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Phoenix Pole Shift

Decoding the Minnesota Bridge Collapse

August 8, 2007
by Goro (goroadachi.com)

I wrote '7/7/7: Solar Resurrection Day' a month ago. Since then at least five major 'phoenix' events have come to pass in quick succession to bear out what I was saying in that article (and earlier ones)... including the Minneapolis bridge collapse:

7/07: Earth aphelion, Live Earth - Sun death/resurrection ('phoenix')
7/11-12: 'Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix' released
7/20: 'Sunshine' about a literal resurrection of the Sun released
7/27: Two helicopter collision in Phoenix
8/01: Bridge collapses in Minneapolis
8/04: NASA's Phoenix launched

Phoenix. Solar Resurrection. Right there in your face. No explanation required... except the Minneapolis bridge collapse, the high-impact event of the summer so far (in the US at least). The timing suggests it should fit into the pattern. And it does. But how?

Aug 1 Minneapolis bridge collapses during rush hour

The clues were right there in the news headlines:

Let me help you out: Minnesota is known as the 'North Star State'. (Minneapolis is the largest city in Minnesota.) The North Star is the 'pole star' directly above the North Pole. The North Star above, the North Pole below. A bridge collapse in the North Star State above, Russia claiming the North Pole below...

Three days later NASA's Phoenix probe launched towards the Red Planet. Landing site? The Martian North Pole (May '08).

The 'North Pole' and 'Phoenix' were thus unified. 'North Pole' now equals 'phoenix'. The bridge collapse in the North Star State therefore expressed the 'death of the phoenix'.

Beginning to see the light?

The phoenix died on August 1st

The phoenix was resurrected three days later on August 4th

That's the first level. Simple enough so far?

Now, 'pole' also means 'Polish' (i.e. of/from Poland), evoking the late Pope John Paul II who was a 'Pole'/Polish and a 'Paul'. He was also a 'solar pope' (Sun Father/King) being dubbed 'of the labor/eclipse of the Sun' in the prophetic pope list of St. Malachy. The pope's death in 2004 was in effect a 'solar death', followed by a 'solar resurrection' in the form of Benedict XVI.

John Paul II is also on a fast track to being declared a 'saint', a 'Saint Paul/Pole', which relates back to the bridge collapse since the bridge was one of Minneapolis' gateways to the capital city... St. Paul, less than 10 miles (15 km) away, which is why they are called the 'Twin Cities'. Minneapolis and St. Paul are practically one big city with a little gap. What happens in Minneapolis affects St. Paul. The bridge collapse was as much a St. Paul event as it was a Minneapolis event.

It is in this context that the 'death of the phoenix' begins to interact with the jet plane crash on July 17th (between 'Harry Potter & the Order of Phoenix' and 'Sunshine') in Sao Paulo, Brazil. 'Sao Paulo' means 'Saint Paul.

Jul 17 Plane crashes at Sao Paulo airport

Naturally, the crash was 'resurrected' in the headlines on August 1st, suggestively accompanying the bridge collapse near St. Paul... Two 'Saint Pauls' united.

Aug 01 Brazil pilots' last words aired

That was a rather generous 'clue'... for those multicontextually aware.

But why the emphasis on Sao Paulo? What's so special about it?

Well, for one, it has to do with the papal issue. It also has to do with the space shuttle  Discovery STS-121 which landed on July 17, '06, or exactly a year before the plane crash in Sao Paulo. On top of that, STS-121 was, unbeknownst to most, 'Mission Brazil' (and several other things) as discussed on STRUG last year.

Discovery STS-121:
Launch: July 04, 2006
Landing: July 17, 2006

Even on Etemenanki I allude to it in 'Octagonal Gate: Lost Secret' (11/20/06) when I wrote:

There is more to these things... Just the tip of the iceberg.

Brazil, Nazis/ODESSA, Pope, Israel, Iran, Trojan/World War, etc. etc...

