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Whisper of the Fifth Sun

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The Foresight Files

How key patterns were accurately projected beforehand (including Italy earthquake/Nickelback, Ophiuchus 'big foot', Kentucky Derby, etc.)

Major quake? Death of the Pope/Primate? ... Remember Nickelback's latest music video? ... Earthquake in Rome...

... all the indications are that something big is coming around late March. A straightforward interpretation would be that it's going to involve Italy/Rome/Pope (death?), major earthquake, war, and/or such things.

[excerpt from February 28, 2009 post]

Quotes from both Etemenanki (public) and Super Torch Ritual Underground (STRUG, members area)...

Dec 06, 2008 (STRUG): ...the Sun's position around December 13, when the Sun is right in Ophiuchus' 'big foot'!

Dec 19, 2008 (STRUG): ...This one is 'Gotta Be Somebody' by the popular rock band Nickleback. Music video released on December 15 in which the camera goes from outer space, a closeup of the Moon (close to New Moon), to Rome [...] Rome is capital of Italy, leg/foot shaped (=> 'Bigfoot'/Ophiuchus) [...] Back in 2004, it was U2's song/video 'Vertigo' that had foreshadowed Sumatra (December 26)...

Dec 10, 2008 (STRUG): So we look at December 14th... an unofficial holiday called 'Monkey Day'. December 13-14 is also when the Sun crosses the 'big foot' of the constellation 'Ophiuchus'... particularly active this year... December 13-14/'Bigfoot window'.

Dec 12, 2008 (STRUG): Could it be that the 'Bigfoot' is... the Pope? [...] One of the the papal epithets is 'primate' (= 'monkey') [...] The Pope lives in a country (Italy) shaped like a big leg/foot

Jan 19, 2009 (Etemenank): ...it was due to my early awareness of the intense theme that I knew there was something to December 14, AKA 'Monkey Day', when the Sun annually highlights the 'big foot' of the constellation Ophiuchus. A projection dramatically fulfilled in that typical 'as above, so below fashion' when a 'big shoe/foot' hurled toward Bush in Iraq, becoming huge international news that lingered for days...

[NOTE: For Etemenanki posts on 'Bigfoot' motif, read on forward from Jan 19]

Feb 26, 2009 (STRUG): ...We are about to have a powerful Orange Alignment (Mercury-Sun-Venus, + Earth) in the sky late March [...] But the previous such alignment with the same planetary order was back around August 15, 2007, coinciding with St. Anthony of Padua birthday which these days is synonymous with Bigfoot. That was the day a powerful 7.9 magnitude earthquake struck Peru killing hundreds, accompanied by another big earthquake (Hawaii) and two hurricanes. [...] But perhaps even more telling, in light of the emergent whispers alluding to the Pope/Rome, is the one preceding it, back in late March 2005... [...] The angle of the 'Orange + Earth Alignment' was exactly the same as the one coming up! (Very unlikely coincidence.) Not only that, the two happen on the exact same date, March 29! [...] I'd say without much hesitation that something quite earthshaking is 'afoot'.

Feb 28, 2009 (STRUG): These Orange-Earth Alignments are... in a word, ominous.
  • ~3/29/09: Mercury-Sun-Venus-(Earth)
    • [Something big afoot]
  • 6/08/08: Venus-Sun-Mercury-(Earth)
    • Obama wins primary race (Hillary exit)
    • Midwest 'Galactic Flood' (start)
  • 8/15/07: Mercury-Sun-Venus-(Earth)
    • Peru quake & Hawaii quake/hurricanes
  • ~3/29/05: Venus-Sun-Mercury-(Earth)
    • Sumatra mega-quake #2 (3/28)
    • Pope JPII death (4/2)
    • Alignment angle same as one on March 29, 2009
Major quake? Death of the Pope/Primate? (Big war?) What a combination. Remember Nickelback's latest music video? (This year's 'Vertigo'/U2 potentially.) Earthquake in Rome... [...]

U2 themselves are back with a new album released just yesterday (Feb 27) and a new single titled 'Get On Your Boots' alluding again to Italy (famously shaped like a boot) which is a 'Big foot'.

The Pope is a 'Bigfoot' - or 'Monkey King' - and vice versa in that he is the 'Primate of Rome' and therefore 'Ape of Rome'... [...] To a large degree, 2009 is repeating 2005. And all the indications are that something big is coming around late March. A straightforward interpretation would be that it's going to involve Italy/Rome/Pope (death?), major earthquake, war, and/or such things.

Mar 02, 2009 (Etemenanki): I'm gonna go ahead and mention that there is a pretty severe 'Deep Impact' window coming around the end of March. A convergence of temporal shockwaves from 2005...

Mar 03, 2009 (STRUG): Sumatra shook violently for the second time on March 28, 2005 under a powerful 'Orange + Earth Alignment' (~Mar 29, '05). As above, so below. [...] It's about to be echoed this year. [...] The Pope is clearly in the mix (Apr 2, 2005 death) - a 'Primate' (ape) in a 'boot' country (Italy). [...] In 2009, it's 'Gotta be Somebody'... We'll see.

Mar 15, 2009 (Etemenanki): Can you feel it coming... Orange Impact around late March...

late-Mar-09-convergence.gif (44028 bytes)
['Orange Alignment' definition &
hat tip to Nick H. for Iraq phi point]

March 19, 2009 (STRUG): Alright, so the big question is... Was today's powerful Tonga quake a precursor to what's coming during the Orange Deep Impact window? [...]

Apr 25, 2009 (Etemenanki): ...The Kentucky Derby coming up should be interesting BTW, if a little cryptic.

Apr 28, 2009 (STRUG): Will pigs fly there? In other words, will the ultimate dark horse win the Derby, shocking everyone? Seems quite possible. Can't wait to see that. [...] Of course, behind this pattern/projection is something more profound - already being revealed in the 'Dark Horse Revelation' series. It's about to go 'Mayan'.




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