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When the Wind Blows

Symbolism of the Virginia Tech Massacre

April 18, 2007
by Glenn G. & Goro

What is it that makes certain dates more significant than others? We had an example of this just this past day of April 16th, 2007 when the Virginia Tech massacre, Boston Marathon, birthday of Pope Benedict XVI and a severe storm known as the ‘nor’easter’ all occurred on the same day in perfect accordance with the 'Resurrection' pattern previously discussed.

The biggest event was of course the Virginia Tech massacre. It was a 'suicide mission' not unlike the infamous World War II Kamikaze attack, a reasonable comparison given the shooter's ethnicity (S. Korean) and the fact that the Virginia state governor was in Japan at the time.

Indeed, a more literal  Kamikaze or ‘Divine Wind’ was simultaneously expressed through the nor'easter striking the US northeast and most notably the Boston Marathon - the 'easter' part expressing the resurrection of Christ, as well as 'Ishtar', the Babylonian Venus-Isis-Mary or... Virgin(ia).


There was symbolic 'divineness' this day also in the Pope celebrating his birthday in Rome...

There is a fair amount of intrigue in the fact that Easter makes a special connection between the Pope and Boston as they also share another significant date, April 19th. Benedict XVI was elected pope on this day in 2005, while in 1775 the same date saw the first battle of the War of Independence near Boston (Lexington and Concord). The Boston Marathon, falling on April 16 this year, used to take place April 19th every year to coincide with ‘Patriot’s Day' commemorating the battle.

April 19 is also a 'day of domestic terror': in 1993 it was the Waco Branch Davidian massacre, and in 1995 it was the Oklahoma City bombing. Both events shocked the American populace, as did the Columbine school massacre on April 20th, 1999. This was only one day out from the April 19th notoriety, but still in the zone and the name ‘Columbine’ derives from Columbia which is essentially another name for Mary-Isis-Ishtar/Easter.

This then brings us into more ominous waters as these events directly align through Blue Grass Airport in Lexington, Kentucky highlighted last year when a jet plane crashed there last summer. That was also a major 'Kamikaze' event' as discussed in 'Grail Resurrection Signals'. Note the crash runway pinpointing not only OKC but also Washington DC as if in allusion to Columbine since 'DC' stands for 'District of Columbia'...

[4/16/07 Nor'easter storm around Boston/Lexington]

The Lexington plane crash on August 27 coincided with Ernesto achieving hurricane status only for a day before making landfall in the US - the only notable hurricane/storm to do so in 2006. August 27 was also when the space shuttle Atlantis STS-115 was supposed to be launched (postponed). The Lexington plane's destination was Atlanta. To drive home the point, Ernesto passed right over Atlantis parked at Kennedy Space Center in Florida. 'Atlantis' or 'Atlas' as the pillar separating/uniting heaven and earth signifies the atmosphere or the 'air plane'. The point was clear: August 27 was a 'Kamikaze'/'Divine Wind' day and the Lexington crash was a Kamikaze event.

And of course, Ernesto went on to stall and dissipate or die over... Virginia, of all places! This brings us full-circle back to Virginia Tech and an apparent ‘resurrection’ of the Kamikaze ‘Divine Wind’... to now blow where?

Well, Virginia again for starters. 'Grail Resurrection Signals' posted before the Virginia Tech Massacre showed that the 'Resurrection' theme cannot be separated from the Queen of England and the entire British Royal Family.

The article also highlighted the fact that Queen Elizabeth II plans to visit Louisville and Lexington Kentucky on/around the occult holiday of 'Beltane', a cross-quarter day... like Imbolc which is February 1, the date of the space shuttle Columbia disaster in 2003. (Columbia yet again.)

Note: Louisville is also of Revolutionary War significance as Louis XVI of France aided America financially and militarily against England. Curiously, Louis and Pope Benedict share the same XVI title and ‘Benedict’ Arnold was a famous traitor in the Revolutionary War.

