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Goro Adachi
May 19, 2003

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House of God

At the heart of the 'Time River scheme' is the 'Great Bend' of the Nile. It is intimately associated with the 'gifts', the flood, and Eden. Egyptologists have long thought the 'Winding Waterway' mentioned often in ancient Egyptian texts was a reference to the Nile and/or the Milky Way, but it is actually more applicable to this Great Bend in particular where the generally straight river suddenly 'winds' like a snake. This is supported by the texts connecting the Winding Waterway with 'flood', which for the Nile was caused by the 'gift rivers' (i.e. Blue Nile and Atbara connected to the Great Bend).

As the 'flood-heralding star', Sirius is naturally relevant to the Great Bend as well. It is certainly fitting that Sirius - like the 'gift rivers' - is often associated with the idea of a 'stargate'; after all, the pentagram (a 'stargate symbol' via the embedded phi ratio and vesica piscis) traditionally signifies 'goddess stars' such as Sirius and Venus.

In terms of Richard Hoagland's 'hyperdimensional physics' derived from the geometric 'message' of Cydonia (Mars), the conduit or 'stargate' between this world and the Otherworld (i.e. hyperspace) is prominently represented by the angle 19.5°. According to the theory, it is the tetrahedral geometry signified by this angle that enables inter-dimensional energy transfer between the two realms.

This 'stargate' geometry is expressed by a circumscribed tetrahedron (made up of four equilateral triangles). Interestingly enough, the hieroglyphic sign denoting Sirius was a triangle in ancient Egypt.

The connection is made evident by archaeoastronomy. First, it is widely accepted these days that the 'air shafts' inside the Great Pyramid were designed to aligned with certain stars. One was specifically targeted toward Sirius in c. 2350 BC. And at that pinpointed time (c. 2350 BC), Sirius and Orion's Alnitak (representing the Great Pyramid as per the Orion Correlation Theory) together produced the angle 19.5° (when Sirius was rising on the Giza horizon).[10]

Next, it is natural - given the Sirius-Great Bend connection - to wonder about the possibility of the Nile's 'Winding Waterway' having some relevance to tetrahedral geometry. Indeed, we do find a clear connection! Believe it or not, the northern peak of the Great Bend precisely pinpoints the tetrahedral/stargate latitude, 19.5°N.!

What's even more incredible is the fact that the same Bend peak also pinpoints 33°E longitude. As those familiar with Hoagland's work would surely know, '33' and '19.5' are considered the two key numbers in the 'hyperdimensional code'! (Hoagland is just not yet aware of this Nile connection.)

In 1997, the esoteric importance of those numbers was overtly demonstrated as NASA landed a tetrahedron-shaped Mars Pathfinder lander on the Red Planet at 19.5 N and 33 W.! (That's pretty in your face, isn't it?) Not only that, at the moment of touchdown, Earth was positioned 19.5 degrees above the eastern Martian horizon as seen from Pathfinder's landing site.[11] As Mike Bara, Hoagland's right-hand man at the Enterprise Mission, wrote:

Pathfinder's unique tetrahedral spacecraft design geometry, coupled with the totally "recursive" tetrahedral geometry of the landing site itself, was obviously intended by NASA "ritualists" behind the scenes to celebrate – on their first return to Mars in over twenty years – the two key Hyperdimensional numbers underlying all the NASA rituals – "19.5" and "33."

Indeed, NASA obsessively incorporates those two numbers again and again into its space missions.[12]

The implication is clear: the Great Bend, along with the entire Nile system, is a key part of the 'stargate game' - or 'Stargate Conspiracy' - and the Nile is likely an 'intelligently designed' river with a profound message concerning the Red Planet as well as reality itself.

In The Time Rivers, I further discuss how the above interpretation seems to interact harmoniously with certain ancient Egyptian art themes having to do with the Otherworld (or the 'Duat').

