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X Marks the Spot

Damage Plan In Stereo

By Goro (goroadachi.com)
December 01, 2006

Quatrain II-41
The great star will burn for seven days,
The cloud will make two suns appear:
The large mastiff will howl all night
When the great pontiff changes his abode.
Quatrain II-48
The great army which will pass the mountains.
Saturn in the Arc turning of the fish Mars:
Poison hidden under the heads of salmon,
Their chief hung with cord of polemars.

Well, I did write the above back on November 5 and I'm here to explain what was behind the assessment and how it was dramatically confirmed through key world events witnessed in November.

One of the most dramatic was the resignation/firing of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld on Nov. 8 that sent shockwaves throughout the world the day after the great 'Judgment' of the Republican party via the US midterm elections which was another high-impact world event.

Unbeknownst to most out there (not unlike how it was with the Pope controversy that erupted in September), on November 5th I posted information in Super Torch Ritual Underground (STRUG) that projected the exit of Rumsfeld coming right after the midterm elections. Here are direct quotes (emphasis added):

(11/5/06) ...I'm interested to see if his exit would come soon after such an election outcome - around November 9-11, when the Paris Historical Axis will be aligned with sunrise. [...]

This is why the current situation surrounding Rumsfeld is so interesting. We are very close to the Fame Field/'Rumsfeld Axis-sunrise alignment window in Paris (11/9-11), and we can't help but speculate there is something waiting there involving the 'war chief'. Will he step down at that time? [...]

Rumsfeld followed the 'script' so closely it was almost eerie - but not surprising. The data/context was there anticipating this otherwise 'shocking' development.

The key to this was the Axes of Paris and its cross-quarter time codes. (Those who are not paying attention to cross-quarter days by now are risking becoming a lost cause as far as the 'Enki Communication' is concerned.) The fact that the unlikely timing of the unlikely political development could be foreseen should tell you enough about the significance of the Paris Axis scheme. And underlying the Paris Axis is the ominous mythological theme of the 'Judgment of Paris' - the quintessential event that paves the way for the eruption of the Trojan War (= ancient 'World War').

The Golden Apple (or 'Apple of Discord') was the award for which a number of renowned goddesses competed against each other in a beauty contest which Paris was assigned to judge. And we have a major expression of this in the form of our US Golden Transit Line discussed so much this year on this web site. It interacts with Paris via the 'Genesis Crossroads', the Golden Ratio', etc. and both the beginning and end points are 'golden'. The beginning part, NYC/Manhattan, is even a 'golden apple' since the city's nick name is the 'Big Apple'. But perhaps the most convincing and undeniable is the perfect match between the distance from Paris to Chicago and the entire length of the US Transit Line (the only trick is that one is measured in miles and the other in kilometers).

[Where the 'Tower Axis' and the Golden Transit Line intersect very near the Genesis/Stardust landing site is dubbed the 'Genesis Crossroads']

Without going into the extensive back-story, the Transit Line has produced three timelines so far and the latest one, 'C', concluded with the spectacular 'fireworks' of Atlantis STS-115 in September.

In all this, 'kamikaze' ('divine wind') has been a major underlying theme (stemming ultimately from the 9/11 plane attacks) and this year's only notable Atlantic hurricane 'Ernesto' - a form of 'kamikaze' - played a major role in 'communicating' certain concepts (to be explained in more depth sometime in the near future, maybe).

Suffice it to say that it all goes back to Chicago's Midway Airport where last year's 'Damage Plan Disclosure' event took place on 'Damage Plan Disclosure Day', December 8th. It comes right after Pearl Harbor Day which can be viewed as a major Kamikaze Day. Given the already demonstrated deep involvement of NASA and particularly the space shuttle missions in the 'Communication'/'Contact', it should come as no surprise that the next mission, Discovery STS-116, is scheduled for a December 7 launch - Pearl Harbor/Kamikaze Day. That's pretty blatant, at least to those who have been reading Etemenanki. One day delay, and we'll have a Damage Plan Day launch... (though there are strong signs that the mission is also to heavily interact with the Christmas/winter solstice window). So we can expect an intense set of Communications from STS-116 and surrounding events. You have to understand that there is so much more going on with those space missions than what's been discussed so far. Sometimes (or I should say often) it's just 'too much' to go into.

