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"It can be inferred that the STR/DP2 Communication in this period is conveying the idea that something like World War 3 is about to commence." - from article blow posted in June, '06

[The following is from June 30, originally posted 'underground', summarizing some key points established mostly before the abduction of an Israeli soldier that triggered the current conflict in the Middle East. Inside links are kept in but in grey and and some images have been added for clarity. It may still be somewhat hard to follow but it should be enough to paint for you a rough picture of the hidden scheme underlying this key period...]

Key time code schemes relevant to the discussion:

[The 'US-Golden Transit Line']

Israel's Helen & 'Trojan War'
[Originally titled Helen in Giza: 'Trojan War'?]

By Goro
June 30, 2006

Context 1:
  • The termination point (western edge) of US-GTL Timeline B, corresponding to ~June 24, a date supported by the 'twisted' sunset alignment date (Grande Arche) of the Paris Historical Axis, produced the abduction of an Israeli solider and the subsequent Israel military operations against the Palestinian militants & legislators.

grande-arche1.jpg (98955 bytes)   grande-arche2.jpg (50679 bytes)
Grande Arche

[Graphic need to be updated: 5/13 produced Mt. Merapi 'Red Alert';
6/25 produced Gaza abduction.]


  • The same point on Timeline A corresponds to ~May 24 which gave us the Java earthquake disaster.

[Graphic need to be updated: 5/27 produced Java earthquake disaster]

  • Both events (by Timelines A & B) came three days after the projected temporal 'epicenters'.
  • The Gaza unrest is relatable to both 1) the Vulcan/volcano theme (Vulcan is associated with warfare), and 2) the Moon (strike) theme (Gaza Strip is attached to the northeastern corner of the Sinai Peninsula, 'Sinai' being 'Sin' the Babylonian moon god. At the intersection of these themes stands Mount St. Helens which is both a volcano prominently featured in the STR/DP2 scheme and via the name 'Helen' signifies the 'moon' (as well as 'torch').

  • The moon-torch interchangeability suggested by Mt. St. Helens is reinforced by the fact that the Moon along with the Sun was at Orion's 'torch' position around the Galactic anti-center on June 24/25 (= Timeline B termination point, Paris Axis 'twisted' sunset alignment, Gaza abduction).

  • The Moon was at the same 'torch' position at the time of the 2004 Sumatra quake/tsunami - generally the same place as Java (both Indonesia) - which correlates with Timeline A's termination point (~5/24) giving us a catastrophic earthquake there.
  • Sumatra reversed is Artamus evoking 'Artemis' the moon goddess. Mt. Merapi erupting in Java (another Mt. Merapi exists in Sumatra) is an alter ego of Mt. St. Helens (both bearing the name 'mountain of fire' and in a 'coffee' place, 'Java' and near Seattle).

Context 2: 

  • The Gaza unrest overlaps 1) the World Cup, 2) Tour de France, and 3) Discovery STS-121


  • The 'Philosopher's Stone' that unites all three is the 'Tower Axis' of Paris (Champs de Mars).

  • World Cup: The ultimate cup is the Holy Grail; Paris is a 'Grail city' (the 'Rose Line' analogous to the Grail runs through it, for instance) that The Da Vinci Code treats as the resting place of the holy relic (at the eastern edge of the Historical Axis, under the Inverted Pyramid). France is where according to tradition Mary Magdalene 'with the Grail' went to live after Jesus' crucifixion.


  • Tour de France: 'Tour' is etymologically related to 'tower', therefore we'd have 'Tower of France' which is the Eiffel Tower standing in the Champ de Mars, or our 'Tower Axis' just south of the Historical Axis. 'Magdalene' also means 'tower'. She, or the Grail, is indeed the 'Tower of France'. The Tour de France begins July 1st, the same day as the planned launch of Discovery STS-121.
  • Discovery STS-121: Its mission patch encodes [link changed] the Masonic 'compass/square' symbol or the Star of David which today signifies Israel. STS-121 the second successive Discovery mission following last summer's STS-114 which landed at Edwards Air Force Base on August 9 (planned dates: 8/7 and 8/8).
  • Around August 7 is when the Paris Historical Axis (untwisted) aligns with sunset.

