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Orange Gate 2008

The Phoenix Ignition

January 13, 2008
by Goro (goroadachi.com)

It started last year, when the world was on fire...

[August 2007 Greek wildfires]

[October 2007 California wildfires]

Te Phoenix burned to ashes, in the Valley of the Sun... also known as Solar Minimum.

This has been my main multicontextual focus since last year...

06/26/07: Resurrection in the Valley of the Sun - Part 1

Simply put, 2007 is the year of solar minimum. That is to say that, the Sun is in its least active state in the current 11-year sunspot cycle in 2007. In other words, the year 2007 signifies the trough of the 'Valley of the Sun', i.e. Phoenix! This is a 'Resurrection Moment' - the Sun dies, and is reborn. [...]

A preview at solar minimum (2007), actualization at solar maximum (2012).The phoenix rising... A 'King Arthur' is in the womb, getting ready to come out.

07/07/07: 7/7/07: Solar Resurrection Day

What's the deal with '7/7/7'? Well, it's all about Solar Resurrection... again.

  • 2007 is solar minimum - the quietest point of the 11-yaer sunspot cycle.
  • July 7 is aphelion - the farthest point of the earth from the Sun in 2007.

So the Sun is thus doubly 'dead' on 7/7/07, signifying a moment of transition from life to death and back to life. It's Resurrection in the 'Valley of the Sun', like the nickname of the capital of Arizona, Phoenix.

08/08/07: Phoenix Pole Shift

The message is 'Pole Shift'. The phoenix is about Solar Resurrection which has to do with the 11-year solar/sunspot cycle of which 2007 is the 'minimum' period signifying 'death' (of the phoenix). The Sun is then 'resurrected', coming fully back to life around the Mayan 'end of time', 2012, when the Sun's magnetic field will do a pole shift as the Sun is known to do at the peak of a solar cycle.

10/18/07: The St. Anthony Code

I wrote '7/7/7: Solar Resurrection Day' a month ago. Since then at least five major 'phoenix' events have come to pass in quick succession to bear out what I was saying in that article (and earlier ones)... including the Minneapolis bridge collapse... [...]

Phoenix. Solar Resurrection. Right there in your face.

By November, a serious 'emergency/911' timeline involving Deep Impact, both above (NASA Deep Impact) and below (London July 2005 events), had emerged and pinpointed early January 2008...

[see 'Deep Impact January']


...actually foreshadowed by last year's Live Earth concerts on July 7th, marking both the anniversary of the 7/7 London bombings and the earth's aphelion or the farthest point from the Sun, acknowledged by the Live Earth logo blatantly displaying the traditional solar/gold symbol...


[Sun/gold symbol]

The encoded 'message' was that of 'Solar Emergency'... or 'Solar 911', referring back to January 2008 via '911 days' counted from early July 2005.

7/4/05 =(911 days)=> 1/01/08
7/7/05 =(911 days)=> 1/04/08

And then, it happened...

On January 4th, 2008, the Sun 'officially' entered Solar Cycle 24 - the Phoenix, in effect, was resurrected exactly 911 days from the London 'Deep Impact' bombings!

From spaceweather.com...
SOLAR CYCLE 24: Solar physicists have been waiting for the appearance of a reversed-polarity sunspot to signal the start of the next solar cycle. The wait is over. A magnetically reversed, high-latitude sunspot emerged today [January 4th]... It marks the beginning of Solar Cycle 24 and the sun's slow ascent back to Solar Maximum.

From AP/space.com...
WASHINGTON (AP) - A new solar cycle is under way. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said Friday [January 4th] that the first sunspot of a new 11-year cycle has appeared in the sun's northern hemisphere.

Understand that predicting the start of a new solar cycle is like predicting the weather. Basically a lot of guesswork. So for instance, the latest estimate had been that Cycle 24 would begin around March 2008. Before that, some were expecting it in 2007 or even 2006. In the end, the Sun chose January 4th, 2008 - a date highlighted in our 'Solar Emergency' time code. We see that the universe, when and only when an appropriate context is applied, ceases to be 'random'. Lead turned into gold.

[Screenshot of 'Deep Impact January' posted here 12/29/2007]

Enki says 'hi'.

Orange Revolution

January 2008 was also projected to have a lot to do with the theme of 'Orange Revolution' (see December notes).

What does that have to do with Kenya which was all over the news around New Year's Day?

