (It's a 'Golden Brick Road'.) The Super Torch Ritual 'Communication' implanted this golden spiral in our collective consciousness exactly one year before the landfall of Katrina (a wind spiral; the Oz story prominently involves a twister), Aug. 29, '04, during the closing ceremony of the Athens Summer Olympics. August 29 is also 'Judgment Day' in Terminator 2: Judgment Day feafuring Arnold Schwarzenegger the current governor of the Golden State.

2004 was the year of the Venus Transit (preceded by the 3/11 Madrid bombings and followed by the Athens Olympics etc.) and that naturally was the hidden context underlying the symbolism encoded into the entire Olympics. (Notice the 'Transit' theme here.) Venus is traditionally symbolized by a five-pointed star, which geometrically encodes, again, phi or the Golden Ratio.

This stream of 'Enki Communication', starting years ago, is what has evolved into the US Golden Transit code that quite effectively anticipated this year's Damage Event #1 in Java, Indonesia. A 'Golden Event' it was...

The timing aspect was already decoded by last December as you can see from my 12/26/05 STRUG post titled 'Stardust Impact' (emphasis added):

This is just one aspect of the expanded 'design' I'm carefully examining. I'm already pre-tracking it as far into the future as late May at this point.

As for the specific nature of the projected alchemical/golden event, here is from May 21, '06/STRUG (emphasis added):

And what about its real-life implications? Well, it's... still ominous. The US Golden Transit design is now pretty well-established as something real enough, isn't it? [...] But... let me add the following. [...] As I announced the other day, I did - or, again, at least try to do - a psi scan session probing what may be ahead. [...] I used the following cue for the session:

'US-Golden Transit Timeline western edge -
corresponding event(s)'

[...] ...impressions of a violently shaking ground with structures jumping around and inevitably AOLed 'earthquake', 'SF', '10.5', 'Seattle', and such. But the reaction of my conscious mind was that this was too 'typical'... something I or others would have just casually speculated. And yet the way this psi signal came was not inconsistent with what I would recognize as at least weakly psi-driven.

And the 'Ring of Fire' being part of the pattern was foreshadowed by such things as the Olympics (rings) and the prevalent 'fire arc'/'burning car' theme.

As you can see, the positions of Java/Sumatra/Indonesia and the US West Coast along the Ring of Fire are diametrically opposite. Sumatra is the 'Isle of Gold', California is the 'Golden State'; Java is a 'coffee island', Seattle (north of California) is a 'coffee city'...

This arrangement should be familiar to Etemenanki readers. It continues the signature Damage Plan configuration, starting with Sumatra (Damage Event #1) taking place 180 degrees away from the site of the ritualistic Damageplan concert shooting ('communication') in Columbus, Ohio (12/8/04) shortly before the tsunami catastrophe and the fall of Pope JPII.

To refresh your memory, December 8 - now called 'Damage Plan Day' - was closely monitored due to the Sun crossing the Galactic Meridian (longitude 0/180 deg. of the Milky Way), a configuration made significant earlier in the year via the Venus Transit.

The celestial magic event took place on the opposite side of the galactic sphere exactly 6 months prior and 180 degrees away - i.e. a diametric/antipodal configuration. (The heavenly alignment closely interacted with the earthly event of the 'Sun-king torch' ritualistically being passed from Reagan to Schwarzenegger.)

The Galactic Meridian is a Milky Way version of the 'fire arc', i.e. the 'equinoctial colure' (the 'zero meridian' going through the celestial poles, see Hamlet's Mill, (pp.321-2)). A Galactic 'Ring of Fire'...

The primary symbolism of the Venus Transit, still very much relevant, is that of the impregnation of Venus/goddess by the Sun king - a theme echoed by the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, Greece...


As expounded in the Stargate Cipher 2012 series, the theme further encoded the concept of panspermia - seeding of Earth through a 'stone fallen from heaven' which is the Holy Grail (this is beyond the Da Vinci Code entry-level storyline). The heavenly stone crashing into the earth is 'Contact' and the moment of Creation or Genesis, so to speak. This association was blatantly expressed via NASA's Genesis probe returning from the Sun dramatically crashing into the Utah desert just days after the closing of the Athens Olympics...

This 'Contact' also signified 'Sin' a la the 'sons of God' interbreeding with the 'daughters of men' - a serious transgression that directly led to the Great Flood.

Less than 4 months after the Genesis 'seeding' event in Utah, the Sumatran 'Great Flood' came and shocked the world. The location was pinpointed by the Dec. 8 Damage Plan Disclosure 'communication' in Columbus, Ohio which in turn was an echo of the Venus Transit, thus coming back to the seeding/panspermia storyline.