Or this in 'Gateway to War' (10/19/06):

Next pope may be Cláudio Hummes of Brazil. [Note: Hummes was archbishop of Sao Paulo]

The pope theme is heavily woven into all this, and it was a confirmation of an already established pattern when Pope Benedict XVI visited Sao Paulo in May this year right after Queen Elizabeth II did her 'Beltane cross-quarter' US tour. (The whole Solar/Grail/Phoenix Resurrection theme kind of grew out of the British Royal Family theme.)

Is it just coincidence that 'pontiff', which is another name for the pope, literally means 'bridge-builder'?

Note how that is the exact opposite of what happened in the North Star State. The opposite of the North Star would be the 'South Star'... which believe it or not precisely echoes the symbolism of the Discovery STS-116 mission patch (December '06) which has been a big part of the Solar/Grail/Phoenix Resurrection communication (see previous articles).

[The 'Grail baby' is coming out of the 'egg'...]

The starburst on the ISS solar panel represents the North Star. You can infer that from its relative position to the Big Dipper (Ursa Major constellation) depicted next to the American flag. NASA has officially acknowledged this so there is no reason to doubt this. It is, however, reflected on the solar panel, implying some kind of reversal - like, for instance, the North Star becoming the South Star!

South Star? What could be the message there? Indeed, what is the South Star? Turns out, we don't really have one, or not a bright one anyway. What we do have is the Southern Cross ('Crux') constellation nearby which conveniently points to the celestial south pole with its brightest star 'Acrux'. This is why Acrux is a de facto 'South Star'.

Then comes a big 'a ha!' moment: Brazil is a 'Southern Cross nation', and Sao Paulo an 'Acrux city'! And this is factual. Brazil was originally called 'True Cross' (Vera Cruz); the Southern Cross is prominently featured on the Brazilian coat of arms; and each of the stars on the Brazilian flag, including the Southern Cross, officially represents a Brazilian state... Acrux, the 'South Star', represents Sao Paulo! ('Sao Paulo' is a state as well as a city.)

The multicontextual coherence has now reached a threshold. This is a bona-fide 'signal'. The STS-116 starburst is not only Acrux but also Sao Paulo. Still unsure? Then try this...

Discovery STS-116 returned to earth on the winter solstice (December 22, '06), which is traditionally when the Sun 'dies' and is 'reborn'. It's the Sun's southernmost/lowest point in the sky and where the Sun reverses its movement from southward to northward, increasing daylight for the Northern Hemisphere (thus signifying solar 'death' and 'resurrection'). On earth, the winter solstice corresponds to the 'Tropic of Capricorn' (= ~23.5° South): If you draw a line from the center of the earth to the winter-solstice Sun, the line exits the earth's surface at the 'Tropic of Capricorn' (or 'Tropic of Cancer' for the summer solstice). So we can say that by highlighting the winter solstice, STS-116 was also highlighting the Tropic of Capricorn. Guess which city is on the Tropic of Capricorn? I mean, precisely? Yes, that's right... Sao Paulo!

  • Discovery STS-121 launched with  'South Star' symbolism
  • Discovery STS-121 returned on the winter solstice (= Tropic of Capricorn)
  • Sao Paulo equals Acrux on the Brazilian flag; Acrux is a de-facto South Star
  • Sao Paulo is situated right on the Tropic of Capricorn (= winter solstice)

Bridge collapses near St. Paul (=> 'Sao Paulo') in 'North Star State'; same day Russia begins to claim North Pole, Sao Paulo's plane crash is back in news; five days earlier helicopters collided in Phoenix; eight days later NASA's Phoenix is launched towards Martian North Pole; Sao Paulo's plane crash (7/17) marks anniversary of Discovery STS-121 landing which was 'Brazilian mission'; Discovery's next mission (STS-116) with its North/South Star insignia lands on winter solstice; winter solstice corresponds to Tropic of Capricorn where Sao Paulo ('St. Paul') is located...


That's basically the unified multicontextual picture of this particular period.

Now take another look at the August 1st headlines. The clues were right there in front of you...

