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Phoenix Impact
Through the Looking-Glass

Cyclone Nargis, China quake,
Cupid, Demons & Angels

May 18, 2008
by Goro (goroadachi.com)

May 3, 2008... the sky fell.

May 03 351 die as Cyclone Nargis hits Myanmar
May 05 Burmese storm toll 'tops 10,000'
May 07 Cyclone toll could be 100,000

May 3, 2008... Alice found her looking-glass.

  • May 3, 2008 = 124th day of year
  • 124th day in non-leap year = May 4
  • May 4 = Alice is in Wonderland
  • May 4 = birthday of 'real' Alice

*          *          *

The looking-glass was Made In China...
reflecting the Beijing Olympic Torch.

*          *          *

Follow the Torch...

May 2: the Olympic Torch arrives in China
May 3: the Torch goes to Macao

  • Macao (May 3) = originally known as 'Oyster Mirror' (Haojing) or 'Mirror Sea' (Jinghai).
  • 'Nargis' (May 3) = name deriving from 'Narcissus', a mythological figure synonymous with reflection...

[Narcissus' reflection]

Narcissus became entranced by his own reflection in a pool and tried to seduce the beautiful boy, not realizing it was himself. He only realized that it was his reflection after trying to kiss it. Completing the symmetry of the tale, out of sorrow Narcissus took his sword and killed himself; his body then turned into a flower. [Hellenic version]

In the tale told by Ovid, Echo, a nymph, falls in love with a vain youth named Narcissus... Narcissus left Echo heartbroken and she spent the rest of her life in lonely glens, pining away for the love she never knew, until only her voice remained. Eventually he became thirsty and and went to drink from a stream, but he wouldn't touch the water for fear of damaging his reflection, so he eventually passed away, staring at his own reflection. The Narcissus flower grew from where he died. [Roman version]

*          *          *

Follow the stars...

The path of the Torch is written in the stars.

*          *          *

May 12, 2008... the earth shook.

May 12 Thousands dead in Chinese quake
May 14 China quake toll close to 15,000
May 15 China quake toll could top 50,000
May 16 'Five million' homeless in quake

May 12, 2008... Alice went through the looking-glass,


...and saw that the torch was Mars, the 'fire planet'.

Asteroid May Soon Slam into Mars on January 30
Asteroid Impact on Mars Probability Increased
Asteroid's Chances of Smacking Mars Dip
Asteroid won't crash into Mars, scientists say

*          *          *

Follow the meridian...

To follow the fire is to follow the meridian.
Found beyond the North Pole, reflected on other side.


Aug 14 Flossie churns toward Hawaii as Dean strengthens
Aug 14 Quake shakes hurricane-braced Hawaii
Aug 15, 2007 8.0-mag earthquake kills hundreds in Peru

That day - August 15, 2007 - started the 'Saffron Revolution'... in Myanmar/Burma. Cyclone Nargis Ground Zero.

It was an 'Orange Revolution' born under a powerful 'Orange Alignment' (Mercury-Sun-Venus + Earth). (See 'The St. Anthony Code' for more.)

  • August 15: 'Orange Alignment' (Mercury-Sun-Venus)
  • August 17: Sun-Venus-Earth alignment (thus basically forming a grand Mercury-Sun-Venus-Earth axis around August 16)

Highlighted there was 'Deep Impact'.

[A scene from 'Deep Impact']

Impact Day is August 16th in the film

It almost happened on January 30, 2008...

on Mars.

Then it did happen through the looking-glass on May 12...

in China.

*          *          *

Follow the Deep Impact...

The release of Deep Impact in May 1998 was the signature event marking the precise moment of the 'Galactic Alignment' popularly associated - thanks largely to John Major Jenkins - with the end of the Mayan calendar, December 21, 2012. (In 'The True Alignment Zone' Jenkins openly admits the true timing of the Galactic Alignment being 1998, not 2012.)



The productive approach here is to be inclusive. We need to take into account both the actual Galactic Alignment and the imagined one. There is a symmetry...

1998: Real Galactic Alignment & Fictional 'Deep Impact'
2012: Fictional Galactic Alignment & Real Deep Impact?

