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Uploaded:  July 4, '98
Babylon Matrix
Level 1:

~ Pathfinder ~
Cinq & quarante degrez ciel bruslera
Feu approcher de la grand cite' neuue
Instant grand flamme esparse sautera
Quand on voudra des Normans faire preuue.

Five & forty degrees the sky will burn,
Fire to approach the great new city:
In an instant a great scattered flame will leap up,
When one will want to demand proof of the Normans.
Perhaps strange to some, but as has become my unique style, our first step of the great exploration, of the shadowy realm just beyond the veil of 'reality', is through one of prophetic quatrains of Nostradamus, who needs no introduction.  Actually, I prefer that no introduction is given to Nostradamus as I feel his popular public image is somewhat misleading.  It's better, for now, to regard him simply as someone who wrote enigmatic poems that seem to have a prophetic quality.  The reason for the prophetic quality of his and various others' writings relates to what this project, Babylon Matrix, is intended to uncover - the order and wisdom of the 'underground stream', the hidden "timeline" tangled with our line of 'history'.  Thus it is quite fitting that it is one of Nostradamus' quatrain that will first create an aperture to trigger the unfolding of the great hidden reality here.

Quatrain VI-97 is one of the two quatrains (the other being IX-97) that I consider to be most relevant to this particular time period we currently live in - both quatrains having the number "97", suggestive of the year 1997, is a significant coincidence.  Both VI-97 and IX-97 can be strongly correlated with probes that are sent to the Red Planet, Mars (as explained in The Elysian Fields).  As I will discuss Quatrain VI-97 in depth here again, I'd like to point out that it is probably the most objectively convincing, and useful, case established, and presented to the public, for any of Nostradamus' individual quatrains.

The real purpose here, however, is not to illustrate the prophetic quality of the quatrain but to find the archetypal concepts or patterns the quatrain quietly bears that transcends the linear-time matrix, which would function as a sort of 'pathfinder' for the subsequent progressive analytical exploration that would uncover the 'big picture' of the 'Babylon Matrix'.  It is simply a way of introducing key concepts and connections, and therefore the validity of the quatrain/interpretation is of a secondary nature here.  By the end of this first Level/installment, a rough sense of the surreal scope of Babylon Matrix should be established.


Journey To Mars


The year 1997 saw a lot of significant activity in the heavens - most celebrated were Comet Hale-Bopp and Pathfinder landing on Mars.  It turns out that those two highly remarkable events strongly correlate with Quatrain VI-97, consequently suggesting the importance of those events and the period around the year 1997.  Here is a line-by-line interpretation of IV-97:

'96-'97 Events:  Symbolic Connections
~ Apr. '96 Comet Hyakutake lights up the night sky
July 4~, '96 Movie: "Independence Day"
July 17, '96 TWA 800 explosion New York
July 19, '96 Atlanta Olympics begins Atlanta
July 27, '96 Centennial Olympic Park bombing Atlanta
Aug 7, '96 NASA life on Mars announcement Houston / Mars 
Apr 1, '97 Hale-Bopp perihelion
July 1, '97 Hong Kong handover Hong Kong
~ July 4, '97 Roswell UFO crash 50th anniversary Roswell, NM
July 4, '97 Pathfinder lands on Mars Mars
Dec. 19~, '97 Movie: "Titanic"
Those events, seemingly independent of each other on the surface, would be shown to be all symbolically interrelated and, it seems, collectively tell some 'story'.  This was figured out through applying Quatrain IV-97, again, to those events - mainly the events of Mars, NY, and Atlanta.  It turned out that IV-97 not only closely relates to the Pathfinder probe and Hale-Bopp but also correlates with various key events around the year '97, as if the quatrain represents the archetypal 'story' of this period.  To derive the hidden 'story', it is convenient to put three of the events (Mars probes, TWA 800, Olympics) through the 'matrix' of IV-97:   
  • Mars - a fiery Red Planet
  • Mars probes/rockets
  • Statue of Liberty's torch
  • Fire Island (part of Long Island)
  • TWA 800 exploded off NYC
  • TWA 800's destination, Paris, is mythologically associated with 'torch'
  • Olympic torch came to Atlanta
  • Centennial Olympic Park bombing
  • 40 & 5 deg
  • 40 N 5 W is a location in Cydonia
  • 45 N is within Cydonia (44 N was Viking 2's originally planned landing latitude)
  • Statue of Liberty / Fire Island approx. at 40.5 N
  • The Statue was carried to NYC by ship named "Isere" which is a region/river at 45 N in France
  • (Atlanta approximately 45 deg. south of NYC)
  • Mars probes:  '96 ~
  • Pathfinder landing: 7/4/97
  • (VIking 1 was originally planned to land on Mars on 7/4/76)
  • TWA 800:  7/17/96
  • Olympics:  7/19/96
  • Bombing:  7/27/96
  • Mars Pathfinder
  • Mars Global Surveyor
  • Viking 1 & 2
  • Knowledge ('fire') of intelligence on Mars - (NASA's 'life on Mars' announcement August 7, '96)
  • TWA 800 exploding
    • Statue of Liberty's torch 
    • Fire Island 
    • TWA 800's destination, Paris, is mythologically associated with 'torch'
  • Olympic torch
  • Centennial Olympic Park bombing
  • "great new city"
  •  Pathfinder lands on Mars - (a symbolic "great city" since Cairo means 'Mars')
  • MGS & Viking 1visit/photograph "City" of Cydonia
  • NYC
    "Great scattered flame"
    (Pathfinder landed on Mars on July 4th) July 4th Independence Day fireworks (reinforcing the symbolism of Statue of Liberty) The great fireworks of the Olympic opening/closing ceremony
  •  Pathfinder:  July 4th '97
  • (Viking 1 originally planned to land on July 4th '76)
  • July 4th
     July '96
    "Proof of the Normans"
  • "Normans" = Vikings 
    • Viking is the name of the Mars probe that took pictures of Cydonia.  Therefore, the 'proof of the Vikings' would refer to the proof of artificiality of the structures / life on Mars that became of great public interest since '96
    Normans were closely associated with France 
    • the Statue of Liberty was given to U.S. by France as a memorial to their friendship
    • And TWA 800 was en route to Paris, France 
    (US Navy cruiser Normandy was near-by during the TWA 800 incident)
    The Olympic Games was revived by a French educator named Baron Pierre de Coubertin to promote world peace/friendship The bombing during Atlanta Olympics threatened its continuation /  message (of the "Normans" / French) 


    40 & 5
  • 40 N 5 W => within Cydonia
  • 45 N is within Cydonia
  • Suspected structures: 40.8 N (= 40 + [40/5 x 0.1] )
  • 40.5~41 N
  • Statue of Liberty carried by ship 'Isere' which is a region/river at 45 N
  • Named 'Atlanta' in 1845
    Pathfinder landing site:  longitude 33 JFK (of NYC's JFK Airport from which TWA 800 took off) was killed at 33 N (Dallas, Texas)
    33.8 N
    The ID # of Viking's famous Cydonia image: 35A72
    Long Island:  72~74 W
    NYC/Long Island by/on 'Atlantic' Ocean over which TWA 800 exploded
    TWA 800 explosion
    Centennial Olympic Park bombing
  • Mars being a fiery Red Planet
  • Mars probes/rockets
  • Knowledge of intelligence/life on Mars
  • Fire Island
  • Statue of Liberty's torch
  • TWA 800 was headed for "Paris" (a mythological character associated with 'torch')
  • Olympic torch
  • Pathfinder landing: July 4th '97
  • Viking landing:  July 20, '76
  • Viking's Cydonia picture, 35A72, taken on July 25, '78
  • Statue of Liberty associated with July 4th Olympics:  July 19 ~,  '96
    Viking 1 & 2 landed on Mars in '76:  200th year from the birth of US and 100th from the torch of Statue of Liberty first came to US (Note) The torch of Statue of Liberty came from France and was displayed at Centennial Exposition to commemorate the 100th year of US 
  • Atlanta - 100th Olympics
  • "Centennial" Olympic Park bombing
  • Independence
    / Liberty
    Pathfinder lands on Independence Day Statue of Liberty symbolizing Independence & Liberty Civil rights leader, Martin L. King Jr., was from Atlanta (his tomb is there)
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