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Phoenix Impact
Through the Looking-Glass

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Jun 04: As above, so below. Phoenix above, Phoenix below. You know the drill...

Obama finally clinches nomination, making it official. Well, almost... Hillary hasn't conceded yet, seemingly demanding to be his running mate. She's nevertheless likely to end her campaign later this week... say on/around June 7-8? [UPDATE: Yes, indeed, the media reporting tonight Hillary To Suspend Campaign Saturday, June 7!) Obama was in St. Paul giving his victory speech yesterday - one of the Twin Cities in the North Star State, where 'St. Anthony Bridge' collapsed last year on August 1st, just three days before August 4, Obama's birthday and the launch of NASA's Phoenix which just landed the other day on Mars near the North Pole (associated with 'North Star'), May 25, 2008, 'time-mirroring' January 17, 2008 or the 'Grail' feast day of St. Anthony the Great.

January 15-19 was a 'Black Pope zone' associated with Obama in 'Phoenix Impact' (posted May 18):

Modulate the storyline via multicontextuality and we detect the high likelihood of Barack Obama becoming the presumptive presidential nominee late May/early June. (June 3rd is the last primary day.) While not exactly surprising, here's what's really interesting about Obama: He will become the first black presidential nominee (and likely next president); and he is a unifier figure or a bridge-builder. The papal title 'pontiff' means 'bridge builder'. That makes Obama a 'Black Pontiff', i.e. a 'Black Pope'! He was even born on August 4th, the launch date of Phoenix last year. Its imminent landing on Mars on May 25 will inevitably signal 'Mission Accomplished' for Obama, i.e. winning the presidential nomination.

Obama is in effect rebuilding the St. Anthony Bridge... signifying the rise of the Phoenix.... and Hope. Obama is about the 'Audacity of Hope', and hence the 'Hope' ('Kibo' in Japanese) lab module attached to the International Space Station yesterday coinciding with Obama's historic victory. As above, so below.


May 25 (Phoenix landing) as part of our 'In-Diana window' also saw Indy 500 won by Scott Dixon wearing that big Sun/Target symbol... drenched in milk...

...like the Sun in the Milky Way - crossing the Galactic Meridian on June 7-8, coinciding with the Venus Transit halftime associated with the Phoenix and Super Orange Alignment, and crossing the Galactic Equator on June 20 or the summer solstice.

The Sun is Orion's torch on the summer solstice... Remember, we're 'following the torch' in this year of the Beijing Olympics.

[summer solstice]

Orion is famous for its three 'Belt Stars' theorized to have been mimicked by the arrangement of the three Giza great pyramids (Robert Bauval's 'Orion Correlation Theory') and also thought to be related to the Three Kings/Magi in the Bible who bring gifts to the newborn Jesus. Three Kings... Triple Crown - a great accomplishment in horse racing highly probable this year on June 7th thanks to the super horse 'Big Brown', right at the Venus Transit halftime and under the Super Orange Alignment.

...so on and so forth. So far.


Jun 10: And so it happened right on the Venus Transit midpoint - the end of the US presidential primaries with Hillary Clinton officially exiting the race and endorsing Obama on June 7th. That was when Obama officially became the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee... the 'Phoenix rising'. (No one 'aboveground' knew this would happen on that particular day until the news broke on June 4.) 

Obama is both a 'Phoenix' and a 'Black Pontiff (bridge-builder)' figure, as explained in 'Phoenix Impact' (an article stressing the significance of June 7-8, which is a 'Phoenix point'), interacting 'through the looking glass' of time with the Black Pope shift that took place around January 17 or St. Anthony feast day.

January 17/St. Anthony/Black Pope day is reflected by May 25, the day NASA's Phoenix landed on Mars. June 7 was a Venus or Phoenix midpoint day... 'Pontiff' means 'bridge maker', contrasted by last year's 'St. Anthony Bridge' collapse in the Minnesota Twin Cities (where McCain from Phoenix, Arizona will be officially declared the Republican presidential nominee at the National Convention September 1-4) three days before the launch of Phoenix that coincided with Obama's birthday (Aug. 4)... And we recently learned that the Pope will meet President Bush on June 13 in the Vatican, which happens to be another St. Anthony feast day (this one is St. Anthony of Padua)... So on and so forth.