Dec 31 Scores dead in Kenya poll clashes
Jan 01 50 burn to death in Kenya church
Jan 02 Kenyan party to defy protest ban
Jan 03 Tear gas fired on Kenya marchers

The disputed presidential election causing the unrest was held on December 27, the day Bhutto was assassinated in Pakistan, also a nation in great turmoil involving an election originally scheduled for January 8th (now pushed back to February 18th). And it was in this context that the US presidential race officially kicked off in Iowa on January 3rd, a day before the Solar Cycle 24 ignition, where the 'historic' winners were Barack Obama (Democrat) and Mike Huckabee (Republican).

Jan 03 Obama & Huckabee take Iowa wins

Did you know that Obama's father was from... Kenya? Yes. And did you know that the Kenyan turmoil was/is, almost literally, an 'Orange Revolution'? It's the 'Orange Democratic Movement' led by Raila Odinga protesting the election result!

[Kenya's 'Orange Revolution']

Through Kenya, therefore, both the US presidential race and the Pakistan situation have been painted orange, albeit indirectly.

[As far as the trajectory of the presidential race, I continue to look at it as setting the stage for the 2012 'Mayan' election. The Phoenix is out of the tomb at the 2007/2008 Solar Minimum and will culminate at the ~2012 Solar Maximum, where I expect the 'Rise of the Presidential Terminator'... But too early for this subject here.]

Orange War

An intense 'orange window' is coming up around January 20-24, which is anchored by an 'Orange Alignment' forming on January 21 (Venus-Sun-Mercury) and is part of a bigger pattern building up toward ~June 8, 2008...

This is the first 'middle-sun' Orange Alignment since August 15, 2007 when we had the deadly Peru earthquake accompanied by a Hawaiian quake/storm...

8/15: Merc-Sun-Venus ('Orange Alignment')
8/17: Sun-Venus-Earth

Aug 14 Flossie churns toward Hawaii as Dean strengthens
Aug 14 Quake shakes hurricane-braced Hawaii
Aug 15 8.0-mag earthquake kills hundreds in Peru

...spawning the 'Peruvian geo-solar timecode' which - now more refined and complete - seems to have stressed certain dates, most notably a set of 'twin dates' bridging November 2007 and January 2008 (mirrored across the solstice axis).

The Brazilian city of Rio anchoring the timeline near the Tropic of Capricorn is more officially 'Rio de Janeiro', meaning 'River of January'. Indeed the city marks ~January 1st, the first day of the first month, on the timeline. Aside from that, Rio also alludes to January 20 - the date of the city's discovery (hence its name) - which adds more weight to the Jan. 20-24 window, marked on the same timeline by Hawaiian epicenters (January 21/22/24).

January 20 is also the feast day of St. Sebastian...

Re-enter Godfather Part III. (See 'The St. Anthony Code'.)

In the opening scene (following Part I & II flashbacks), the 'Godfather' Michael is awarded... 'The Order of Saint Sebastian'! (In reality it's actually the 'Order of St. Sylvester'.)

St. Sebastian is celebrated on December 18th in Eastern Orthodox tradition. In 2007, December 18 was all about the 'Trojan War', thus also the golden apple/orange... Keep in mind that Turkey is today's 'Troy' (=> 'Trojan'):

Dec 18 Turkish troops 'cross into Iraq' (Kurds vs. Turkey)
Dec 18 Rice visits disputed region in Iraq (Kurds; vs. Turkey)
Dec 18 Iraq's Kurdish leader snubs Rice (Kurds vs. Turkey)
Dec 18 Turkish troops withdraw from Iraq (Kurds vs. Turkey)
Dec 18 Charges dismissed in Holloway case (Orange/'golden apple' => Trojan War)

The same day also saw the planet Mars reaching its closet point to Earth. Mars is an orange sphere... like an golden apple/orange. It's also the planet/god of war... as in the Trojan War started by an orange apple/'Apple of Discord'/orange.

A few days later, just before the winter solstice, came the bona-fide 'Deep Impact' news that Mars might get hit by a big asteroid on January 30!

Asteroid May Soon Slam into Mars on January 30
Asteroid Impact on Mars Probability Increased
Asteroid's Chances of Smacking Mars Dip
Asteroid won't crash into Mars, scientists say

While no longer considered a threat, the scenario could not be more meaningful. Let me remind you that Deep Impact struck Comet Tempel 1 right on the orbital path of Mars. While Mars wasn't there at the time, Deep Impact and Mars were united at the same spot on January 4-6, 2007, exactly a year before this year's Deep Impact window.

In a sense, the Martian/Deep Impact orbit is an 'Orange Revolution'... Here we seem to get the insinuation that the 'Orange Revolution' theme is to be associated with war (= Mars), or more specifically the Trojan War. I should add that, in French, Troy (Troie) and 'three' (trois) are pronounced the same way. 'Trojan War', therefore, becomes 'War III' or, since the Trojan War was an ancient world war, 'World War III'.

