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Samples of Reader Comments
On The Time Rivers


"...I bought The Time Rivers Theory book.........HOLY COW!! It's a book that has some nice revelations at the beginning, and then they begin increasing, until the end when it's like they just pile on and everything comes together in a huge revelatory explosion. WOW is all I can say. Good work with that. There was just so much going on in that book that my head was spinning by the end. I think for me it culminated when you had the revelation about straightening out the Nile and then swinging it out like a pendulum. !! : ) I think I made the "Home Alone" face when I got to that part! :D  And I was amazed about the correlation with Cairo and Memphis on the Mississippi River.  Never would have noticed it. [...]  It's a curious world we live in, is all I can say. You're a rare website on the internet. Nobody out there is doing what you do, to the level you take it. I've been involved with 4 messageboards over the past year and on every one you can find Goro fans recommending your site. Pretty cool." - Carissa (10 May, '04)

"If you're correct about the time rivers theory, that would imply a scale of planetary engineering that we cannot currently conceive of, or it would imply pretty amazing coincidences of river placement and place names that the 'ETs' or teachers of early mankind used for their purposes. IF the former, I would expect that it would have been easier to alter the course of the rivers than to have created them from scratch. After all, how do you create an entire river valley system? I think there should be archeological or geological clues in the Nile Valley that could shed some light on your theory. It might be interesting to speculate what they might be." - Mark (29 Oct, '03)

"Finished your book this past weekend and all I can say is Wow!, I think you
are on the right track with the Time River Theory..." - Scott (6 Oct, '03)

"I've completed [the book] and as far as I'm concerned your studies have remained outstanding and intense. ...it was well written and does argue the validity of the Theory quite well... I have wondered in the last few days since completing the book whether or not the information can effect any change on a global scale... I spoke briefly with my father-in-law about the book and mentioned specifically the rivers being crafted by ancient builders and he gave me a soft smile and agreed that it was easy to see that 'God' would do something like that... I will more than likely read the book again in the next couple of weeks..." - Tyler (13 Aug, '03)

"Just finished reading your book. Read it all the first day I had it. Quite a lot of information in it. Your conclusion of Eden being between the Atbara, Blue [Nile], Euphrates, and Tigris is very interesting. The symbolic implications of the Lake Tana, Sirius, fire, and heart connections is very impressive. This will definitely help me in my research." - Justina (19 Jul, '03)

"I like the stargate theory. The end of the one line is the beginning of another. Your whole book is oncaleidoscopic view on geography and history. One little turn or twist and you get a whole new theory or view. Talking of the multi-dimensional effect. Zip and you're somewhere else...be it in an actual place or some other time... You've put lot's of hours, work and probably money in the project. But you found the right anchor points and you seem to know how to combine different lines and theories which bring you to sound conclusions..." - Gino (19 Jul, '03)

"Your work is unmatched, I know of no-one else, except maybe Downard who is able to flesh out this esoteric knowledge. I myself did not anticipate the chronology of the rivers of earth but it IS." - Dave (13 Jul, '03)

"I just completed your book the time rivers. First, I would like to thank you for the tedious research you put into this. The book was unbelievable, but realistically believable! I plan on reading it again, due to the amount of information given in explaining your points." - S. (10 Jul, '03)

"I think you could be on to something BIG which is why my reaction was so strong." - E. (25 Jun, '03)

"I have the feeling that the information reported in your book show that the world is a greater creation than any religion has previously dared to explore." - Jonathan (18 Jun, 03)

"I just finished reading your book, The Time Rivers and I wanted to congratulate you on your discovery. My friend... lent it to me and 4 other people, and we are all believers now." - Travis (13 Jun, '03)

"...Man, this is mind-blowing stuff!!!!! At the same time it isn't because some of us always suspected there was more to the story of world history. Apparently you were the one picked to deliver this info so "Go, Man, Go!!" The average person??? Forget 'rocking their world' as you'll disintegrate it... If ever there was a red pill than this is it." - Glenn (7 Jun, '03)


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