That's just a small sample of what's going on with the big time anchor point June 7-8. Intense 'time waves' from this point move in both directions, past and future, as you'll see...

June 11: I probably should give you a better context for the political nature (US presidents) of the June 7 Venus Transit midpoint main 'signal', Hillary's exit/Obama's triumph. Think Schwarzenegger... 2012. If you recall (or hear it for the first time if you weren't here years ago), the first of the current 'Mayan' Venus Transit pair on June 8, 2004 coincided with the death/funeral of the former Hollywood actor, California governor, and US president, Ronald Reagan. Schwarzenegger is all these things himself - a Hollywood actor turned California governor, wanting to be a US president (despite the Constitution currently prohibiting it). And it was in Simi Valley, California near Los Angeles with Schwarzenegger in attendance - by far the most visible guest during the TV coverage - that Reagan was finally buried on June 11th at sunset. The moment of sun disappearing behind the horizon was the moment Arnold found himself saying good bye to Ronald in front of the casket. It was a magical coincidence/'ritual'. Ronald was the sunset, Arnold was the sunrise - the presidential 'Sun king' torch was being passed from the 'once king' to the 'future king'. 'Ronald' was rearranged - an anagram - and became 'Arnold'.

In 2012, an election year, the second of the 'Mayan' Venus Transit pair will take place on June 6... the year in which what was 'seeded' in 2004 may bear fruit in the form of... 'President Schwarzenegger'.

It was in this 'Mayan presidential context' that Hillary, a presidential candidate, exited the race and endorsed Obama, the likely next president of the United States, on June 7th right at the Venus Transit midpoint. If Schwarzenegger gets to run for president in the 2012 election (perhaps after a major California disaster making a hero out of the governor, allowing the foreign born to bypass the Constitution) and wins the Republican nomination, he would run against Obama. Or, if he picks Hillary as his Vice President and something happens to him, against Hillary - not unlike the epic battle between the Terminator (played by Arnold) and the T-X Terminatrix (cold, calculating, female cyborg) in Terminator 3 which has a scene involving a particle collider resembling CERN's LHC...

In Terminator 2, 'Judgment Day' is August 29th - the birthday of John McCain, the Republican presumptive presidential nominee running against Obama. McCain's from Phoenix, Arizona; Obama's birthday was marked by the launch of NASA's Phoenix August 4 last year, successfully landing on Mars the other day (May 25), just in time for Obama clinching the nomination. Mars is a planet Arnold is very familiar with, having been elected governor of California in 2003 when the Red Planet was at its closest point to Earth in recorded history. In 'Total Recall' he even single-handedly terraformed or resurrected Mars like the Phoenix. Mars is also where McCain wants to send a man if elected president...

[Arnold on Mars in 'Total Recall']

Mars is the next New World, you know. It's where we're going... and there is some kind of 'time shift' involved.

June 16: Please note that the US Midwest/Iowa 'Great Flood' situation has been the 'earth changes' side of the Venus Transit midpoint/Super Orange Alignment (June 7-8, see 'Phoenix Impact') paralleling the US presidential politics major development (Hillary exit/rise of Obama on June 7). The 'Great Flood', which to some is comparable to Katrina/New Orleans, started right around June 7 as you can see in this news front page collage.

Coming up next us the 'Phoenix' full Moon on June 18 followed by the summer solstice (6/20).

June 30: Quick summary of what multicontextually transpired in June (just the basic stuff for now):

As above...


June 7-9: Venus-Sun/Orange Alignment at Galactic Meridian -
longitude zero of celestial 'flood' (Milky Way)
June 20: Sun at Galactic Equator (center of celestial 'flood'),
summer solstice

So below...

June08-Midwest_flood-2.gif (769692 bytes)

June 7: Start of Midwest/Iowa 'Great Flood'
~June 20/summer solstice: Worst over (cresting rivers)

Iowa - Midwest Great Flood Ground Zero - is where Obama's surprising march toward Dem. nomination began... on January 3rd (Iowa caucus) - day of perihelion (Earth closet to Sun) and day before sunspot Cycle 24 ignition. On June 7 (= Venus/Orange/Phoenix day) Obama officially became presumptive Democratic presidential nominee as Hillary made her exit and endorsed Obama.

