Following taken from

In-House Memos on Television News Presentations

[highlights only; authenticity unknown]

(Feb 26) Shots of GIs must show a mixed racial combination….any interviews must reflect the youthful and idealistic, not the cynical point of view…the liberation of happy, enthusiastic Iraqis can be best shown by filming crowds of cheering citizens waving American flags. Also indicated would be pictures of photogenic GIs fraternizing with Iraqi children and handing them food or other non-controversial presents…of course, pictures of dead US military personnel are not to be shown and pictures of dead Iraqi soldiers should not show examples of violent death…also indicated would be brief interviews with English-speaking Iraqi citizens praising American liberation efforts

(March 10) rallies are to be given the fullest coverage…if anti-Government demonstrations are shown, it is desired to stress either a very small number of “eccentrics” or shots of social misfits; i.e., with beards, tattoos, physical deformities, etc. Pro-Government supporters should be seen as clean cut with as many well-groomed subjects as possible….subjects should stress complete support for the President’s programs and especially support for American military units en route to combat…also interviews with photogenic family members of participating GIs stressing loyalty and affection…American flags are always a good prop in the background…

(April 4) …no comments equating the President with Hitler will be made….and the invasion of Iraq may not be compared with Hitler’s invasion of Poland, and such allegations now being made extensively in offshore media coverage are not to receive any attention.

( April 4 ) Alliance casualties to be played down. The massive Iraqi civilian casualties also played down. Use the phrase, “most civilian casualties caused by vindictive Saddam supporters.” Again, no pixs of dead women and children.

(April 19) …The on-going killings of pro-US Iraqis and occasional US military personal are to be downplayed and attributed to “rogue, pro-Saddam” persons. It is to be stressed, with photos and feature articles, that the Iraqi people “warmly greet their American liberators…”

(May 6) …at the present time, it is anticipated that proof of Iraqs possession of WMD will be uncovered by US specialists. This proof is necessary to offset the growing criticism that Iraq had no such weapons...

(May 9) It is obviously going to be a long time before peace and civil order is restored in Iraq… The Administration’s intentions of allowing specific Christian missionaries into Iraq to effect widespread conversions of the Muslim population is now on hold. DOS claims that this might set off major rioting…White House officials, speaking off the record, say that this missionary activity is “close to the President’s heart” but will be put on temporary hold “until we have a stronger military presence” in Iraq.

(May 16) Chaos in Iraq is given as the reason why a massive continued US military presence in that country is to be anticipated. Stories in foreign media about GIs shooting young children for throwing rocks are not to be repeated. No pictures…

(June 10) …growing unrest, even in the media, over the lack of WMD in Iraq. The President’s people want it stressed that both the CIA and military intelligence gave him faulty information. It is felt that this will run its course, especially in light of the “new revelations” The public’s interest is short-lived on such things and a good, lasting distraction with plenty of commentary will keep them excited until the issue fades away. The Demos are too timid to make much use of this anyway….

(June 13) The Administration has gotten burnt by attacking Sharon. It won’t happen again. Human interest stories about Israeli families mourning their dead is always a good thing. The Hamas people are slated for utter destruction by a possible joint US/IDF action in the near future so point out repeatedly how they are sabotaging the sincere efforts of both the President and Sharon to achieve a real and lasting peace….

(June 18) Now it appears that the faked (call them ‘inaccurate’) reports about Saddam’s purchase of enriched uranium will not go away. The White House hopes that Muslim terrorists will commit some atrocity, preferably in the United States, so as to deflect rising negative attitudes on the part of the electorate…although no one has said it, such an attack(s) would not be surprising.

(June 23) …We are all assured that North Korea will not attack unless attacked and the media has to play this aspect down. In short, the less said the better. Iran is the new target, not North Korea. Keep that strictly in mind on coverage..

(June 28) The situation in Iraq vis a vis the guerrilla war is now reaching critical proportions... Our sources indicate that Bush’s temperament and personality will not permit him to retreat an inch... Pacification could take years, not weeks or months, and with elections coming up next year, inside White House sources have said the President and Rove are in a panic.

