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Babylon Transit

Deep Impact Revolution

December 29, 2005

Goro Adachi

Here is the current situation...

December 2005 was projected to be a special month for the 'Super Torch Ritual' boasting these 'pressure points':

'Kamikaze' events projected, and kamikaze incidents we got. The first wave came during the 'Pearl Harbor' window around 12/7. Four major air plane/dimension events popped up between 12/6 and 12/10 loudly expressing the 'divine wind' theme. Naturally all involved airplanes. The second wave began with the seaplane crash in Miami on Dec. 19, followed by four more (one crash and three emergency landings). So that's at least five 'kamikaze' manifestations during the 'primary Deep Impact window'. In all, nine airplane 'kamikaze' incidents in December (so far).

Nine plane incidents inside two small time windows - that's not very 'natural' is it? Certainly enough to bear out the underlying pattern.

12/06: More than 100 killed in Iran plane crash
12/07: Air marshal guns down man at Miami airport
12/08: Plane slides off runway at Midway (Chicago)
12/10: Nigeria jet crash leaves 103 dead

12/19: Seaplane crashes off Miami, killing at least 14
12/20: Plane makes emergency landing in Boston
12/23: 23 believed dead in Azerbaijan airliner crash
12/26: Hole in jetliner forces emergency descent
12/27: Jet lands safely after alert that cargo door ajar

In addition to the high concentration of such incidents, there is an astonishing level of intelligent 'signal' encoded into the spatial/geodetic aspect of the 'kamikaze' scheme. That is to say that all of them interact coherently and fit flawlessly into a certain 'template' like pieces of a jigsaw - leaving little doubt that there is an element 'Contact' in this subtly attempting to communicate something to us. (We won't go into all the details here.)

Intellectually, this is 'high impact' stuff - creating a deep dichotomy between what we're seeing and what should be possible. It's 'Contact' via the 'stargate' between heaven and earth, i.e. the air dimension.

But on to the main topics of this article...

Midway Game

The incident at Chicago Midway Airport coming on 'Damage Plan ritual day', Dec. 8, was particularly meaningful even by itself, and appears to be the center piece of the 'riddle', or Level 2 of the 'Midway Games'.

It did much to reveal a more detailed and integrated 'time code', the scope of which goes beyond the basic December 'pressure points'.

The entry-level symbolism of the Midway 'communication' had to do with how the plane overshot the X-shaped runways. The 'X ritual', as it were, seemed to constitute a brief commentary on the timing aspect of the 'Deep Impact' situation - that it would 'overshoot X-mas'. (By Dec. 19 I was discussing this on STRUG.) Beyond that level, it gets a little too complex to get into in this article.

I should point out that the almost humorous 'arcade game' crop formations discussed previously interact with the Midway/Chicago 'ritual', making the latter almost a form of 'Contact' (not a new concept). The company behind the arcade games Pac-Man and Space Invaders is called 'Midway Games' and is based in Chicago.

[Image source: cropcircleconnector.com]

Just days before the 'Midway crop formations' was the appearance of the 'Turin Axis' crop formation, in which 'Sunking' (who wrote the previous post) saw a stylized silhouette of Chicago's Sears Tower - one of the 'Bull's eyes' I had discussed.

[Left image source: cropcircleconnector.com]

I must say I'm glad Sunking made that connection because that would represent an additional clue pointing to the intricate and global great-circle scheme just highlighted through the 'kamikaze communication', part of which is the following alignment involving Chicago, the North Magnetic Pole, and the 12/26/04 Sumatra epicenter. (Chicago/Sears Tower and Earth's pole are thus linked as hinted by the crop design.)

The 'Midway Game/Riddle' was telegraphed to us on 'Damage Plan day' in Chicago, a city aligned with the 'Great Flood' epicenter via the current position of the Magnetic Pole, which may be considered something of a 'smoking gun' clue. A smoking gun telling us, in effect, that Chicago is the Columbus of 2005 and that the 12/8 'kamikaze' incident at Midway was the new (main) 'Damage Plan disclosure' event. (In 2004, the same date was marked by a deadly concert shooting incident at a Damageplan concert in Columbus, Ohio, which was a geodetic maker pre-pinpointing the Sumatra epicenter and also an 'omen' foreshadowing the imminent death of Pope John Paul II.) The Olympic Torch Relay starting on the same day was another 'sign'...

The Midway Game - a 'Judgment Riddle' - had also set the stage for another key event around the Winter Solstice (Dec. 21) that would add a new dimension to the second window of December.

Pole Reversal

As noted previously, the 'Turin Axis' formation was created a day or two before the Summer Solstice (= June 21) and the design, seemingly depicting a stylized Earth with a tilted axis, demonstrated its apparent awareness of the special timing.

