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The Nile Decoded

Revealing the Secret Message of
the World’
s Longest River

By Goro Adachi

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All rights reserved.

August 9, 2003

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Tale of Two Rivers

The historical importance of the Tigris-Euphrates river rivals that of the Nile. Just as the Nile gave rise to the great ancient Egyptian civilization, so did the Tigris-Euphrates to Sumer in Mesopotamia (modern Iraq), the first high civilization in history.

That there is a hidden connection between the Nile and the Tigris-Euphrates is initially hinted by the latitudinal position of the latters mouth. It is at 30°N exactly – the very latitude of the Nile’s ‘edge’ marked by Giza/Cairo! This means the Mesopotamian river’s mouth is in precise alignment with the Great Sphinx’s eternal gaze which is fixed on the distant horizon due east.

This subsequently leads to the following observations:

  1. The arrangement of the Tigris-Euphrates – two roughly parallel and diagonal rivers – resembles that of the Blue Nile and the Atbara.
  2. The Tigris-Euphrates’ northernmost region overlaps the Taurus mountain range, perfectly echoing the Nile tributaries’ northernmost region coinciding with the ‘Age of Taurus’ segment.
  3. There was indeed a widespread belief in ancient times that the Nile and the Euphrates ‘were but different portions of the same stream’.[23]
  4. The epoch marked by the Blue Nile/Khartoum (c. 4000 BC) approximately coincides with the rise of Sumer in Mesopotamia, the land of the Tigris-Euphrates. It flourished throughout the Age of Taurus.

These correspondences unmistakably hint at some kind of ‘geographical transposition’ scheme. This is even acknowledged in ancient myth:

  1. The Nile’s Taurus Age section and the Taurus Mountain in Turkey are both associated with the saga of the ‘fallen angels’ (the ‘Watchers’, ‘Nephilim’, or ‘Anunnaki’) and the ‘Great Flood’.
  2. The passages in Genesis relating to the ‘Garden of Eden’ reveal a clear link between the Nile tributaries and the Tigris-Euphrates.

Point 5 is supported by the work of researcher Andrew Collins who has come to the conclusion, as detailed in his book From the Ashes of Angels, that the homeland of the Watchers (‘fallen angels’) – analogous to Eden – was situated around the headwaters of the Tigris-Euphrates in Turkish Kurdistan. He also found that the same location is where ancient tradition pinpoints as the landing site of the Ark (of Noah).

But how are the ‘fallen angels’ and the Ark related to the Nile’s Taurus section? The answer here is quite interesting. First, the ‘Taurus’ region around the Great Bend is very much associated with the notion of a flood, and by extension the Ark, because the Nile’s annual inundation was caused by the Blue Nile and Atbara that join the main stream there. The Great Bend being a ‘great arc’ adds more weight to the connection in that the words ‘ark’ and ‘arc’ likely derive from the same root.

As for the ‘fallen angels’, the connection is made through Prometheus, the Greek god who gave ‘fire’ to mankind. Prometheus is the embodiment of the rebel angels. This then leads to the following:

  • As if in allusion to the Bend, Prometheus is closely associated with the idea of ‘churning’, ‘twisting’, or ‘turning’. For instance, the ‘mantha’ part of the Sanskrit term Pramantha (i.e. Prometheus) has the meaning of ‘churning’.[24]
  • The Vedic fire-god Agni, a form of pramantha, is said to come from the confluence of the rivers as if in reference to the Nilotic confluences (Khartoum and Atbara) of the Great Bend section.[25]
  • The same Agni is associated with the mythological character Heimdal/Hallinskidi/Vindler whose name is said to mean ‘a bent, bowed, or slanted stake’ (Hallinskidi) and ‘to twist, turn, etc.’ (Vindler) – seemingly alluding to the Great Bend.[26]

There is an even more striking basis for Point 6 – i.e. the Eden connection – as discussed below.

Four Rivers of Eden Identified

The region around the Tigris-Euphrates’ headwaters is the site of Eden which according to Genesis was connected to four rivers, two of which were the Euphrates and Tigris. The identities of the other two – called ‘Pishon’ and ‘Gihon’ – have not been conclusively determined by scholars.

As we examine the relevant biblical passage in Genesis (2:10-14) with the foregoing findings in mind, however, it becomes clear that the two mystery rivers are none other than the Blue Nile and the Atbara!

A river rises in Eden to water the garden; outside, it forms four separate branch streams. The name of the first is Pishon; it is the one that winds through the whole land of Havilah, where there is gold… The name of the second river is Gihon; it is the one that winds through all of the land of Cush. The name of the third river is Tigris; it is the one that flows east of Asshur. The fourth river is the Euphrates.[27]

Where is this ‘land of Cush’ through which the Gihon river is said to flow? The shocking answer here is made plain in the King James Version of the Bible, according to which the Gihon winds through the ‘land of Ethiopia’ – that is, the land of the Nile tributaries! This is a rather blatant clue, and yet it was never understood until now.