(July 12) We forsee problems in some of our coverage of the Iraq business. Until fairly recently, the public support has been fairly strong for the President’s actions. Our own poll results showed that the President enjoyed a solid 52% national support (although the agreed figures were closer to 65%) Now, with the prolonged and escalating Iraqi resistance and growing questions about Bush’s State of the Union speech and the glaring errors contained in it, it is very evident that other media elements are beginning to raise questions. We have known for some time that Tenet would take the blame for the glaring forged documents the President used to whip up a panic and gain public support for his determination to attack and occupy Iraq. We have a copy of the December, 2002 memo from the White House to the DCI concerning documentation of Iraqi WMD. Quote: The President feels that it is vital to have supportive material concerning known Iraqi weapons of mass destruction. You are requested to search your files for anything that would support this important thesis endquote. It was well-known inside our circles and the Beltway that the reports of Nigerian uranium sales to Iraq were hopeless frauds. These faked reports were duly sent over to the White House with a cover letter, a copy of which we also have in our files, to the effect that this report was the only one that addressed the President’s request but also contained a specific warning that its authenticity was quote dubious at best and therefore could not be supported by other evidence endquote

As pressure on the President ratchets up over these faked papers, it is obvious that he is going to find a fall guy for his slipping reputation. Our sources indicate that Tenet (and others) will be reprimanded in public but praised in private. He will in all probability not be given the sack because, quite simply, George T knows where the bodies are buried. The best way to cover this is to be strictly neutral in comment and we must now maintain a completely neutral position in all of this. If Bush has the same problems Nixon did over Watergate, we cannot be seen by our viewers as being blindly partisan. We have to have  plausible deniability in this. The NYT is now beginning to crack the wall of silence surrounding the Presidency and as they are the bellweather, best to watch them closely.

(July 13) The figures given out about a 3 billion monthly bill for the Iraq occupation and “pacification” is going to blow up in the Administration’s face.(More like 5 billion a month!) The Democrats have been in disarray because they feel that by attacking the wartime President, they can be accused of disloyalty to the American people…The major disaster for the White House is that they cannot get oil out of Iraq. The plan always was to root out Saddam, occupy the country after securing the oil fields first and then put a CIA trained and controlled local governments into place. This puppet governments (let’s face it gentlemen, that is what it would be but we can call it Iraqi autonomy) would graciously grant to the US the right to protect their oil resources and assist them in recovering their pre-Desert Storm production levels. In fact, the Iraqis would get none of the proceeds of the oil sales…The President and his top men, including Rumsfeld, were fully warned by both the CIA and MI that there was a very strong probability that internal unrest in Iraq could tie the US up for years, not months but as we know, the White House has always listened to a different drummer…The Administration is over a barrel on this because if they try to make too many scapegoats, someone will let the cat out of the bag over who really knew what and what kind of specific warnings the White House had actually received…the same scenario as the 9-11 warnings….It’s strongly suspected that the Russians know exactly where Saddam is but will never tell us…Bush has refused to allow any Iraqi oil resources to flow into Russia and has also refused to pay off Saddam’s bills with Russia. The President hates Putin, calling him a quote KGB  thug endquote. The President is certainly a good hater!

(July 14) Happy talk at the Pentagon about a universal draft is fading away. No chance of this disaster even being broached and it should not be mentioned at all. It is doubtful that the White House will touch this one now…There is a growing fear in counter intelligence circles that if the resistance movement in Iraq is not stopped, the resulting very bad PR might cause an “incident” somewhere in the US just before election time to whip the voters up to vote for Bush as a “wartime leader” who can put a number of draconian laws and edicts in place to “protect the American people.” Someone in the FBI said to one of our people, entirely off the record, that quote it will probably be the Statue of Liberty endquote. There must be no speculation on this subject under any circumstances. If some rigged incident does happen and we comment on it in advance, new regulations could cause us serious problems …If this happens, it will be Rumsfeld who plans and executes it. This will give the President the usual deniability. It is more than likely that we will get some advance notice of such an action and then decisions can be made relative to going to the public. On one hand, it would be a magnificent media coup guaranteeing ratings off the chart and on the other, a death sentence…