This Sin-Judgment Sequence was commenced again in the summer of 2005 via NASA's Deep Impact probe smashing into Comet Tempel 1 (using an 'impactor'). This was away from Earth itself, but in the film 'Deep Impact' a comet does make contact and cause a 'Great Flood'.

On July 7, mere three days after the heavenly Deep Impact/Tempel 1 contact, London's transit system (trains and a bus) was attacked, creating an earthly 'deep impact'. London sits right on the international Zero Meridian (Greenwich) relatable to the 'fire arc'/'ring of fire'. These meridians (London, Paris, etc.) are also 'Rose Lines' that may be equated with the Holy Grail itself according to certain esoteric tradition. (This concept has become more accessible to masses thanks to The Da Vinci Code.)

And here, too, was encoded a diametrical/mirroring scheme re-highlighting the 'transit' theme - in this case, a 'transit strike'... (extensively discussed in the Babylon Transit series).

And the US-GTL timelines currently active use the NYC Transit Strike to commence the 'US transit' in Manhattan/NYC moving across the US and ending in San Francisco/Golden Gate. It is right on this same transit line that the Genesis ('04)/Stardust ('06) landing/crash site is located and faithfully continuing the panspermia/contact motif. And we also seem to get the notion that the western edge of the (time-) line corresponds to the Deep Impact/London Impact situation (compare the graphics above and below).

That termination point, for 'Timeline A', coincided with the Java earthquake. The US experienced its own 'Great Flood' in 2005 - Katrina/New Orleans - encoded into which was the following 'Sin' symbolism pointing to... San Francisco/Golden Gate Bridge (via the language of trigonometry) as I pointed out back in September '05:

So it's all very coherent so far and still building up momentum for... a 'Bigger Bang'.

Now, there are more 'contact points' ahead of us. For the near future, we have this sequence still in progress:

[Note: The late-June contact point should be upgraded and considered part of the 'Primary Sequence'.]

Early June, including the 'Beast Day' 6-6-06, is very much part of the same Deep Impact pattern as you can see...

This is a double diametric Deep Impact alignment involving Deep Impact and Mars. (It certainly seems like a carefully calculated design.)

The association of Mars and 'Beast' (= '666' or '616') implied here is quite revealing... and esoteric.

There is a 'beast' on the Red Planet. Not only a beast, but it's a hybrid... a la the Nephilim or the offspring of the 'sons of God' and the 'daughters of men'.

This is the so-called 'Face on Mars' popularized by Richard C. Hoagland whose decoding of the enigmatic 'monument' includes mirroring each side of the Face to reveal what appears to be a leonine head and a hominid one - i.e. beast and man.

I took it one step further (first discussed in 2002 in Endgame III):

What you're seeing is the exact reversal of the Sphinx that traditionally has a human head and a leonine body...

From Endgame III:

...according to Greek tradition, the sphinx - an alter ego of Horus/Mars - was a mixture of Leo's body and Virgo's head; or to use another terminology, the Sphinx is a combination of Horus and Isis, or Jesus and the Virgin! Complementarily, it just happens that Leo and Sirius/Venus, the star of Isis-Mary, were both associated with Virgo in ancient tradition...  Note that Jesus himself, like Horus, is clearly a leonine figure in that he was a direct royal descendant of King David, the 'lion king' (the Davidic tribal symbol was the lion).

The Sphinx and Mars, therefore, represent the sacred union of Jesus and Mary, or Osiris and Isis. In other words, the Sphinx/Mars is the Grail, the Blood Royal, and the Shroud. Furthermore, in light of our foregoing discussion, the Martian counterpart of the Shroud, i.e. the 'Face on Mars', would become a monumental embodiment of the Jesus-Mary union.

Back in 2002 (that's before The Da Vinci Code), this must have seemed very 'out there' or just too alien a subject for many readers. Not any more, now is it?

I also brought up Leonardo in Endgame III. The following section is worth quoting in full (emphasis added):

The fact that Baphomet - i.e. the Shroud, and by extension the Face - is said to be androgynous also meshes perfectly with this Leo-Virgo fusion.

And this brings up another issue: the Virgin element for the Shroud. The Grail, Face, Sphinx, and Baphomet are all expressions of the fusion of Jesus-Osiris and Mary-Isis, or God and Goddess. The Shroud clearly being another manifestation of the same concept, as we have seen, it has to be inferred that the imprinted image of 'Jesus' should include a reference to the female counterpart as well.

Surprisingly, it appears that this is indeed the case.