...giving rise to the idea of a 'countdown' from May 1998 to December 21, 2012. This is not imagined.  The American 'Great Flood/Deep Impact' - Hurricane Katrina/New Orleans - late August/early September 2005 has all but confirmed this. Simply put, the Katrina 'Deep Impact' was a halftime marker or the 'mirror' point of the 'Mayan countdown'.

Preceding the catastrophe was naturally enough NASA's 'Deep Impact' impacting Comet Tempel 1 on July 4th, echoed down here on earth three days later in the form terror bombings in London.

7/4/05 =(911 days)=> 1/01/08
7/7/05 =(911 days)=> 1/04/08

Exactly '911' days later came the ignition of the new sunspot cycle ('Cycle 24'), January 4, 2008.

Jan 04 New Sunspot Cycle Begins

That was the long-awaited 'Solar Phoenix' moment. The Resurrection of the Sun. This was the Genesis of a 'Mayan' Solar Cycle projected to peak ('Solar Maximum') in/around 2012. This is the clock/countdown by which events of any import in this Mayan-Galactic period are regulated.

[Official nickname of the city Phoenix is 'Valley of the Sun'
evoking a Solar Minimum]

*          *          *

Case in point: The Solar Phoenix Ignition reflected through the looking-glass is... June 7, 2008.


That's the temporal 'epicenter' of the entire year 2008 I had zeroed in on late last year even without the assistance of the 'looking-glass'.

Like Katrina/New Orleans, it signifies a 'Mayan' halftime point, based on the timing of what are called the Transits of Venus, very rare occurrences of Venus traveling right in front of the Sun as seen from Earth, always coming in pairs.

The 'Mayan' Venus Transit pair

#1- June 8, 2004
#2 - June 6, 2012

Do the calculation and you will see that June 7, 2008 is the exact halfway point of the current Venus Transit pair...  accompanied by a 'Super Orange Alignment'. Put another way, it's the 'mirror' point of the two Transits.

And, it's a bona-fide Phoenix Point! Because...

The midpoint 'looking-glass' bisects the timeline into two equal segments each 1460-days long. That's 1460 - a known, traditional 'Phoenix number'. Though '500' (years) is more often cited, the fire-bird Phoenix has been said to live exactly 1460 or 1461 years (1461 ancient-Egyptian years = 1460 Julian years). '1460' is a number signifying the Death/Resurrection point. (The 'Sothic Cycle'? Yes, that too, but won't go into it here.)

Which means... between January 4 and June 7 is the Phoenix Resurrection mirroring itself!

Looking-glass indeed.

*          *          *

'Phoenix' & 'halftime'... a combination evoking this year's Super Bowl (February 3) played in Phoenix, Arizona - the 'Valley of the Sun'. Unbeknownst to the many millions who watched it, right at the start of the halftime show by Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers (video) was a 'prophecy' foreshadowing the Venus Transit halftime among other things.

It was an 'arrow' (guitar/missile) piercing a heart (stage) with a big explosion...

Cupid's arrow... love.

Venus is the planet/goddess of love.

Through the heart... a 'transit'.

Transit of Venus.

During Super Bowl halftime.

Venus Transit halftime - June 7, 2008.

In Phoenix.

Venus Transit halftime producing 1460-day segments
(Phoenix lifespan = 1460 years).

Game, set, match. Well, there is more...

*          *          *

Cupid's arrow also naturally had to do with Valentine's Day that was just 11 days away...

  • Feb 14: US announces plan to shoot down spy satellite with missile (= high-tech 'arrow').
  • Feb 20: Navy ship successfully destroys the satellite.

2/20 Navy shoots down spy satellite
2/21 Space Arms Race Heats Up Overnight

The shootdown came just hours after the return of Atlantis STS-122 whispering the story of a 'Great Flood' (via the Atlantis legend). Atlantis was launched on February 7th, 'vertically' aligned with another 'Great Flood', Cyclone Nargis/Burma (May 3), as part of a 'Great Flood Square'...

*          *          *

The missile was an 'arrow'. Was the satellite a 'heart'? Yes, it was.

  • 'Satellite' is another term for 'moon'.
  • Satellite shootdown coincided with peak of total lunar eclipse.
  • Full Moon was passing right in front of Regulus, brightest star of Leo, celestial Great Sphinx. (Great Sphinx's causeway was approximately aligned with sunrise that day.)
  • Regulus is traditionally considered 'heart of the lion' - a heart star.

