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Gateway To War

Atlantean Gate & Looming 'Trojan War'

October 19, 2006
by Goro

Atlantis, the Pope, kamikaze, Giza, Mars, Genesis, hurricanes, 9/11, midterm elections, Oct/Nov '06, nuclear... somehow all interacting to tell a story, a grand design, leading beyond the 'Gate' to a modern 'Trojan War' already beginning to unfold...

Atlantean Gate Window

Context: A great-circle segment dubbed the 'US Golden Transit Line' traverses the US mainland from Manhattan to San Francisco. Timelines were found to flow through this line, the latest of which, 'Timeline C', pinpointed the beginning of September as a time of great significance. It became the 'Atlantean Gate window' and was projected to be a period of intense 'Communication'/'Contact', prominently involving the Atlantis STS-115 space shuttle mission.

For background information, see:

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What the Atlantean Gate window ended up producing was a fascinating combination of expected and unexpected events confirming the underlying patterns as well as giving us ominous insights into what lies ahead beyond the Gate.

Signal #1:

After a series of delays, space shuttle Atlantis STS-115 was launched on September 9 (originally scheduled for August 27) during the core of the Atlantean Gate period...


It overshot the key anniversary date of the Genesis Crash (September 8, '04) by just one day, but close enough to make a point.

The 'impact' of Genesis in the Utah desert has been one of the major 'epicenters' that has sent out 'temporal' shockwaves so strong that it continues to manifest through various events and codes driven by the Super Torch Ritual Communication, including the Golden Transit Line.

Certainly it would have been nice if the shuttle Atlantis blasted off on September 8 itself. That would have been a much clearer commemoration of the Genesis anniversary. But being just one day off is no big deal - we've seen it done many times before. Plus, Atlantis was scheduled to go up on 9/8 before NASA scrubbed it at the last minute... and there is consistency in the fact that there were 911 + 1 days from 9/11/01 to 3/11/04 (Madrid train bombings), just as there were exactly 911 + 1 days from Madrid 3/11/04 to 9/9/06 (Atlantis launch).

On top of that, we have the Sept. 21 landing of Atlantis which made it clear that Genesis was a major presence behind Atlantis. It involved something of a 'bombshell' revelation - a beautiful design that looks like this:

As you can see, in addition to the already well-established 'Paris Tower Axis' (green), we now have a second extra timeline (purple) emerging from the Genesis epicenter/crossroads. This one goes directly to Mount St. Helens, which is one of the main sites found to be anchoring this year's 'Communication'. And we find that the volcano corresponds on 'Timeline C' (redirected from the Genesis Crossroads) to September 19-24, or exactly when Atlantis STS-115 returned to Earth (9/21)!

Remember, Genesis crashed at the 'Crossroads' on September 8 ('04), which was 'acknowledged' by the launch of Atlantis. Put together, the purple line ('Timeline C-3') represents the entire duration of the Atlantean space mission! It's an amazing design, especially considering the following...

The purple line/Timeline C-3 was not drawn just to connect the two key sites. There was actually an 'instruction' prompting us to do so.

Practically right at the intersection of the Genesis Crossroads is found Michael Army Airfield (MAAF), pinpointing 'Ground Zero' even more precisely than Genesis/Stardust. And MAAF's runway happens to be aligned with... Mt. St. Helens!

It also happens that MAAF is something of a 'new Area 51'... which is significant in that 'original' Area 51 is also situated right on that Paris Tower Axis (green line), south of the Crossroads. You may recall that Area 51's runway has a remarkable volcano alignment as well, - not Mt. St. Helens but Mount Rainier in the same region up in the Pacific Northwest. (Those volcanoes are almost interchangeable in our model.)

This is a very deep rabbit hole indeed... into Dreamland. Perhaps we can go deeper into it some other time. But for now...

Signal #2:

There was another termination point - that of 'Timeline C-2' (green line) also emerging from the Genesis Crossroads - that gave us a slightly shifted Gateway window of 8/31-9/4.


Two key events there were the Moon crash of Europe's 'SMART-1' (9/3) and the (2nd US) landfall of Ernesto, the first Atlantic hurricane of the '06 season.


