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The Patriot Game

February 21, 2006

by Sunking (with Goro)

[Note: The author 'Sunking' co-wrote ‘Ark-aid’ Games in Dec. '05. As before, he
combined my observations and his own ideas to write this, still 'fun' but a little darker, piece. -Goro]

In the Dec. 19, 2005 Etemenanki article ‘Ark-aid’ Games we examined the Contact themes embedded in the Crop Circles of 2005 and their relationships to the continuing relevance of the Super Torch Ritual and Deep Impact Judgment. Among the topics that our attention was directed to were midyear/midsummer, 180 degrees/opposition, Chicago, the Turin Olympic Games and arcade games. In this article, let’s look at what the passage of almost 2 months, since my first article was published, reveals.

Starting with the reference to the Olympic Games, recall that the Stephens Castle Down crop circle bore a striking resemblance to the stylized logo of the Torino 2006 Olympics and contained a message dealing with the Earth’s axial inclination. The 'Turin axis' circle was found on the Summer Solstice, just 3 days before the PacMan formation. This reinforces the Imbolc ’06 (Feb 1-2) timing connection occurring mere days before the Turin Olympics start on Feb. 10, '06.

[Picture source:

[Picture source:

Imbolc, which is one of the cross-quarter days/windows, is especially relevant to the Justice theme (e.g. the concept of Maat, the balance of the scales of Justice). And the significance of cross-quarter timing was hinted by some other ’05 crop formations, such as the Hundred Acres, Alton Priors crop circle.

Pictures: Crop Circle Connector

As Goro has indicated, there seems to have been an etheric 'Communication' pointing to the importance of the Imbolc timeframe. But this is only one part of the apparent ‘Message of The Glyph’.

It helps us determine the timing, but there’s gotta be more, right?

[Picture source:

It so happens that the clues to the communication can be found in the other crop circles we discussed in December. You will recall the ‘PacMan’ glyph near Marlborough, Wilshire, and the ‘Space Invader’ glyph on Telegraph Hill near Winchester, Hampshire. Both these games became icons of a generation. Both were licensed and distributed by ‘Midway Games’, which was (unsurprisingly!) based in... Chicago! Now recall that the foundation of Damage Plan #2 (as discussed on STRUG) was based on the Southwest Airlines plane skidding off the runway at Chicago’s Midway airport on Dec. 8, 2005, the one-year anniversary of the shooting of guitarist ‘Dimebag” Darrell Abbot of the group Damageplan (which symbolically 'disclosed' the nature of near-future 'damage events', namely Sumatra and the death of the Pope).

Goro's note: 'Damage Plan #2' has yet to be fully explained on Etemenanki, but it primarily deals with the concept of cross-quarter days that anchor certain 'time codes'...

In 1998 (the year that the movie Deep Impact was released and the year of the ‘Mayan Galactic Alignment’ – remember folks, it is a fact that the Galactic Alignment usually associated with the Mayan calendar end-date, 12/21/2012, has already taken place in 1998!), Atari became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Midway Games. Prior to that, Atari was known for the Atari 2600, released in 1977, the first video game console to use plug-in game cartridges and featuring games such as PacMan! The term ‘Atari’ comes from the Japanese game ‘Go’ and is used as a ‘warning’ to inform the opposing player that there is only one ‘liberty’ left.

There is a certain degree of grim relevance here with consideration to the present status of the Patriot Act. Many people feel that the Patriot Act, though ostensibly ‘marketed’ as a tool to protect the liberty of the citizens of the United States, is in fact a potent threat to the liberty we enjoy and serves to set a precedent for future legislation that may further erode our freedoms.

So, can part of the ‘Contact’ communication be a warning about the Patriot Act?

We can refine this communication if we delve in the ‘Atari’ connection even further. It seems that the ‘Atari’ company’s original name was ‘Syzygy’. The term syzygy has several interesting meanings but most significant here is the use of the word as an astronomical term describing a situation where three celestial bodies are positioned along a straight line.

A ‘syzygy’ side note: 'Project Syzygy' is an alternate reality game (now 'Perplex City'). It's about 'Blurring the Line Between Games and Life'. Alternate Realty Games are typically shortened to 'ARG', as Robert Temple would point out, that's easily an 'ark' word which relates to the Deep Impact Judgment. 