Perfect time mirroring...

[See 'Phoenix Impact Through the Looking-Glass' for context] 


July 10: The next two days (July 11-12) are of considerable interest to me:
  • July 11: Apple releases new iPhone released - 'Ground Zero' glass cube in Manhattan ('Big Apple')
  • July 11-12: Manhattan streets aligned with sunset
  • July 12: Orangemen's Day

Last time the (original) iPhone was released, it was right at the Golden Ratio (phi) division of the current 'Mayan' Venus Transit pair... coinciding with two terror bombing incidents in the UK (one averted, one successful).

The combination of 'Apple' and 'Orange' evokes the 'Golden Apple' (in some languages oranges are called 'golden apples') - in Greek mythology the ultimate cause of the Trojan War (ancient world war and a euphemism for WW3). Manhattan was once called 'New Orange' in honor of King William III of England/Scotland who defeated the Jacobite forces supporting the deposed Stuart king at the Battle of the Boyne (Princess Diana was of the Stuart royal bloodline, as is Prince William, soon to be 'King William') on July 12, 1690, now celebrated as 'The Twelfth' or... 'Orangemen's Day'.

The new iPhone was officially announced back on June 9th in San Francisco (Golden Gate city) right at the time of the Venus Transit pair midpoint and Super Orange Alignment.

*        *        *

Update - June 11-12 events:
Glitches mar Apple's iPhone debut
IndyMac is second-largest bank failure in history
Former Bush spokesman Tony Snow dies of cancer
More on these later...

July 14: So it appears the big events of July 11-12, answering the 'Manhattanhenge' sunset alignment and the new iPhone release, were IndyMac and Tony Snow with the underlying theme (as suspected) of the battle of royal bloodlines stemming from the time of King William III of Orange who defeated James II of the House of Stuart at the Battle of the Boyne on 'July 12' (1690), now celebrated as 'The Twelfth' or 'Orangemens' Day'. Oranges are golden apples, hence the new iPhone coming out the day before Orangemen's Day, continuing the tradition started by the original iPhone released last year right at the Golden Ratio division point of the current Venus Transit pair (Venus = 'gold star'). Apple + golden = Golden Apple.

The trouble-laden launch in 2008...

Jul 11 Glitches hamper iPhone launch
Jul 11 The 'iPocalypse' is at hand

...was perhaps designed to evoke the 'Apple of Discord' as was called the golden apple that caused the Trojan War in Greek mythology. With its inscription 'for the fairest one' the introduction of the Apple of Discord leads to a goddess beauty contest judged by Paris who crowned Aphrodite or Venus who had promised him the love of Helen. It's a hyperlink to Snow White, i.e. 'Mirror, mirror on the wall, who in the land is fairest of all?' - a fairy tale featuring another apple. (The 'mirror' theme originally had to do with Alice's 'Through the Looking-Glass'.) The story goes that the Queen gives Snow White a poisonous apple which puts her in a deep coma. Everyone thinking she's dead, Snow White is put in a glass coffin - not dead, not alive, waiting to be resurrected like King Arthur in Avalon (= 'isle of apples').

Say hello to Apple's glass-cube store in the Big Apple!

It's in this context that Tony Snow, former White House spokesman, died on July 12/Orangemen's Day. Snow, whose hair turned white in the White House, was a 'Snow White'.

Jul 12 Former Bush spokesman Tony Snow dies of cancer

As above, so below: It coincided with Venus entering the astronomical (not astrological) boundary of the constellation Cancer.

Venus-Cancer.gif (87360 bytes)

It was accompanied by Miss Venezuela (=> 'Venus') being crowned Miss Universe 2008 on July 13; in other words, 'Venus' winning the biggest beauty contest (=> Apple of Discord/'Judgment of Paris'). [July 15 UPDATE: The new Miss Universe is named 'Dayana' or... Diana! Further UPDATE: She was even once kidnapped!] 

'Apple of Discord', or 'gold of discord', was also expressed through major discord in the financial markets...