What was not brought up, however, is the fact that the Queen is also going to visit Virginia - Virginia! - on May 3-4, precisely coinciding with the 'Mayan/9-11 Midpoint' brought up many times before. (Note: The first Queen Elizabeth was known as the ‘Virgin Queen’.)

Beltane (early May) is known as a ‘Fire Festival’ which recalls the fire at Windsor Tower in Spain that was connected symbolically name-wise to the House of Windsor, i.e. the British Royal Family.

As well, Windsor meaning ‘golden wind’ (Winds-or, 'or' in French meaning 'golden') relates to ‘Divine Wind’/Kamikaze again.

It is also fascinating to observe that the famed University of Kentucky basketball team in Lexington got a new coach from Texas A&M University early April during, of all times, the Easter/Resurrection window. (It was during the NCAA basketball tournament's Final Four games held in Atlanta.) This is amazing considering that Texas A&M is known for its bonfire tradition, especially the tragic bonfire disaster there back in 1999 (the year of the Columbine massacre). Beltane is all about bonfires.

At this point, readers should recall another plane-crash/resurrection event in Java near Mt. Merapi this past March 6/7. Again refer to ‘'Grail Resurrection Signals'. Merapi basically translates to ‘Tomb of Osiris’ which biblically becomes ‘Tomb of Jesus’ invoking the resurrection theme once more. The same Mt. Merapi went on red-alert eruption watch in Beltane of 2006, in effect becoming a volcanic 'bonfire'!

There is a dark signal ahead when we refer back to Isis and the ‘Resurrection’ theme. Russia's Soyuz TMA-9 will be returning with a famous civilian passenger, Charles Simonyi, from the ISS (Isis) space station on April 20th [update: landing pushed back to April 21, the Queen's birthday], the same date as the Columbine (Isis) event. Columbine is also Columbia - the same name as the fallen space shuttle. Simonyi went to the ISS aboard Soyuz TMA-10 launched on 'Black Saturday' or the day before Easter, signifying the time of Jesus in the tomb.


Charles’ close 'friend', Martha Stewart (same as House of Stuart who might be seen as 'adversaries' to the House of Windsor), saw him off into space. Martha was the sister of the Bible’s Lazarus (L’Osiris) who was resurrected by Jesus. The ISS, the space station, is also Isis/Columbia which is Virginia which is the fallen lighthouse island in the Gorillaz’ 'El Manana' video. The El Manana single CD contained another song titled 'Kids With Guns', thus putting together Virginia and a kid shooter... a la the Virginia Tech Massacre.

The fall of 'Virginia' is an ominous storyline for the ISS which is a high-tech Virginia, or 'Virginia Tech'.

Chances are that this storyline is applicable in some way to Soyuz TMA-10/9 and/or Atlantis STS-117 in June.

By having Osiris symbolically fall (Charles Simonyi returning/not returning to Earth) his son Horus would have to rise which brings us to the shuttle STS-117 slated to launch June 8th of this year. If all goes well, the return date would be June 20 - one day before June 21st, Prince William’s birthday and the Summer Solstice which is when the Sun (Son) would be at its risen apex. The shuttle STS-116 landed previously during the Dec. 22nd, 2006 Winter Solstice completing the symbolic conception in space as shown in its mission patch.

The picture should become clearer... when the wind blows.

[Special thanks to Glenn G. for his writing assistance]


April 20
Two dead at NASA center

NASA Lockdown


April 20, Columbine anniversary, and NASA/space... Exactly the combination discussed in the above article... Excerpts:

There is a dark signal ahead when we refer back to Isis and the ‘Resurrection’ theme. Russia's Soyuz TMA-9 will be returning with a famous civilian passenger, Charles Simonyi, from the ISS (Isis) space station on April 20th [now pushed back to April 21, Queen Elizabeth II's birthday], the same date as the Columbine (Isis) event. Columbine is also Columbia - the same name as the fallen space shuttle. Simonyi went to the ISS aboard Soyuz TMA-10 launched on 'Black Saturday' or the day before Easter, signifying the time of Jesus in the tomb. [...]