This term is usually used when referring to the Sun, Earth and Moon, when the moon is in conjunction or opposition… solar and lunar eclipses are fine examples of syzygy, as are occurrences of transits and occultations. Of course, the syzygy that is practically driving the Super Torch Ritual in this phase of the ‘Mayan period’ is what we’ve been calling the ‘Orange Alignment’ – a heliocentric alignment formed by Venus, Sun, and Mercury.

Imbolc ’06 was one of those key windows highlighted – particularly so here - by an (middle-Sun) Orange Alignment. It is naturally ‘designed’ to heavily interact with Damage Plan #2 (‘disclosed’ through the Midway Airport incident on Dec. 8th ), Deep Impact Judgment and the Super Torch Ritual. Let’s review what is quite a remarkable series of interconnected events surrounding Imbolc:

Jan. 31, ’06  - Senate votes to confirm Samuel Anthony Alito as 110th Supreme Court Justice, altering the balance of the Court (symbolizing Maat) with another right-wing ideologue. Less than 2 hours later ‘Justice’ is symbolically re-born as Alito is sworn in by Chief Justice Roberts. Mere hours later, the neo-facade of Justice is ‘presented’ at the State of the Union event for all Americans, if not all the citizens of the world, to see.

As if to highlight the changing nature of the scales of Justice, the same day saw the death of Coretta Scott King, widow of an American icon of civil liberty, Martin Luther King. Herself a vigorous and vocal advocate of racial peace and non-violent social change, Coretta King’s passing on the same day as the ascendancy of the new ‘Justice’ can certainly be interpreted as a signal in this round of ‘Contact’.

(The name Coretta is a ‘pet name’ for Cora, which is the Latinate for of the Greek Kore. In Greek mythology the Kore, or young maiden, was equated with the Goddess Persephone who is considered by some to be a ‘life-death-rebirth’ deity. Also, the story of Persephone is a tale of abduction, and is linked to the tale of Helen of Troy..and the ‘Trojan Horse’ theme has been prominent in our ‘Contact’)

Feb. 3, ’06 - Egyptian ferry al-Salam Boccaccio ’98 sinks in the Red Sea with almost 1400 souls on board. Goro has pointed out that ‘Salam’ means ‘peace’, and compares this event to the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster. This has ominous overtones, since the Columbia ‘end of peace’ Contact message was soon borne out with the start of the conflict in Iraq. When this tragic event is considered in the context of the continuing unrest in all parts of the Muslim world surrounding the publication of the cartoons lampooning Muhammad, the ‘seeds of WW3’ theme is indicated. The riots began right around Imbolc. Making this seemingly ‘minor’ event more significant is the ‘geodesic’ signal of ‘Peace sinking in the Red Sea’, interacting with the Benben Stone/Damage Plan theme.

Feb. 5, ’06 – Day of Super Bowl XL! This event is loaded with STR symbolism. The central theme there continued the heavenly stone (Benben, Grail, 'Body of Christ, panspermia) theme. (To be discussed in the near future.)

During the Imbolc period there was subtle yet significant movement in the quest to re-enact the Patriot Act. As events unfolded, there was a synchronicity that I personally experienced: with the writing of this piece, with some research into Germany and the rise and resistance to Nazism I am currently doing and with events that are currently shaking the world.

A ‘delay’ theme has been detected in relation to several areas lately, but most pointedly in relation to the curious delays in re-enacting the provisions of the Patriot Act facing expiration.

The time window originally thought highlighted by the crop formations - the winter solstice - coincided with Patriot Act deadline #1, when Congress extended the Patriot Act beyond 12/31/05. Further highlights of the crop circles, the combination of 'Syzygy' and 'Midway' (think ‘planetary alignment’ and Chicago/Midway Damage Plan) pointing to Imbolc '06 coincides with Patriot Act deadline #2!

What about …the 3rd Deadline?

PacMan has a program bug that makes the 256th stage the 'final level'. On this level the right side of the screen is ‘corrupted’ making it unplayable.