A chilling implication here could be that the louder the 'orange' and 'Deep Impact' signals, the closer we are to World War III. And those signals have been very loud lately...

Origin & Destination

The original 'Orange Revolution' took place in Ukraine in 2004 following a disputed run-off presidential election held on November 21. That's of course a 'mirror date' of ~January 22, very orange this year...

November 22 was also Thanksgiving or 'Turkey Day' in 2007, again evoking Troy/Trojan War and through which the golden apple/orange.

The twin dates/windows also closely coincide with the sunrise-alignment of the Grande Arche 'hypercube' in Paris (Nov. 23-36, Jan. 15-19).


The Grande Arche is twisted 6 degrees from the 'Historical Axis' which in turn is (secretly) a major cross-quarter day marker as often discussed here on Etemenanki. Specifically, the Paris Axis is designed to highlight the astronomical cross-quarter days. There are, as mentioned before, at least three versions of those tricky cross-quarter days: 1) traditional, 2) astronomical (Earth orbit based), and 3) horizon (sunrise/set position based)...

Cross-quarter Dates

  Traditional Astro. Horizon* Paris Hist. Axis** Grande Arche***
Imbolc Feb 1 ~Feb 3 ~Feb 17 Jan31-Feb2 Jan 15-19
Beltane May 1 ~May 5 ~Apr 21 May 4-5 May 19-22
Lughnasadh Aug 1 ~Aug 7 ~Aug 22 Aug 6-8 Jul 22-25
Samhain Nov 1 ~Nov 7 ~Oct 25 Nov 9-11 Nov 23-26

*Cross-quarter midpoint measured on horizon (sunrise/sunset azimuth)
**Paris Historical Axis sunset/sunrise alignment dates
***Grande Arche at the western edge of Hist. Axis, 6 deg. deviation

February 17th, the Imbolc horizon date, is the landing date currently planned for the space shuttle Atlantis STS-122 (launch February 7 as of January 13) - a mission clearly 'aware' of cross-quarter (octagonal) days via its mission patch!:

And February 18th is going to see, barring any more delays, the potentially explosive Pakistan parliamentary elections, a major event we've been closely following.

The other southern horizon cross-quarter date is ~October 25 (Samhain) which together with ~Feb. 17 are 'Great Sphinx days - when the monument's causeway aligns with the sunrise:

Around October 25, 2007...

  • Discovery STS-120 launched ('Templar Resurrection' mission), October 23

  • Southern California wildfire disaster, peaking October 23-24

Oct 23 CA Inferno: "We can't stop it"
Oct 24 US wild fires force mass exodus
Oct 24 Wildfires creating 'utter devastation' in Southern California

  • Comet Holmes outburst/explosion, October 23-24 (becoming a 'second sun')

Oct 24 Obscure Comet Brightens Suddenly
Oct 29 Dazzling Comet Holmes Has Hint of Invisible Tail
Nov 05 Comet's fame keeps growing, and growing...
Nov 15 Incredible Comet Bigger than the Sun

As stated at the beginning, the 2007 wildfires were 'Phoenix' events, and it was reflected in the sky in the form of Discovery STS-120 and Comet Holmes... i.e. celestial fires. In ancient Egypt, the phoenix was more or less identified with the Benben Stone, the ultimate/archetypal pyramid capstone. Fitting, therefore, that the events around October 23-24 coincided with the sunrise - ultimate celestial fire - coming into alignment with the causeway linking Giza's 2nd pyramid and the Great Sphinx... especially considering that California is the 'Sun State' (Gold and the Sun are interchangeable).

[Sun/gold symbol]

Schwarzenegger declaring a 'state of emergency' in California in this context implied 'Solar Emergency' or 'Solar SOS' a la Live Earth...

...or 'Solar 911', which of course leads to 'Deep Impact' January 2008.

Angels & Demons

The California Sun-king Governator and Deep Impact share a 'demonic eye'...

So does, turns out, Comet Holmes - currently doing a big loop in the sky and about to pass right in front of the bright star Algol, traditionally representing the eye of the monster Medusa, also called the 'Demon Star'. Holmes will in a sense become the 'demon eye' around January 22nd... precisely coinciding with our 'orange window'! (I noticed this several days after the comet 'explosion' last year.)


The Algol 'destination' was more or less announced at the time of the comet's 'birth' (outburst) as it was perfectly timed to reflect the California inferno which was driven by the 'Santa Ana winds'...

Santa Ana winds may get their name from the Santa Ana Mountains in Orange County, the Santa Ana River or Santa Ana Canyon, along which the winds are particularly strong. There are also claims that the original form is Santana winds, from the Spanish vientos de Satán ("winds of Satan", Sanatanas being a rarer form of Satanás), and that this, in turn, is a translation of a native name in some unspecified language.