The grid pattern inside the 'globe' was quite suggestive of its awareness of the spatial aspect of the 'Damage Plan riddle', in addition to being an allusion to the Turin (Torino) Olympics. (The grid patterns are similar, and the triangular shape of the Turin logo is rather reminiscent of the polar 'towers'.)

[Left image source: cropcircleconnector.com]

'Torino' means 'little bull' - the opposite of 'little bear' (i.e. bear market vs. bull market). Since 'Little Bear' is the constellation housing the Pole Star which celestially marks the earth's North Pole, the opposite would be the South Pole. In the context of the solstitial timing, the opposite of the Summer Solstice (when the North Pole is the closest to the Sun) would be the Winter Solstice - December 21.

All crop formations discussed above were found around the time of the Summer Solstice. That seems to suggest that the new Damage Plan riddle ('Damage Plan 002'), which has an epicenter in the 'Bull' city' Chicago, was likely designed to interact with something taking place on/around the Winter Solstice.

Part of that came in the form of the three 'kamikaze'/plane incidents on Dec. 19 (Miami), 20 (Boston), and 23 (Azerbaijan).

But the signature event was the NYC Transit Strike from Dec. 20 through 22 - an unmistakable 'Winter Solstice event'.

And it is through this seemingly innocuous, locally high-impact event that the 'Deep Impact' label I've been applying to this very period finally begins to reveal its 'secrets'. :) Or to put it another way, the Transit Strike was an (expectedly) unexpected event that did conform to and enhance the 'Deep Impact' pattern/theme.

How so?

Transit Impact

The story begins in early July - which was a small window filled with various interconnected activities of considerable importance in the grand scheme of symbolic things. And that's no coincidence - because, as I've discussed many times before, early July of 2005, as well as Katrina/New Orleans etc., represented the midpoint of a Mayan/Galactic/Contact midpoint year (1998-2012, 2001-2010).

Combined with our prevalent Judgment (= justice = balance = midpoint) STR theme, early July was a special window in the 'Mayan timeline' very much deserving of serious commemoration/acknowledgment 'rituals' done out in the open (yet not perceived as such by the general public). Live 8 - 'The Long Walk To Justice' -  led by Bono and McCartney on the middle day itself (July 2) was a major musical tribute to this design, though that's not to say that anyone participating there was consciously aware of its 'hidden purpose'.

It probably won't be much of an exaggeration to state that what happened during that July 2-7 'Mayan Contact midpoint' timeframe was, in effect, a 'sign' of things to come.

July 2: Middle day 2005; Live 8 in London (main site)
July 4: NASA's Deep Impact impacts Comet Tempel 1
July 6: London selected to host 2012 Olympics
July 7: London transit bombings

The 'signal', as you can see, was unmistakably placing emphasis on London. And inserted into it was the idea of 'Deep Impact' via a NASA space probe with that name making contact with Comet Tempel 1 on July 4th (a major 'torch day'). The 1998 movie 'Deep Impact' was a 'Great Flood' story and so there was some not-so-subtle foreshadowing taking place there (i.e. Katrina/New Orleans coming 2 months later).

Let us recall the terrestrial 'Deep Impact sequence':

London enjoyed a super concert on July 2 commemorating the 'midpoint' moment of our era...

London had its euphoria moment on July 6, having been selected to host the 2012 Summer Olympic Games...

Positive developments all around... which didn't last long, because:

The very next day came London's dark 'Deep Impact'...

Three trains and one bus blown apart by bombs set off by terrorists. It was a coordinated attacks on the city's mass transit.

It was, then, a form of 'transit strike'.

Ringing any bells? The 3-day NYC Transit Strike around the Winter Solstice?

I'm not being overly poetic here. Because there is a precise design connecting the two events. Just as the Summer-Solstice crop circles were in effect transmitting clues pertaining to a 6-month or 180-degree shift - from Summer to Winter Solstice - so was the 'space circle' configuration produced by the Deep Impact probe!

This is indeed what was mainly behind the 'Deep Impact' label used on this site for months.

As you can see, Deep Impact made contact with Tempel 1 while the latter was overlapping the orbital path of Mars. The heavenly impact was echoed three days later in London (7/7). And exactly 180 degrees away from that point would be the precise position of Mars on Dec. 21 or the Winter Solstice!

The London 'transit strike' and the NYC transit strike are therefore perfectly aligned on a straight diametrical line drawn through the Sun!