First, we see that the hand position of the Shroud person, covering the genital area, echoes the apparent configuration of the 'Virgin' depiction in Cydonia. And aside from this sex-hiding act, we notice that the body of the Shroud person is actually quite feminine. No one seems to have caught this before, but without the awkwardly placed head, the first impression people would get is that this might be a woman's body - with delicate hands, a seemingly wide hip, and accentuated breasts!

The startling implication here is that the Shroud image seems to be a composite of a female body and a male head - just like the Martian Face/Shroud! As if this weren't enough, we also have the theory presented in Picknett and Prince's Turin Shroud that the Shroud head is actually that of Leonardo Da Vinci. Note that with the name "Leo-nardo," it may be said that the Shroud person has "Leo's head" - just as does the Martian Shroud.

Adding more support to the idea is the fact that Leonardo, sometimes viewed as the 'Keeper of the Grail', has a special connection with John the Baptist, the forerunner of Jesus, who was decapitated (thus the 'detached head' link). The Leonardo-John association is addressed by Picknett/Prince:

The only surviving sculpture that involved Leonardo in its making is the statue of John the Baptist in the Baptistry in Florence... And Leonardo's last painting was 'John the Baptist', showing him with the same half-smile as 'The Mona Lisa' [by Leonardo], and pointing straight upwards with the index finger of his right hand. This in Leonardo's work is a sign always associated with John: in the 'Adoration of the Magi' a person stands by the elevated roots of a carob tree - John's tree, symbol of sacred blood - while making this gesture. In his famous cartoon of St Anne the subject also does this, warning an oblivious Virgin. Make of it what you will that the disciple whose face is perhaps accusingly close to Jesus' in 'The Last Supper' [also by Leonardo] is also making this gesture. All these gestures are saying 'remember John'.

'Coincidentally', the Shroud is today kept at Turin's Cathedral of St. John the Baptist.

Enter the Antichrist

So, why John the Baptist? What's so special about him?

As it turns out, John, along with Mary Magdalene, was revered by most Gnostics, sometimes as the 'true' Messiah who was usurped by Jesus. Conversely, the Church has done its best to marginalize both John and the Magdalene all through its history. Picknett/Prince, in The Templar Revelation, even point out that Jesus and John were likely bitter enemies/rivals.

John the Baptist, then, can be perceived as anti-Jesus... err... the 'Anti-Christ'

Frankly, I have this tradition on this website of not discussing the 'Antichrist' per se - as the whole concept is too 'Christianized' for me - but I guess it is now unavoidable to include it in our discussion. It is worth noting that the 'Watcher' website, a key piece of the 'endgame puzzle' initiated by the 'alien' crop glyph, is all about Cydonia/Mars and how it relates to the coming Antichrist. It therefore seems the issue is indeed pertinent here. But, of course, my position on this will not be the typical, Christian approach of blaming everything evil on the Antichrist.

John the Baptist, as well as the Magdalene, essentially represents the oppressed truth. When the societal system is dependent on the suppression of some truth, this creates a building pressure in the 'matrix' of reality, which increasingly becomes a "threat" to the oblivious world. The longer the truth is suppressed and the more dependent the society becomes on the negligence, the more dangerous the situation gets - as the truth becomes a ticking 'time-bomb' waiting for the time of Revelation. The 'side-effect' of this will be the 'Apocalypse'.

This 'suppressed truth', in the context of our Endgame discussion, would be Cydonia (extraterrestrial intelligence), hyperdimensional reality/technology, and Gnosticism (personified by John the Baptist and Mary Magdalene). It is easy to see how the revelations about Cydonia artificiality and hyperdimensional reality (i.e. the 'other side') would severely upset the world economy and religious theology. But what is represented by the Gnostic John-Mary-Shroud-Grail complex is more shadowy and harder to penetrate - because the history of its suppression is so extensive and convoluted.

The western Christian world is so ignorant of the true nature and origin of their religion that it would be funny if it weren't so tragic. A case in point: just recently there was a major news story about the discovery of what may be a burial box of James the Just, Jesus' brother, in Israel. Of course, for many Christians the reaction was, "you mean, Jesus had a brother?" Then, in response to the report that this finding, if valid, would be the first historical evidence for the existence of Jesus outside of the Bible, many Christians must have found themselves struggling to fathom the implication that the mere existence of their object of worship had been uncertain at best. In other words, most Christians (though probably also applicable to other religions) don't know, or care about, the very basics of what they claim to worship. And this stems from the doctrine and of the Church, which is really about promoting its version of the messianic tradition reconstructed and twisted around to suit its political agenda. It's simply not in the interest of the Church to teach its followers the history of the religion in any depth, otherwise the worshippers might get curious and find out all the manipulations on which the authority of the religious institution is based.