Jul 11 Dow dips below 11,000 for first time in 2 years
Jul 11 IndyMac is 2nd-largest bank failure in history
Jul 12 IndyMac may be costliest bank failure ever

'IndyMac' was the most direct acknowledgement of Orangemen's Day, not so subtly alluding to the bloodline of Princess Diana, a direct descendant of the Stuart kings (replaced by King William III of Orange and ensuing German rulers including the current House of Windsor). 'Indy' would be 'Indiana' or 'In-Diana', as in 'in Diana's womb', and 'Mac' would be 'son of' as in McCain meaning 'son of Cain'. 'IndyMac' as a whole therefore implies 'son in Diana', i.e. Prince William (and Harry) who came out of Diana's womb. Diana now gone (car crash in Paris), Prince William represents the 'lost king' - 'King Arthur' - set to return to the throne quite plausibly in/around 2012... like Snow White - a princess - waking up from her coma and reclaiming her rightful place.

It's a story of the 'Grail bloodline'... the Underground Stream. Hence Tony Snow was Anthony Snow, making his passing a 'St. Anthony death'. More on that perhaps another time...

July 17: You may have noticed that Phoenix Mars Lander has been examining a trench nicknamed... 'Snow White'!

Jul 15 Mars Lander Exposes More Ice

NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander used its robotic arm to expose more of the hard icy layer just below the Martian surface so that it can more easily gather a sample of the material for analysis.

The trench, informally called "Snow White," was about 8 by 12 inches (20 by 30 centimeters) after digging by the arm Saturday. [...]

As the robotic arm was extracting the fork probe from the soil on Saturday, it came into contact with a rock called Alice near the trench.

Jul 17 Mars Lander Successfully Collects Ice Sample

Mirror, mirror on the wall... Can you say 'Phoenix Impact Through the Looking-Glass' (title of my latest article posted May 18)?

Tony/Anthony Snow's death on July 12 was a 'Snow White' event and a 'St. Anthony death' event (as discussed below), 'reflected' here by the fact that the May 25 landing of Phoenix on Mars was aligned with the feast/death day of St. Anthony the Hermit 'through the looking-glass'.

July 23: 'Full Moon Fever' update (see 'Phoenix Impact' for background info):

June 18...
Full Moon at Galactic Center

Firefox 3 'Download Day' (June 17-18)

[Firefox 3 sets Guinness World Record]

[Firefox logo left & NASA Phoenix mission logo right]

Firefox was originally called 'Phoenix'

2008 Phoenix Super Bowl halftime February 3rd - Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers performing songs off 'Full Moon Fever'

Accompanied by arrow/missile piercing heart/Moon/satellite foreshadowing US Navy spy satellite shootdown on February 20 at peak of Full Moon/total lunar eclipse, and arrow of Sagittarius aimed right at the Full Moon at Galactic Center on June 18/Firefox 3 Download Day...

superbowl42-halftime1.gif (84363 bytes)  

[Firefox/Phoenix 3 Download Day logo -
arrow through heart]

*        *        *

July 18...
Full Moon and 'The Dark Knight' release


Demonic 'Joker' played by late Heath Ledger - found dead on January 22, Full Moon day, accompanied by Comet Holmes passing right in front of 'Demon Star' Algol

      holmes-algol.gif (19367 bytes)

Ah, the innuendo...

Oh by the way, a 'Dark Night' is coming on August 1st (New Moon) - accompanied by a Dark Sun... a total solar eclipse in Cancer

July 31: Big news from Mars/Phoenix/NASA...

Jul 31 NASA confirms water on Mars

The 'real' signal here is 'Snow White'. That's the name of the trench where Phoenix scooped up the dirt sample. (The sample itself was dubbed 'Wicked Witch', evoking The Wizard of Oz.) This was, quite literally, 'Phoenix Impact Through the Looking-Glass'. The 'mirror' theme, originally derived from Narcissus and Alice, had shifted its focus more toward Snow White - another fairytale featuring a 'magic mirror' - during the recent Orangemen's Day window July 11-12, discussed here. It gave us the death of former Bush White House spokesman Tony (Anthony) Snow who was a 'Snow White' figure and a 'St. Anthony'. Timing-wise, as you know, Phoenix's landing on May 25 was a 'mirror' point of St. Anthony's feast day, January 17th.