According to the Los Angeles Almanac: "The original spelling of the name of the winds is unclear, not to mention the origin. The name Santana Winds is said to be traced to Spanish California, when the winds were called devil winds due to their heat. [From Wikipedia]

Ignited by the Satan/devil winds, hurling toward the Demon Star...

That would be the big message transmitted there. Perhaps something of a (directly or indirectly) countdown to 'Deep Impact' (remember, Deep Impact was also about a comet - Tempel 1).

It's right in between the January 20-24 orange window and the ~February 17 cross-quarter window that we'll have this year's Super Bowl, on February 3rd, which itself is an astronomical Imbolc cross-quarter day, at University of Phoenix Stadium in Phoenix (Glendale), Arizona. Yes, Phoenix - the Valley of Sun! That's just blatant...

In a way, Atlantis STS-122 will represent a high-tech 'Phoenix Rising' several days after the Phoenix Super Bowl. Hopefully STS-122 is 'different' now from what it was back in December when it was originally scheduled to be launched, before the start of Solar Cycle 24 (Jan. 4). The context has definitely shifted. Before January 4th, the Phoenix/Atlantis was still 'dead in the tomb' (Solar Minimum). After January 4th, the fire-bird is reborn, out of the tomb, on its way back to life. Symbolically, therefore, Atlantis may no longer be in danger of repeating the fate of Columbia/Apollo 13 as originally projected... even if its main objective is still the delivery of the European 'Columbus' (=> Columbia) laboratory and such. (There is a lot more to the ominous symbolism of Atlantis STS-122.)


Still, the rise of the Phoenix/Atlantis is 'order out of chaos', hence any rising 'ritual' may still require some form of 'chaos' to accompany/precede it. Perhaps that's where the 'Demon Days' of January will come in... We'll just have to see.

Remember, this 'Phoenix Resurrection' moment is no ordinary 'Valley of the Sun'. It comes directly from the (double) peak around 2001, the year of 9/11, and will directly build up toward the 'Mayan peak' around 2012. This Phoenix is Deep Impact. That's what we're facing at the Gate of Rostau beginning in January 2008...

(Originally posted on main page)

1/16: Tomorrow is January 17th - feast day of St. Anthony the Great and St. Sulpice. It's something of a 'Grail day' (Priory of Sion/Rennes-le-Chateau)... Extra special in this year of Solar (Cycle 24) Resurrection.


1/17: 'Phoenix' designs of Beijing Olympic torch relay revealed
1/17: Airliner from Beijing crash-lands at Heathrow (London)

BEIJING, Jan. 17 -- Presenting images of phoenixes and lanterns, Beijing Games officials Wednesday painted a fuller picture of how the Beijing 2008 Olympic Torch Relay (BOTR) will look, including costumes for torchbearers and design tips to get Chinese cities in a festive spirit. [...]

Even the aircraft that have been chartered to ferry the flame to five continents will be dressed up in the Beijing Olympic colors of red and yellow to conform to the imagery of a "Flying Phoenix".

1/22: Orange Impact...

1/21: Black Monday: Biggest market crash since 9/11
World markets continue to sink over U.S. woes

Right. On. Time. (Again.)

[...] While the 'Orange Gate 2008' article didn't go too much into the nature of the Jan. 20-24 'orange window', a stock market crash/panic was actually one of the few specific events we were projecting since November. Here's an excerpt from November 12, 2007 (the earliest of many STRUG posts on this subject):

...The most famous star in Perseus is Algol the 'Demon Star' (echoing 'Satan winds') with which Comet Holmes will unite around January 21, 2008. [...] Comet traditionally being an omen, this is a powerful 'sign in the sky'...

Now, as it happens this is not the first time that Comet Holmes had an inexplicable outburst/explosion. It had two such episodes back to back in November 1892 and January 1893. They were closely followed by the 'Panic of 1893' - a stock market crash on May 5 (astronomical Beltane cross-quarter day) followed by a US depression lasting several years. In light of what's happening in the financial world at this time, this is a pretty dark omen... [...] the Countdown Clock is ticking down to January 2008 (anchor date January 20/22).

1/28: 'January Deep Impact' event sequence...