  • The other sunset-alignment date is ~May 5, which this year coincided with volcanic events, roughly with Java's Mt. Merapi and more precisely with the mainstream media reporting on the 'fin' or 'Monolith' growing inside the crater of Mt. St. Helens.
  • Edwards AFB is precisely aligned with the extension of the Paris 'Tower Axis' [...section cut]

  • The 'Tower Axis' is also aligned near Edwards with Area 51 and the Genesis/Stardust landing/crash site or even more precisely with MAAF (Michael Army Airfield) in the same region. [section cut]

[Different graphic used: here you can additionally see the amazing 'Beast Code' ('666') produced by the interaction of Paris and Chicago]

  • On US-GTL Timeline A, the Genesis/Stardust/MAAF point corresponds to ~April 23 which was answered by the Dahab bombings in the Sinai Peninsula (=> Moon). 'Dahab' means 'gold' - echoing the Golden Gate (Bridge) point producing the Java quake disaster near Sumatra once known as 'isle of gold' (Timeline A) and the Gaza abduction/attacks at the edge of the Sinai Peninsula (Timeline B).

  • When extended in the other direction (southeast), the Tower Axis pinpoints the city of... Turin - where Vulcan signifying volcano, war, and such kick-started the Winter Olympics in February '06.


Implied Storyline: Trojan War

  • The insistent connection between Paris, 'moon'/Helen, and volcanoes/'torch' brings up the idea of the Trojan War told in Greek mythology. This was the ancient 'World War' involving men, semi-divine 'heroes', and the gods/goddesses. The immediate cause of the war was the abduction of Helen of Troy by Paris of Troy following a beauty contest in which he participated as the judge. 'Helen' can mean 'torch' in addition to 'moon', and this 'Paris' character who abducted her (at least in one version of the story) was foreseen by his mother while he was still in her womb as a 'torch' that would burn down Troy. So we have Helen/moon/torch, Paris/torch, and abduction (being expressed by the Gaza situation) as the key ingredients of the cause for the ancient world war.
  • The story of the Trojan War even involves the color gold: The beauty contest judged by Paris ('Judgment of Paris') was for the prize of the Golden Apple inscribed on which was the phrase 'for the fairest one'. It's notable that the US-GTL runs from NYC or 'Big Apple' to the Golden Gate in the Golden State. Together, they spell 'Golden Apple'. The end of the 'transit' coinciding (Timeline B) with a major abduction event (Gaza) therefore reiterates the point that there is a scenario underway that follows the mythological storyline immediately preceding the start of the Trojan War.
  • Update: Apparently, 'In several non-English languages, the word for "orange" is derived from the phrase "golden apple"'! As you know, the US-GTL has much to do with orange which signifies 'gold angel/messenger' (French: or-ange) or symbolically 'Venus/Sun Mercury'. Thus we've been using alignments of Venus, Mercury, and the Sun as key time-markers in the Super Torch Ritual Communication, calling them 'Orange Alignments'. Orange Alignments with the Sun in the middle have been considered more 'powerful' than the other variation. And it was this form that pinpointed ~Feb. 1 and ~June 6 this year. This directly relates to the anchor point of the US-GTL at Chicago: 1) Chicago in both Timeline A & B marks February 1st; and 2) Chicago as revealed above is a '666' city which is numerically expressed by this year's June 6th or 6-6-06.

  • It can be inferred that the STR/DP2 Communication in this period is conveying the idea that something like World War 3 is about to commence.

  • The upcoming space missions, STS-121, STS-115, and SMART-1 (crashing into the Moon!) should advance the storyline significantly this summer along with the Israel/Gaza situation.



The above was mostly a brief summary of what had already been discussed many times before. For example:

6/05: 'Coming War & Riddle of the Beast'
[...] "And the Paris Axis Code, interacting with the US Golden Transit Code, is to a large degree an 'Omen' foreshadowing a modern 'Trojan War'..."

6/27: 'Star of David - Ignition'
I'm closely monitoring the situation heating up between Israel and the Palestinians which started Sunday, June 25 [...] So, we have two underlying themes continuing/stressed here: 'beginning of a Trojan/World War' and 'Stargate'/'Ark'... [Note: This comment was before Israel began attacking Gaza later that day]

Iran, in addition to Israel, is also very much stressed in the patterns/codes. (North Korea? Not really... yet.)

As for time codes that are still in countdown mode, we have this 'Deep Impact clock' scheduled to culminate early next year that I consider particularly important (discussed in Damage Plan 2 - Part II):

Mars/War Deep Impact....



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