Ernesto was very 'Atlantean' in nature and it was so projected beforehand: Ernesto achieved hurricane status only for a day on September 27, or the original launch day of Atlantis; it went through Cuba, a theorized island of Atlantis (see the aptly titled book Gateway To Atlantis by Andrew Collins); it passed right over Kennedy Space Center where Atlantis was preparing for launch (if that wasn't a 'signal' right there, I don't know...); and then as a tropical storm it roared toward Virginia where it suddenly stalled and dissipated.

Virginia's role as the storm's 'destination' constituted a particularly meaningful 'signal'. First, there is the fact that Virginia had already been detected long before Ernesto as a key component of the Atlantean Gate Communication, and the state's interaction with the hurricane/storm was anticipated already by late August:

It basically prefigured the docking of Atlantis at the International Space Station or the ISS - aka 'Isis', the ancient Egyptian version of Mary, both the Virgin and the Magdalene - that was about to take place... on 9/11.

Atlantis is personified by the mythological figure Atlas who is famously depicted as holding the heavens on his shoulders or a 'tower' between heaven and earth. Atlas/Atlantis is thus analogous to the realm of air... the atmosphere between heaven and earth. So symbolically speaking Atlantic hurricanes/storms (violent air) in particular are an active manifestation of 'Atlantis'. It is in this context that Ernesto 'docking' with Virginia would become a preview of the shuttle Atlantis docking at the ISS which came just 10 days later on on 9/11 - a major 'kamikaze' (= 'divine wind') and 'tower' anniversary day.


The twin towers were a modern version of the Pillars of Hercules, closely associated with Atlantis in Plato's account of the lost civilization and equatable with Atlas. Not only that, on 9/11/06 there was another hurricane over the Atlantic Ocean named Florence passing right over Bermuda. Bermuda happens to be another Virginia: the island has been called 'Virgineola' and was once officially part of Virginia.



Hurricane Florence

Atlantis STS-115

9/11 Event

Air Terror

Over Bermuda

Docking with ISS (9/11/06)

('divine wind')

'Kamikaze' attacks by air-planes
(= air dimension)

(violent/'divine' wind)

Atlas = pillar(s) between heaven & earth (atmosphere)


Twin Towers
('Pillars of Hercules')

In Atlantic Ocean

Name 'Atlantis'


Attack on the Pentagon => Venus/Sirius = Isis

Bermuda = Virgineola/Virginia => Mary = Isis

Docking with ISS ('Isis')

Signal #3:

Seemingly out of nowhere, Pope Benedict XVI entered the picture in September. But it did not come out of nowhere. I was able to foresee this big twist before the situation began to develop around Sept. 11. This fact should demonstrate that, however convoluted they may appear, the patterns discussed on this site (and STRUG) can and do produce tangible results, i.e. accurately anticipating unlikely events/developments.

But because it developed rather quickly at the last minute, there was not much time to explain things in detail. To stay ahead of the rapidly forming storm the issue was dealt with on the STRUG side where there was less need to re-explain the heavily layered contexts (always very time-consuming). And there I hastily posted the following information on Sept. 9th:

Quick note:

  • All the Kamikaze/Atlantean events of this period seem to have much to do with Pope Benedict XVI.

  • We may be looking at an imminent exit of Benedict XVI - within months, as early as this month.

  • Next pope may be Cláudio Hummes of Brazil.

And the rest is history. Just a few days later, like clockwork, a huge controversy over Pope Benedict XVI's apparently anti-Islam speech given in Germany began to hit the news...

Sep 12 Pope delivers controversial speech in Germany
Sep 14 Pope's speech stirs Muslim anger
Sep 15 Muslim anger grows at Pope speech
Sep 15 Pope 'meant no offence' to Islam
Sep 16 Arab op-ed: Pope's remarks may lead to war
Sep 16 Pope 'sorry' for offence to Islam
Sep 16 Somali cleric calls for pope's death
Sep 16 Security around pope beefed up
Sep 17 Pope 'deeply sorry' for comments on Islam
Sep 18 Pope apology fails to end anger

I won't go into all the details, but the entry point of the 'Communication' hinting at this particular 'storm' was the highly symbolic event of powerful lightening striking the Atlantis launch pad on August 25 (two days before original launch day). Together with Atlantis being a (atmospheric) 'tower' a la Atlas/Pillar of Hercules, the underlying imagery was that of lightening striking a tower - or the Tarot card #16.