Speaking of that, perhaps I should go ahead and do some data dump here concerning the last Damage Plan Event (Midway, Chicago). Let's do that in a crash course fashion. Hopefully you get it, if not, well, don't worry about it... at least your sub/unconscious mind will get the gist. :) The most basic contextual foundation here is that December 8th is 'Damage Plan Disclosure Day' - when things happen that contain 'seeds' of information concerning major 'Damage Events' ahead. This was first noticed in 2004 (the Damageplan concert shooting event in Columbus, Ohio) partly through which we were able to anticipate the upcoming exit of Pope John Paul II and the Sumatra 'Great Flood', though the latter was seen to have been foreshadowed by the DP Day event along with a few others more clearly in hindsight. (Based on multicontextual signals that preceded it, we were actually anticipating something substantial to take place on 12/8/04.)

Exactly a year after that original Damage Plan Disclosure scheme came the plane crash/hard-landing at Midway Airport in Chicago. Aside from being a 'kamikaze' incident (by that time plane crashes were considered to be practically always major 'signals' relating to that 'divine wind' motif), the location of Chicago itself was already a telling 'signal' making reference to the last major Damage Event, as you can see:

Taking a closer look, it quickly became obvious that the shape of the airport where the incident took place was ('Midway' = balance = justice/judgment) very much in accordance with many of the 'underground' themes/contexts, prominently the 'cross-quarter' concept. (And 'cross quarter days' are of course those that come right at the halfway point between a solstice and a equinox.) The following decoding was done by the end of last year (2005):

[Glass pyramids at the eastern edge of the Paris Historical Axis which aligns with cross-quarter sunset/sunrise; note the double-square cross-quarter configuration.]

The Axes of Paris are aligned with key sites in the US as you should know by now, and in 2005 it was most notable that the 'Tower Axis' (the axis of the Eiffel Tower/Champ de Mars) was aligned with the landing site of the sole space shuttle mission in 2005 ('Return to Flight').

There is a big secret yet to be revealed concerning this but that's for another time. It was a supremely important event and as a matter of fact without it we wouldn't be talking about Paris and the US Golden Transit Line and such as we have done all year. It facilitated discoveries of such momentous revelations - 'Grail' stuff - that we have never looked at space shuttle missions the same way again. In a way, 'Enki' speaks the loudest through NASA - and why not, NASA is the organization that bridges heaven and earth at this point in history. NASA is the Tower of Babel through which 'divine' Communication can take place a la the Ark of the Covenant - symbolically speaking. In this sense, the lightening strike of Atlantis STS-115 right before launch day in August (delayed as a result) was highly telling and ominous development, evoking the Tarot cart #16 - discussed in my Gateway to War article. 'Atlantis', as 'Atlas', is a tower figure as in the 'Pillars of Hercules' embodying the lost world famously described in Plato's writings. So that's very fitting indeed. On a symbolic level, the storyline has to do with the 'Stargate' project initiated by mankind being 'blocked' by... the 'gods' as per the famous story in the Book of Genesis. This closely related to the Great Flood story (which is the ultimate 'Judgment' event).

Keep in mind that it is the 'Tower Axis' of Paris that's aligned with Edwards AFB, where Discovery STS-114 made its 'Grail landfall' in August 2005 right during a cross-quarter window (Lughnasadh, early August). And the same alignment line passes right through the 'Genesis Crossroads' where NASA's Genesis (and Stardust) probe crash landed in 2004, thus intensifying the echo of the Genesis-driven events.

The force of 'Judgment' gaining momentum through this pattern is applicable to the Pope situation as touched on in Gateway to War. The #16 tarot card and the '#16' Pope (i.e. Benedict XVI) cannot be seen separately, and the fact that the period of great trouble for the Pope in September (caused by his anti-Islam rhetoric) almost perfectly coincided with the Atlantis STS-115 mission, and the fact that I saw it coming days before he made the controversial speech in Germany, should speak volumes and can be viewed as a clear foreshadowing of what's ahead for the Pope/Church. The Vatican/Church can easily be seen as a form of the Tower of the Babel, (supposedly) occupying the space between heaven and earth or the realms of God and men.