Jan 27 Leader of Greece's Orthodox Church dead at 69
Jan 26 Satellite could plummet to Earth late Feb or March
Jan 25 Large Asteroid to Fly Past Earth Jan. 29
Jan 22 Actor Heath Ledger dead
Jan 21 Black Monday: Worst trading day since 9/II
Jan 10 Asteroid won't crash into Mars
Jan 04 New Sunspot Cycle Begins
Dec 31 Deep Impact Flies Past Earth
Dec 21 Asteroid May Soon Slam into Mars on January 30

A little note on Heath Ledger: He was found dead on our 'Demon/Orange Day' January 22 when Comet Holmes was united with the 'Demon Star' Algol. Ledger plays 'the Joker, particularly demonic in his version, in the upcoming Batman film 'The Dark Knight'...

      holmes-algol.gif (19367 bytes)

But it's 'The Order' (2003 film starring Ledger) that... well, you know that they just elected a new 'Black Pope' (Jan. 19), right? The 'Black Pope' is a major character in 'The Order'. Think these are not connected?

There was also a Godfather-related death on Jan. 26. Why not, 2008 is the year of 'Angels & Demons'. In any case, 'Deep Impact' as a pattern will continue into February... Rat in the Orange Gate.

1/30: Behold the Phoenix rising...

Jan 23:  'The Resurrection of John McCain'

McCain = the Phoenix!

Jan 29 McCain wins key Florida election

  • He is from Phoenix, Arizona

  • He won in the 'Sunshine State' (Florida), implying 'Solar Resurrection' i.e. re-ignition of the Sun (Solar Cycle 24) at the 'Valley of the Sun' in January 2008

...to be followed by the Super Bowl in McCain's home city Phoenix (University of Phoenix Stadium) February 3:

Followed by Super Tuesday February 5... followed by events of February 7 including the planned launch of Atlantis STS-122, etc. etc.

2/05: The New York Giants, the undisputed underdog, somehow managed to beat the Patriots and win the Super Bowl Sunday. As improbable as it was, from a multicontextual perspective the outcome of was easily foreseeable. Coming just a month after the ignition of Solar Cycle 24 on January 4th that officially commenced the 'Grail/Templar/Solar Resurrection' synonymous with the phoenix, and played in the city of Phoenix, the Super Bowl was obviously a continuation of the cosmic storyline permeating the matrix of reality at this time, especially with the Giants in the game representing the Nephilim, the 'fallen angels'.

  • 'NFL' (National Football League) is identical to the Semitic root of 'Nephilim' (N-F-L).
  • The Nephilim were the offspring of the 'sons of the gods' and 'daughters of men' as per the Book of Genesis chapter 6 where they are usually referred to as 'giants'.
  • The Nephilim personify the Grail, phoenix, Benben Stone, etc.
  • The Giants are from the Big Apple (NY), the forbidden fruit of knowledge having much in common with the Nephilim who are actually more or less interchangeable with Eve.

Though usually translated as 'giants' and 'men of renown' in Genesis 6, these were the Nephilim (fallen ones) and 'people of the shem'.

Shems were particularly associated with something called an-na, which meant 'heavenly stone', a term that was also used to define a shining metal. The use of the word shem in respect of its 'shining' aspect is apparent in the alternative name for Prince Utu, brother of Inanna... His epithet was Shem-esh: the Shining One.  (Laurence Gardner, Genesis of the Grail Kings, p.120)

The shem was thus a 'heavenly shining fire-stone'... associated with the Tower of Babel:

...let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven; and let us make us a shem, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth.

Specifically associated with the top of a tower, the shem is comparable to the Egyptian Benben Stone, often thought have been a meteorite ('fallen from heaven' like the Nephilim) that was placed on top of a pyramid/obelisk, i.e. a capstone. Tellingly, the Benben Stone was also equated with the soul of Osiris and the phoenix (or 'bennu bird' in ancient Egypt), both synonymous with resurrection. The Holy Grail is similarly a 'stone fallen from heaven' (described as such in Wolfram von Eschenbach's Parzival) and associated with resurrection (of Jesus) as well as described as a 'stone of youth and rejuvenation'. The Benben Stone was also kept in Heliopolis, 'City of the Sun', making the sacred stone - the whole complex - something of a 'Sun Stone'.

Hence we could plausibly infer that 'Resurrection of the Grail/Sun' is synonymous with the 'Resurrection of the Nephilim/Giants'. As such, the New York Giants, the 'Nephilim' team in the biggest NFL/Nephilim game played in Phoenix soon after the 'resurrection of the Sun', were contextually set up to win, so as to continue the Phoenix Resurrection in the Valley of the Sun. And they did.

2/06: Around February 7 and February 12-14 are very intense windows - quite possibly linked together. The main event we're closely watching is of course Atlantis STS-122 scheduled to launch tomorrow (may be postponed). Omens surround this mission... It'll make an 'impact' one way or another. (It's a 'phoenix'.)