Chances are that this storyline is applicable in some way to Soyuz TMA-10/9 and/or Atlantis STS-117 in June.

There is a deeper underlying pattern/script being followed here. Again, as above, so below...

And finally... a 'Kamikaze' event on April 21, the day Charles Simonyi returned to Earth on Soyuz TMA-9 from the 'space Virginia' (ISS), and of course the Queen's birthday:

Blue Angels jet crashes during air show

Here is from a April 17 note posted shortly before the above article:

How is this In terms of 'as above, so below', what's happening has much to do with the ISS and the Russian Soyuz TMA-10/9 coming back on/around April 20 [pushed back to April 21] as well as the Atlantis STS-117 mission in June. There is a clear 'crash' stoyrline along with that of 'domestic terror' (already expressed yesterday).

The significance of the plane crash is actually much greater and quite shocking when viewed with a certain 'Stereo time code' in mind that was not discussed in the above article but was nonetheless a major pattern we've been following 'underground'. In the graphic posted on STRUG the day before the crash the abbreviated 'Stereo timecode' looked like this:

You can see that ~April 21 was projected to 'echo' a Russian plane crash from 8/22/06. And an echo we did see on April 21, now didn't we?


Queen to Visit NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

...the Queen of England and her husband, Prince Philip, [will] visit the Greenbelt, Md.-based NASA field center May 8 to tour the facility and make a phone call to the astronauts aboard the international space station. [...]

The Queen, the ISS, Maryland (Mary-Land), Beltane (early May)... Another 'perfect' combination being expressed through the Queen's US visit. (See 'When the Wind Blows'.)


Beltane '07 time code overview...

Mayan-9/11 Midpoint:

STEREO Timecode:

stereo-spacetime-1b.gif (64741 bytes)    stereo-spacetime-4.gif (41128 bytes)    stereo-spacetime-3.gif (42627 bytes)

Note: Queen of England arriving in Virginia/US on May 3 (in US May 3-8)

Merapi Timecode:

Beltane Mt. Merapi anniversary
Merapi Code '07

Last year:
5/04: Lava flows from Indonesia volcano; likely to erupt
5/11: Java volcano evacuation ordered
5/13: Red alert for Indonesia volcano

Plus all kinds of cross-quarter stuff...


The STEREO time pattern clearly continuing: Air hijack thwarted in Cuba on May 3rd... fulfilling this particular projection:

stereo-spacetime-4.gif (41128 bytes)

Note: Cuba is an 'Atlantis' - of the 'kamikaze complex' - and it's been treated as such in our recent discussions. See the following graphic for example, connecting 'Atlantis' to Virginia... where the Queen of England landed yesterday:

[See 'When the Wind Blows' for more on the significance
of this configuration]

The 'culmination' point of the interconnected patterns being tracking is the summer solstice (6/21), Prince William's birthday, likely to be marked by the landing (if it returns) of the space shuttle Atlantis STS-117. 'The Virgin's water will break through Hawaii'.


~ Beltane Kamikazes ~

Kenya airIiner 'crashes in Cameroon'
Tornado flattens Kansas town

the same day...

Queen is staying in Lexington

Reflecting this 'kamikaze' alignment scheme from 'When the Wind Blows' associated with the Queen etc.:

- Lexington entered the 'Communication' through a pIane crash (8/27/06).
- Note the runway alignment line pinpointing Washington DC where the Queen will visit after Lexington/Louisville.
- ~May 5 is the astronomical Beltane cross-quarter day.


Here is a quick overview of the STEREO Timecode's interaction with the recent Queen/'kamikaze' events (projected and fulfilled)...

stereo-spacetime-5.gif (43588 bytes)

Coming up: A major STEREO echo point around May 26... reflecting last year's Java 'Great Flood' and the Discovery STS-121 landing (July 17).



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