The drawing shown right, for instance, depicts a pyramidal 'mound' of the 'House of Sokar' (the 'Fifth Division of the Duat') - a form of Giza-Rostau - with a female head at the apex. While the first impression is that it is a stylized Giza pyramid, the general shape also evokes the Great Bend especially given the mutual 'stargate' connection.

This interpretation is strongly supported by the fact that the female head at the apex belongs to Isis (according to the accompanying text) - the goddess signified by Sirius.[13] As we have seen, the Great Bend's apex (19.5°) is similarly associated with Sirius.

eg4-delta-pyramid.gif (32128 bytes)The Sirian nature of the pyramid apex reinforces the 'stargate-ness' of the Giza/30°N latitude because Giza sits at the southern apex of the triangular, or 'pyramidal', Nile Delta. Indeed, as Jim Alison has recently pointed out, the angles of the Great Pyramid almost perfectly match those made by the Delta using Giza, Alexandria, and Port Said. (Click on image left.) This 'Delta pyramid' is even exactly 1000 times the size of the Great Pyramid!

Pyramid apexes were also associated with the resurrection of Osiris. As the embodiment of the phoenix, the pyramid capstone (the Benben stone) signified the god's death-rebirth cycle. And the annual Nile flood that Sirius heralded was viewed in ancient Egypt as the revitalization of Osiris. This is very fitting, after all resurrection occurs through an inter-dimensional gateway - a stargate - separating this world and the Otherworld of the dead.

As for the strange bell-like object placed just above Isis' head in the drawing, it is usually thought to represent the Benben Stone (or the omphalos, the navel stone), which is a form of the shem ('fire-stone') associated with the Tower of Babel etc. as discussed earlier. We recall that the Tower - analogous to the Jacob's stone pillar - is a form of stargate.

Let's take another look at the Genesis passage describing the pillar-stargate of Jacob:

...How dreadful is this place! This is none other but the house of God, and this is the gate of heaven. And Jacob rose up early in the morning, and took the stone that he had put for his pillows, and set it up for a pillar, and... this stone, which I have set for a pillar, shall be God's house... [emphasis added]

Notice how the pillar-stargate is being described as the 'house of God'. This directly relates to the pyramidal 'House of Sokar' (i.e. the drawing above), because Sokar is an alter ego of Osiris - the most revered god of ancient Egypt. The 'House of Sokar', in other words, is a 'House of God' and vice versa.

Hall of Records

The House of Sokar/House of God is basically another name for the 'Tomb of Osiris'. In a Gnostic context, it corresponds to the fabled 'Hall of Records' - made famous by the psychic 'readings' of Edgar Cayce, the 'Sleeping Prophet'. It is generally thought of as a 'black box' from the antediluvian world, often called 'Atlantis'. Ancient tradition concerning such a 'secret chamber' is discussed notably in Andrew Collins' Gods of Eden (1998) and more extensively in Robert Bauval's Secret Chamber (1999).

In The Stargate Conspiracy is also described the evolving interest and mythology surrounding it:

In our present fin de siecle era, a rising Hall of Records hysteria is carefully being whipped up by books, videos and the instant whispering machine of the Internet. Where is this fabled place located? What does it contain? Who will find it - and what will happen when they do? Already this has become, in every possible sense, the modern quest for the Holy Grail... [T]he Chosen will eventually win through, and when the Grail Hall is uncovered, somehow magically the whole of our civilization will be transformed. We shall understand our past and even our future. We shall suddenly see humankind for what it is, and know the truth about the gods.[14]

The prevalent view has been that the 'secret chamber' is likely hidden underground somewhere in Giza, most notably beneath the Great Sphinx. Seemingly supportive of this suspicion is the stylized depiction of the House of Sokar (such as the one we just saw) in which twin sphinxes ('Aker') are shown guarding an underground 'chamber'.

We find a similar configuration depicted in the drawing of the Sphinx/Dream Stela placed between the paws of the Great Sphinx itself.