In addition to reinforcing the tower/atmospheric nature of the shuttle, it hinted at the relevance of another '16' - Pope Benedict 16... who heads an institution, the Church, that historically claims to represent the gateway between heaven and earth... just like the Atlantean tower/atmosphere. From there the floodgate just flung open and it quickly became clear that we were dealing with a serious set of patterns involving the Pope that was about to manifest via the Atlantean Gate window. In other words, the 'destruction of Atlantis' theme we had attached to the window and the shuttle mission was here being contextually transposed and reapplied to the 'Atlantean Pope'. And, again, the transposition in this case was tracked in 'real time', i.e. before the 'impact' itself manifested in 'reality'.

And certainly the impact did a lot of damage to Church-Islam relations... which, generally speaking, is far from over. The speech controversy was only the tip of the iceberg of the Church/Papacy destruction now unfolding...

*       *       *

So that was the Atlantean Gate window. Now let's take a look at the realm beyond the 'Gate'...

Beyond Atlantean Gate Window

Atlantis concluded its 'as above, so below' mission on September 21 as it safely landed at KSC in Florida. And there, already, was sown the seed of the next phase of the 'Communication'...

It was again all about timing.

On the day of the Atlantis landing were observed two other space events:

Those were closely followed by:

  • 9/22: Annular solar eclipse, Japan's Solar-B probe (to Sun) launched
  • 9/22-23: Autumn equinox

These  were all very meaningful events having various implications. But most relevant to our discussion here are the 'Face on Mars' image release and the autumn equinox. (The eclipse was supremely important but we'll skip it in this article.) Again, it's all about the timing...

The combination of the two space events constituted an allusion to... the Great Sphinx at Giza. The first thing to point out here is that the Sphinx and Giza as a whole are decidedly Martian in nature:

  • The Egyptian capital Cairo, situated adjacent to Giza, derives its name from Al Qahira denoting Mars. (More literally it means ‘the victorious’.)

  • The ancient Egyptians called Mars ‘Horus of the Horizon’ (Horakhti), which was the very same name given to the Great Sphinx. Mars was also called ‘Horus the Red’ (Hor Dshr), and for a long time the Sphinx was painted red.

  • The term ‘pyramid’ derives from the Greek term pyr meaning ‘fire’, as in Mars the ‘fire planet’. (Mars is often referred to as pyroeis in Greek.)

  • Just as the Great Sphinx is the hybrid of man and a lion, in ancient Hindu myths Mars is Nr-Simha, the ‘Man-Lion’.

  • etc.

There is a striking mathematical connection as well. Most notably, the cosine of the Giza latitude equals the tangent of the Cydonia structures' latitude – both equaling e/pi.

And like the Great Sphinx, the so-called 'Face on Mars' when 'decoded' is a combination of a lion head and a (pregnant) Virgin/Virgo body - which is actually the reverse of the Sphinx which is a human-headed lion.


And here is how the Great Sphinx, and through it the 'Face on Mars', relates to the equinox. Equinoxes are when the Sun rises due east, and that's exactly where the gaze of the Great Sphinx points to. Sunrise being a form of Horus as per ancient Egyptian tradition, the Great Sphinx is in effect designed to look at itself on equinox days. So this is no mere coincidence, this is intentional.

The timing of the release of the 'Face on Mars' images thus had the inevitable effect of highlighting this ancient time-marking scheme.

But there is something more being telegraphed here... because the Great Sphinx is not only equinoctial but also... cross-quarter.

'Cross-quarter days' are those that mark the midpoint between an equinox and a solstice. (The timing is more flexible here because we have different ways of locating that midpoint position.)

The Great Sphinx acknowledges cross-quarter days by way of the angle of the causeway that connects the monument to the 2nd/middle pyramid of Giza. Angled 14 degrees south of east, it is designed to pinpoint the sunrise at the halfway point between the solstice and the equinox. In other words, the Sphinx causeway aligns with (two of the four) 'cross-quarter sunrises'. (Note: This angle/timing is not the same as the traditional Samhain/Imbolc cross-quarter days, ~11/1 and ~2/1, or the astronomical ones, ~11/7 and ~2/3. The reason has to do with how the relative angle of Earth's axial tilt shifts at an unsteady rate as it orbits around the Sun.)