UPDATE: (To be discussed in depth later)

Feb 14 18 shot, 6 dead at N. Illinois University
Feb 14 U.S. to shoot down broken satellite

2/09: February 7/'phoenix rising day' quick summary:

Next up is the 'Orange Gate' window February 12-14... more intense. Cables being cut - as below, so above... hopefully not.

2/11: Whoa...

Heath Ledger was a Phoenix in 'A Knight's Tale'!

You cannot miss this watching the movie. It's everywhere. The 'triple phoenix' is the crest design used by his character, a 'fake' knight, along with his two friends as they try to beat real knights in jousting tournaments. (Expand the picture below to see the phoenix crest.) Ledger's character is clearly identified with the phoenix. (If you doubt this, just watch the movie!)

     ledger-phoenix.gif (199180 bytes)
[Yes, it is the phoenix - read this]

This is a chilling confirmation of what I had suspected for the 'Demon Days' window of January 20-24 - a 'phoenix death' ('chaos') event. As I wrote in 'Orange Gate 2008: The Phoenix Ignition' ( posted Jan. 13):

Still, the rise of the Phoenix/Atlantis [ed. referring to space shuttle Atlantis's Feb. 7 launch] is 'order out of chaos', hence any rising 'ritual' may still require some form of 'chaos' to accompany/precede it. Perhaps that's where the 'Demon Days' of January will come in... We'll just have to see.

Heath Ledger died on January 22nd.

Now, as noted before, January 22nd was precisely when Comet Holmes passed right in front of the 'Demon Star' Algol reflected by Ledger's demonic 'Joker' character in 'The Dark Knight' to be released this summer... which is another 'knight' movie. Even more compelling, I was informed by a reader more familiar with the Batman series that one of the supervillains Batman regularly fights is named 'Ra's al Ghul' which is the original form of the name 'Algol'! Like Ledger, he's even comparable to the phoenix:

Ra's al Ghul... is a DC Comics supervillain and an enemy of Batman. His name is Arabic for "the ghoul's head" (the Demon's Head, see Algol). [...] Ra's al Ghul has lived for several centuries thanks to his use of Lazarus Pits which he has used countless times replenishing his aged, injured, or even dead body. [...]

Remember, we're not noticing patterns lazily in hindsight here. There is a considerable amount of foresight involved in all this (projections => confirmations) which serves to greatly help prove the validity of the patterns being discussed. You see it done on Etemenanki regularly even though it should normally be 'impossible', which should tell you something about the nature of 'reality'... that there is 'Enki' whispering on the other side of the wall.

2/16: We're now entering the horizon Imbolc cross-quarter zone when the Great Sphinx causeway aligns with the sunrise...

The previous such alignment was around October 25 (Samhain CQ) when:

  • Knights Templar were 'resurrected' (Vatican book) (10/25)
  • Discovery STS-120 docked with ISS (10/25)
  • Comet Homles 'exploded' (10/23-24)
  • California burned (10/21-26, peak 10/23-24)
  • Discovery STS-120 launched (10/23)

templar-mars-seq.gif (156523 bytes)

Pretty intense stuff... potentially to be echoed during the next three days or so next week.

Already scheduled events coming up:

  • Iran oil bourse opening
  • Pakistan elections
  • Kosovo independence declaration
  • Atlantis STS-122 return
  • Total lunar eclipse
  • Broken spy satellite shootdown

2/17: Love is in the air... headed for a heart break:

Phoenix Super Bowl & broken spy satellite shootdown

superbowl42-halftime1.gif (84363 bytes)  

  • Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers halftime show (video) opening with an arrow piercing a heart with an explosion
  • Plan to shoot down a broken satellite announced on Valentine's Day (= arrow through the heart)
  • The arrow/missile is also shuttle Atlantis TS-122 docked at the ISS from February 9 through 18; the heart would be the ISS (= Isis = love goddess) which is also a satellite
  • Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers

The story is told in stereo.


2/20: It may not be clear right now, but what's happening around us during this window including the spy satellite shootdown to be attempted tonight (10:30 pm EST) is, under the surface, intensely about the 'Atlantean monuments' at Giza. For starters, there is this, and then there is this:

Timing is everything... This is just the tip of the... pyramid.


2/25: Here is something simple enough to quickly show you here... from 'The Invasion' released last summer...

: A NASA space shuttle crashes to Earth under mysterious circumstances, and an extraterrestrial disease in the wreckage begins infecting human beings. A psychiatrist from Washington, D.C., Carol Bennell (Nicole Kidman), and her colleague Ben Driscoll (Daniel Craig) discover that once infected, a transformation which robs the victims of their humanity is triggered by hormones released during REM sleep. As the infection spreads, fewer people can be trusted. Fighting to stay awake, Carol looks for her son, who may hold the answer to stopping the invasion.