Therefore, the full Moon (& lunar eclipse peak) united with Regulus, the 'heart star', at the time of the shootdown did make the artificial moon (satellite) analogous to a heart struck by a high-tech 'arrow' (missile), in perfect accordance with the Phoenix halftime 'prophecy'!

The full Moon was part of the Phoenix halftime 'prophecy', as reader 'Cognify' noted:

Hi, I meant to point this out a while ago. But in light of your recent post, did you realize that all but one of the songs played by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers during the Super Bowl halftime show were off the album 'Full Moon Fever'?


*          *          *

Follow the Moon...

The 'Full Moon Fever' effect has been evident with every full Moon so far this year.

Full Moon January 22:

It coincided with a major window I projected last fall.

Oct 24 Obscure Comet Brightens Suddenly
Oct 29 Dazzling Comet Holmes Has Hint of Invisible Tail
Nov 05 Comet's fame keeps growing, and growing...
Nov 15 Incredible Comet Bigger than the Sun

Oct 23 CA Inferno: "We can't stop it"
Oct 24 US wild fires force mass exodus
Oct 24 Wildfires creating 'utter devastation' in Southern California

Full Moon February 20:

Spy satellite shootdown & Atlantis STS-122 landing.

Full Moon April 20:

Direct echoes from the previous full Moon...

042008-spyplane-shootdown.gif (94110 bytes)

4-21-2008-Phoenix_lights.gif (111836 bytes)
Apr 21 Unexplained lights in Phoenix night sky

There is an underlying horizon/Sphinx CQ 'fire box' regulating the precise timing of these events.

That's a gateway to much more high-level 'underground' stuff. Maybe we'll go into that some other time.

Moving on...

Next full Moon May 19-20:

This one is 'vertically' aligned via the looking-glass with the first full Moon of 2008, January 22 - 'Demon Day'.

Here we have two celestial 'fires in the sky' - the Moon in the form of Indiana and Mars the fire planet.

  • 'Indiana' is 'In-Diana' or 'In Moon' (Diana is a moon goddess)
  • Indiana's flag is a torch.
  • 'Helen' means both 'torch' and 'moon'.

  • May 19/20: Full Moon; vertical reflection of Jan. 21-22 (= full Moon, Orange Alignment, market meltdown, Ledger death, Holmes-Algol conjunction)

  • May 22: 'Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull' release

  • May 25: Indianapolis 500 race in Indiana featuring female star Danica (name meaning 'Morning Star' = Venus); Phoenix landing on Mars

UPDATE: On May 20 Indianapolis awarded 2012 Super Bowl

The slightly 'late' Indiana/Phoenix window allows the following time mirroring involving the 'Black Pope'. (Jesuit Superior General is called the 'Black Pope'.)

Jesuits select new 'black pope'

Jan 05: 35th General Congregation of Jesuits convened
Jan 15: Superior General Kolvenbach resignation accepted
Jan 19: New Superior General/'Black Pope' Adolfo Nicolas elected

*          *          *

The Pope Shift scenario a la Dan Brown's Angel & Demons or The Godfather Part III is something I've been closely tracking since last year. In 'The St. Anthony Code', for instance, I wrote:

Chances are that we'll soon be seeing some major shifts in Rome, including a new pope and perhaps an anti-pope, coming out of South America... like Claudio Hummes of Brazil. As far as the Templars are concerned, the Pope/Vatican represents the 'resident evil'...

As the Grail and its guardians rise from the Tomb, the 'bridge builder' must fall... and finally face 'extinction'. It'll be the end of an age... of illusion... of 'Maya'.

And yes, that's a Rome/Vatican skyline inverted - via the 'looking-glass' - on the book cover (1st edition). Invert 'Roma' and you get Amor, meaning 'love' as in Cupid/'arrow through the heart' and the goddess/planet of love, Venus.

Coming up on June 7 is the Venus Transit halftime in effect 'mirroring' the timeline right at the midpoint. And it's intensely orange, like the Angels & Demons cover.

The rare Venus-Sun-Mercury-Earth alignment was last seen at the time of the passing of Pope John Paul II on April 2nd, 2005 (the alignment came a few days earlier).

The climax of Angels & Demons is a papal conclave accidentally electing two popes...