But the ‘land of Cush’ more accurately refers to the ancient kingdom of Cush (or Kush) that existed in Nubia as early as 2000 BC. Nubia closely corresponds to the Nile’s Taurus (Great Bend) region where Eden would be if the Tigris-Euphrates was ‘transposed’! And this is exactly where the Nile indeed ‘winds’ - i.e. the Great Bend - just as described in the Genesis passage!

The other Eden river in question called the ‘Pishon’ is also described as ‘winding’. But here it is said that the Pishon winds through the land ‘where there is gold’. Could this relate in any way to the same region of Nubia/Cush? The answer is definitely yes. To the Egyptians, Nubia was known primarily as a land of gold!

To top it off, Graham Hancock informs us in The Sign and the Seal that ‘the Abyssinians themselves firmly believed the Blue Nile to be nothing less than the Gihon of Genesis 2:13… [and this] was a very old tradition’; in fact, ‘the twin springs regarded as the source of [the Blue Nile] are known to this day as Giyon by the Ethiopians themselves’.[28]

Hence it can be confidently concluded here that the ‘Gihon’ is the Blue Nile and the ‘Pishon’ the Atbara. The four rivers of Eden have thus been all identified for the first time in known history. They are the Euphrates, Tigris, Blue Nile, and Atbara.

It is now practically undeniable that the Nile tributaries and the Tigris-Euphrates are portions of the same scheme and are designed to interact. This realization leads to the next big revelation – indeed, a ‘smoking gun’.

Smoking Gun: Overlay Interaction

It is revealed when the two ‘Eden river’ systems are brought together in superimposition. This is when we realize that we are looking at the fingerprints of the gods. Thats the best way to describe the impossibleoccurrence witnessed here anyway.

Obviously the paths of the two river systems do not match exactly. But we discover that the Tigris and Euphrates do manage to cross the two Nile confluences simultaneously (Khartoum and Atbara) in one particular position. And this is just the beginning. We find next that, while still in the same position, the Euphrates’ northern path precisely ‘touches’ the peak of the Great Bend at 19.5°N 33.0 E!

In other words, in one fixed overlay configuration, the Tigris-Euphrates manages to simultaneously pinpoint all three key points of the Nile’s Taurus section! And don't forget that this configuration is something strongly encouraged by the two rivers’ ‘Taurus’ parallel.

This is still not all. We discover next that the Euphrates’ Bend-contact point was originally at 39.6°N latitude. Recall that ‘39.6°’ is the exact angle of the Great Pyramid’s southern-lower shaft designed to align with Sirius in c. 2350 BC – i.e. the very date assigned to the Great Bend’s apex! (Note also that Sirius and the Great Bend are both linked to the Nile inundation.)

Here are additional observations to intensify the coherence of the overlay configuration:

  1. As already mentioned, the Tigris-Euphrates’ Taurus mountain region directly overlaps the Nile’s Taurus-Age section.
  2. The Tigris and the Euphrates very closely follow the Atbara and the Blue Nile respectively near the Nile junctions.
  3. Mount Judi – the traditional resting place of the Ark – nearly marks the Atbara confluence.
  4. The Tigris-Euphrates’ mouth (originally at 30°N) appears to rest on the Nile’s 10°N parallel, the very latitude accentuated by the Blue Nile’s W-shaped double bend.
  5. Lake Tana is seen situated in southern Mesopotamia and in between the two rivers – i.e. exactly where the Sumerian civilization resided.

(Note: For the overlay configuration, the Nile’s longitude 33.0°E running through the Bend-Euphrates contact point is used as the ‘anchor meridian’, to which the Tigris-Euphrates’ 40.2°E is aligned. See Appendix 2 for more on this issue.)

This is the ‘Eden Overlay Configuration’ (‘EOC’) scheme residing at the heart of the Time River Theory. With it the earth suddenly transmutes into a planetary jigsaw puzzle. The overwhelming visual and conceptual coherence witnessed here virtually proves the validity of the Time River concept.

There is even an ancient Egyptian drawing - shown below - that appears to allude to the overlay interaction. It is a depiction of the ‘Primeval Mound of Creation’ - associated with Osiris - that bears an uncanny resemblance to the ‘EOC’ arrangement:

As shocking as these findings are, this is actually still only the tip of the iceberg. This is the beginning of a forbidden tale now finally resurfacing from the dark abyss of time. The Time River Theory in its entirety is much bigger than what is presented in this paper, and it is continuously evolving and expanding. Indeed - believe it or not - there are many more smoking guns...