There are other multicontextual links encoded here involving the Venus Transit, the Olympics, and Madrid's 3/11 'transit strike':

A little more detailed view of the 'Deep Impact 180' design:

The main target of the 7/7 bombings, London Underground, has an iconic symbol which proves to be a key piece of the puzzle. It was already hinting at the the bisected 'space circle' configuration.

Indeed, if you turn it 90 degrees (or 45 degrees), it becomes the standard 'diameter' symbol. The 90 turn is also used to pinpoint the 2nd London transit bombings coming on July 21:

(Check out this apparent 'clue' flashed right in front of us on the day of the NYC Transit Strike.)

Now, we talked a lot about Christmas being heavily encoded in the 'Communication' along with the Winter Solstice, the North Pole,  and such. We also touched on the 'overshooting Christmas' concept. Satisfying both in a direct or indirect way, perhaps, is 'the other' Christmas coming up shortly in early January - i.e. the Christmas celebrated on January 7th by the majority of Easter Orthodox churches. It just happens that the 'Space Circle' configuration pinpoints that Christmas for some reason, via Comet Tempel 1's position marked by the 2nd London transit bombings (July 21).

But that's only one item in the 'future timing' aspect of the Deep Impact scheme.

The 7-7 Geometric Code

The London Underground symbol is theta - the 8th letter of the Greek alphabet (another Live 8 connection) - and also signifies death. In the world of mathematics, however, it usually stands for the 'azimuthal angle' of a sphere. Turned 90 degrees, it signifies diameter but also the polar angle (or 'colatitude') which is the angle measured from the north pole of a sphere.

The spherical coordinate system is a major part of the 'code'. The message here pertains to... Washington DC - a city sitting on longitude '77' degrees West, and also New Orleans. The date July 7, in other words, was an allusion to '77 degrees'; and the New Orleans 'Great Flood' was part of and/or hinted by this code.

The basic elements used above have been in existence obviously for hundreds of years. The '7/7' event was 'designed' in part to help us notice the geo-spatial design already set in stone connecting the two great 'Babylon capitals', London and Washington DC; and through that, we were also given a subtle clue or warning about a 'Great Flood' about to be unleashed on New Orleans sitting right on longitude 90W.

I should also point out that the '77' riddle was already in play by June 14, which is before the early-July window. I'm referring to an equidistant polar alignment between London and a 6.8 quake epicenter (on 6/14 near Alaska) which I discussed in Contact: In the Ring of Fire posted June 22. You'll see in the article that I even projected June 28-July 8 to be the time window for key events. The '77' was already highlighted there and it was a precursor to the Deep Impact 'space circle' configuration. Indeed, it was thanks to this (though not exclusively) that I even thought about investigating the diametrical/polar alignment aspect of Deep Impact/Tempel 1.

Babylon Transit

So why Washington DC? Why did we have the 'transit strike' echo in NYC and not Washington DC?

Perhaps it's no coincidence that the water-gate of the domestic NSA spying controversy flung open on December 15th, in perfect synch with the 'Deep Impact window' and the Sumatran celestial alignment. The word 'impeachment' is now being thrown around in the mainstream media for the first time for the Bush White House. Deep Impact struck Tempel 1 on Independence Day, so perhaps this (see image below) is one aspect of what we're seeing... in slow motion. (Plamegate still moving forward as well, along with the Abramoff scandal looming over Washington DC at this time.)

The renewal saga of the Patriot Act was another key development around the Winter Solstice. It got a one-month extension and... there is a lot to be said about that. Suffice it to say here that it is to be seen as part of the 'time code'.

In my Dec. 14 post I did, again, touch on the political aspect of the 'Deep Impact' situation:

Are we in for a political 'deep impact' event? [...] I'm closely looking at this scenario because the upcoming 'zero deviation' point of the Equation of Time typically signifies 'Sun-king Judgment', and Bush et al represent the American 'Sun king'. [...] Let's hope that the 'Great Flood/Sun-king Judgment' theme will be expressed, if it has be expressed, mostly in the political arena. We'll need a bag of popcorn for that one!

Woven into this intensifying climate also is Iran and the nuclear situation. Like Chicago, Iran is encoded everywhere in the 'Communication' (and those two interact quite heavily in the scheme.) So that's a geopolitical tectonic plate capable of becoming a 'Sumatra' seemingly any time now.

As for geographical meaning behind NYC.... That's kind of a long story, and something of a Pandora's Box. But it is certainly important and I can quickly point to this great-circle alignment - a terrestrial 'Orange Alignment' actually - and suggest to you that this, shall we say, 'radioactive' line signifies a 'US transit' of sorts, from coast to coast. And I'll leave it at that for now.

Continued on Babylon Transit - Part 2




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