Counting from the date of the PacMan crop formation (6/23), the 256th day (not counting 6/23) would be March 6, '06. From the summer solstice '05 (6/21/05), the date would be 3/4/06.

These are very close to the 3rd deadline set for the Patriot Act (3/10/06).

Goro's note: There are several other data points pointing to the beginning of March (+/-3 days) as a significant window. I'll be discussing this issue soon.

The Patriot Act's survival may need a terror event inside the US before the deadline; and it's primarily the corrupt right-wing side of the government pushing for renewal - potentially relating to the corrupted right side of the 256th level. But then, does it need a terror event? Look at the news today. Consider the following:

  • Witness the avalanche of rhetoric from the Bush Administration regarding Iran’s nuclear aspirations…typically followed up by the admonition that Iran is the world’s ‘largest supporter if terrorism’. Does this remind anyone of the Administration’s coordinated psy-op campaign in late 2002 and early 2003?
  • Witness the events surrounding the President’s Domestic Surveillance program vis a vis the NSA. The President and his propaganda machine tell us that they are only concerned with international calls coming from Al-Qaeda to their operatives here in the USA. OK. How do they know if that call is coming from Al-Qaeda to USA-based nogoodniks? Is there an Al-Qaeda phone directory? If not, then the implication is that ALL calls must be monitored in order to weed out calls from the Evil Ones. Meanwhile, all Americans will now wonder if their communications are being monitored. While refusing to produce any substantive information about the spying program, Administration spokespersons imply that anyone questioning the program are traitors and others call for prosecution of those who leaked the information.
  • Witness the ‘nerve agent’ incident at the Capitol, with the subsequent hours of edge-of-the-seat news coverage. AH! But it was only a… false alarm!

Do you doubt that these events will not be used to ‘prove’ the need to reinstate the Patriot Act?

But what’s the danger with that, you may ask?

When discussing the issue of the German resistance to Hitler and the Nazis, there has always been the question of why there was not a more widespread participation of people, for the active resistance was mainly formed from a small cadre of military officers and titled gentry and monarchists. There was a deep-seated bond of loyalty between Hitler and the German people; any attempt to breach that bond would result in them being considered traitors to the ‘nation’, not just to Hitler. Active resistance groups were isolated, because the Gestapo surveillance was effective, as were Nazi terror tactics. Even the communists could not expand their underground organization to the middle class and Christian groups because of fear of Gestapo intervention. The younger generation, indoctrinated via the Hitler Youth, posed an even great threat…parents feared their children would inform on them if they participated in the resistance. What most typified the situation in the Third Reich was that the large middle class had completely succumbed to the long, steady drag of Nazi propaganda. Hence, there was no representation of skilled trades, commerce industry or even the liberal profession in the resistance. At some point in time, the mass of the people became helpless to resist.

Take note that just as with the build up to the conflict in Iraq, the American and world media are again being complicit in the dissemination of a propaganda campaign that has the propensity to ignite a conflict of global dimensions. Not only is the intelligent yet gullible U.S. public being bombarded with multiple levels of deception, but the populations of countries that have been relatively in the background are having their perceptions and opinions manipulated. The ‘friendly’ countries such as Denmark and Norway are seeing one image and perception; the predominantly Islamic countries and the populations of countries with a large Islamic presence are seeing yet another...and both sides are then adding fuel to the fire which was sparked by the agents of disinformation. These events can only lead to a full-scale conflagration and eventually…a global firestorm.

The conclusion of the previous ‘Ark-aid’ Games article stated that ‘we seem to have a message which affirms the timing of events that happened midway through the year and their correlation to events that may occur in the coming winter solstice timeframe (and beyond)’. Is it possible that these seemingly unrelated allusions to old video games by some crop circles in a land far away are not meaningless nonsense at all, but, rather, a clarion call to all lovers of True Liberty and Justice that there is only one opportunity left to ‘stand up for your rights’? One could easily interpret that these events signal to us that ‘Lady Liberty’ has truly ‘died’ and that, with the ‘sinking of Peace’, the seeds of WW3 have been actively nurtured and require only Time in which to spread the roots of unholy war.

- Sunking ([email protected])



© 2005 Goro Adachi