That's the type of context lurking behind the time reflection/inversion of the 'Black Pope' resignation/election coming up late May shortly before the Venus Transit halftime.

*          *          *

Modulate the storyline via multicontextuality and we detect the high likelihood of Barack Obama becoming the presumptive presidential nominee late May/early June. (June 3rd is the last primary day.) While not exactly surprising, here's what's really interesting about Obama: He will become the first black presidential nominee (and likely next president); and he is a unifier figure or a bridge-builder. The papal title 'pontiff' means 'bridge builder'. That makes Obama a 'Black Pontiff', i.e. a 'Black Pope'! He was even born on August 4th, the launch date of Phoenix last year. Its imminent landing on Mars on May 25 will inevitably signal 'Mission Accomplished' for Obama, i.e. winning the presidential nomination.

Phoenix launch 8/4/07
(Obama birthday)
Phoenix landing 5/25/08
(Obama clinches nomination?)

Assuming he does get the nomination, Obama will go against the Republican presidential nominee John McCain haling from... Phoenix, Arizona (the site of this year's 'Cupid' Super Bowl).

[Jan 23:  'The Resurrection of John McCain']

That's double Phoenix... echoing two pontiffs. This makes a lot of sense in light of McCain's well-known cross-party appeal (many Hillary supporters are threatening to vote for McCain should Obama get the nomination). Meaning McCain, like Obama, is a 'bridge builder' figure, i.e. a 'pontiff'. Keep this context in mind in the coming weeks and months. It may well take on a 'prophetic' quality.

That is not to say that the actual Pope is not going to be touched by Angels & Demons. Perhaps some of the pressure is being alleviated by the Obama/McCain double phoenix, but we can expect at least a major 'prophetic' signal late May/early June if not the impact itself.

*          *          *

It wasn't just the Pope Shift that had me pay close attention to Angels & Demons. It was equally due to CERN, with its LHC or 'Large Hadron Collider', at the heart of Angels & Demons directly interacting with the Vatican/Pope thread. From Angels & Demons:

...Oddly, the elevator showed only two stops. GROUND LEVEL and LHC.
    "What's LHC stand for?" Langdon asked, trying not to sound nervous.
    "Large Hadron Collider," Kohler said. "A particle accelerator."
    Particle accelerator? Langdon was vaguely familiar with the term... [...]
"Particle accelerators," Brownell declared, "are critical to the future of science. Colliding particles is the key to understanding the building blocks of the universe." [...] "The LHC is the largest machine in the world."

The LHC is set to go online sometime this year and will almost certainly revolutionize our understanding of the universe. Designed to recreate the conditions right after the Big Bang, the machine will in effect turn back the clock to the moment of Genesis. The ultimate 'Deep Impact'. In a way, the LHC is the world's first 'Stargate' or 'time machine'.

The flagship LHC detector or 'portal' is ATLAS - i.e. an 'Atlantean' Gate. The 'Great Flood square' of which Atlantis STS-122 was the lower right corner stone was also an 'Atlantean Gate. It was, in fact, ATLAS...

Essentially being a cross-quarter square, it was actually implying an octagon... like this.

A double-square octagon is exactly what you find in the Atlantis STS-122 mission patch.


And behold, ATLAS is an octagonal gate.

[ATLAS detector images]

Not only that, ATLAS precisely mimics the floor plan of the Dome of the Rock which I've long pointed out as a major piece of the puzzle related to 'Deep Impact' (NASA's Deep Impact struck Comet Tempel 1 evoking 'First Temple' as Solomon's Temple is sometimes called which is today embodied by the Dome of the Rock)! Behold...

LHC => Big Bang (simulation) => Deep Impact => Tempel 1/Solomon's Temple => Dome of the Rock

Also skillfully woven into this coded 'communication' is Dan Brown's next book - a follow-up to The Da Vinci Code - going by the working title 'The Solomon Key', likely to be released this year. An 'Octagonal Key' of Solomon's Temple opens the Stargate... which is Alice's looking-glass.

Behold, 'ALICE' - another 'Dome of the Rock' detector/portal at the LHC!

[LHC ALICE detector]

All this is a stunning confirmation of what I introduced a couple of year ago - this idea of an 'Octagonal Stargate' (which has now spread to other blogs). But that was just an entry point, into a deep, deep rabbit hole.

Are you ready for the Other Side?





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