In any case, it is certainly coherent that the fall of the Church, an aspect of the larger theme of 'Babylon falling', is an integral part of the 'endgame' as discussed in my previous articles. When the 'truth time-bomb' ticks down to zero, the Gnostic/suppressed side of religious history embodied by John/Mary comes out of the ground to cause great havoc. And this may be viewed as the apocalyptic time of the "Antichrist" who is prophesied to come just before the return of Christ. And most fittingly, the Gospels tell us that it was John the Baptist who came right before Jesus to pave the way.

As all the 'signs' are now suggesting, it is time for truth to rise up. And truth often hurts. Denial or truth - which will mankind choose?

This, again, was written in 2002 right before the beginning of the Da Vinci Code mania in 2003. The Da Vinci Code phenomenon is of course still going strong and is doing exactly what I described above.

Endgame III also included this prediction:

This will begin the process of bringing the whole field of Cydonia investigation into a new dimension, and I think a lot of the researchers will not be able to keep up with the shift and will soon find themselves 'out of the game'.

It turns out that in the 'Face on Mars' is clearly encoded the sacred unification of Sangraal [= Holy Grail] - even more directly than the Sphinx!

That probably sounded completely farfetched in 2002. Today (May/June '06), you see the following on Richard Hoagland's Enterprise Mission website (usually mostly about Mars/Cydonia):

Enough said.

So, there is this hidden, powerful context behind monstrous success of The Da Vinci Code... And of course, the Da Vinci Code film was just released in.... late May '06, and Beast Day is coming up shortly - a sequence seemingly custom-made for the projected Damage Plan 2 timeline...

Beneath the one-dimensional sinister storyline typically conjured up by '666', the Beast, and/or the 'Antichrist', there is an esoteric undercurrent that has to do with our shaky relationship with truth. So the 'Apocalypse' would indeed signify 'Revelation' quite literally. Truth is the feather of Maat against which man's heart is weighed before the ultimate 'Judgment' as per the ancient Egyptian conception of the Hall of Maat which is in effect the gate between this world and the Otherworld. Maat is the goddess of justice or 'Lady Justice'. Maat is about balance.

This concept is indeed what's primarily behind all the diametric (often equidistant/balanced) alignments - it's about balance and judgment (the 'Great Flood' being the most dramatic form). And also notice that the Hall of Maat is a place of (dimensional) transition or... 'transit'.

The 'Beast Day' window coming up shortly represents a major expression of this theme. Indeed, doubly so...

Intriguingly, the Hall of Maat is also known as the 'Hall of Double Maat' or 'Double Truth', thus making the 'double alignment' above an unusually intense 'weighing of the heart' setup.

It's the Sphinx at the threshold - the Beast - asking man a question, ready to devour those who cannot answer correctly... who do not know themselves... or truth.

  • The Egyptian capital Cairo, situated adjacent to Giza, derives its name from Al Qahira denoting Mars. (More literally it means 'the victorious'.)

  • The ancient Egyptians called Mars 'Horus of the Horizon' (Horakhti), which was the very same name given to the Great Sphinx. Mars was also called 'Horus the Red' (Hor Dshr), and for a long time the Sphinx was painted red.

  • Just as the Great Sphinx is the hybrid of man and a lion, in ancient Hindu myths Mars is Nr-Simha, the 'Man-Lion'.

  • The term 'pyramid' derives from the Greek term pyr meaning 'fire', as in Mars the 'fire planet'. (Mars is often referred to as pyroeis in Greek.)


As all the 'signs' are now suggesting, it is time for truth to rise up. And truth often hurts. Denial or truth - which will mankind choose?

Indeed, when does the 'truth time-bomb' tick down to 'zero'?

As if by magic, after the 'double Maat' configuration the Deep Impact probe and Mars will unite at the 'Impact Point' (where Comet Tempel 1 was struck by the Deep Impact impactor on July 4, '05)... on January 4-6, 2007. 'Beast Impact'...

Based on this highly intelligent and precise 'coincidence', we can further infer that the 'double-Maat Beast configuration' around 6/6/06 is even more of a midpoint of the Impact-sequence, thus increasing its intensity in expressing the notion of balance/justice/judgment.

So that's the rough big picture of where we are in the 'Countdown' that is history itself...



...eternally awaiting the birth of the Starchild, at the End of Time.

: Big news/Communication on 6-6-06 (at least for those aware of the hidden context)...

Enough said.



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