1) Crashing space shuttle named 'Patriot'

  • Phoenix Super Bowl: Patriots disaster (losing to the underdog)
  • Phoenix Super Bowl: Space shuttle Atlantis STS-122 launched four days after the game (Feb. 3 & Feb. 7 respectively)
2) Main character 'brought back to life' (awaken from deadly sleep) as her son gives her shot in heart

  • Phoenix Super Bowl: Halftime show opening with an arrow stabbing a heart (Cupid's arrow/Valentine's Day)

superbowl42-halftime1.gif (84363 bytes)

Just one example of 'omens' surrounding Atlantis STS-122 which has barely avoided a 'direct hit' (the same can't be said for the ISS yet):

2/20 Atlantis lands in Florida
2/20 F-15s coIIide over Atlantic Ocean
2/20 Navy shoots down spy satellite
Space Arms Race Heats Up Overnight
2/21 Venezuela passenger pIane crash
Stealth bomber goes down on Guam
Etc. etc...

The pattern still needed to run its course, apparently, and hence the big cluster of space/air destruction and emergency events, most notably the dead spy satellite being shot down by a missile - just like the arrow piercing the heart - just hours after the shuttle's return... in effect becoming a 'double' for Atlantis. And the contamination/health hazard worries generated by the unprecedented 'SDI' shootdown perfectly echoed 'The Invasion' storyline.


Needless to say this is just a piece of a much bigger and more sophisticated story unfolding...


3/18: Easter or Resurrection Day is March 23rd this year, very close to the spring equinox (3/20) when the due-east(er) sunrise aligns with the gaze of the Great Sphinx. It will also coincide with a Venus-Sun-Mars alignment in a cross-quarter configuration (45 degrees) again resonating with the Sphinx whose causeway is a horizon cross-quarter marker. The last time we saw this planetary alignment was around April 15 last year, right at the time of the Virginia Tech massacre. (Note that the space station ISS is an 'Isis' interchangeable with Mary or the Virgin, thus a high-tech Virgin(ia) as in 'Virginia Tech'. Shuttle Endeavour will still be docked there around the spring equinox/Easter.)



3/24: The Beijing Olympic Torch lighting ceremony today, a day after Easter/Resurrection Day, is obviously a major light-bearer/Lucifer/Venus time-marker event that not only reflects the planetary configuration discussed previously but also a certain set of events from six months ago (including an 'air-plane emergency'). Playing a hidden but important role in these 'as above, so below' episodes are the space shuttles including the current one docked at the ISS, Endeavour STS-123, scheduled to return on March 26th (a potential recipient of the 'air-plane emergency' storyline). Rather ominously, Greece, where the torch is being lit, is meridionally aligned (via the North Pole) with the Hawaii area or roughly where a Navy ship launched a missile to destroy a spy satellite back on February 20th... a major (horizon) cross-quarter 'ritual' closely interacting with the previous space shuttle that landed on the same day. 'Cross quarters' (implied by the current/latest planetary alignment) are traditionally 'fire festivals' (Celtic), thus the big torch ritual and such taking place at this time, which will culminate at the Beijing opening ceremony on August 8th, an orbital (astronomically correct) 'Lughnasadh' cross-quarter day/window. It means: Earth will be aligned with Venus the 'light-bearer' as it exists during this equinox/Easter window forming a 'cross-quarter angle' alignment come August 8th. In other words, the destination (August 8) of what's happening today on earth, the lighting of the torch, is being marked by the 'light/torch-bearer' star simultaneously. As above, so below...

This is just the tip of a part of a much bigger pattern/picture of course as you'll see soon. The path of Harmony is the path of infernos... above and below.



Mar 26: Quick update...

032408-signals-ss.gif (107676 bytes) 032608-signals-ss.gif (106908 bytes)
March 24 headlines March 26 headlines

Note: The torch was lit at the site of the Temple of Hera in Greece; Hera, the goddess of marriage, is also known as 'Hera the Virgin' (for context see below...


From March 18 note: [Around spring equinox/Easter, there will be] a Venus-Sun-Mars alignment in a cross-quarter configuration (45 degrees) again resonating with the Sphinx whose causeway is a horizon cross-quarter marker. The last time we saw this planetary alignment was around April 15 last year, right at the time of the Virginia Tech massacre. (Note that the space station ISS is an 'Isis' interchangeable with Mary or the Virgin, thus a high-tech Virgin(ia) as in 'Virginia Tech'. Shuttle Endeavour will still be docked there around the spring equinox/Easter.)

