Orange (Golden Apple) Alignment - What is it?

By Goro

The "Orange Alignment" is an ominous and reliable time-marking planetary lineup that first came to my attention back in late 2004-early 2005, when a series of high-impact world events, including Ukraine's "Orange Revolution", somehow ended up heavily interacting with two consecutive Mercury-Sun-Venus alignments:
Nov 22, 2004: Start of Orange Revolution in Ukraine
Nov 23, 2004: Mercury-Sun-Venus alignment

Dec 26, 2004: Decisive revote forced by Orange Revolution
Dec 26, 2004: Sumatra mega-quake/tsunami catastrophe
Jan 23, 2005: End of Orange Revolution
Feb 01, 2005: Pope John Paul II hospitalization (dying)
Feb 12-27, 2005: "The Gates" (orange) Central Park exhibit

Mar 28, 2005: Sumatra mega-quake #2 (killing ~1400)
Mar 29, 2005: Merc-Sun-Venus-(Earth-Jupiter) alignment
Apr 02, 2005: Death of Pope John Paul II

More recently in 2013, John Paul II's successor, Pope Benedict XVI, made his exit exactly on an Orange Alignment day:
Feb 28, 2013: Mercury-Sun-Venus alignment
Feb 28, 2013: Pope Benedict XVI steps down as pope

The Orange Alignment can interchangeably be called "Golden Apple Alignment" as the fruit orange is called "golden apple" in many languages. In Greek mythology, the Golden Apple of Discord - via the "Judgment of Paris" - was the ultimate cause of the Trojan War.

Orange/Golden Apple Alignments similarly cause major disruptions.

Apples are golden indeed as there is a 5-pointed star inside if you cut an apple, and in the geometry of the pentagram (5-pointed star) is found encoded the Golden Ratio (1.618:1 or 1:0.618).

More strangely, the Golden Apple can allude to the Cydonia region of Mars where there are apparent "monuments" including the so-called "Face on Mars" (which appears to be a reversed sphinx, pregnant).

  Face_on_Mars-decoding.gif (228446 bytes)  


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