We have reason to take this alignment seriously because cross-quarter days have been a cornerstone of many of our 'time codes'. And the next one coming up, to be aligned with the Sphinx causeway, is Oct. 25-26... which can be considered a subset of a larger Samhain window around the beginning of November. The cross-quarter day coming after that one will also align with the Sphinx causeway, around 2/16-17. The next two after that will be northern ones - which too are actually acknowledged by Giza...  namely the causeway of the Great Pyramid...

That first of those two takes place around April 21, and the second one around August 22. The latter warrants a closer examination.

It coincides with 'Regulus Day' (annually), when the Sun passes directly over the brightest star of the constellation Leo - the Great Sphinx in the sky - signifying the birth of Horus. This year's was extra special. It was joined by a New Moon...

And an 'Orange Alignment' was forming on the same day! ('Orange Alignments' is the lining up of the Sun, Mercury, and Venus and have been the 'minute hand' of our 'Super Torch Ritual'/Damage Plan clock'.)

As if that wasn't enough, August 22 this year even witnessed a 'kamikaze event' - a major plane crash in Donetsk, Ukraine. (The 'kamikaze' theme is typically expressed through plane crashes.) The city's flag is a clear sunrise, evocative of the Japanese Navy flag closely associated with Kamikaze fighter planes...


It was a 'kamikaze' crash indeed: The location could not be more meaningful, as you can see... (There is actually much more to this than just this alignment.)

So the collective signal could not be clearer. The Lughnasadh 'cross-quarter sunrise day' around August 22 was important. And via the Giza sunrise alignment scheme, it is easy to infer from this that we are likely in for a set of 'echoes' from that time during the Samhain cross-quarter period especially on/around October 25-26, actually likely to be amplified by the involvement of the Great Sphinx.

Samhain '06 Window

Here is a list of key alignments and events already scheduled for the 'Samhain '06 window':

1 Oct 21-22    Alignment (approx.): Earth, Moon, Sun, Venus, Mars
2 Oct 23    Alignment (precise): Earth-Sun-Mars
3 Oct 25    Alignment (precise): Earth-(Sun)-Venus-Mars
4 Oct 25-26    Great Sphinx causeway & sunrise (cross-quarter) alignment
5 Oct 27    Alignment (precise): Earth-Sun-Venus
6 Oct 29    Brazil presidential run-off election
7 Early Nov    Sun/Venus/Mars exits constellation Virgo, enters Libra
8 Nov 01    Samhain cross-quarter day (traditional)
9 Nov 3-5    Equation of Time peak (Sun position deviation)
10 Nov 07    - Astronomical Samhain cross-quarter day
   - Midterm elections (House, Senate, governorships)
2005 Paris riots peak anniversary
   - 311th day of year ('311' = Disclosure/Judgment/Madrid)
11 Nov 08    Transit of Mercury: Earth-Mercury-Sun
12 Nov 9-11    Paris Historical Axis sunrise (cross-quarter) alignment
13 Nov 10-11    'Orange Alignment': Venus-Sun-Mercury

Note the Orange Alignment on November 10-11 - already an 'echo' from August 22-23...

And there is a a major 'Judgment' event scheduled for November 7th - the US midterm elections. It actually coincides with the astronomical cross-quarter day, and both terms 'midterm' and 'election' express the idea of 'balance/justice/judgment'. The former implies 'midpoint'; and the latter is about people making decisions. 'Election Day' thus comes to denote 'Judgment Day', especially one that is 'midterm'. This is intensified by the biggest peak of the 'Equation of Time' coming just days before - 'equation' implying 'balance/justice/judgment' and 'Equation of Time' basically meaning 'Judgment Day'. 

November 7 is even the 311th day of the year. As you should know by now (if you visit this website regularly), '311' is a 'Judgment Day'/'Disclosure' number, closely associated with the Madrid bombings ('Transit Strike' event) on March 11 (= '311')  and Arnold Schwarzenegger's Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines clearly and prophetically encoded this date/number... before Madrid 3/11. Terminator 3 was released in 2003 shortly before the California 'Total Recall' election through which Arnold became governor, nicely relating back to the election theme.