Today's Martian water announcement 1) juxtaposed Phoenix with 'Snow White', and 2) came practically on the first anniversary of the 'St. Anthony Falls Bridge' (I-35W) collapse in Minneapolis. As such it was an unmistakable confirmation/continuation of the said pattern. In a non-leap year, the 213th day (= July 31 in 2008) is August 1st (highlighted by a total solar eclipse this year). Part of what is now Minneapolis was originally a city named 'St. Anthony'; Minnesota is the 'North Star State'; the North Star is situated directly above the North Pole; Phoenix landed near the Martian north pole. It's all very heavily intertwined. (See 'St. Anthony Code'.)

Looking a little ahead, the Beijing Olympics will begin on August 8th under a celestial 'Orange Alignment' (Aug. 9) followed by the 'Glorious Twelfth', August 12-13, interchangeable with Orangemen's Day (July 12) associated with Snow White and all that. It's also the phi division ('Golden Ratio' = 1 : 1.618) point of the year which has all kinds of significant associations (Venus, Apple/iPhone, etc.). Then comes August 15, the birthday of St. Anthony of Padua, last year marked by the start of the Saffron/Orange Revolution in Burma and a deadly 8.0 Peru quake. This year we're going to see, for one, the release of.... 'Mirrors'... on St. Anthony's birthday! (And yes, it's a story about a 'magic mirror'.)

[See preview at official site]

The next day the Moon will be full, setting off another 'Full Moon Fever'... on 'Deep Impact Day' (August 16 is impact day in the film 'Deep Impact'), 

And then we'll enter a 'radioactive' window, ~Aug. 22-Sept. 8. That's the window I've been paying a lot of attention to for many months. For one, February's 'Deep Impact' events including the spy satellite shootdown is going to be echoed there...


Aug 11: Through the looking-glass, we're indeed looking at ~August 15, then ~August 23. More soon...

Aug 13: Timelines will converge big time around August 23rd. Here is a quick overview...

Cross-quarter Fire:

Timing-wise, both the Beijing Olympics and the Russia-Georgia war started on August 8th ('8/8/8') - the orbital 'Lughnasadh' cross-quarter day or the halfway point between summer solstice and autumn equinox. The 'horizon' version (same halfway point but based on sunrise/set angles) shifts it to ~August 23, coinciding with the closing ceremony in Beijing (Aug. 24). These are cross quarter-driven Games in Beijing.

Cross-Quarter Dates
  Traditional Astro/Orbital


Imbolc Feb 1 ~Feb 3 ~Feb 18
Beltane May 1 ~May 5 ~Apr 21
Lughnasadh Aug 1 ~Aug 7 ~Aug 23
Samhain Nov 1 ~Nov 7 ~Oct 25

*Cross-quarter midpoint measured on horizon (sunrise/sunset azimuth)

Spatially, Georgia is right in the middle of a region known as the Caucasus (map), where according to Greek mythology Prometheus was chained to a rock for the transgression of giving fire to mankind - the same fire the Olympic flame signifies.

The last time the Georgia and Russia clashed and made international headlines was back on April 20 when Georgia's drone spy plane was apparently shot down by a Russian fighter jet, fulfilling our projected echo from the US Navy spy satellite shootdown on February 20.  Both were key 'fire' events anchoring two corners of a horizon cross-quarter 'fire box' I've been closely monitoring since last year.

Apr 20 Russia 'shot down Georgia drone' (spy plane) Sunday
Apr 22 Georgia turns to U.N. after spy plane shootdown
Apr 23 US reassures Georgia over Russia
Apr 25 Drone Shoot-Down Sparks Worldwide Spat
Apr 30 Russia warned over Georgia move

As you can see, the CQ 'torch relay' began with wildfires in Athens, Greece, the birthplace of the Olympic Games, starting around August 23 (2007), this year closely coinciding with the extinguishing of the Olympic flame that was ceremoniously lit at the stadium the day Georgia and Russia started a war, together commemorating the cross-quarter day (astro/orbital). Both flames are en route to ~August 23-24.

Extinguished flame & decapitation...
Film released on St. Anthony day Jan. 17/18...
Series of decapitation events around August 1 or traditional Lugnasadh cross-quarter day...