Benedict XVI is traveling in Turkey as I write this (end of November) and naturally the papal controversy from September is back in the news headlines again as he tries to, seemingly, just survive the rather brave visit to the Muslim country. It's noteworthy that Turkey is the land of the Trojans (Troy), thus evoking the Trojan War, or World War, theme again which is certainly not only continuing but intensifying through various November events not yet discussed. The Papal trip to Turkey is but the latest expression of the ominous pattern which can easily lead to (but doesn't need to) the breakout of World War III. There is an intricate patterns and time codes woven into all this.

And so it was only natural that the 2005 Damage Planet Disclosure Event at Midway/Chicago was designed to incorporate all this, particularly the space shuttles, into its Communication...

And now it's time to drop a little alignment ' bombshell' - continuing from the one dropped in Gateway to War... which had to do with a runway (of MAAF) at the 'Genesis Crossroads', or the intersection of the US Golden Transit Line and the Paris 'Tower Axis', being precisely aligned with Mount St. Helens in the Pacific Northwest, a volcano at the heart of the Communication centered around the Turin Olympics (having Java's Mt. Merapi as an 'alter ego').

Let me now reveal for the first time 'aboveground' that there is in the same 'Genesis Crossroads' area another runway system (or at least something that appears to be one) that is for all intents and purposes a carbon copy of Chicago's Midway Airport! I've been calling it the 'Shadow Midway'. Here you can see where it's located relative to the 'Crossroads':

vulcan-align-x1.gif (450931 bytes)

In this what appears to be some kind of military installation, you'll find the familiar configuration of a quartered square - i.e. the 'Midway Configuration'!

vulcan-align-x2.gif (192625 bytes)

But this is not just a case of two airports (assuming the 'Shadow Midway' is an airport) looking similar. What we have here are two runway systems identical - identical! - in orientation, size, and configuration! As you can see below, there is no exaggeration involved with that statement:

(Note: What the illustration is saying is that If you could take the entire Midway airport and then place it right on top of the one near the Genesis Crossroads in Utah, they would match perfectly.)

You have to remember that here on this website we have continuously discussed the Genesis/Stardust site at the Tower Axis-Golden Transit Line intersection for almost as long as we can remember, and the Vulcan/alchemy theme attached to the Pacific Northwest volcanoes particularly Mt. St. Helens throughout this year (especially the first half) based on Turin Olympics 'signals' and such. And so you have to agree that the 2005 Damage Plan Midway event having an unmistakable connection to the Genesis Crossroads area is amazing - especially when the following is added, a stunning revelation that the 'Shadow Midway' is perfectly aligned with... Mount St. Helens!

Note that the alignment line runs in the northwestern direction. Northwestern - just like the northwestern direction of the 2005 Midway Damage Plan Disclosure event! It's as if the plane overshooting the runway in Chicago was an instruction telling us to extend the runway of its alter ego 'Shadow Midway' toward northwest so that we would find the St. Helens alignment!

(Plane direction Northwest; plane belonging to Southwest Airlines)

So that's two runways in the Genesis Crossroads area pinpointing Mt. St. Helens (while the others along the Paris Tower Axis go toward Mt. Rainier nearby)...

What's behind the emphasis on St. Helens? Is it about to blow? (That was actually expressed this year through Mt. Merapi of Java on the other side of the globe, which is something of a 'Shadow St. Helens' as discussed before.)