And more ominously, Terminator 3 equates 'Judgment Day' with a nuclear holocaust... That represents another cross-quarter 'echo' effect because August 22 happened to be specifically associated with a nuclear apocalypse, as reported in the news:

Iran Hints at Aug. 22 Doomsday for Israel

Noted Middle Eastern scholar Bernard Lewis warns that Iran is preparing for an apocalyptic "end of time” – and that it could come as soon as August 22.

...Iran leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said his country would respond to Western demands regarding Iran’s nuclear program, and a possible attack on Israel. [...]

And obviously the pattern is already unfolding around us. The current North Korea 'nuclear crisis' that began on October 9 cannot be more nuclear or evocative of a nuclear 'Armageddon'.

I should add that it was clear to me even before October 9, and I've stated so numerous times, that we were (re-)entering a 'warlike' period around Samhain '06. First, we have Mars heavily woven into the pattern and Mars is traditionally the planet/god of war. And then there is the 'Paris Tower Axis' inseparable from Genesis and Atlantis which comes from the Champ de Mars or 'Field of Mars' in Paris. Another Mars/war allusion... And we have a world-famous tower, the Eiffel Tower, standing in the Champ de Mars. 'Tower' is analogous to Atlas/Atlantis and related to the Atlantean Gate window which can now be viewed as a 'War Gate'.

We just went through that gate this fall...

*       *       *

World War III or the 'Trojan War' has been a big theme since last year... since last Samhain (Nov. '05) actually. The main Samhain 'signal' last year was the Paris riots that lasted for weeks around the beginning of November, peaking around November 7. The unrest was so intense and the timing so meaningful that I saw in it the idea of the 'Judgment of Paris' which could be interpreted as a code signaling the coming of the modern 'Trojan War'. In mythology it was the 'Judgment of Paris' involving the Golden Apple/Apple of Discord that led to the abduction of Helen by Paris and then to the ancient 'world war' known as the Trojan War.

This continues to be an important context to keep in mind, and indeed the 'Atlantean' alignment involving Mt. St. Helens discussed earlier should be treated within this context - which turns the city Paris into the the mythological figure Paris and St. Helens into the 'Helen of Troy'...

See how the Paris Tower/War Axis (green) goes to the Genesis Crossroads and then to St. Helens (purple). That's 'Paris, 'war', 'origin', and 'Helen'. That screams 'Beginning of the Trojan War'! And of course, it was soon after the landing of Atlantis STS-115, corresponding to the dates marked by Mt. St. Helens, that North Korea detonated its first nuclear weapon, creating an international crisis. The mood around the world suddenly became 'warlike'.

The focus can quickly shift to Iran - another one of the 'Axis of Evil' nations. (See the 'Axis' theme intensifying here?) In fact, Iran appears more likely to play a big role in starting the modern 'Trojan War', after all we all know that Israel and the US neocons are just itching to drop their bombs on Iran. All they need is a plausible excuse to do so...

So basically, what we're looking at is a picture of the start or actually more like the intensification of the 'Trojan War' during or closely associated with the Samhain window. We are entering a new phase via Samhain '06. And chances are that it is 'designed' to interact with the 'Deep Impact Clock' counting down to Impact Point around the beginning of 2007. And also heavily woven into all this is the Papal/Church destruction theme which may well involve the exit of the current pope in the surprisingly near future. I'd watch the US midterm elections (11/7) closely for more clues as to what kind of 'Judgment' the Church/Pope is in for. The Foley pedophile scandal dominating US political news just before the elections can be considered a major 'signal', as the biggest crisis the Church has been facing since 2002 is of the same kind - priests sexually abusing children... and the Vatican actively covering it up. A disturbing theme underlying these disturbing crimes is that of the Great Flood found in the Book of Genesis - Genesis! - wherein it is written the the great Judgment event was unleashed to clean up the mess created by the sexual misconduct of the 'sons of God' coming unto the 'daughters of men'. So we'll need to closely monitor how or if the modern offenders, the Church and the Republican party, will face their own 'Great Flood' event in the near future. The coming midterm elections should do much to advance or perhaps alter this storyline.

Don't forget that reality is 'poetic' and mysteriously responds to our awareness level. The more the 'Communication' is ignored, the deeper the 'impact' will be...

It's a game.... but a very serious game.



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