Jul 30/31
Man decapitated on Canadian bus
Aug 01 Brazilian man confesses to decapitating British girlfriend
Aug 03 Gruesome decapitation shocks Greek isle

Fire in the Sky:

A 'Fire Alignment' is set to form in the sky around August 24 (discussed here months ago).

virgin-equinox-align2d.gif (58712 bytes)     virgin-equinox-align3.gif (59232 bytes)

The Feb. 20 spy satellite shootdown was another major 'fire in the sky' timed to precisely coincide with the peak of a total lunar eclipse right in front of Leo's heart star Regulus, expressing 'arrow through the heart' - see 'Phoenix Impact Through the Looking-Glass'. 

2/20 Navy shoots down spy satellite
2/21 Space Arms Race Heats Up Overnight

On ~August 23, the heart of the lion is exactly where the Sun will be, diametrically 'mirroring' where the Sun was on Feb. 20 (i.e. 180 degrees apart)... as in 'through the looking glass' or 'mirror, mirror on the wall...' which is an overriding multicontextual theme at this time.

It is precisely in this context that we'll have the film 'Mirrors' debuting on August 15, St. Anthony of Padua birthday... along with 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' (clone as in mirroring).

[Mirrors & The Clone Wars released August 15]

Mirror, St. Anthony, and Mars/Phoenix have always gone tightly hand in hand...

       diametric-Anthony-2008-e.gif (45117 bytes)

...continued on August 15 with 'Star Wars' being an allusion to Mars, not only a 'fire planet' (thus 'fire in the sky') but also traditionally the planet/star of war, a 'Star War'. And the instruction is to 'clone' it ('Clone Wars'), reinforced by the simultaneous 'Mirrors' release.

The trick here is to go back one year - August 15, 2007 (marked by the start of Burma's Saffron/Orange Revolution and Peru's 8.0 earthguake). Observe Mars' position then, and observe the mirrored/cloned position of Mars.... on ~August 22, 2008!

So that's where we are and what's immediately ahead inside the Hall of Mirrors 2008. More clues to be dropped 'from the matrix' on/around August 15.

P.S. It is multicontextually suggested that we are to pay close attention to the fact that ~August 23 may be converted via the Julian calendar running 13 days behind into ~August 10 (Russia-Georgia war Aug. 8-12) and ~September 5. This is large part of the reason for our late August-early September 'radioactive window' which will tellingly coincide with the Democratic and Republican National Conventions (both 0bama and McCain are 'phoenix' figures).

P.P.S. I'm interested to see if 0bama will announce his Vice President pick on August 15 and McCain his on August 23. I also wouldn't be surprised if NASA made some kind of significant Mars/Phoenix announcement on/around August 15.


Aug 29: Quick updates...

firebox-Aug08.gif (92038 bytes)

Russia-Georgia War:
Aug 08 Russian tanks enter South Ossetia
Aug 09 Georgia declares state of war with Russia
Aug 12 Russia 'backs Georgia peace plan'
Aug 15 Georgia Signs Cease-Fire With Russia
Aug 22 Russia says withdrawal complete

US-Poland missile defense shield deal:
Aug 14 US and Poland agree defense shield deal
Aug 15 Russian anger at US missile deal
Aug 15 Russia warns Poland; Georgia awaits cease-fire
Aug 20 US and Poland seal missile deal
Aug 20 Russia condemns US missile deal


US Presidential Race:
Aug 23
Obama picks Biden as running mate

[From August 13 note: "I'm interested to see if 0bama will announce his Vice President pick on August 15 and McCain his on August 23."]

And some timely stuff...

Mars-mirror3.gif (54421 bytes)

See Aug 13 note below for context...


Sep 13: Hurricane Ike through the looking-glass...

March 11 was the fourth anniversary of the 2004 Madrid train bombings closely preceded by Janet Jackson's infamous 'nipplegate', which was a major '311' event (311 = police code for 'indecent exposure') in.... Houston (Super Bowl, Feb. 1st).


Just a little multicontextual slice of what's happening now... Watching Sarah Palin closely... one of the main signals of the 'radioactive window'.


Sep 15: Financial 'Full Moon Fever' deep impact...

Sept 14-15:
 One of most dramatic days in Wall Street's history
Lehman Bros files for bankruptcy
Bank of America Reaches Deal for Merrill

[If you're new, see 'Phoenix Impact Through
the Looking-Glass
' for context]


Sep 22: Foresight reported in hindsight...