From March 24 note: [Spring equinox/Easter/Olympic torch lighting] not only reflects the planetary configuration discussed previously but also a certain set of events from six months ago (including an 'air-plane emergency'). Playing a hidden but important role in these 'as above, so below' episodes are the space shuttles including the current one docked at the ISS, Endeavour STS-123, scheduled to return on March 26th (a potential recipient of the 'air-plane emergency' storyline).


Apr 02: Yes, the new article is coming... It's just that I've written it once and decided I didn't like it, and now I'm having to write basically a second article. Plus, there is just too much stuff to put into one article that I've had a form of 'writer's block' where my mind sort of refused to cooperate with me when trying to organize all the intensely multicontextual ideas. My first attempt failed because I tried to include and explain too much which made the article too long and unfocused. So I'm trying a more simplified and abbreviated format now which should flow more smoothly and present more effectively certain key points that are very important and need to be introduced at this time... like the Monolith.


Apr 07: I'm gonna go ahead and mention that there is a major 'fiery' anchor/impact point coming up around April 20 (interacting with the Pope among other things). And not unrelated to that, the '2008 Super Torch Ritual' which began right during our spring equinox/Easter/'fire alignment' window (see previous entries below) is continuing to make headlines... as it should. It's special. Follow the fire... follow the heart. It's 'written in the stars'... the path of the torch.

virgin-equinox-align2a.gif (55886 bytes)     virgin-equinox-align2d.gif (58712 bytes)     virgin-equinox-align3.gif (59232 bytes)

032408-signals-ss.gif (107676 bytes)       4-6-2008-torch.gif (109982 bytes)

The riddle of the Sphinx is the fire in the sky.


Apr 16: How it began... (prelude)

Today (April 16) is Virginia Tech anniversary and the Pope's birthday...

See previous notes below. (Will be explained more fully in the upcoming article.)


Apr 17: The Pope's 'Stargate' birthday...

Etemenanki = 'Tower of Babel' = 'Gate of the god' (= 'Babel/Babylon')

Sounds awfully familiar...


Apr 21: Sunset and 'father' figure anchoring current window...


The Great Sphinx is known to the Arabs as the 'Father of Terror'... like the Pope (= 'Father') at Terror Ground Zero yesterday. You can see how the 'pyramid' birthday cake (see image below) relates to this. The candle being blown out is part of the whole fire/torch saga woven into the year 2008... which also involves air/gas troubles which is coming.


Apr 22: Here we go... 'fire in the sky' April 20-21.
042008-spyplane-shootdown.gif (94110 bytes) 4-21-2008-Phoenix_lights.gif (111836 bytes)
April 20: Russia shot down
Georgia spy plane
April 21: Unexplained lights in
Phoenix night sky

As I wrote back on April 7th:

I'm gonna go ahead and mention that there is a major 'fiery' anchor/impact point coming up around April 20 [...] The riddle of the Sphinx is the fire in the sky.

The spy plane shootdown is an expected echo from the February 20 spy satellite shootdown - 'fire in the sky'. The mysterious Phoenix lights, essentially 'UFOs' for now (UPDATE: apparently it was flares/hoax, which makes no difference for us), show you why I used the specific phrase 'fire in the sky'...

'Fire in the Sky' (1993)

And Phoenix - you surely know the significance there. Though I should probably remind you that the Beijing Olympic Torch Relay is officially associated with the phoenix.

You'll have a better understanding of what's going on here soon (upcoming article).


Apr 30: I guess there's no harm in 'leaking' this a little early. No one is talking about it, but this is the celestial (esoteric) event - temporal anchor point - of the year.

['Transit of Venus']

Stay tuned for what this could mean and all that important stuff.


May 08: To follow the fire is to follow the Moon... The torch is in the Moon, or 'In Diana'... i.e. 'Indiana'. (The name 'Helen', for instance, can mean both 'torch' and 'moon'.)
  • May 6: Indiana (and N. Carolina) primary - Obama became presumptive Democratic nominee
  • May 19/20: Full Moon <= get ready for this... big day for Obama (his 'V-Day'), something of a Dark Father/Pope exit/birth type event, 'fire in the sky', etc.
  • May 22: 'Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull' opens
  • May 25: Indianapolis 500 (IndyCar race) in Indiana (watch Danica shine!)
  • May 25: NASA Phoenix lands on Mars the 'fire planet'; it was launched last year on August 4 or Obama's birthday; he will now go against John McCain from Phoenix, Ariz. (Remember the 4/21 'Phoenix Lights'? April 20 was full moon... and the day Danica, a Venus/Morning Star, made history in Japan.)


...leading to the June 7-8 Super Orange Alignment/Venus Transit 'halftime'.

Continued in next article:
May 18, 2008
'Phoenix Impact Through the Looking-Glass'




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