Still a 'riddle' to be sure, but not too convoluted. All it takes is a little multicontextual perspective.

The message is 'Pole Shift'. The phoenix is about Solar Resurrection which has to do with the 11-year solar/sunspot cycle of which 2007 is the 'minimum' period signifying 'death' (of the phoenix). The Sun is then 'resurrected', coming fully back to life around the Mayan 'end of time', 2012, when the Sun's magnetic field will do a pole shift as the Sun is known to do at the peak of a solar cycle.

[graph source]

As above...

*          *          *

So what's next?

The pattern is continuing forward indeed. Note that Endeavour STS-118 is launching today on August 8 which is not only an astronomical Lughnasadh cross-quarter day (August 6-8) but also the birthday of Cardinal Claudio Hummes, the archbishop of Sao Paulo (from 1998-2006), someone I see as the likely next pope or 'bridge-builder'...

Century II-41
The great star will burn for seven days,
The cloud will make two suns appear:
The large mastiff will howl all night
When the great pontiff changes his abode.

- Nostradamus

Endeavour STS-118 starts where Atlantis STS-117 left off. Atlantis, our 'Mission Phoenix', was the opposite of Discovery STS-116 (North/South Star mission), separated by exactly 180 degrees or 6 months (from winter solstice to summer solstice), continuing the 'reversal' symbolism. STS-116 reversed the North Star and turned it into the South Star, then Atlantis STS-117 turned it back into the North Star...  And now the torch is being passed on to Endeavour STS-118.

The connective tissue linking Endeavour STS-118 back to Atlantis STS-117 is Paris. Atlantis landed at Edwards AFB, which is aligned with one of the axes of Paris (often discussed on this website).

The other axis of Paris, the 'Historical Axis' (Champs Elysees etc.), is a cross-quarter day marker - especially Lughnasadh (astronomical), or August 6-8, exactly when Endeavour STS-118 is launched! I call that a clear and intelligent/esoteric continuation. Endeavour represents the new phase of 'Mission Phoenix'.

During the STS-118 mission we'll also have a special 'Orange Alignment' in the sky, joined by Earth (Venus Transit echo), STEREO-supported, etc. etc. around August 16... That needs to be monitored closely. The whole month of August is filled with intense patterns. 'Orange' is an 'omen' (seen Godfather? Sopranos?), as was the bridge collapse in the North Star State.

Omen for a 'Pole/Paul Shift'.


Aug 13/14 - Chinese bridge collapse kills many (link 2)

BEIJING - ...At least 100 construction workers were dismantling scaffolding on the bridge when it collapsed in the southern tourist town of Fenghuang.

'Fenghuang' means... Phoenix.

Fenghuang... are mythological Chinese birds that reign over all other birds... In the West, it is commonly referred to as the Chinese phoenix...

The Chinese bridge coIIapse happened six days after I identified the Minnesota bridge collapse (Aug 1) as a 'phoenix event' (which I'm sure many thought was far fetched). This was a big confirmation.

*      *      *

Aug 15 - 8.0-magnitude quake kills more than 500 in Peru

From August 8 (Phoenix Pole Shift): "During the STS-118 mission we'll also have a special 'Orange Alignment' in the sky, joined by Earth (Venus Transit echo), STEREO-supported, etc. etc. around August 16... That needs to be monitored closely."

From July 7 (7/7/7: Solar Resurrection Day): "...an 'Orange Alignment', or the lining up of the Sun, Mercury, and Venus (as seen from 'above' the solar system). It's the 'minute hand' of our Super Torch Ritual/Damage Plan 'clock'. If you see orange - watch out. [...] The next 'Orange Alignment' will be around August 16-17 [note: actually August 15], joined by Earth. [...] It's also a Venus Transit echo, though no actual transit per se. It'll still the same configuration of an Earth-Venus-Sun alignment that we'll see around August 16-17. The double impact - of an Orange Alignment and a VT-like alignment - is even STEREO-supported. Pretty powerful stuff. It's going to be something..."




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