Or is it conveying a more metaphoric message? Well, of course it is. :) And it's not so hard to decipher either, if one is aware of the underlying significance of Paris in all this, which we are. As explained before, it was the mythological figure named 'Paris' whose 'Judgment' along with the Golden Apple led to the ancient world war known as the 'Trojan War'. (Remember, the Golden Transit Line passing through the Genesis Crossroads is expressing the idea of the Golden Apple among others.) And it was a girl named 'Helen' whose abduction by Paris following his fateful beauty contest 'Judgment' that really, literally brought about the Trojan War. Paris and Helen - the city Paris and St. Helens. Get it? In other words, the combination of Paris, the US Golden Transit Line, and Mt. St. Helens is screaming 'Trojan War (is coming)!' - and that's ominous because 'Trojan War' is easily a euphemism for 'World War'. Regardless of how literal this 'warning' is, it's definitely a serious signal.

It's also telling that the name 'Helen' may have been derived from an Indo-European root (*wel-) meaning 'to turn' just as 'tower' is etymologically related to the term 'turn'. And it is the 'Tower Axis' of Paris that intersects the Golden Transit Line traversing the US to form the Genesis Crossroads from where the 'Shadow Midway' and the MAAF runways both pinpoint another 'tower', Mt. St. Helens. Since the 'Tower Axis' or the Champ de Mars Axis is also a 'War Axis' (traditionally Mars = war), the double reference to 'tower/turn' can be interpreted as a double reference to 'war'... Trojan/World War.

The Discovery STS-116 going up on/near Pearl Harbor Day or Damage Plan Disclosure Day, which is just around the corner now, should add much to this Communication - though the 'messages' from the 'tower' are always multicontextual and have many levels that are seemingly designed to step by step 'initiate' those seeking knowledge, helping us - if we can control our egos - build our own 'stargate' and 'ascend to heaven' so to speak. (Those always looking only for evil conspiracies and someone out there to blame for everything negative in the world will find what they are looking for on one level and get stuck in that mental trap, preventing themselves from moving toward higher knowledge. Evil can be done with fire, but fire itself is neither evil nor good but a lens that magnifies who we are.)

Getting back to quatrains II-48, II-41, and Donald Rumsfeld, the basic foundation for the pattern analysis there was the Samhain cross-quarter day/window. Traditionally, Samhain (the eve of which is Halloween) is November 1, but astronomically and more accurately it falls on ~November 7, the day of the US midterm elections this year. The Paris Historical Axis is aware of this as it annually aligns with the Samhain sunrise (Nov. 9-11).

For quite some time I had been aware of that Donald Rumsfeld was likely part of all this Paris-driven scheme. It does sound strange, but it was hard to ignore the fact that the Defense Secretary's name essentially denotes 'Elysian Fields' - the most famous portion of the Historical Axis ('Champs-Elysees' = Elysian Fields).

  • 'Donald' means 'ruler of the world' and relates to the 'Sun-king' motif woven into the Super Torch Ritual/Damage Plan scheme, especially in the form of a Sun-king figure making a dramatic exit. The typical pattern we've been monitoring was that the Sun-king exit theme tends to be expressed around the time of what I've been calling an 'Orange Alignment' (i.e. alignment involving Mercury, Venus, and the Sun); and there was one forming around November 10-11, precisely coinciding with the Historical Axis-sunrise alignment window. This is very intense in terms of symbolism because the design and the existence of this Axis in Paris owes much to the French monarch Louis XIV, also known as... 'The Sun King'.
  • 'Rumsfeld' means 'fame field' (at least according to one source) and easily relates to the Elysian Fields which is traditionally a realm of the men of renown or 'heroes'. In the Book of Genesis these 'men of renown' are associated with the forbidden heaven-earth interbreeding committed by the 'sons of God':

Genesis 6:4 - There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.

This is what directly led to the ultimate 'Judgment' in the form known to us the 'Great Flood' that almost totally destroyed/cleansed the earth. Recall that there was a big controversy involving the Republican party (Mark Foley at the center) that had to do with or at least something close to pedophilia just weeks before the elections. So the pattern was there for a great 'Judgment' of the Republican party via the midterm elections, and I did point this out repeatedly before the crushing defeat of the Republican party actually manifested in reality, losing both houses of Congress to the Democrats (which was thought possible but unlikely by most). And another important pattern I've been pointing out for some time is the parallel between the results and surrounding circumstances of the elections and what's likely coming for the Pope/Church, notorious for tolerating/covering up priest pedophile activities. Pope Benedict XVI is closely linked to the cover-up part and will most likely suffer the consequences (harsh 'Judgment') in the near future. The Pope/Church - the self-proclaimed 'sons of God' - and the 'Great Flood' are on a collision course, in other words.