Was carefully monitoring Pakistan around the autumn equinox (Sept. 22) based on 'signals' coming out of our 'radioactive window' late August/early September, and sure enough...

Sep 20 Truck bomb destroys packed hotel in Pakistan
Sep 21 Al-Qaida, Pakistan Taliban eyed in bomb blast
Sep 22 Pakistani leaders 'should have been at bombed hotel'
Sep 22 Zardari to U.S.: Let Pakistan go after terrorists
Sep 22 Officials: Pakistan Fires On U.S. Copters
Sep 22 The gloves are off in Pakistan

An impact event multicontextually foreshadowing what's still coming around October 24, right before the election. Can't go into detail now but the fact that this was anticipated should tell you something, as evidenced by the following excerpt from September 17th (posted in STRUG, the 'underground' section, just days before the Pakistan impact):

[From Sept 17] ...we should be watching Pakistan carefully now. A major signal out of our 'radioactive window'. [...] We should carefully monitor what happens around the autumn equinox (Sept. 22) for more clues...

...Could it be that the continuing instability of Pakistan - remember, a nuclear nation - will 'explode' (or threaten to do so) right before US Election Day to become, in effect', an 'October Surprise' that will affect the outcome of the election? [...]

Pakistan's been on my radar for sometime now... Very radioactive, 'Mayan', and... 'Deep Impact'.

Sep 28: A matter of interpretation...

The Jewish religious New Year 'Rosh Hashanah' falls on September 30-October 1 (technically starting at sunset Sept. 29) coinciding with the US fiscal 'New Year' October 1, commencing the countdown to 'Judgment Day', Yom Kippur, October 8-9. MLK the Martian King of Terror Moloch is mirrored. The fate written on the scrolls of the eighth day of the eighth month...

...concluding the '40 days of awe'. Rosh Chodesh Elul and the analemma '8', thus August 29 - ancient Egyptian (Alexandrian) New Year, Judgment Day in Terminator 2, birthday of McCain the phoenix, the day Palin the Whore of Babylon entered the stage.

St. Louis whispers, as do Atlantis and Pakistan...


Oct 03: Looming on the horizon... 

Just a portion of a much bigger design making the time around October 24 very intense and ominous, like 'Pakistan' ominous...

What does that mean? Stay tuned...


Oct 08: Just a quick note to let you know that I'm currently monitoring Yom Kippur (Oct. 8-9), Jewish 'Day of Atonement' or 'Judgment Day' for certain 'signals' (which may involved significant 'death' for reasons I won't go into here). October 8 (and perhaps October 10), if you consider the fact that October was the original eighth month ('octo' = 'eight'), is interchangeable with August 8 which this year ('8/8/08') saw the start of the Russia-Georgia war and the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony featuring a huge unfolding scroll. During the final phase of Yom Kipper the ark containing the Torah scrolls are kept open for maximum communication with God, and then the gate is considered closed...

[Unfolding scroll during Beijing opening ceremony]

...like the Beijing Olympics closing on August 24th with the 'Tower of Babel' (main feature of the closing ceremony) signifying unification (communication) of heaven and earth or men and 'God'.

Around August 24 was a major CQ window linked most notably to the Feb. 20 spy satellite shootdown (US Navy) and is interchangeable with 'October' 24 already considered the next major window as per my previous post below...

In essence I'm projecting that Yom Kippur/October 8-9 will provide us with further clues as to the nature of that window having much to do with the election, Pakistan, potentially the economy/markets, and other much more esoteric stuff...


Oct 12: Did you catch the Yom Kippur signal?

Oct 09 Messages sent to a planet 20 light years away

Messages have been sent to a planet 20 light years from Earth in the hope they will reach intelligent alien life.

Some 501 photos, drawings and text messages were transmitted on Thursday by a giant radio-telescope in Ukraine normally used to track asteroids.

The target planet was chosen as it is thought capable of supporting life. [...]

Organisers hope the hi-tech package will reach its target - the planet Gliese 581C - in early 2029. [...]

'2029', as reader Matthew astutely noted, is the exact year from which practically all 'Terminators' are supposed come traveling back in time! The Terminator series is all about Judgment Day...