Collins writes:

Curiously enough, the relief on the Sphinx Stela set up by Thutmose IV in front of the stone monument shows him venerating the Sphinx, which appears to be resting on an underground temple or building with a large entrance door. Could this image have been alluding to some kind of hidden temple or chamber located beneath the Great Sphinx?[15]

What gets our attention here is the rectilinear pattern of the subterranean 'chamber'.

eg-cydonia-IR.jpg (62082 bytes)If we recall, what kick-started the Endgame series was the IR (infrared) image of Cydonia taken last year by the Odyssey spacecraft orbiting Mars. As discussed in the first Endgame article, the big controversy was that the IR photograph seemed to show a hugeeg3-marsface-composite.jpg (16930 bytes) complex of rectangular underground 'structures' (click on image right). And in Endgame III I discussed how the infamous 'Face on Mars' in Cydonia was a form of the Sphinx, because the Face, if the left and right sides were mirrored, would show the head of a lion and a human body (click on image left), which is the reverse of the traditional image of the sphinx (a human head on a lion's body).

So the underground 'blockies' of Cydonia seen in the IR image are in effect situated 'under the Martian Sphinx' - thus visually and symbolically echoing the 'secret chamber' shown beneath the sphinx in the ancient drawing. In other words, in a transposed context, we may have already detected the first sign of the so-called 'Hall of Records'... under the Martian Sphinx!

The Cydonia picture controversy, if we recall, also resonates with the 'false gift' theme, in that the name 'Odyssey' (the spacecraft that took the picture) alludes to the mythological figure Odysseus in Homer's masterpiece The Odyssey who orchestrated the great deception involving the Trojan Horse - an archetypal 'false gift' - to successfully destroy Troy in the great war.

On a more exoteric level, however, the name is a reference to another masterpiece: Arthur C. Clarke's 2001: A Space Odyssey. The obvious link is that Odyssey was launched in '2001'.

The emergence of the year '2001' here is interesting, as the 2-year cycle pattern established in The Message of Cycle 23 would next point to the year 2003. The relevance of this pattern is strengthened by Mars having an approximately 2-year orbital period around the sun.

And as the projected timeline above shows, it is the time around September 2003 that specifically represents the 'echo window' of 9/11 (2001). Amazingly enough, it just happens that we will have a close encounter with the planet Mars around that time (late August); indeed, this will be the closest encounter in nearly 60,00 years!

Quite clearly, 2003 is the year of Mars. And it appears that the Martian climax this summer is somehow designed to open up a 'stargate'.

Let me mention this again: in The Stargate Conspiracy it is pointed out that the year 2003 has been singled out by an 'insiders' source (namely James Hurtak, author of Keys of Enoch) as a time of great significance.

Stargate Sequence

Speaking of 'insiders', we recall that there were some potential 'insiders' in Hoagland's Enterprise Mission forum who posted cryptic messages as if to subtly 'leak' some key information. This was something discussed in the first Endgame article.

One of the those messages was a numerical cipher posted by 'KBS', which was decoded to reveal a strange statement. Let's take a look at what I wrote about this:

The relevance of the Cydonia IR picture to this supposed crop-circle "SETI" communication has been further suggested by another strange message from 'KBS', the person who sent 'spacecatfish' the enigmatic 'llama & priests' picture. On Aug. 27, in the Enterprise Mission forum, 'KBS' posted a hyperlink to a page showing the 2002/'disk' crop formation. The hypertext itself read:


The post was then followed by a comment from "Dr. Peter Martin":

[...] I was fascinated by your link title however:

As it is obviously a code of some sort and as I have considerable experience with such things in addition to my interest with the crop circle phenomena here in the UK, I thought that I'd attempt to decipher it. Eventually I figured out how it was composed and have decoded it to read:

HaPPy AnNiVerSaRy, HoAglAnd

This was achieved by grouping 3 digits at a time working left to right and interpreting them as the octal representation of an ASCII character code. [...]

"Happy anniversary, Hoagland"? Whatever that really means, the 'insider' poster (?) 'KBS' seemed to subtly suggest that there indeed was some kind of link between the crop messages and Hoagland's work. Therefore there is now more reason to suspect that the 'false gifts'/'broken promises'/'deception' mentioned in the coded crop message had some relevance to the THEMIS IR picture, the 'gift' from the Odyssey spacecraft...