What made Samhain '06 cross-quarter window stand out for Rumsfeld was the combination of the aforementioned political 'Judgment' situation related to Genesis (the 'land of Genesis' is today's Iraq where the US military led by Rumsfeld invaded and made a huge mess) and the development arising just days before the midterm elections involving respected military publications declaring it was time for Rumsfeld to go (as a response to Bush telling reporters that he would keep Rumsfeld as his Defense Secretary until the end of his presidency).

When I saw this, I couldn't help but infer that Rumsfeld will not only go but go right after the elections. Virtually no one was expecting him to go the way he did on Nov. 8, but this was foreseeable, as was done, using the Paris-driven cross-quarter time code.

But, as already stated, also influencing my thinking was the Nostradamus quatrain II-48 or what I've been calling the 'Paris quatrain'.

Quatrain II-48
The great army which will pass the mountains.
Saturn in the Arc turning of the fish Mars:
Poison hidden under the heads of salmon,
Their chief hung with cord of polemars.

Simply put, the quatrain is a 'map' in words describing the Axis region of Paris, highlighting landmarks such as the Champs-Elysees, Arc de Triomphe, Eiffel Tower, etc.

Line 1: 'The great army which will pass the mountains'

  • Paris: 'Great army' = the 'Grande Armee' section of the Paris Axis, as well as the Grande Arche also known as Arche de la Défense' (=> military/army) marking the western edge of the Axis.
  • Timing clue: The combination of 'army' and 'mountains' evokes the Turin Olympics (2006), the former being the 'Olympians' and the latter Turin (name meaning 'mountains').

Line 2: 'Saturn in the Arc turning of the fish Mars'

  • Paris: 'turning of fish Mars' = the circular road going around the Arc de Triomphe, as well as the Eiffel Tower standing in the Champ de Mars ('Field of Mars'). ('Turning' is etymologically related to 'tower' and the Eiffel Tower stands right beside a river named Seine which can mean 'fishing net', making the Eiffel Tower a form of Martian fish caught in the net).
  • Timing clue: 'Turning'/Tower denotes 'revolution', or more specifically 'French Revolution'. There was something of a mini-French Revolution (intense riots) in and around Paris in November 2005 peaking on November 7th which is an astronomical cross-quarter day (Samhain) when the Paris Axis aligns with sunrise. And it was of course exactly one year before the US midterm elections which too was a great 'Judgment' event.

Line 3: 'Poison hidden under the heads of salmon'

  • Timing clue: Salmon is abundant in British Columbia (western Canada) and Vancouver (the largest city there) just south of Alaska is where the next Winter Olympics will be held.
  • Alaska has HAARP, a form of (atmospheric) 'poison', hinted during the closing ceremony of the Turin Olympics.


Line 4: 'Their chief hung with cord of polemars'

  • Timing clue/outcome: Line 2 had 'fish Mars' and line 3 had 'heads of salmon' - implying that the 'chief' or 'head' here in line 4 is Martian in nature. There is a 'Face on Mars' connection here but we won't go into that aspect at this time. Instead, here we are to see in it the 'chief of war' (Mars = god/planet of war). The 'war' being the Iraq War, the 'chief of war' would refer to Rumsfeld (Secretary of Defense), Bush, Cheney, Saddam, and such. All these 'war chiefs' were severely 'judged' during the Samhain cross-quarter window early November '06 via getting sentenced to death by hanging (Saddam), midterm elections (Bush & Republican party), and getting fired (Rumsfeld).

  • Paris: The Paris Historical Axis is in alignment with sunrise during Samhain, particularly November 9-11. The last word 'polemars' would be 'Pole Mars' which is none other than the Eiffel Tower - i.e. a 'pole' standing in the Champ de Mars.

So you can see how well it all fits... But there was more to line 3:

 'Poison hidden under the heads of salmon'

This correlates with the fact that I had highlighted Thanksgiving Day as a key window to watch.