In effect, the literal signal on the Jewish 'Judgment Day' Yom Kippur - traditionally concluding the period of atonement beginning on the Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashanah Sept 29-Oct 1) - was highlighting August 29 which is both a New Year (Egyptian/Alexandrian) and Judgment Day in Terminator 2: Judgment Day. It was also on August 29 (2005) that Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans and unleashed a 'Great Flood' signifying the ultimate 'Judgment' event... 'Deep Impact' at the Galactic/Mayan countdown midpoint.

'Deep Impact' signal on Yom Kippur (Oct 8-9)...

Oct 08 Asteroid Exploded in Earth's Atmosphere

Next we are to recall that New Orleans sits on latitude 30 degrees North or the latitude of the Great Sphinx...

...with its causeway pointing ahead to ~October 25.

As I previously stated right before Yom Kippur:

...'October' 24 already considered the next major window as per my previous post below [Oct. 3]...

In essence I'm projecting that Yom Kippur/October 8-9 will provide us with further clues as to the nature of that window having much to do with the election, Pakistan, potentially the economy/markets, and other much more esoteric stuff...

~October 24 - check. Pakistan - check (as per Galactic/Mayan Midpoint scheme). Deep Impact - check (same reason). Election? August 29 is John McCain's birthday. McCain introduced Sarah Palin as his running mate on August 29. Palin got married on August 29 (1988). John and Sarah - just like John Connor and Sarah Connor (mother) in Terminator. The new TV series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles started airing on FOX this year, all about the relationship between John and Sarah. I can't really go into this right now but, as I said before, watch Sarah Palin - she is the 'Whore of Babylon'. Besides being a major piece of the puzzle, she is trouble. Mayan trouble (think 2012). She is radioactive. We really do not want her anywhere near the White House. And remember, Election Day is a form of 'Judgment Day'...

This is just part of a much bigger story unfolding at this time.


Oct 19: The LHC may not be reactivated until next April, but it is going to be officially 'inaugurated' on October 21st... 'right on time'.


Oct 23: And so it begins...

Oct 23 Republicans 'considering' Sarah Palin 2012 presidential campaign

Conservative Republicans are talking enthusiastically about Mrs Palin as a White house contender next time, acknowledging that if a week is a long time in politics then four years amounts to several lifetimes.

"Sarah's the one," said one leading conservative who is convinced Mr McCain will lose this election. "The party is broken and only she can fix it. We need someone who comes from outside Washington and relates to the aspirations of ordinary Americans."

Mrs Palin appears to be subtly distancing herself from Mr McCain and positioning herself for a presidential run in her own right, much as John Edwards did in 2004 as John Kerry's Democratic vice-presidential running mate. [...]

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UPDATE: Floodgate did open on Oct 23. It was suddenly everywhere:

Oct 23 Palin In 2012: The Argument
Oct 24 Sarah Palin, 2012
Oct 24 No Matter Who Wins, Palin a Force in GOP
Oct 25 Palin's 'going rogue,' McCain aide says
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Oct 29 Palin's 2012 talk leaves McCain aide speechless

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From my October 12 note:

...as I said before, watch Sarah Palin - she is the 'Whore of Babylon'. Besides being a major piece of the puzzle, she is trouble. Mayan trouble (think 2012). She is radioactive. [...]

You'll see more of what I meant soon...


Oct 28: Remember...

[Golden Ratio]

Oct 24 Sarah Palin, 2012

More below...


Nov 02: Undeniably gone mainstream, the Mayan 'Whore of Babylon'...

Article coming this week.


Nov 05: November 4th - Election/'Judgment' Day - the phoenix burnt to ashes (McCain from Phoenix, AZ) and simultaneously rose out of the earth (Obama, birthday August 4, coinciding with NASA's Phoenix launch last year). Death and resurrection, what the phoenix is all about, powerfully expressed in this 'year of the phoenix'. As above, so below...

Nov 04: NASA: Phoenix weak and getting weaker

sunspot-graph2.gif (96082 bytes)

America is reborn!

Nov 11: Quick updates:


Nov 14: Striking correlation already...

Nov 13 Millions 'drop' in America's biggest earthquake drill

mirror-rectangle-2008.gif (41125 bytes)
[Graphic from October highlighting
quakes and Nov. 12-15]


Continued in...
'Mayan Palingenesis'



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