Back then I naturally assumed that the 'anniversary' reference was pertaining to some event in the past. But now I have realized that 'anniversary' - meaning' 'returning with the year, at a stated time' - could also easily point to a future time, one year ahead.

As the above message was posted last year on August 27, its 'anniversary' would point ahead to August 27, 2003. Well, let me quote from a space.com article: "At 5:51 a.m. EDT on Aug. 27, 2003, Mars will be within 34,646,418 miles (55,758,006 kilometers) of Earth... the closest that Mars has come to our planet in nearly 60,000 years."

Yes, the historic 'close encounter of the red kind' this summer will climax exactly on the 'anniversary' date - August 27! In hindsight, it's quite obvious that the poster 'KBS' was alluding to this future event. This is yet another clue suggesting that the '9/11 echo window' coming this summer/fall will be an important time.

And the underlying message seems to be that we are in for a 'stargate event' - whatever that may be.

There are some intriguing 'signs in the sky' as well. For instance, one of the celestial points associated with the concept of a 'stargate' is the intersection of the ecliptic (the sun's path) and the Milky Way.[16] While there are two such points, the more notable one is the intersection marking the border between the constellations Gemini and Taurus. Its significance here derives largely from the fact that it is pinpointed by the raised arm of Orion (= Osiris; an 'stargate' constellation) as the image below illustrates.

This makes us wonder if the 'stargate year' 2003 will produce a special configuration involving this particular spot in the sky. I quickly found out that this indeed was the case.

Around June, or around the summer solstice, the planet Saturn happens to be transiting this region. Saturn, the planet/god of time, is an alter ego of Orion-Osiris.

And on June 24 - just 3 days after the solstice - Saturn will be united with the sun. This date pinpointed here is quite meaningful, as June 24 is the feast day of John the Baptist - a biblical figure associated in Endgame III with the 'Face on Mars', the Sphinx, the Turin Shroud, etc., thus relevant to the stargate theme. (By the way, doesn't the image shown left remind you of the Statue of Liberty?)

This is interesting enough, but there is more. Although Saturn generally moves in one direction along the ecliptic, it does (appear to) go back and forth rather frequently. This means that the planet would pass a given spot more than once in one 30-year cycle around the sun. As such, the coming 'stargate' transit near the solstice will not be the first in the current cycle of Saturn. It was at the same spot back in the fall of 2002 - starting around the beginning of September. This was the exact time when Hoagland's analysis of the Cydonia IR picture was hitting the fan! (He released the data on Sept. 5, though the buzz was already building in August.)

Adding to this is the fact that the same configuration was repeated just recently around May 15, 2003. Now... this is an intriguing date. 'May 15' of this year attracted a lot of attention because of the widespread rumor regarding 'Planet X' or 'Nibiru' (i.e. Zecharia Sitchin's speculative '12th Planet'), supposedly coming this way to wreak havoc on earth... around May 15, '03. The buzz was created largely by 'Zetatalk', a lady claiming to channel gray aliens ('Zetas').

While I personally consider Zetatalk to be rather silly (like the Raelians), it did conceptually fit into the 'pattern' pretty well. After all, our 'alien crop glyph' featured a cartoonish 'gray'-type alien. Additionally, there have been some discussions about Nibiru actually being a reference to a stargate. And even Iraq - a 'stargate land' - responded to this, as we were told on May 15 that the US military there executed 'Operation Planet X'  (no joke). So, I'd say there was a minor 'echo effect'. It was a little 'stargate preview window'. (It's kind of interesting that I am positing this article on May 19... perhaps part of the pattern as well? That would be just... weird.)

If the pattern continues, we should see a similar but more amplified 'echo' on/around June 24 - beginning the process of 'stargate activation'.

And it is of course during the climax window around September that we will see a special 'convergence' that is likely to produce some kind of major stargate event.

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