Conclusions & Portents

In conclusion, this paper has demonstrated that:

  1. The design of the Nile works superbly with the time-marker monuments of Giza.

  2. Through the interaction of #1, the Nile turns into a shockingly precise and meaningful timeline.

  3. The Nile timeline pinpoints the two earliest and most mysterious ancient civilizations, Sumer and Egypt.

  4. The same two points on the Nile marking 4000 BC and 3124 BC, plus the 19.5°N/2350 BC anchor point, are also pinpointed by a transposed Tigris-Euphrates (in the Eden Overlay Configuration).

  5. The Tigris-Euphrates is designed to be a version of the Nile tributaries, the Blue Nile and the Atbara. These two sets of rivers interact coherently in superimposition.

  6. All this is encouraged and supported by ancient myth.

The Time River system is visually striking, conceptually elegant, internally consistent, and quite easy to understand. It is strongly supported by numerical, archaeoastronomical, textual, and symbolic evidence. And yet its existence is clearly ‘impossible’ according to the accepted model of reality. Unless there is a fatal flaw in the theory, this appears to be a checkmate situation. It is finally reality’s turn to back off.

One key thing that has become abundantly clear from the findings presented in this paper is that there is a higher intelligence monitoring - or even guiding - the evolution of mankind, and that we are not alone.

But what are we talking about here really? The gods? The fallen angels? Extraterrestrials?

The answer does not come easily. But what we now know for sure is that we are not the supreme ruler of our domain as many of us had arrogantly assumed. All history - the past, present, and even future - is already mapped out and carved in stone, quite literally. But the difficulty we encounter here is the emerging necessity to imagine someone or something that is intelligent and powerful enough to have produced such a planetary-scale time map.

They are, however, not totally faceless. For example, we do find clues in certain ancient Mesopotamian texts. These describe god-like beings called the Anunnaki designing and digging out the courses of the Tigris-Euphrates (which is even associated with destinies):

Now that the destinies of Heaven and Earth have been fixed,
Trench and canal have been given their right courses,
The banks of the Tigris and the Euphrates have been established...
[Oh Anunnaki, you great gods of the sky, what else shall we do?][29]

The Anunnaki of the sky
Made the Igigi bear the workload.
The gods had to dig out canals,
Had to clear channels, the lifelines of the land...
The gods dug out the Tigris river (bed)
And then dug out the Euphrates.[30]

Elsewhere we are told that the god named Enlil was ‘in charge of the gods who toiled endlessly away day and night, year after year, digging out the Euphrates and the Tigris’.[31] It is also written that, to keep the Tigris’ waters from going east into the mountains, the ‘lord directed (his) great intelligence to it’ and built a dike to control the river’s course.[32]

A message in a bottle from the ‘Anunnaki’ gods - this seems to be what the Time River system represents. And the indications are that the intended recipient is those living in the the 21st century, i.e. us. After all, it wouldn’t make much sense if history ended before anyone has read the message, and we are already part of the last generations facing the imminent arrival of the ‘end of time’ c. AD 2100 marked by Giza at the northern edge of the Nile timeline. (It is certainly appropriate that Giza is the site of the great pyramids and the Sphinx, i.e. monuments often thought to be a time capsule of some kind.)

So there is actually a sense of ominous urgency. Because time is short. And we can only infer that it must be very important for us to decipher the mysterious message from the abyss of time, perhaps so that we can prepare ourselves for the mysterious Event X scheduled for our immediate future. And it promises to be the most profound event for human civilization in all history.

It is quite synchronistic that the author’s book The Time Rivers came out in 2003 to reveal the Time River scheme to the general public, because 2003 happens to be the year of the Earth’s historic close encounter with Mars - the closest in recorded history. As discussed in the book, the ‘edge of time’ (c. AD 2100) turns out to be inseparable from the Red Planet. Consider this for instance: the Great Sphinx there, the guardian of Giza, had the same name as Mars in ancient Egypt; and the name of the present Egyptian capital right next to Giza, Cairo, denotes ‘Mars’.

Indeed, Mars is actually the main theme carried by the entire Time River system. The Red Planet, it appears, represents none other than the realm of our own Genesis and destiny. It signifies an essential, but secret, part of who we are, where we came from, and where we are going.

The explosive truth had been hiding in the shadows for millennia – patiently waiting for its time to rise back into the light. At the beginning of the third millennium, the secret is finally out.

This paper represents just the tip of the iceberg, just the beginning of a momentous story. But it opens up the Gateway...



Go deeper

 into the mystery...

The Time Rivers

An Ancient Map of Time Revealing the Secret Legacy and Destiny of Human Civilization

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