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 June 07, '07  Atlantis STS-117 - Mission Phoenix
Don't forget, the space shuttle Atlantis about to go up to the space station 'Isis' (ISS) is an 'echo' of last summer's hurricane/storm Ernesto. It was an 'Atlantean storm' that 'intelligently' interacted with Cuba, Atlantis STS-115, and the Lexington plane crash (destination Atlanta) before 'docking' with Virginia (=> Mary = Isis/ISS).

The Lexington/Blue Grass connection can be considered ominous as it involves a crash and its 'domestic terror' alignment scheme pinpoints Washington DC - or 'District of Columbia'... 'Columbia' being the name of the space shuttle destroyed in 2003.

The Lexington crash came on August 27 which was STEREO-echoed this year on April 16th, marked by the high-impact event of a school massacre in Virginia (Virginia Tech).

stereo-spacetime-5.gif (43588 bytes)

April 16 and April 19 were heavily entangled, notably involving Boston/Lexington and particularly the Pope whose birthday is April 16 and was elected pope on April 19 (2005).

The previous pope John Paul II died on April 2nd, 'acknowledged' this year by a big quake near the Solomon Islands on 4/2/07 which produced alignments anchored at Maui:

'Maui' has a volcano named Haleakala, meaning 'House of the Sun', resonating with John Paul II's motto given by St. Malachi's prophetic list of popes, 'of the labor of the Sun'. Maui is indeed 'in labor' at this time: The island is meridionally aligned with Athens, Greece, which in 2004 gave us this pregnant woman (2004 Olympics):

As you can see, Maui is on the extended 'US Golden Transit Line' (GTL) Timeline C pinpointing the Atlantis STS-117 mission to be launched tomorrow, June 8, anniversary of the Venus Transit (= conception).

It was last year that the 'Golden Transit Line Timeline C' became an 'Atlantis timeline' as it managed to pinpoint the launch/landing timing of the previous Atlantis mission, STS-115 (Sept 9-21). So we're not dealing with a 'happy coincidence' here.

Symbolically the Solomon quake was largely about Resurrection (theme discussed in previous articles). It was precisely aligned with Phoenix, Arizona (via Maui). The phoenix is the mythological fire-bird symbolic of resurrection; it periodically burns to the ground and rises from its own ashes.

The storyline active right now almost requires death/destruction in order to set the stage for the Resurrection or rebirth most strongly attached to the summer solstice, June 21st, the birthday of Prince William. The woman is already in labor...

According to the current schedule, Atlantis STS-117 will return (assuming it will return) very close to the summer solstice, June 21, which will mark the exact opposite point from the previous space shuttle, Discovery STS-116, landing on the winter solstice (December 22). This is the 'axis' that anchors the 'STEREO Timecode' shown above. Amazingly, December 22, '06 is the exact date marked by Maui using 'Timeline B' of the GTL (we have A, B, and C)! (All the extended timelines were projected last October.)

us-transit-timelines.gif (39364 bytes)

The design is so coherent, it's quite 'beautiful'.

Still just the tip of the iceberg, but that's basically the 'Atlantean' context surrounding the upcoming space shuttle Atlantis STS-117 or more generally the period marked/associate with the mission.


 February 13, '07   'Windsor Signal' - Radioactive & Golden

This was a major 'signal':

Feb 12: Three die in shooting in Philadelphia
Feb 12: Several people shot at Salt Lake City mall

I need to make this quick for now, but basically this 'double shooting event' on February 12 was a remarkable expression of the pattern projected for the window of ~February 10-12... behind which were many interlocking clues/'omens' including this 'Golden' scheme involving the Windsor Tower fire and the 'US Golden Transit Line':

- Emphasized date: February 12
The 'Golden Ratio' = 1:1.618

The themes of the British Royal Family ('House of Windsor') and 'radioactive' projected for this window are clearly present in the above design. Solar winds are 'golden' as well as 'radioactive' especially in light of the December-January signals already discussed, and the solar wind almost literally struck Earth when NASA's Genesis probe carrying solar wind samples crashed in Utah in September 2004 which was a major 'Deep Impact'/'Ground Zero' event.

North Korea's nuclear situation has made the Genesis site 'radioactive' as well:

Feb 11: N. Korea nuclear talks drag on over energy aid
Feb 12: Tentative 'deal struck' over N. Korean nukes
Feb 13: N Korea agrees disarmament steps

And it is that 'radioactive' Genesis area that the twin shootings on the second anniversary of the Windsor Tower fire manage to skillfully highlight and through which also... Sacramento, the capital of California near San Francisco/Golden Gate, i.e. where the governor of the Golden State Arnold Schwarzenegger resides. And as expected it intelligently interacts with Super Bowl XLI anchoring the broader Imbolc cross-quarter window (= early February):

'Cross quarter' of course implies octagonal, and that is exactly the shape of Dolphin Stadium where the Super Bowl took place this year... precisely on the astronomical Imbolc cross-quarter day (Feb. 3-4). As you can see it's exactly aligned with Sacramento.

Super Bowl XLI itself was a major 'Communication': Prince was the halftime show entertainer and the opening song was Queen's 'We Will Rock You'. And one of the teams playing was the Chicago Bears - the city marking (traditional) Imbolc day, February 1st, on all of the encoded timelines of the US Golden Transit Line.

And there is also the 'Super Golden Sequence'...

So much more going on with all this but you can see the basic flow of the current phase of the 'Super Torch Ritual'/'Damage Plan' Communication.

Recent major events in Florida also relate to London/UK and California (LA/SF). The Sunshine State (Florida) is an 'alter ego' of the Golden State (California), the Sun and gold having the same traditional symbol of a circle with a dot in the middle. And again, the 'radioactive' Genesis probe crashed in Utah not far from Salt Lake City after returning from the Sun.

Salt Lake City is also important in this 'Communication' for being an allusion to (royal) bloodlines. After all, it is a Mormon city and Mormons are obsessed with geneology/bloodlines.

The pattern is not hard to detect...

Feb 13: Romney, a Mormon, kicks off White House bid

In any case... all this is just the tip of the iceberg and there is of course a much bigger picture.

*           *           *

Foresight vs. Hindsight context:

My recent notes on the main page briefly describing the basic nature of the 'radioactive Windsor window' (emphasis added):

2/10: Quick note: Recent events such as the Anna Nicole Smith death/aftermath are key symbolic 'signals' associated with the 'radioactive' window around Feb. 10-12 we're now entering and the 'underground context' here pertains to the Queen/Prince theme I've been closely tracking since early January (mostly in the 'Underground' also hinted in Deep Impact Galactica). The 'epicenter' is London/UK (Elizabeth II, Prince Charles/William) but more broadly the storyline is about the 'Grail bloodline/kingship' - and this is somehow heavily entangled with the 'radioactive'/solar, 'Mayan', and 'Deep Impact' themes. This may not make much sense to you right now, but it will soon enough...

2/03: Closely monitoring the Imbolc '07 window which has already produced some intriguing 'signs'. Around Feb. 5 (overlapping Super Bowl) and Feb. 11 (overlapping Grammy Awards) are sub-windows of particular interest. The latter is 'radioactive' in nature.



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