There was a great convergence of relevant timelines/codes on November 23rd, including one directly involving the Paris Historical Axis, or more specifically a grand monument standing at the western edge of the Axis, called the 'Grande Arche'.

grande-arche1.jpg (98955 bytes)   grande-arche2.jpg (50679 bytes)

It's in a place called La Defense, and accordingly the monument is usually called the 'Arche de la Defense' - again evoking Rumsfeld, the Secretary of Defense.

But the curious anomaly of this Gate is that it's not quite aligned with the Axis and has a 6-degree deviation. As a result, it produces a set of sunrise/sunset alignment dates that are different from those of the Axis.

As you can see, the Samhain sunrise alignment date/window is shifted from Nov. 9-11 to Nov. 23-26, overlapping Thanksgiving (11/23). And based on other data points, the focus appeared to have been placed most intensely on that holiday.

The news headlines on Thanksgiving '06:

Nov 23: Ex-Russian spy dies in hospital

It was all about a poisoned Russian ex-spy. Poisoned. At (apparently) a sushi bar - giving us a fish/'salmon' connection. (Salmon is famously eaten by bears, the symbol of Russia.) And it's become one of the biggest news stories of November '06 still developing and keeping people fascinated.

Here, again, is line 3 from the 'Paris quatrain':

 'Poison hidden under the heads of salmon'

Why should it be... 'prophetic'? It's just a story about a poisoned ex-spy... or is it? There is actually something deeper going on here, 'signals' being transmitted on a number of levels and radiation/nuclear is obviously a key part that apparently foreshadows what's still ahead, likely involving the 'Trojan War' theme.

And of course, just days after the poison/radiation death event came the very high-profile Papal visit to Turkey - which is none other than the ancient land of Troy, i.e. a Trojan land... as well as the land where Noah's Ark supposed made land fall ('Great Flood' theme). Prior to the trip there were numerous signs that there was potential danger there for the Pope, but by Nov. 27 (the day before the pope's arrival in Turkey) my view had become that the dark scenario was already being expressed via a novel making waves in Turkey at the time. As reported by the media:

Turkish thriller stirs unease ahead of pope visit
Visiting Turkey for the first time, Pope Benedict survives an assassination attempt staged by Western intelligence agencies bent on provoking a war with Iran.

Sound far-fetched? "The Assassination of the Pope" is pure fiction, of course. But a pot-boiler that few would have taken seriously 10 days ago has touched a deep vein of anxiety in Turkey, which has invited Benedict to visit on Nov. 28.

My comment posted on STRUG (11/27/06):

...I'd say things are now looking more like the Pope will survive his Turkey trip coming up this week. The above situation is eerily close to the projected potential scenario and by attracting a lot of attention to it the novel is actually decreasing the 'pressure' for the storyline to manifest in reality... for now. I'm also basing this assessment on new 'signals' detected recently which have now evolved into a surprisingly unified and coherent model still looking ominous for the Pope. [...]

It's interesting to note that Pope John Paul I, the one before John Paul II, was likely poisoned and his reign cut short only after a month following his ascension to the throne. There are various 'clues' suggesting this is somehow relevant to the current pope situation which will certainly continue to develop in the coming weeks and months. (Around Christmas, among others, is an interesting window to watch.)

In any case, closely following the Papal Turkey visit we'll have the Discovery STS-116 mission (launch currently scheduled for 12/7), which is very important. It spells 'Rose Line' and 'Great Flood'.... very Christmassy in fact.

And so the Communication continues into 2007 and we are in for a 'deja vu'...

Century II-41
La grand' estoille par sept jours bruslera,
Nuee fera deux soleils apparoir:
Le gros mastin toute nuit hurlera,
Quand grand pontife changera de terroir.
The great star will burn for seven days,
The cloud will make two suns appear:
The large mastiff will howl all night

When the great pontiff changes his abode.

Quatrain II-48 and II-41 are inseparable... as you may or may not know. And you can see what that implies above.

Get ready for the birth of the double sun.

Oh, and 'Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus'...



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